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Photo: Asian Sundae

Once again, the manila envelope bore no return address, just a cancellation mark from Milwaukee. Inside was only a single photograph.

The focal point of this five-by-seven image was the same beautiful young Asian girl from the previous mysteriously-sent photo. She lay upon her back once again, this time on a long wooden bench in a locker room, her wrists and ankles each secured underneath the bench by thick metal cuffs. The wide collar encasing her neck also appeared to be metal, and I secretly hoped for her sake that the inside of the collar was lined with something soft and comfortable. A thick, heavy silver chain had been wrapped over her waist and under the bench, secured by a massive padlock which certainly pulled the chain deep into her seemingly-soft skin from its hanging weight. Her long raven-black hair had been tied into lengthy pigtails, the ends secured by weighted nipple clamps.

Whereas the exotic beauty was covered with seemingly bucketsful of semen in the first photo I had mysteriously received, she was instead covered with chocolate sauce in this new photo. There was a little chocolate sauce upon eskişehir escort her face, but her torso was absolutely drowning in chocolate sauce, with plenty of “excess” spilling over the sides of her delectable body to fall toward and pool upon the floor. Her breasts had additionally been adorned with whip cream, each fluffy mound of white topped with a single plump red cherry with the stem reaching toward the ceiling. Additionally, whip cream had been purposely added to her hair and had spilled onto her forehead; fortunately, since the scene was a locker room, cleanup would be rather easy for her by simply walking into the shower area – of course, once someone finally freed her of the various restraints.

The scene was indeed mesmerizing, inviting. Despite having finished eating a large dinner not twenty minutes earlier, my stomach rumbled softly, making its semi-subtle plea to eat from the Asian sundae in the photo, and to eat of the Asian sundae in the photo. My mouth began to water as I imagined the taste of both chocolate sauce and feminine sauce mixing gloriously in my mouth.

…the same glorious taste being gaziantep escort sampled by another young nude woman in the photo, a bald Caucasian woman who lay upon the bench, her face firmly planted between the young Asian’s taut thighs. The Caucasian’s hands gripped the bound beauty just at the sides of the breasts, her fingertips hidden deep within the deluge of chocolate sauce and the mounds of whip cream. The bald woman’s nose was pressed fully into the exotic woman’s clitoris as her lips formed an airtight seal just slightly lower, and I happily envisioned myself in her position, my nose and mouth in the same position, my tongue worming its way inside her body to draw out her exquisite nectar and causing the bound submissive to cry out softly as she appeared to be doing in the photo.

As the Asian sundae was being eaten, another young woman – clad entirely in shiny black latex with only her small nose and her black-painted lips protruding from her skin-tight clothing, with mirror-style sunglasses obscuring her eyes – sprinkled what appeared to be chopped nuts from a bowl in her left hand. The photo captured several dozen giresun escort of the broken nuts in midair during their fall toward the bound woman; a few chopped nuts already adorned her stomach, and it appeared that the current group of broken nuts would land upon her chest.

My stomach gave another semi-subtle plea to eat the Asian sundae.

This exotic beauty was indeed enthralling me, catching me in her most unusual and pleasant spell. The first mysteriously-received photo of this young Asian woman – the one in which she was covered with seemingly bucketsful of thick male seed – had captured my imagination; this new photo had certainly captured my heart. Especially with this newest photo, I dearly desired to participate, to be a part of the action, to taste the chocolate and whip cream and chopped nuts and cherries and liquid lust all mixing together in my mouth like the most popular dessert at a five-star restaurant. I wanted desperately to use my mouth and hands to force repeated orgasms from this mysterious beauty, to cause her to scream loudly and struggle vigorously against her restraints.

And when I had eaten my fill, I wanted to thrust myself deep inside her body, again and again and again, making her scream and struggle again, bringing her to yet another climax which would trigger my own and volley my seed deep inside her and…

Oh dear… I seem to have splattered her face in the photo.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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