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The whole situation started several months earlier. It was early in the morning and Lacey had just made her coffee and put the bagels in the toaster when she heard the doorbell. She was confused, she had no idea who would be at her door this early. She went to the front door and opened it to see Summer with an upset look on her face.

“Can I stay with you?” She asked.

Lacey was silent. She was too confused with the situation try to comprehend what was going on.

“I’m sorry, its very early and I haven’t had my coffee yet. What’s going on here?”

“I broke up with, Brad,” Summer told her.

“I see,” Lacey replied and helped bring in her suitcases. That was followed by repeated trips to Summer’s car to get more of her belongings that she managed to bring along.

They left everything in the living room while they went to have coffee and bagels while Summer explained everything that had happened to her.

Lacey and Summer were both personal trainers at a very high-end gym. That’s where they first met five years earlier and became friends. Summer was very new to being a trainer, and Lacey was a few years into the job herself. She helped Summer in the beginning but it didn’t take her long to become catch on and become one the gyms best trainers. The one lesson that Summer never seemed to learn, one that Lacey had repeatedly warned her about, was to not date the customers. Lacey kept warning her that it would lead to disaster, but Summer never seemed to learn. The first two guys she dated were constantly jealous because she had to wear a revealing gym attire while at work that often caught other men’s attentions. The third one loved bragging to people about how he was banging the hot blonde trainer, and didn’t seem interested in a real relationship with her. The fourth guy was married, the reason it ended didn’t need explaining And finally, there was Brad; he was good in the beginning and that made her agree to move in with him after a few months, but as usual he eventually showed that he as just another asshole who didn’t treat her right.

Of course, Lacey wasn’t one to judge herself. She had broken a rule herself of dating co-workers or customers. Lacey was a lesbian, and she was always surrounded by attractive women keeping their bodies in shape. She had dated, or just slept with, numerous people she met at the gym over the years. It came to the point where new employees were warned about her, but sometimes that didn’t work.

Summer was also warned about her, and Lacey did come on to her in the beginning. She couldn’t help going after a cute blonde girl with a tight body and curvy figures. Lacey had a great body too, with dark hair, and medium size breasts. Lacey tried hard to hook-up with Summer in the beginning, but Summer kept turning her down. Eventually, Lacey stopped making passes at her and just enjoyed being friends with her. She still occasionally flirted with Summer, and of course she liked it.

“You can stay as long as you want,” Lacey told her as she helped bring the last of Summer’s belongings into the spare bedroom. “I could use a new roommate anyway.”

“Thank you,” Summer replied. “I promise I won’t be in your way.”

“You won’t be,” she said. “It’s going to be fun. It would be nice to have a hot blond walking naked around here.”

“I won’t be doing that,” Summer.

“Its just an option, no pressure,” Lacey said with a grin.

“You’re just the worst,” Summer said laughing.

“I know,” she said as walked out the door.

“Underwear, on the other hand,” Summer said. “I do walk around in that a lot.”

“You’re such a tease.”

“I know,” she said smiling.

Over the next several weeks they got into a good groove of things living in the apartment together. They enjoyed just hanging out, going to work, shopping, going out to parties or other events together. They loved trading clothes, so much so that it came to the point where there were some clothes that they didn’t know who it belonged to. Summer eventually began dating other men, never from someone she meets at work. She even brought over a few guys to spend the night at her place. Lacey didn’t mind, she herself was constantly bringing women over to spend the night with her. Summer joked about how sometimes she was worse than most men when it came to women.

Lacey eventually toned down her flirtation with Summer. She only did it in a fun, friendly way, but felt that if she was going to stay with her, she needed to cut back a bit. It was hard for her, with Summer often running around in skimpy clothes, and on some occasion, she did walk around in her underwear but not often. They had seen each other naked at the gym locker room plenty of times, and on occasion when they were changing clothes in front of each other. She couldn’t help looking at Summer sometimes, she was in awe of how gorgeous she was. She even found herself fingering her pussy to thoughts of having sex with her, but felt guilty about that afterwards. Her lesbian friends joked that it’s a form of torture for Lacey to have a hot blonde Beylikdüzü escort running around her apartment and not be able to do anything about it. They were joking, but sometimes Lacey did feel that way.

But she decided long ago that she wasn’t going to actually go after Summer. She knew that she was straight as an arrow. Also, she has long since stopped going after straight women. There were a few times she slept with a straight woman who just wanted to have a lesbian experience to brag about to their friends. In the beginning Lacey didn’t mind because she got to sleep with them, but eventually got annoyed by their behaviors. Other times she got with straight woman who were fed up with men and wanted to something different, but that often got weird so she stopped that as well. The bi-curious girls weren’t too bad, at least they actually considered they might like women, even when some of them realized they didn’t.

So, Lacey had decided to maintain the friendship, she wouldn’t go after Summer no matter what. She would just continue to flirt with her in the friendly way she usually does. Also check out her breasts when she gets undressed, but not make it too noticeable.

Then of course the situation took a crazy turn when the coronavirus outbreak began. For weeks people were frightened that it would be a pandemic, but like most people, Summer and Lacey had high hopes that it was all under control. Then finally, the state government ordered all non-essential businesses to be temporarily closed, and a gym was definitely non-essential. The gym gave all of its employees two weeks salary to help them out, but that was all they could do. But Summer and Lacey felt that they would be ok, despite everything. A friend of theirs set them up with a company that connects customers with online personal trainers that they could do from home over their computers. They could even do aerobics and yoga classes.

Even though they prefer to leave their apartment, they managed to have fun teaching classes online, and making money doing it as well. The only problem was for Lacey, being in confined quarters with Summer was finally getting the better of her. Before the lockdown, she hadn’t been with a woman in nearly a month. Now being stuck with Summer, being in constant close contact with her, was making her a little crazy. She tried to push it off as just some minor crush she was having, she experienced those before. She thought all she had to do was make it until pass the quarantine and she’ll be alright. After that, she would just get in touch with a booty call she hadn’t seen in a while or call an ex-girlfriend she still had a good relationship with, and that would take care of her urges.

One evening when they were done with their classes, they sat down for dinner with some frozen pizza. They felt that they have been working hard with their classes and deserved to break their usual diets and just pig-out on some well-deserved pizza.

“That Rick guy called again,” Lacey said then taking a big bit of the pizza slice.

“Didn’t you block him?” Summer asked.

“I did, but I think he used someone else’s account. I reported him.”

“Good. Did he try to offer you money again to take your top off?”

“Of course,” Lacey replied while giggling. “At least this time he offered more money.”

“Last time he offered $50; how much was it this time?”


They both laughed together.

“I figured lesbians would have the pleasure of not dealing with male assholes,” said Summer.

“I’m still a hot woman, its still happens to me too.”

“At least you got some pervert’s attention. It’s been a while since I got some guys attention. And I’m talking about since before this pandemic.”

“Hey, its ok, when this is over, you’ll have all the dick you want,” Lacey tried to assure her with some humor.

“Thank you for making me feel better, and making me feel like a whore at the same time,” Summer replied.

“That’s what best friends are for.”

“And I’m sure one day you’ll find the right woman for you and not just fool around with them.”

“I don’t know,” Lacey said with sorrow in her voice. “I have tried, plenty of times, but I just can’t find anybody I’m interested in. Maybe I’m not meant to be with anyone.”

“Hey, don’t say that,” Summer said. “You’re a great woman, any other woman would be lucky be in a relationship with you.”

“You think so?”

Summer reached out and took Lacey’s hand, it felt great to her.

“I know so, you’re a wonderful person.”

“Thank you,” Lacey said with a big smile.

Their hands didn’t let go. They held it there while looking at each other silently, for a brief moment they shared a connection that they felt with very few people in their lives. When it went on a little too long they simultaneously let their hands go and went back to eating the pizza.

“So, did you get any weirdos today,” Lacey said trying to change the subject.

“Oh, yes, I have some stories for you.”

As Summer was telling her about some Beylikdüzü escort of the unusual customers she had online, Lacey had trouble focusing on what she was saying. She couldn’t get over that brief moment that they just had. It was a small thing, but her heart was jumping when it happened. She was finally beginning to realize, that it wasn’t some minor crush she was having, she was really beginning to fall for Summer. A thought that had worried her greatly, she didn’t want to start having feelings for someone that she knew couldn’t reciprocate the same feelings.

What Lacey didn’t know was that Summer felt that same strong attraction they shared a moment ago. Even as she went on and on with her story about the customers she had to deal with for the day, in the back of her mind she was thinking of Lacey; thinking of what a great friend she had been and how beautiful she thought she was.

Even though she knew she definitely was into men, Summer always thought women were attractive, just never really thought about trying women before. She had heard stories from Lacey about those crazy straight women who just wanted to experiment with women but were never really into it, she didn’t want to fall into that trap. And ever since she started living with Lacey, those feelings of attraction to women, especially towards Lacey, were getting stronger. But she wasn’t sure it was because she really felt that way about women, or is it because of her current living situation. Also, she didn’t want to do something she would regret, especially not with her best friend, and find out later that it was just curiosity that got to her and feel stupid about it later. So, like Lacey, she just tried to put those feelings aside until she could get a guy after this social-distancing thing was over and get banged again.

The next day, they had a good run of customers for their online classes. They had more aerobics and weight-lifting requests than usual and were exhausted by the end of the day. They had hoped that they’d at least get one or two yoga classes in between so they could at least take it easy but no such luck. But they pulled through and even took extra classes after the usual time finish for the day because with everything going on with the pandemic, they felt that they needed to make as much extra cash as they can earn.

When it was finally over, they both agreed t hat they earned another pizza night. Normally, fitness fanatics such as them wouldn’t do pizza two nights in a row, but with all the calories they had burned off that day, and all the work they have done, they felt they deserved that pizza. They ate that pizza in the living room, watching some comedy show reruns. At one point when an especially funny scene came on that show, they both had a big laugh and suddenly, Summer felt a sharp pain in her back and let out a big scream.

“Are you Ok?” Lacey asked as she put down the pizza and turned off the TV.

“I’m fine,” Summer replied wincing and grabbing the back of her neck. “Just a muscle cramp.”

“How bad?”

“I’ll live, but it hurts.”

“I know how you feel, my back has been feeling sore from all these classes today.”

“Can you massage it out for me?” Summer asked.

“Um, sure.”

Summer turned her back to Lacey and she began massaging her neck and shoulders. They didn’t change out of their workout clothes and were still in their sports bras and gym pants. Ever since the statewide lockdown and they’ve been home most of the day, they got a little lazy around the house when it comes to how they’ve been dressing.

“How does that feel?” Lacey asked.

“Wonderful,” she replied. “But go lower, around the shoulder blades.”

She did as Summer asked and moved lower. She had to get her hands underneath the sports bra.

“This isn’t working,” Summer said. “This sports bra is in the way.”

Summer took off her sports bra to make easier for her massage. Lacey took a moment before she returned to the massage. With the feelings she had been having for Summer lately, she was concerned about massaging topless body. Sure, it was just her back, but it was still very close. She returned to the massage and dug deep into the muscles to help her massage out the cramps. Summer let out a few deep moans, she was feeling better and enjoying herself. To Lacey, it sounded to similar to sex moans, and it was starting to get to her.

“Ok, that feels better,” Summer told her.

Lacey let her go and Summer put her sports bra back on. For once, Lacey was relieved that a beautiful blonde was putting her top back on. She thought if they just went back to pizza and watch TV, things would feel better for her.

“Your turn,” said Summer.

“What?” Lacey asked with a stunned tone in her voice.

“Let me give you a neck and shoulder massage. You just told me that your back has been feeling sore, let me give you a massage also.”

“No, no, that’s ok,” Lacey said nervously.

“Oh, come on, let me do this.”

Summer went for Lacey’s sports bra to try to take it off of Escort Beylikdüzü her, but Lacey lightly pushed her hands away.

“No, its ok, I mean it,” Lacey told her.

“Oh, don’t be so shy.”

Summer moved in closer and tried to go for the sports bra again. With Summer getting close, it made Lacey extra nervous. She can feel her heart pounding in her chest. Without even realizing what she was doing, she grabbed Summer by the shoulders, pulled her in close, and kissed her hard on the lips.

At first this took Summer by surprise, but after a few seconds she relaxed and let it happen. She enjoyed the way Lacey’s soft lips moved around hers, how her tongue danced in her mouth.

After close to half a minute, Lacey pulled back from the kiss and they both looked deep into each other’s eyes.

“Oh my God, I am so sorry,” Lacey said.

“No, its ok,” Summer assured her.

“No, it’s not,” Lacey said and ran to her bedroom.

Summer took a moment trying to comprehend what had just happened. She knew that Lacey was attracted to her; this came from years of flirtation coming from Lacey. But she always thought that the flirting was done in a friendly way, no different than when some of her male friends would flirt with her. But now she’s thinking, that after several months of living together, that maybe Lacey has been developing more feelings for her. She too has been feeling the same way, but wasn’t sure if it was real or she was just confused about herself. But she really enjoyed that kiss, she hadn’t had a kiss feel so good in years.

She got off the couch and walked straight to Lacey’s bedroom. She knocked on the door and called out to her. When Lacey didn’t answer, she knocked again and pleaded with her to open the door. After a while, Lacey eventually opened the door and was face to face with her best friend who she just kissed.

“I’m sorry about that kiss,” said Lacey.

“I told you, it’s ok,” she assured her. “I really didn’t mind. I actually liked it.”

“You don’t have to say that.”

“I do, because its true. It felt wonderful.”

This took Lacey by surprise. She wasn’t sure how she was going to handle the situation when she ran off after that kiss.

“Really?” Lacey asked. “You’re not angry?”

“I’m only angry at the fact that it ended so quickly.”

Now Lacey was even more confused.

This time Summer was the one that grabbed Lacey by the shoulders and pulled her in close for a kiss. It was just as hard and passionate as the one back on the couch. This went on for twice as long before they both pulled back.

“Listen, Summer—”

“I know what you’re going to say,” Summer interrupted. “I remember the stories of those crazy straight girls who were just experimenting, or just confused about themselves. But this isn’t an experiment, and maybe I am a little confused but I really have been having some serious thoughts about my attraction towards women, and also how I feel about you.”

“I’ve been feeling the same way,” Lacey began to say. “I have been having some real feelings for you lately, but I’m just not sure that this is real or just something that will go away once we get intimate.”

Summer moved in close and put her hands around Lacey’s waist. She pressed her body against hers, their breasts touching each other’s.

“This feels so good to me,” said Summer.

“It feels good to me too,” Lacey replied as she put her arms around Summer.

Summer kissed her softly on the lips, kept it there for several seconds before pulling back. Their heads were just an inch from each other, they looked straight into each other’s eyes.

“That feels real to me,” Summer told her.

“Me too,” said Lacey. “Ok, let’s do this.”

With that, Lacey pulled Summer into her bedroom. They went straight to the bed where they began rolling around, making out with each other. Their hands roamed all over each other’s bodies, Summer was being touched in ways she never felt before by men. They took each other’s sports bras off and began feeling each other breasts. Summer never felt another woman’s breasts before, it felt wonderful to her touch and thought to herself that this great feeling is how men feel when they touched her breasts.

They got their gym pants off and soon after their panties. Lacey’s hand went straight for Summer’s pussy and began fingering her. Summer’s arousal came quick and hard; several men had fingered her before, many of them have done well, but no one was able to play with her clit as well as Lacey was doing now. Even Summer had to admit she never could finger herself as well as she’s being fingered right now.

Summer moved her hand to Lacey’s pussy and returned the favor by fingering her. It was not the best she felt by another woman, but Lacey was impressed with how well she was fingering another woman’s pussy for the first time.

Lacey got Summer completely on Summer on her back and got on top of her. She began kissing her Summer’s lips and gently began kissing down her neck to her breasts. She began sucking on Summer’s tits, playing with her nipples. She then began to Kissing down Summer’s abdomen until she got her head between Summer’s legs. Summer opened her legs wide for her; Lacey gripped her hands firmly on Summer’s hips as she began to go down on Summer.

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