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This story/book was originally published on Literotica as ‘House of Persuasion’ under the non-consent category, and contains strong elements of non-con/dub-con, and a supernatural theme. However, as it’s one man’s journey from straight to bi, I believe it fits this category better.

It’s quite dark.

The story: Nathan Lloyd is a manipulative pretty boy who’s never been told ‘no’. At least, not in any way he’s understood. But when Nate meets Vince, all that changes, as Vince shows Nate who he really is, and gives him a firm kick in the arse on his journey towards being a better man.

This story is 62,000 words long, and contains 203 instances of the word ‘fuck’.

It contains coercion, manipulation, and scenes which may disturb some viewers. If you are afraid of creepy old houses, domineering avenging spirits or dance parties, you may wish to read this with a parent or guardian, or perhaps just call a loved one and listen to them say ‘hello’ for several seconds, while you weep silently. It’s up to you.

Shameless is followed by Salvation, which will be put up in four parts as it’s written.


Chapter 1


“Nathan, someone’s in the showroom!”

Thanks Colin, God forbid you actually deal with your own customers.

It was probably the job candidate anyway. He hadn’t told me who I was interviewing, but given it was quarter to five, if it wasn’t them, they weren’t getting the job.

I swung my feet off my desk with a sigh. I had an MBA for Christ’s sake; I was supposed to be helping Colin sort out his business processes, not interviewing kids for part-time work.

I slipped on my suit jacket then ran a hand through my hair, feeling it settle back into place. It should be fine—it had enough product in it—although it was starting to brush against my collar. Colin would probably start harassing me about getting a hair cut again soon, but girls didseem to like it long. I was guessing it was the ‘bad boy’ thing.

I smoothed a hand down my shirt and made sure it was tucked in. If I was going to interview a kid only a few years younger than me, I wanted to establish I was more senior from the get-go, so they didn’t think my age meant they could give me shit.

I opened my office door and did a double take as I saw a girl standing by the unmanned reception desk, rather than some greasy-faced teenage boy.

Asha Grace, literally the girl-next-door, was a friend from school. Four years younger than me, she and my little brother Ty were still close, although I hadn’t seen her much since I’d left home.

“Hey,” she said, giving me a charming smile that didn’t belong on the face of the little gamer demon-child I knew.

She was wearing a cream-coloured blouse with gold buttons that fell softly over her lush breasts, and a skirt that showed off her small waist and rounded hips. Her dark hair was wound up in a lose bun with strands of hair trailing down to frame her face, her blue eyes outlined with black makeup. Her lips were tinted with pink gloss.

“Hey.” I pushed my hands into my pockets. “What are you dressed up for?”

The last time I’d seen her she’d been in jeans and one of Ty’s faded gaming t-shirts, drenched after a water fight, playing video games with Ty on my mother’s couch.

She smiled brightly, and I realised why she was there.



I glanced down at her shoes. “You’re wearing heels.” Two inch patent heels. Another first for the girl who preferred to wear leather boots in case she got the opportunity to kick the shit out of someone who dared throw a homophobic slur at her precious Ty.

“Come on Nate, don’t you have an interview to conduct?” Her eyes glittered.

I gestured to my office. “Get in there.”

I slid into my office chair as she followed me in.

“Okay, what’s going on? Why the hell do you want to work here?”

She sat on the chair in front of my desk and levered her shoes off with the toes of the opposite feet.

“I need a job. I need to get out of that house.”

I knew her foster parents, Stefan and Dylan, could be anal retentive when it came to protecting her, but she was lucky they cared so much. I didn’t even know where my father was, and she had two.

“So study.”

She gave me a disparaging look. “I said ‘get out of that house’, not ‘be bound to it by crippling debt’.”

I frowned. “You must have only finished school a few days ago.”

“Yes.” She gave me that bright smile again. “And now I’m moving out into the wonderful world of paid employment.”

The Ash I’d grown up with was competitive, fiercely so, to the point of needing to win every goddamn time. She was always getting into trouble, a force to be reckoned with if she thought you were fucking with her, and she was, to put it bluntly, impossible to manage.

I put a hand to my forehead. “Ash, as much as you’re a good friend to Ty, I can’t deal with you on a daily basis.”

“Friend to Ty?” she sounded insulted. “Until you left home, I thought the three Betturkey of us were close.”

Yeah, well, if ‘close’ meant using me to cover her ass, and challenging me constantly, then I guessed we were super close.

She gave me narrowed eyes. “Don’t be an asshole, Nate. I need a job and you have the power to give me one.”

I leaned forward. “Oh, I have the power, do I?”

I steepled my fingers in front of her… mostly for a joke. Partly because I knew it would piss her off.

Her eyes darkened and I dropped my hands to lie flat on the desk.

She had a lot to learn about wearing pale-coloured clothing. I could see the outline of her black, lacy bra clearly through the fabric of her blouse.

Jesus, she really had filled out. How had I not noticed?

Probably because I hadn’t seen her outside of an oversize t-shirt since she was fifteen.

“Nate? Do you want to see my resume?”

I pulled my eyes back to her face. This should be good.

She handed me a couple of sheets of paper, stapled in the left hand corner. Her resume was neatly laid out. It looked good. Except that it was all fabricated.

“I like this,” I said, pointing to the entry that said she’d been a team lead for a paper recycling company. “Nice touch using a company that’s out of business.”

“I care about the environment.”

“Last time we ate take out, you walked straight past the recycling bin and shoved the plastic container into the rubbish.”

“It was dirty,” she said. Her eyes roved around the office. “I didn’t think the recycling people would want to clean it.”

I just couldn’t process that logic.

“What about this,” I said. “Works well in a team, but is equally capable of working automatically.” I looked up at her. “Did you mean ‘autonomously’?”

“Always use simple words,” she said. “Recruiters don’t like it when you overcomplicate.”

I gestured to the page. “You know those two words don’t mean the same thing?”

She sighed and folded her hands in her lap. “This skirt is too tight and this blouse is made of—” she plucked at it, “—I don’t know what, but it’s making me feel like a sexy secretary in an exploitative erotic fantasy. Can you please give me a job so I can get changed?”

I gave her a look of disbelief. “You think once you get a job, you never have to dress up again?”

She shrugged. “You don’t. I’ve seen you when you come home to visit Cara.”

Cara was my mother. Ty was still living at home with her while he studied, and I tried to get home a couple of times a month to see them.

“Whenever I see you you’re wearing jeans, and you obviously don’t iron your shirts,” she went on. “The only time you dress up is when you’re on the prowl.” She cast an eye over my suit. “Is that even yours, or did you borrow it?”

I gave her a cool look. “You’re not exactly convincing me to give you a job.”

“Ooh, do I have to suck your cock for that?” She puckered her glossy lips at me.

“Maybe.” I shrugged. “That’d certainly help.”

“Dickwipe.” She put her feet up on my desk. “Come on, Nate. I promise I’m more than the kid who beat the crap out of you in Halo. I’ll prove myself to you.” She winked at me. “Trust me.”

Jesus, she was one step away from clicking her tongue and giving me finger-guns.

She also seemed to be unaware that sitting as she was, with her feet on my desk, meant I could see up her skirt to the tops of her thigh-high stockings. She shifted slightly so that I could see black lace stretched across her crotch.

Or, maybe she was.

And I was supposed to give her a job.

Hearing the door to Colin’s office open, Ash took her feet off the desk and straightened her clothes. She slipped her shoes on moments before he put his head around the door.

“Is this our new candidate?”

Small and balding, Colin tugged at the collar of his grey sweater, his eyes roving over Ash.

Filthy old perve, she’s a kid.

She got to her feet and shook his hand firmly, giving him solid eye contact.

“Hi, Mr…”

“Dashwood. Colin Dashwood.”

“The owner,” I clarified for her, standing with her CV still in my hand.

“Lovely to meet you.” She inclined her head towards him politely. “I’m really looking forward to working with you.”

Colin broke into a smile. I knew that smile. I’d worked for him long enough to know his fetish was probably imagining his daughter’s teenage friends lying naked in a hail of rose petals.

“Oh, well! Right. I’ll let you get on.” He winked past her at me and I knew I was screwed.

* * * * *

“I’ve got a job, and you’ve got to train me.” She danced out the door in front of me, and turned back to me. “So. What do I wear tomorrow?”

“What you’re wearing today.”

I unlocked my car and she let herself into the passenger seat.

I closed my eyes and took a deep breath in, then slid into the driver’s seat.

“Asha, would you like a lift home?”

“Thanks.” She put on her seatbelt as I started the engine. “So, jeans Betturkey Giriş and a t-shirt?”

I shook my head. “Whatever you want. By all means, give me a reason to fire you.”

She gave me a sly smile. “I’m going out with Ty tonight to celebrate my new job. Want to come?”

I shook my head. I didn’t even bother asking her when she’d organised that.

We pulled up outside our houses and I parked up. Since I was there, I figured I should probably go in and say hi to Ty and Cara.

“Nate, helloo my handsome boy!” Cara swept me into her arms and hugged me. “Look at these muscles!” She squeezed my bicep.

“Mum, really?”

She laughed. “You do need a haircut though.” She ruffled my hair.

“Hey bro.” Ty tagged me on the shoulder as he walked past me into the lounge. He threw himself down on the couch and flicked on the TV.

“Are you here for dinner?” asked Cara.

“Just dropping off Ash. She’ll be working with me. At Dashwood.”

Ty glanced over at me with a smirk. “She said you’d give her that job.” He made a face. “Damn, I just lost twenty bucks.”

“Yeah, well, she charmed old grumpy pants, so I kind of had to give it to her.”

“Old grumpy pants? Is that what they call you these days?” said Cara.

“Har, har.”

I sat on the couch beside Ty. “What are you playing?”

“At the moment?” he gestured to a stack of games beside the TV. “Mostly that lot. Haven’t been playing much though. Mostly studying. Oh hey.” He pulled out his phone, typed something into it then handed it to me. “I found this.”

It was a rental listing for a house.

“That’s ridiculously cheap,” I said. “What’s wrong with it?”

“I know right? Four bedrooms, lounge, games room, huge kitchen. All that land. Belongs to the NZ Transport Agency. They’re going to put a motorway through there at some point but until then it’s for rent. I think it’s cheap because they’re only doing basic maintenance on it.”

I swiped through the pictures. The place was huge. Ten times the size of my tiny studio flat. And it had a pool.

“I was thinking, you, me, Ash—maybe get another flatmate. Even if there were only three of us, we’d be paying next to nothing in rent.”

“Your rent is free,” I pointed out.

“Yeah, but that pool,” he said. “Plus, I wouldn’t be under Cara’s feet anymore.”

“You’re not under my feet, sweetheart,” she said, as she walked past the lounge on the way to the bedroom with his laundry.

I cleared my throat. “Okay. Where is it?”

He pulled up the location on a map. “Not that far out. The motorway’s going to run through here—” he pointed with his finger, “but that work’s not scheduled to start for another three years. They’re still buying up all the property they need for the easement.”

I had to admit, a party house that cost virtually nothing in rent kind of appealed to me. I could put the extra cash I’d save towards a deposit on a house of my own.

Of course, it also meant that I’d be taking Asha to work every fucking day.

“Does Ash have to live with us?”

He gave me a look. “Come on, Nate, she’s not that bad. She’s not a kid anymore.”

“Could have fooled me.” I went back to the pics of the house. “Yeah, okay. Give them a call.”

He gave me a hopeful grin. “I was kinda hoping that since you have a real job, and references, maybe you could call them?

I nodded wryly. “Yeah, should have guessed. Text me the link to that listing and I’ll give them a call tomorrow.”


Chapter 2


My phone buzzed as I got back to my flat. I checked the text as I unlocked the door.

‘Hey, are you up for that movie tonight?’

I kicked the door shut behind me and grinned.

Mikaela Lewis.

Mikaela Lewis was hot. Correction. Fucking hot. She was the last girl from my final year at school that I hadn’t slept with. The last one I wanted to sleep with.

It was my luck that she liked horror movies, because horror movies really are a horny guy’s best friend. They’re short, they get a girl’s heart racing, and they’re usually way sexier than being torn apart by a psycho killer has any reason to be.

I’d nearly given up on getting her attention, and then she’d left an idle comment on a movie trailer I’d posted on Facebook, saying she wanted to see it and no one else she knew wanted to go. Right after I updated my profile pic. What a coincidence.

And now, here we were.

‘Can do.’ I texted back. ‘What time?’

* * * * *

I picked her up on the way, and put my aftershave on in the car so the scent hung in the air. One thing I’d learned about girls who were hard to sway was that sexy was in the senses. How comfortable they were with you, what you smelled like, the tone of your voice. What you felt like when they finally got there.

She was dressed in a knee-length summer dress, decorated with green and red flowers. The front of the dress was laced to the waist, showing a flash of bra and a deep cleavage. The dress Betturkey Güncel Giriş drifted down below her knees, meeting knee-high brown leather boots.

She got into the car and smiled shyly at me. Her long blonde hair fell in a shag of waves over one lightly tanned shoulder.

I watched her with a slight smile I knew would unnerve her, and saw her catch the scent of my aftershave. She leaned in towards me, searching for the source of the scent, then caught herself and sat back in her seat.

I grinned to myself.

Her eyes dropped as she clipped on her seatbelt. “I’m glad you were free. All my other friends are wimps.”

“Yeah, thanks for reminding me the sessions were about to end.”

I let the ‘friends’ thing go. She was reassuring herself by trying to friendzone me early on. I did have a slight reputation that may have given her cause for concern. But you don’t get a reputation by being bad at what you do.

I was wearing a t-shirt with a shirt thrown over the top, the sleeves pushed up to the elbows, and she glanced across at my arm as I put my hand on the gear shift and put the car into gear, then back at her hands in her lap.

Yeah, I didn’t work out for nothing.

We sat at the back of the theatre, her long hair tickling my nose, my arm around her shoulders. I hadn’t asked permission and she hadn’t argued when I’d put my arm around her.

She put her hand on my leg every time something jumped out of the darkness, and I drank in the scent of her hair as she leaned into me.

More than anything, I wanted to pull open the laces on her top and cup her perfect breasts, but I needed to play this part right. Too soon and she’d slap me away for the sake of her own dignity. Too late, and I’d miss the thrill of making out in a movie theatre with my high school crush.

On the screen, a terrified girl in a tight, white t-shirt screamed as the murderer stalking her slammed his fists against the glass sliding door.

Mikaela let out a squeal, then laughed at herself, embarrassed.

I smiled down at her. “Too scary for you?”

She shook her head. Her pupils dilated as I drank her in with my eyes. Girls dislike predators… but as long as you’re civilised, it doesn’t hurt to give them a hint of the hunter inside you.

I let my hand fall over her shoulder, not touching anything inappropriate, but drawing her closer. Her hand on my leg moved higher up my thigh as she leaned into me.

Her fingers toyed with the dangling end of the laces that held the front of her dress closed.

I twined one lace around my finger as I watched the movie.

Her head turned slowly towards me as I continued to wrap the lace tighter around my finger until the bow at the front of her dress started to loosen.

She continued looking up at me, her hand on my thigh, her fingers moving slightly with her breathing, her palm hot against my leg.

She jumped again as on-screen, the stalker threw the heroine against the wall, his knife pushed against her throat.

The bow came undone.

Her eyes came back to my face. Slowly, I looked down at her.

I pushed up the armrest up and she squeezed closer. She raised her face to mine and I brushed my hand into her hair as I kissed her, those silky beach-combed locks sliding between my fingers.

Her tongue sought out mine and I brushed my hand lightly across her breast, finding her bra was some shear material that meant she felt natural in my hand.

She was practically in my lap now, and I put my hand into the centre of the dress’s laces and tugged. The gauzy fabric slid through the eyelets easily, so that the top of the dress opened to the waist. I slid my hand inside her dress and she breathed a sigh of pleasure into my mouth as I pinched her nipples gently.

I kissed her harder, stroking my tongue across hers, my hand moving inside her dress, brushing my palm over that sheer fabric, squeezing and teasing.

Her hand moved up to sit against my cock, now hard in my jeans. She started to unzip me, but I pulled my hand back from her dress and stopped her.

“Not here.”

She looked disappointed, but satisfied herself with stroking me through my jeans.

The movie was nearly over.

“Let’s get out of here,” I murmured.

She reached down and grabbed her purse and followed me out of the darkened theatre.

In the empty lobby, she tried to lace her top up, but I stopped her.

“Be brave. Leave it.”

Her eyes widened, but I didn’t give her time to think about it. I grabbed her hand and pulled her after me, past the bored ushers, the late-night stragglers and the curious kids in the arcade.

We got outside and she fell against me laughing. I pulled her to me and kissed her, one hand inside her dress, the other around her waist.

“Come on.”

I pulled her towards the car and she giggled as she followed me.

We got into the car and I pushed the key into the ignition, pulling out of the parking space with a jolt that threw her against me.

She did up her seatbelt, then looked across at me hungrily.

I glanced at her as I drove out of the car park onto the main road. Her lips were swollen from kissing me, her hair a mess of blonde waves that fell around her shoulders.

She glanced down at my crotch.

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