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Trudy knew that she was taking on something very challenging when she married Matt. He was a very good looking, smart and rich guy in his late forties. She was a beautiful twenty three year old who had hoped for a really big modelling career, but now knew that was not going to happen.

In the short time she had some success Trudy got used to the champagne lifestyle and she was not about to go back to her working class roots and work in a supermarket. When Matt started showing her some attention she went for it.

Matt had been married twice and had grown up children. He was bitter about how much his ex wives and children cost him, but he still had plenty left to spend on Trudy and that was all that counted. He was a bit vague about where the money actually came from. He was not a bank robber or anything like that.

He worked in the city. He did something with shares in companies. He never explained and she never asked. It was easier that way. She did know that Matt was very highly sexed and if she didn’t provide all that he wanted he was going to go somewhere else to get it. That wasn’t a mistake she was going to make.

Matt liked a bit of variety. He was no pervert, but he enjoyed his women to the full and Trudy was happy to meet his needs. Once or twice he brought home a friend and she did not need to be told that it was a expected for her to entertain the friend as well as Matt. It was a bit of a buzz to have two holes filled at once or to have a dick in each hand and move from sucking one to the other.

Usually he was a cheerful guy, especially in January when he and his mates normally got a big bonus. She had seen in the papers that city bonuses this year were going to be huge, but, for some reason, Matt was very quiet, even depressed.

At last, she mentioned it.

“What’s up honey. Things don’t seem to be so good lately. I haven’t done anything wrong have I?”

“Oh no, no. You’re doing fine. Few things on my mind.”

She left it at that, but if anything he got more withdrawn and he was not fucking her at all.

Then one day Matt came in and said:

“Hey babe. You like it with me don’t you?”

“Yes of course. You know I do. I love alanya escort you.”

“Yeah. Well I have a bit of a situation and you are going to have to help me out.”

His tone told her this was serious and she was worried, but she didn’t want to let him know that.

“Yes of course darling. Anything.”

“You mean that. Anything?”

God that was creepy, but one thing was for sure, she was not going to let this man go and if it meant a bit of an effort or sacrifice on her part, it had to be done.

“Yes absolutely. Anything.”

“OK babe. This is the situation. My group were in line for a bonus of nearly a million pounds each, but a few deals that me and a friend did went bad and we have lost a hell of a lot of money. The bonus payout for everybody is going to be really small. The worst for years.”

“You’re not going to lose your job are you Matt?”

“Oh no. I work for myself. I can’t be sacked, but if I don’t make these guys happy again, they won’t want to work with me and I will have a lot less chance of making good money in the future.”

“So where do I come in?”

“Well they have a bonus party every year and we always have a bit of entertainment. This year the lads have told me that because I am in the shit I have to provide the fun. They like the look of you and they have said that I have got to put you up for the party.”

“Oh well. No big deal then.”

“No babe, it’s not quite like that. It won’t just be a case of doing a strip or giving a blow job. They want to be entertained.”

Slowly, he explained to her that he didn’t actually have any choice. The team had lost out a lot of money because of him screwing up and his punishment was to hand her over for the night. The colleague who had messed up with him was a woman and in her case she had to do the penance herself. The bonus party started on Friday evening and went on as long as they wanted. He had to deliver her at eight-o-clock tomorrow night and leave with her when they were ready to let her go.

Trudy sank into a chair.

“Sorry sweet, but that’s the way it is. Our income depends on my good relations with these guys and you don’t want us to lose artvin escort it any more than I do.”

When they arrived at the huge penthouse apartment, the men were already there and the music was playing softly. Matt led Trudy in and the first thing they saw was a naked woman laying on a coffee table with her legs spread wide. On her stomach, in big letters, the Words ‘FUCK TOY’ were written.

“Is this her?” Trudy asked Matt and he nodded.

A tall man aged about fifty came across to them.

“Alright lady. Get those clothes off.”

Matt helped her off with her things and put them in a bag. The tall man took a felt marker from his pocket and wrote ‘PISS’ on her right breast followed by ‘POT’ on the left.

She was taken to the centre of the vast room and made to kneel. He picked up a small towel and bound her wrists behind her back.

“Hey guys. The piss bitch is ready. You don’t need to wait any longer.”

A fat man in his sixties walked over to where Trudy knelt. He unzipped his trousers as he came and flipped out his soft, wrinkled dick. The tall guy who had written on her tits said:

“OK you have your first customer. George here has had a good drink and he needs to take a piss. You are his living urinal. Everybody else’s as well as a matter of fact.” He laughed. “Now. You swallow every drop and thank him when he is finished. If you spill any or screw up in any other way, you are not a properly functioning urinal and we are going to have to do something drastic about that.”

Trudy trembled, but she had no time to think any more about what awaited her. George was right in front of her face.

“Open wide.”

The tall guy commanded.

Trudy opened her mouth and before her brain could even begin to come to terms with her situation a jet of hot piss hit her tonsils. She had no chance of composing herself let alone swallowing. She coughed and spluttered, throwing her head forward and spitting.

“Jeez.” Said George. “She’s useless. Hey Pete, get her sorted out quick. I need to finish this piss and it’s going in her, whatever I have to do to get it in.”

Pete had already reached for a riding crop. He grabbed burdur escort Trudy by the hair and gave her four quick slashes across the tits with the crop. Tears streaked down her face as welts rose where he had previously written on her.

“Look here bitch. Get your head together and perform or you will regret it.”

“Here George. Give her another go.”

He passed the crop to George who took it in his left hand while taking his prick in his right hand he put it to Trudy’s lips again. She opened her mouth immediately.

“Ready bitch.”

She nodded and again George let go a strong stream off piss. This time a yellow pool formed in her mouth and when it was full he stopped to allow her to swallow. Trudy gulped down the warm contents of her mouth and opened up again. As the second and third mouthfuls went in five men gathered around Trudy to watch. She succeeded in swallowing the contents of George’s bladder until he shook the last drops in her mouth and commanded her to suck his prick clean.

The group murmered their approval of the urinal and as George drew back they moved in to examine her punished tits. Another guy got out his dick and she opened her mouth.

“Good girl.”

He said. Taking his prick in one hand he grabbed her hair with the other and pissed a jet into her mouth. Trudy swallowed and readied herself for the next one. They were all looking closely now and the next mouthful came quicker than she had expected. Before she was fully composed, the piss hit the back of her throat and she coughed. She felt a hard slap across her face and the splash of piss down her body in the same instant.

“Useless bitch. Get your mouth open and sort yourself out. You’re gonna pay for that.”

The guy wrenched her head back into place with her hair. Trudy opened her mouth and waited.

She managed to get down the rest of the bladder full without incident.

The men had a quick talk among themselves and then led Trudy over to Fuck Toy on the coffee table. The aggressive man who had just used her as a urinal ordered her to get astride Fuck Toy and lie down with her mouth just above her cunt. He put his limp prick in Trudy’s mouth and told her to get it hard. Once he was really stiff he took it out of her mouth and started to work it into Fuck Toy’s ass. After a few minutes of good, hard fucking he took it out and pushed it straight back into Trudy’s mouth. He fucked her throat until he came a big load.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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