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We ran into each other at the Supercenter, quite by accident. She was just coming around the corner of aisle 12. As I was just about to turn , she ran into me. I held her up to keep her from falling. She was a slender black girl, young, attractive, wearing blue jean shorts and a midriff cut tee shirt, white. Her black nipples rubbed against my chest as I gently sturdied her stance. She looked up at me with the cutest grin, through her gold rimmed galsee, said a quiet, “Excuse Me, sir.

Sh no doubt noticed I was still watching her braless nipples through her sheer shirt. It was quite a sight for an older single guy just offf of the reservation. I looked into her eyes and saw a familiar look that brought back fond memories from past years gone by. “Are you okay, sweetheart?” I asked. “Yes, sir, and I will be better when I get out of here, if only my ride will show up, now,” she said through a troubled voice, then asked,”Whyndon’t you drive me home?” Nodding okay,
I got the few items I needed and she followed me to the checkout, then out to my car. I was a little perplexed, thinking she couldn’t be ;egal age, but thinking about how to get past that. “My name is Sierra,” she said, as she climbed into my truck, and slid across the seat to the passengers side. upon asking Sex hikayeleri her how old she was, she reached into her back pocket and produced a drivers license that had her listed as 18. Somewhat relieved, I started the truck and we excited the parking lot. “Take me to the American Inn,” she said, as I turned onto the main thoroughfare. That was going to be easy, I thought to myself as I drove toward the motel. Upon entering the driveway, she motioned for me to go on toward the end of the motel parking lot.

“Room 127,” she said , as I made turned into the last parking spot at the end of the driveway. “You can come on in and let me thank you for being so nice to me.” Not arguing, I followed her into the room as she deftly unlocked the door and stepped in. Turning to me as I shut the door behind us, she reached down and pulled her tee shirt off of her herself and said, “I liked the way you looked at my tits when we were at the store. It made me feel horny just seeing the look of pleasure in your eyes. Here, look at them all you want, please feel free to play with them, and please suck on them. I love the feeling I get when someone sucks on my hard nippled. At this point irealized there would be no turning back. I reached out to her and gently piacked Sikiş hikayeleri her lith frame up and carried her to the be. My lips encircled her left breast and my right hand slowly reached down to her shorts and began unbuttoning them. She wasn’t wearing any panties and the moisture was beginning to show up faintly on the front of her shorts, as I slowly slid them off of her expectant ass and then her small feet. My finger found her little clit and gingerly began to stroke it as she became more enthralled with the attention her breast and clit were getting. She reached down and rescued my erect cock from its denim prison. Feeling the wetness at the top of its length, she began to jack it off gently, all the while moaning lowly and incessently as she enjoyed the attention her now steamt slit and rock hard breast was getting. “OH MISTER!!!”, she breathed with great desire in her voice. “I want you to fuck me now, put that dick inside of me and fill me up with your cum,” she demanded. She repositioned herself, spread her legs apart, and guided my missle into her sweltering snatch. She then wrapped her legs around my body, just above my waist line and gave me flooding release of orgasmic juice just as I plunged into her glory hole the second time. Her futile gasping Erotik hikaye for air and spasmodic reaction sent undescribable
feelings of erotic pleasure through out my body. “I love the souind of balls slapping on my ass cheeks, ” she whispered through clenched teeth.Her long naild bit into my shoulders as I began a harder rhythmic punching of her love hole. Again, I felt the spewing of her juices, then heard them squirt from around the tool that had been impaled by her pussy. I could feel the pressure building in my balls, knowing that I would deposit within her my impassioned load. Just as she gently bit down on shoulder, she squeezed her leg lock on my torso as I expelled my load, deep into her crevice. It seemed almost hours before she released her grip from about my torso and neck My shrinking pecker was flooded out of her gssh by the uncontolled squrting of her pussy. Her cum, my cum now oozed out of her pussy andd mingle together before leaving its snail like snot trace on her ass and onto the sheets. Together, we slowly sat up, embraced, and began to dress. Just as I staretd to pull up my jeans, she sat donw on the bed, spread her legs, and said, “Look! Here comes a creampie.” With both hands, she held her legs apart and gave me a good view of her still
pulsating pussy, and the whiteness of sperm slowly departed her pussy and rolled down her asscheeks. That moment has stayed with me through the years, just as the day and the wonderful fuck she and i enjoyed

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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