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A world where women’s gloves are sentient and equal if not supreme beings. While gloves have the limited ability to move and talk regardless of being worn, their full potential is unlocked when donned by a woman. Women that wear these gloves are called “hostesses” and the gloves may either simply control their hostess’ hands/arms or control her entire body depending on the situation. Any job in our world where women wear gloves, exists in this world as well. Like our world there are gloves that have been around awhile and gloves that are new and learning their world, same goes for hostesses.

While there are gloves that exist on all continents of this world, we will be focused mostly on Japan where in real life gloves are a common part of uniforms and fashion. Also in this world, some of the most famous gloves and hostesses are involved in the Glove Adult Video (GAV) industry. GAV Idol films and actresses/hosts are highly respected for their ability to manipulate, dominate, but ultimately please their human male co-stars. Gloves and hostesses also make frequent appearances in the media and in person at “Handjob Events” that are like real life idol “Handshake Events” where fans have a chance to meet and receive(in this world) a few strokes from their favorite GAV idols.

“Another day, another dollar, another penis” thought the short white gloves as their agent pulled them from their wooden storage box.

“What kind of scene is it today?” said the gloves, turning to their agent..

“A young and beautiful maid from Okinawa travels to Tokyo for work. There she starts working for an older gentleman who teaches her…”

“Yeah, yeah, yeah, young maid has white gloves defiled by older master. We know how to do that.” sighed the gloves. 15 years in the GAV(Glove Adult Video) world and yet the scenes were exactly the same.

15 years ago, the short white gloves were just another pair of gloves trying to make a living as elevator girl gloves. While they certainly were aware of GAV, it never occurred to the gloves to join the industry until a chance meeting a legendary JAV producer resulted in more than just the elevator “getting up”.

“Despite their pure and innocent white glove look” exclaimed the producer.

“These gloves are the next big stars in GAV. I’ve never met a pair that is able to control a hostesses hands in such an intensely Anadolu Yakası Escort pleasurable manner.”

Over the next few years, the white gloves starred in dozens of films. Train station attendant jerks a passenger with no ticket, high ranking maid fondling their CEO employer, even a semi autobiographical GAV about a young pair of elevator girl gloves. Each time, the gloves were worn by the top GAV hostesses in Japan. The gloves agent was bombarded with calls from hostesses hoping their hands would be the next that would be allowed to wear the white gloves.

“Watching the white gloves dance across a cock is like watching an old master paint,” said one hostess. “It’s intoxicating watching my hands perform in ways that I could never imagine if I was in control.”

However, GAV idols like all entertainers, can be on top of the world one day only to find themselves past their prime the next. Traditional short, pure gloves gave way to sexy half-gloves that partially revealed the palm weren’t afraid to toy and tease a man. Even the once innocent maid and elevator girl roles adapted to integrate the new half glove idols. As a result the short white gloves got fewer and less diverse calls. Their lines at handjob events were shorter and shorter. While old loyal fans remained, they mostly reminisced about the short white gloves’ first roles that awakened their fetish, and hoped for more content in that vein. Yes, the gloves were thankful for the work but the certainly weren’t inspired by it.

The short white gloves’ agent took out a wooden hand mannequin and carefully placed the gloves on. The agent inspected the gloves for wear and tear. Mostly the agent just straightened any wrinkles, but there were times the gloves needed to repair frayed fabric or remove a deep cum stain. In a way, it was no different than a hostess applying make- up and prepping for the scene.

Upon finishing, the agent said “Here is your host today” and pointed to a dark and tall Okinawan beauty.

“Hello, my name is Reina. My hands are in your care”

The short white gloves looked up in amazement at their host. Like many of their hostesses, Reina was young, tall, and curvy. However, unlike many of the GAV starlets the white gloves had worked with, she carried herself with poise and confidence.

“We are in your care too” said the gloves. Avrupa Yakası Escort “Please put us on”

Removing them from their mannequin, Reina gently slipped the short white gloves onto her fingers. A chill came over her as she felt the gloves’ presence take hold of her hands. Reina watched as her hands began to move on their own, taking on a shape that resembled a mouth. The gloves began talking.

“Now I’m sure you read the contract our agent sent you, but just a reminder; we are in total control of your body and not just your hands for the scene. We will remain in control until the male actor has ejaculated and the scene is finished. Understood?”

“Understood.” said a nodding Reina.

“I am ready when you are.”

The chill from her hands spread throughout Reina’s body. While Reina could feel her body’s senses, she was no longer in command. Reina felt her body lift up a gloved hand to a mirror, highlighting the contrast between her dark skin and the short white gloves on her hands.

“This will be a fun shoot”, said the gloves in Reina’s voice as they walked Reina out of the dressing room and into the studio.

There on the bed was the male actor naked and ready.

“It’s a pretty straight forward scene.” said the director from behind the camera.

“Say the few lines at the start and end but mostly just focus on doing the deed.”

“Understood.” said the gloves as they laid Reina on the bed next to her male co-star.

“Lights, camera, action!”

“My, my master, I didn’t realize that this was going to be part of my job.” Reina recognized the voice as her own, but as confident as she was, the tone she had just heard could only be from gloves that had performed at the highest level for years.

“Let me relieve you” said the short white gloves, as they pulled down the male actor’s paints to reveal an erect cock.

“My god, does anyone in this industry have any creativity!?” thought the gloves as they recited the cliched dialogue that came with almost every maid scene.

“Let your loyal maid give you the care you need” said the gloves as they gripped the actor’s cock.

The muscles in Reina’s hands began to move, and the short white gloves felt every motion.

“Wow!” thought the gloves as they moved Reina’s fingers up their co-star’s penis.

“What exceptional İstanbul Escort and detailed control we can get from these hands”

Every muscle movement in Reina’s fingers felt so precise to the gloves. Yes they had been worn by some great hands in the past, but on Reina’s hands, the gloves felt that they could pleasure a man in the highest form.

“Does this feel good?” whispered the gloves into the man’s ear. The strokes were so slow and subtle, the man could almost sense the individual fabric fibers across his penis.

“Yes, it does.” he replied.

“Lets see what these hands can do.” said the gloves, starting to stroke a bit faster. Despite the faster strokes, the grip of the hands remained as delicate as ever. The gloves were amazed at how even and precise Reina’s hands could get. The male actor groaned and his pulse began to rise. The gloves could feel the throb of more blood rushing to his penis.

“I see. You really like that.” said the gloves, increasing the speed of each stroke.

“I’m going to cum!” screamed the male actor. Then suddenly the gloves stopped stroking.

“Wait, let us try something!”

On these hands, the gloves knew the perfect finishing move. First, the left glove began to fondle the man’s nipples to maximize the intensity. Then the right glove got into position, its thumb based at the bottom of the tip and the rest of the fingers at the top in a “mouth” shape. Then the gloves moved Reina’s hands up and down the shaft in this position. The gloves knew Reina’s hands could handle complex movements and as they moved up and down the man’s cock in this position, they also danced their fingers in a way that was like a tongue. The gloves were giving the man a “blow” job.

“Oh my god, oh my god.” screamed the man.

“Cum on my command sir” said the gloves. “3,2,1.”

Back in the dressing room, the short white gloves’ manager cleaned them up and prepared them to be put back in their case. Before that though, Reina wanted to thank the gloves.

“Thank you very much.” said Reina.

“It was an absolute joy watching you use my body to derive such pleasure from a man. I will never forget what it is like to work with such a legendary pair of gloves.”

“Dear Reina, the pleasure was all mine,” replied the short white gloves.

“There are days that this industry feels like just another day, another dollar, another penis. However, today’s shoot was a breath of fresh air for us. Your hands were the perfect canvas for us to create the most pleasurable art. You are a true talent and we look forward to working with you in the future.”

With that the gloves were placed back in their box.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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