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Chris checked his phone again for what must have been the 10th time in as many minutes.


She wasn’t meant to be here for another 15 minutes, but still, he was nervous in anticipation. His right hand drifted towards his left and he started to fidget with his wedding ring. It was something he always did when agitated. It wasn’t a guilty agitation, it was pure excitement. He had stopped feeling guilt about cheating on his wife years ago. After all, he had her permission.

Chris and his wife Alice had a very loving relationship. They both loved being with and pleasing each other, but she also loved him pleasuring other women as well. It took some convincing on both sides and lots of trust was needed, but his wife eventually convinced him nothing turned her on more than knowing her man was fucking other women. She was a born cuckquean and married to a man who could fulfil her fantasies. Seeing, or hearing about her man cumming with another woman thrilled her to the core.

Her motto for the whole situation was:

‘I don’t want you to be good, I want you to be good at telling me about it’.

This meant that unlike other men who slept with women outside of their marriage, he didn’t have to hide anything or be discreet.

He would usually tell her about his activities while his cock was buried deep in her pussy or ass, making her climax again and again as he recounted his adventures fucking faceless sluts. Often as they reached the climax of his story, he could time it so that his thick cock pulsed and shot his hot seed into her at the same time he came in the story. This drove her wild.

It wasn’t unusual for Alice to lay across his lap and suck his member into her mouth as she rubbed her pussy with wild abandon as he reminisced about one of his conquests. His wife often squirted during these sessions, quivering with orgasmic bliss and soaking her side of the bed. Of course, he made her sleep in her mess before she could change the bedding.

Humiliation was a very important part of their lifestyle. All at his wife’s insistence. An integral part of their sex life was him degrading her sexually and humiliating her both physically and verbally. It was not an uncommon occurrence for Chris to force his wife to roleplay as another woman while they had sex and have him talk about how much better she was than his wife. Noting how her body was smoother, her pussy tigher, her tits bigger etc.

Sometimes he was cruel and only allowed his wife release by having her hump his leg and foot, like horny little dog. She loved the degradation and embraced it whole-heartedly. Her particular favourite was him telling how much better another woman’s pussy felt wrapped around his thick cock.

Travelling for work had its perks. He had lots of free time on an evening and a didn’t know anybody in the areas he visited. He was completely free to be his own man.

When not there to fuck his wife as he told his stories, he would talk to her on the phone either just before he saw a woman, or after she left. Chris took great pleasure in telling reserved, demure Alice how his cum had looked coating the latest conquests tits, ass or leaking slowly out of her pussy and down her thighs as she left the room. In those instances, he would instruct his wife to play with her pussy, but not cum. Only he could give her that release.

If he wasn’t there, she had to edge herself but stop when close to cumming. The penalty for this was her orgasm being denied for weeks at a time.


Back in the bar, Chris was pondering the situation.

This woman he was here Betturkey to meet tonight was not his wife, she was at home hundreds of miles away. This was Izzy, a woman he had met through work and with whom sparks had flew. Their flirting had increased and become more daring, eventually resulting in a rushed, animalistic fuck in a disused store cupboard one afternoon earlier in the week. Both had emerged a short while later feeling well fucked. They had used each other in a way that was almost brutal.

A stiff breeze from the open door of the bar brought him sharply back to the present and he looked up as she walked in.

Izzy was wearing a tight-fitting red dress with mocha stockings and matching red heels. Her hips swayed sensually as she walked towards table, eyes locked firmly on him. As she walked towards him the tight auburn curls of her carefully styled hair bounced slightly in time with her breasts. She was sex incarnate. She stopped in front of his table and coyly asked if he minded if she sat down. Chris smirked and invited her to join him.

Izzy’s chest was heaving, and she had a slight flush about her. Chris smirked as he watched her. She always got so flustered when they were alone together, and he worked his hardest to keep the pressure on.

Their first encounter had been a long time coming. From slyly checking each other out during meetings, to extended eye contact when they spoke and lingering smiles, the pressure had been building.

The tipping point came the first one-to-one meeting they had about a particularly difficult part of the project they were working on.


Alone in Izzy’s office, they were discussing the issue. The proximity to one another had introduced a subtle, growing tension that both had been trying to ignore. They had both squeezed onto the same side of Izzy’s desk in order to get a good look at her laptop screen. Papers and various folders were haphazardly stacked on the desk, reducing the space further. The two were elbow to elbow and trying their best to not touch. When they occasionally bumped as one of them shifted, an apology was quickly muttered, and a sheepish grin was flashed.

Chris was trying to explain a flaw in one of the documents which detailed the project timeline. He leaned closer and pointed to a certain row in a table;

‘They’re making matters very hard for us by delaying on this’ he said forcefully. The tone of his voice was rougher than usual. There was a slight edge to it. Chris wondered if he would have got this annoyed this quickly if he wasn’t frustrated in other ways. Being this close to a woman he had been having dirty thoughts about recently was a big part of the frustration he guessed.

Izzy leaned in closer, her head coming level with his. The smell was a mixture of perfume and something much more subtle. Something he couldn’t put his finger on.

‘I bet it’s very… hard…’ Izzy teased in a quiet, seductive voice. Her breath hitting the side of his neck in a red-hot whisper.

Chris’ cock lurched in his pants hearing her say those words. His stomach tightened.

Slowly turning his head, the two locked eyes.

The tension had been building too long for there to be any finesse with what happened next. He lunged forward, smashing his lips into Izzy’s mouth. He heard her gasp with pain as her lip split slightly and he tasted slight blood on his tongue. However, they were both too far gone to care. Izzy pushed back as their tongues wrestled and slid over each other. The kiss was wet, sloppy and passionate. Chris brought his right hand up and curled it tightly Betturkey Giriş into the redhead’s hair, pulling her against him.

Izzy moaned loudly into his mouth as she felt him take control. Feeling blindly, the young woman groped blindly for Chris’ crotch and squeezed his shaft roughly. He was already fully hard and grunted as he felt her touch him.

Wasting no time, Izzy undid his belt with both hands and grabbed at his waistband, pulling his chino pants halfway down his thighs, exposing his angry member. Grabbing the shaft with one hand, Izzy braced her other hand on Chris’ shoulder and started to stroke him rapidly. She could feel the hard pulsing of a powerful cock in her hand and it was driving her insane.

The feeling of the redhead’s hand around his cock was causing an animal response in him. Abruptly breaking their kiss, Chris stood up and dragged the young temptress with him. Without saying a word, he yanked her arm until he was behind her and Izzy was facing the desk.

Running a rough hand up the back of her black tights, Chris lifted her short green dress and saw she was not wearing any underwear. Had he had a bit more self-control, he would have savoured the site. However, this wasn’t the time. His brain was filled with a fog of lust and they both needed satisfaction.

“Slut” Chris growled as he put a hand inside her nylon tights and yanked them down to just below her ass cheeks.

Izzy moaned as she felt a rough shove between her shoulder blades. Falling forward, her hands grasped the far end of her desk as Chris entered her swiftly and hard. Feeling him stretch her needy pussy around his cock caused a breathless scream to leave her mouth. This was quickly stifled by Chris hand across her mouth. They couldn’t be sure they were totally alone.

The redhead began to scream more as she felt Chris’ hand across her nose and mouth. Having her breath taken away was a huge turn on for her, as well as being taken roughly. This couldn’t have gone any better if she had planned it.

When she was on the brink of passing out, Chris let his hand slip from her mouth. Izzy gasped for breath and pushed back against his cock until he was in her to the hilt. She could feel his balls resting against her clit and the feeling caused a deep spark of pleasure to tighten her belly. Shifting her weight forward what little she could, Izzy started to fuck the cock inside her. Picking up the pace and tossing her hips. She was fucking like a woman possessed.

Chris knew enough about fucking a woman to enjoy when one started to work his cock like this. He occasionally complemented her movements by thrusting forward into her as she came back, causing his cock to penetrate her more deeply, eliciting a moan each time.

Izzy was out to milk him, and she wouldn’t stop until there was a load in her hot, tight pussy.

They continued like this for some minutes, Chris holding her hips so tightly she had bruises the next day in a curious hand print shape (which she explained to her oblivious boyfriend as getting jammed in a door she tried to dash through). Their quiet but desperate grunts adding to the sound of slapping flesh as they fucked as hard and fast as they could in the cramped little office.

Izzy was the first to reach her climax, moaning that she was about to cum. Chris quickened his pace in order to get himself closer to the edge. This was going to be a big load.

Their pace increased until the sound of sweaty body hitting sweaty body reached an obscene volume in the small room.

Losing almost all conscious thought, Betturkey Güncel Giriş Chris leaned over Izzy, pinning her to the desk. He reached his hands out and pulled her head up by the hair to plant a rough, wet kiss on her mouth as he started to shoot rope after rope of cum into her sore and abused pussy. This triggered another climax for Izzy and she yelped into his mouth as she was powerless to resist the man desperately trying to breed her young pussy.

The thrusting slowed down gradually until they were two gasping figures joined by flesh. Pulling his soaking wet cock from her pussy, Chris excused himself to clean himself up.

When he came back, Izzy was laid on her back on the desk, her shoes forgotten on the floor and her tights now pulled down to the knees, which were spread wide.

A stir in Chris’ cock told him this wasn’t over.

“You made a mess” Izzy said with certainty as she stared him in the eye.

“You need to clean this up. With your tongue”

Her pussy was leaking his cum in a thick white trail from her pussy, down to her beautiful ass hole. He could see the well-kept strip of pubic hair she had was matted with her own pussy juice. She had been just as turned on as he was.

Chris was happy to oblige as he fell to his knees in front of the young redhead. She rested her small feet on either side of his neck as he began to nibble and kiss at the swollen, red pussy lips. They looked puffy and sensitive.

Licking around, Chris made eye contact with the beautiful adulteress. Her stomach was rising and falling rapidly as a dull ache of pleasure radiated up from her pussy. This progressed to a full-blown orgasm as she felt Chris’ tongue scoop a large glob of cum out of her ass hole and tongue it back into her pussy.

He continued to clean her like this for some minutes until standing back up. He leaned over her and let his tongue hang out. A large dollop of cum fell from his tongue into her open and waiting mouth. The mingled taste of both of their juices was ambrosia to Izzy.

The pair made out for several minutes before slowly parting. They proceeded to make themselves look presentable before calling it a day in the office. Swapping numbers after was a strangely awkward affair as they left the building, agreeing to meet up the next day.

Chris couldn’t wait to tell Alice and did so as soon as he returned to the hotel. The story was repeated to Alice later that night as she frigged her sopping wet pussy looking at the pictures of his swollen cock glistening with another woman’s juices. Chris had slowly stroked his fat hard cock as he told his tale. In a rare showing of mercy, Chris allowed Alice to cum at the same time as he did. Hearing his horny submissive wife scream with pleasure down the phone as he sat in his hotel room pleased him to no end.


Back in the present, Chris politely asked Izzy if he could buy her a drink or if she’d prefer something to eat.

Looking him dead in the eye, Izzy said in a cocky voice;

“There’s only one thing I want, and we can’t get it in this bar. I think we should go up to your room.”

Chuckling slightly, Chris agreed and they both left the bar.

At home, Alice checked her phone for the hundredth time that night. A text message from Chris told her to assume the position.

Giddy with excitement, Alice ran to their room and turned the big TV on. There was a live feed of the hotel room Chris was staying in. He was leading Izzy in and directing her to the big bed that took up most of the screen Alice was watching.

As she removed her soaking panties and spread her leg, Alice was glad she was married to such a nerd. He had also given her permission to cum as much as she liked while he was with Izzy in that hotel room.

After hearing about the first time they had fucked, Alice was sure it was going to be an intense night. For all three of them.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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