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She had just set the oven timer when she heard his car in the drive. Tossing her apron on a hook in the kitchen she scampered to the front door, gracefully landing on her knees a moment before he opened the door.

“Welcome home Master!”

He smiled down at her as he loosened his tie and kicked off his shoes. “Hello pet, the house smells wonderful.”

“Macaroni and cheese is in the oven.” Her bare bottom wiggled against her heels as if she was wagging an invisible tail.

“Mmmm perfect. Come here little one.” He pulled her to her feet and kissed her deeply, her soft, naked body molding itself against him.

“I need to do a few things, answer some emails, would you like to snuggle up to me while I do that?”

“Oh, yes please Master.” She trotted to keep up with his much longer stride as he walked down the hall to his office. When he’d settled at his desk she knelt beside his chair, her head resting on his thigh.

He worked at the computer for about a half hour, absently petting her soft head now and then. As he finished the email he’d been writing he realized she was squirming, probably trying to be still and quiet but failing adorably.

“You seem restless sweet girl. Did you miss Master especially today?”

She looked up at him with classic puppy dog eyes, shiny and full of love. “I missed you so much Master.”

“My poor little slut, all alone all day with no Master to serve. I know just what you need. How long until dinner is done?”

She glanced at the clock, “About an hour Master.”

“Crawl pet, follow me.” He stood and left the room, snapping his fingers at her to follow. She crawled after him, quivering in anticipation as they entered his bedroom.

He pointed beside the bed and she knelt obediently, watching as he undressed, her eyes drawn to his cock as it was revealed. He chuckled as she practically drooled.

He lay on the bed and reached for her, “Come here baby, Master knows just what you need to feel better.” She crawled up, careful to avoid touching him yet. “Down here.” He directed as he lay on his back, pulling her to kneel between his legs.

She was shaking in earnest now, pent up energy and longing having built up all day. She looked at his manisa escort cock and licked her lips, looked back to his face. He grinned at the desperate, hungry look she wore almost permenantly these days.

He bent his legs pulling his knees up, then reached down to grasp his cock and balls, revealing his asshole. She whimpered and squirmed.

” Oh Master, may I kiss your ass?” Her voice was breathy and unsteady.

“Only kisses, no tongue and not my hole. Understand?”

She moaned and dove for his ass but he caught her by the hair before she made contact.

“I asked if you understand?”

“Yes! Yes Master, I’m sorry, I’m just so excited, I need you so badly.” He held her for a moment, enjoying the raw hunger and need for him so obvious on her face.

“Show Master how much you missed him today.” He released her hair and watched with an amused smirk as she kissed his ass. She nuzzled and kissed, carefully avoiding the tight pucker he knew she wanted. Any minute now she’d start begging.

“Master please, please may I lick? Please let me taste you? Oh Master please?”

“Yes pet, you have been good, you’ve earned a reward, you may lick but stay on the outside.” She whined a little at the restriction but began eagerly running her tongue along his crack, caressing his hole, her big gray eyes flicking to his face frequently checking for approval.

He leaned his head back and closed his eyes, relaxing, letting all his tension drain away. He sighed contentedly listening to her happy noises as she lost herself in her task.

“Mmmm is that what you needed sweetness?”

She mumbled affirmation, her face pressed into his crack, her warm, wet tongue exploring him. Her eyes were closed now, her body relaxed, completely focused on his taste and smell.

The soft caress of her tongue on his ass sent blood to his cock, he started stroking it slowly.

“Master is enjoying your attention little one.”

She opened her eyes, her tongue pausing as she caught sight of his erection. He looked down at her eyeing his cock.

“I bet you’d like a taste of Master’s cock wouldn’t you?” Hope flared in her eyes.

“May I Master? Really? May I taste your cock?” She raised kütahya escort up slightly.

He chuckled and shook his head, “No pet, you’ve not earned that yet. But. . .” He paused, stroking his cock, teasing her.

“But I am in a very nice relaxed mood and you’ve made one of my favorite dinners so I’ll offer you a reward.”

“Yes Master?” She propped herself on her elbows, trying to maintain eye contact but unable to resist watching his hand squeezing his cock.

“You can put your tongue as deep in my ass as you’d like while I jack off. Would you like that?”

She nodded and wiggled, “Yes please Master.”

“You may not put your mouth on my cock but I will consider letting you lick my cum off my stomach afterward if you offer me something valuable in return.”

Her eyes widened and unfocused as she considered.

“I’m scheduled to get an orgasm on Friday.” She began, nervously licking her lips.

“Yes you are dear, how long has it been since I let you cum?” He continued stroking his cock, a drop of precum gathering at the tip.

“I haven’t cum in 3 weeks Master.” She murmered, hypnotized by his clear fluid as he gathered it on his finger.

He reached down and smeared the sticky drop across his ass hole making her moan and lick her lips again.

“Master could I taste your cum if I gave up my orgasm for another week?” Her voice cracked a little, her aching pussy throbbing and reminding her how badly she wanted to cum.

“Hmmm.” He considered her offer, gathering more of his fluid and spreading it around his hole to tempt her. She trembled, desperately wanting to taste him, to feel his hole squeezing her tongue.

“I don’t know, I haven’t cum in a couple of days, I’m going to be giving you a lot of cum.”

She flushed, a light sweat breaking out on her body.

“What would you like Master? What can I offer?”

“Give up your orgasm for a week is a good start, you know I enjoy keeping you on edge so it pleases me that you would offer that.”

She glowed in his praise.

“I would like you to give up having anything in your greedy little pussy for one month.”

Her face fell. It meant even when she did get an orgasm her cunt would malatya escort be empty, desperately clutching at nothing. Her pulse pounded in her clit as her desire to worship her Master warred with her need for release.

He saw the conflict but knew he’d win. She was made to serve and ultimately happiest when hungry and helpless. A wicked idea occurred to him. Gathering another drop of precum on his finger he brought it to her mouth, smearing it on her lips. She closed her eyes and licked her lips, the battle lost in an instant.

“Oh god you taste so good Master. Please please, yes, I give up having anything in my pussy for a month.”

“Good girl, good pet. You make me so happy.” He cooed as he pushed her face down into his ass. He felt her moan as she tasted him, her tongue lapping up all the fluid he’d spread around before pressing into his pucker.

He watched her tongue his ass, feeling her happy whimpers and moans vibrate inside him. She was so perfect, so soft and pliable, so eager to please, so devoted to his pleasure. He imagined her spread before him, frantically rubbing her clit, racing towards her long awaited orgasm. He pictured her pussy swollen and pulsing, dripping wet. His own orgasm swelled as he imagined her frustration as her empty cunt spasmed and squeezed at nothing. She’d get release but it would leave her wanting more, feeling an aching emptiness that wanted to be filled. He came with a grunt, her tongue buried in his ass and the image of her frustration pushing him to a wonderful climax.

He took a deep breath and looked down at her. She kept tonguing his ass but her eyes were on the cum pooled on his stomach.

“Come get your reward my sweet little cum slut.”

She slid up his legs and cleaned him thoroughly, her tongue finding every trace of cum. He laughed and flinched as she delved into his belly button.

Their fun was interrupted by the oven timer.

“I think you got it all baby.” He patted her head and she grinned at him, her face slick with cum and spit.

“Thank you Master.”

“MmmHmmm, let’s see if you are thanking me a month from now. But let’s go eat dinner shall we?”

In that moment none of the sacrifice mattered, she was content and happy. He kissed her forehead, laughing at her goofy grin and messy face.

“Sweet girl, Master adores you.”

She clung to his hand as they walked to the dining room. Her world was perfectly in order, and she was exactly where she wanted to be in it.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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