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Molly and I realized we never had sex with only each other since we met despite our sexting. Our moms always wanted to join in and we never refused fearing they would split us. Finding the time to do it was hard since our class schedules were different and our moms had light work hours. One time mom had to work an overnight shift and Molly called saying hers had to also. She asked if she could come over and I happily said yes.

We went to my room and sat on my bed to talk for a bit, then stood up and kissed while taking off each other’s shirts. We lay on the bed with her on top, and she kissed my neck down my breasts to my stomach before taking off my pants and then my panties. I bent my knees as she kissed my legs and gave me oral. I took off my bra as she sat on my stomach and rubbed my breasts. I untied and took off her pants and panties and we fingered each other’s vaginas.

At one point, she lay down so I could take off her bra and suck her breasts. She sat on my face and held onto the wall behind the bed and I gave her oral sex. She stayed in the position and I sat behind her to kiss her legs up to her buttocks before licking her anus. I then kissed up her back to her neck and fingered her anus. I lay facedown, as she sat behind me to kiss my legs up to my buttocks. She sucked my anus and fingered it while kissing up my back to my neck. I turned face-up and we grind our vaginas on each other while lip-locking. At one point we switched positions and orgasmed.

When we got sweaty and exhausted from the lovemaking, we caressed each other saying it was fun and enjoyable without our mothers. We kissed briefly before sleeping on our sides holding each other.

After school I visited Molly the next day. She answered the door in a towel, saying she just took a shower and was alone. We went to the dining room and lip-locked while lying on the floor with her on top as I took off her towel. I bent my knees while she lifted my skirt and pulled off my panties to kiss my legs down to my vagina before sucking it as I held her head and moaned in Beylikdüzü escort joy. Then she lifted my legs to kiss my buttocks, lick between my cheeks, and put her tongue in my anus. I yelled louder and she moved up to lip-lock. I kissed her breasts, then went down and put my head between her legs and she got on all fours.

I bent my knees, licked her vagina, grabbed and spanked her buttocks and masturbated. She orgasmed, then about faced to form the 69 position. We licked each other’s vaginas and shouted. We then realized we had to urinate, but did not want to stop what we were doing, so we held it in as best as we could. It got tougher when we fingered each other’s vaginas and anuses and we screamed in pain, not joy. We soon urinated on each other’s faces simultaneously. Some of her urine went in my mouth and it tasted nice, and she said the same for mine. We sucked each other’s vaginas and thighs clean, then she lay face-up so her buttocks was above my face.

I kissed her cheeks and held her breasts as she masturbated, then licked between them and sucked her anus as she yelled, put her head between my bent legs, and licked my thighs. I kissed down her back. I looked at my watch and realized my mom would return from work soon, so we got up, got dressed (that was easy as I still had my shirt and sweater on, which Molly loved and she only put on a gown), and wiped the floor. She said she liked the urine part and I said I did also, kissed her goodbye, and went home.

I hung out with my friends days later and was supposed to see Molly for sex at 4 pm, but had a lot of fun and lost track of time. I got there over an hour late, and she was furious. She made me undress fully in her room, bend over on her bed, and spanked me nonstop. After my buttocks went red, she fingered my anus and put a vibrator in my vagina. She went so deep, it hurt and I shouted. She soothed my buttocks by kissing all over it then fondled it while licking up and down my vagina and anus together. I cummed from twice the pleasure. She fingered them again and kissed down Beylikdüzü escort the rear of my thighs as I sat on her bed. She sucked my toes, then kissed my feet and up my legs before licking my vagina and holding my breasts. She held my buttocks and kissed up my stomach, breasts, neck and chin as I held her. I about-faced and let her kiss my back, then begged her to let me kiss and lick her.

She allowed it, but removed just her panties and shorts, leaving her tank top on. She stood up, held my head, and moaned as I held her buttocks and sucked her vagina, then kissed down her legs. She about faced and bent over as I kissed her buttocks, fingered her anus and put a vibrator in her vagina. She yelled in pain and joy holding onto the dresser in front of her as I grabbed and spanked her cheeks and licked between them, her vagina and anus and she cummed. I stood up, she turned to me and we kissed as I apologized for being late. She forgave me as I kissed her neck and chin and we spanked each other. Realizing I had to go home I got dressed, kissed Molly goodbye and left.

We kept our sex a secret from our moms and thought we were safe, but somebody in Molly’s past suddenly came. One night in her bed, we were making love nude with her on top when we suddenly heard a door knocking. We looked at each other as the knocking continued. I got off the bed after it stopped and went to look out the window still nude. I saw a man I never met and described his appearance to Molly as he left the front yard, got in his car and left. She said it was her ex-boyfriend Mike. When I asked why she never told me about him, she said she wanted to forget about him. I went back to her asking why as we sat on the bed face-to-face. She asked if she had to tell me everything about her life. I held her hands saying I did not want anyone getting in our way. She held my face assuring me that she loved me and would never leave for any reason. We liplocked and fingered each other as she lay on the bed and put me on top of her. Thankfully, Mike never returned as Jenny saw him on her Escort Beylikdüzü security cameras and ordered him to stay away.

One day, my mom and I were watching TV in the living room when the doorbell rang. I answered it to find Jenny and Molly. The former held up my bra, which I left at her home from a visit days earlier. I was embarrassed, but happy she found it. Mom came over, as Jenny asked if I went to her home while she was not there and Molly was. I said yes. She asked what we did and we said we had sex. She asked Molly why she let me in without her permission. She said she did not think she needed it, as I visited a few times before and never caused trouble. Also, we wanted to have sex without our moms. They said that was okay as long as they told us when one invited the other over and apologized for being involved in our sex lives.

Glad, the four of us later lay nude on my living room floor in a square-shaped daisy chain with our legs in L-shapes. I licked Jenny’s vagina, kissed her buttocks and sucked her anus, she did this to Molly, who did this to mom who did this to me. Molly and I traded places. I licked mom’s vagina, kissed her buttocks and sucked her anus, she did this to Molly, she did this to Jenny, who did this to me. Mom and Molly lay face-up with their knees bent as Jenny and I respectively sat on their faces facing their legs to let them kiss and suck our buttocks and anuses. We lay down, forming the 69 position so we could eat each other’s vaginas. They went facedown to let us kiss and suck their buttocks and anuses as we fingered each other’s vaginas.

The next day, we did a urine-holding contest at my backyard’s lawn. I wore a one-piece swimsuit, Molly a leotard, mom a teddy and Jenny a bodysuit. We stood holding our urine in as hard as we could by clutching our vagina and tightening our legs. We yelled in pain nonstop. Eventually I urinated first, Molly next, then Jenny, and lastly, mom. We went to the backroom and lay on the floor in a daisy chain. I licked Molly’s wet thighs and vagina, she licked Helen’s and Helen licked mom’s. We changed places, urinating each time, so we could suck everyone else once. We lay facedown one behind another to kiss each other’s buttocks. Every 10 minutes, the one in front went to the back so each girl kissed everyone else’s buttocks.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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