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Will opened the door to his new flat and crossed the threshold.

“Hello?” No one had answered after the fourth firm knock so he tried the door handle and it had opened rather invitingly. He dropped his bag in the entrance hall and scratched the back of his head. Where was everyone? He raised his voice. “Is anyone home!?” His voice travelled through the house, bouncing off the walls.

“One second!” A feminine voice called out from inside somewhere.

Will felt a tingle and excitement rock his entire body. He always felt this way when he was about to meet some new feet.

The steps sounded closer and he took controlled breaths in an attempt to calm down in the excitement of impending feet. Come on Will, there’s plenty of time to ogle if you’re living with a girl.

The familiar sound of leather slapping against sole came closer and Will had to grit his teeth. A short girl with light hair rounded the corner and Will’s eyes shot straight to the floor before her.

Open sandals revealed feet with skin so light that he could see tiny blue veins beneath. Her toes were short but not too stubby, holding red painted nails. They were also perfectly sized in order, from biggest to smallest, though he didn’t mind if the second toe was bigger than the big one.

After he had analysed her feet his eyes travelled up her smooth legs, decent hips, and small breasts and came to rest on her face. A smile spread across her face, her big blue eyes gazing into his. Everything was framed by long blonde hair that spilt down her back. Her eyes took in his bags on the floor. “You must be Will then. Welcome to the flat.”

“Hey.” kayseri escort Will extended his hand. “You are?”

“Vicki.” She said as she took his hand into hers and shook. Her hands were wonderfully smooth. The signs on a woman who took care of her skin. It was a good sign for Will too. He imagined how smooth her feet could be and fantasied about her soles gliding along his-

“Grab your stuff and I’ll show you to your room,” she said, interrupting his daydream.

Will picked his bags up and followed her through the house. They came to a dark wooden staircase and Vicki led him up. He relished in the glimpses he got of her soles as the annoyingly teasing flip flops flashed them with every step. “An upstairs room? Awesome.”

Vicki giggled.

They rounded the staircase and the first door down the hall was where they stopped. “This is your new room,” Vicki said as she opened the door. The room was fully furnished and it all looked pretty modern. As far as he could tell anyway. “I’m sure it’ll be enough room to study in, right?”

Will crossed the room and looked out the window. A perfect view of the beach presented itself and he took it all in with wonder and excitement.

“Nice isn’t it?” Vicki said as she looked out the window beside him. “Anyway, I’ll let you unpack.” She made her way to the door and turned. “Dani and Shivani should be home later and Madison is in her room doing her thing, she doesn’t like to be disturbed while studying. Yeah, she’s one of those types.”

Will’s mind throbbed. Four girls!? “There are four girls here? How many guys?” he asked as calm as he could. He kıbrıs escort swore he heard his voice break.

“Just you so far.” Vicki smiled and closed the door behind her.

Will felt his bags drop on the floor. Four girls!? He repeated in his head. That’s eight feet in total. Oh man, this is not going to be good for my study. It was supposed to be an important time for an 18-year-old at university. His mind reached into a wonderful place. How great would it be to have four pairs of feet all over me at once? He couldn’t take it anymore. He looked around the room but couldn’t see anything that would clean up his imminent mess. Nothing.

Will peeked out the door. No one. He wasn’t sure where the bathroom was so he walked slowly down the hall trying to recognise a room that might be it.

He quietly opened one door and saw a young woman’s room. Dark curtains were drawn and several band posters littered the wall. The bed was made with black silk sheets and several cute stuffed teddies lay upon it in stark contrast. A laptop was open on the desk in one corner with books open and pens strewn about. He had a good idea of the kind of girl who slept here. Goth chicks sometimes were kinkier than others or they were the most frigid. Or so he had heard.

Will went to the next door on the opposite side of the hallway and peeked through the gap. He glimpsed white and opened the door to reveal the bathroom. He went in and closed the door, making sure to lock it. After dropping his pants he began jerking his still erect cock while thinking of Vicki’s smooth feet. He closed his eyes and imagined the taste of her toes konya escort in his mouth while her other foot rubbed his penis, grasping it in-between her big and second toes.

Another sensation filled Will like someone was watching him. He opened his eyes and looked into the wide mirror above the sink to see that it was all steamed up. Was someone having a shower in here?

“Who’s there?” The shower door burst open with a crash and Will’s head snapped to the other side of the room. A young woman with short hair stepped out of the shower with a small black towel wrapped around her glistening body.

Will’s eyes naturally found their way to her feet and took them in ravenously. Her toenails were bare and her soles slapped wetly against the bathroom floor as she walked, revealing the high arch of her soles. A shiny anklet fell around her ankle, sparkling.

The young woman’s green eyes looked down at Will’s member which was still in his hand then back to his eyes without flinching. “You must be the new kid.” Her voice was hard and serious. There was a deepness that told Will she didn’t fuck around.

“Yeah,” Will stammered as he bent down to pull up his pants.

The stoic girl’s foot struck out and caught his pants before they could leave the floor, her long middle toe curling around the edge of his belt. Will’s penis throbbed in hope and in fear.

“Oh…” she hummed with understanding. “So you’re one of those boys, huh?”

Will didn’t know what to do with his hands so he let go of his pants, which fell back down to the floor, and they hung awkwardly by his side. He tittered. “What do you mean?”

An evil grin spread across her face and she lifted her leg. Her foot glided up the inside of his thigh until her toes touched his sack. His cock somehow doubled its hardness. “Feet? Really?” She rubbed her big toe along his frenulum. “Get down on your back. Now.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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