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Hi I’m gonna use a fake name (Ian) and change the names of everyone involved in my life stories because I don’t wanna be found in real life and don’t want people involved to be hurt by it, so I don’t really know how to write and I apologize for any grammatical mistakes but I really want to get off my chest and put it into writing of my current sexual relationships and what I’ve done in my life. Hopefully someone will read this and have a fun time with it or something. I’m probably going to hell for the things I’ve done and currently doing to this day but I want to put out there that I do care about my friends and family involved. I love my two kids very much and I don’t want to hurt them or lose them. I care about my friends/coworkers and there daughters’ as well even if in the stories I’m gonna share it might seem deceitful and a betrayal of friendship. I have never been a fan of cuckold stuff but I’ve done it so many times to others that I’m starting to think I get off on using other men’s wifes,girlfriends, and daughters. I might also tell some stories of my teenage years and my sexual relationship with my step mother and some of my friend’s crushes. One story coming soon is just about the worst thing I have ever done to a man and I’m eager to get it off my chest. I will not give out the name of my boss who I have also had a sexual relationship with, or the company. I’m not gonna reveal personal info or tell specific details about the jobs/schools or other information that the people involved in this story go to and/or have. I hope you enjoy one of the many stories of my life.

My name is Ian and I am 43 years old. I don’t want to describe myself in too much detail because you probably don’t care about that but just to give a quick de***********ion so I’m not just a faceless dick. I’m white,6’2 with brown hair and I like to keep a bit of stubble because I hate being clean shaven but also don’t like a heavy beard. I was very good looking in my younger year and especially with my body that I kept in a very ripped but after my wife and kids I sorta let it go but I am still pretty shredded and toned but with a bit of a belly now. I mainly let myself go a bit is because I was always confident in my member that’s 11 1/2 that’s also thick and veiny with a curved to it. I am still very attractive because I never really had trouble getting a woman but shortly after my wife had ours kids she just suddenly decided she didn’t want to be apart of our lives anymore and just took off. I’m not describing her either but she really wasn’t much too look at. I was never disloyal or wanted another woman so until recently I didn’t have sex much. In my college years my friends Andrew, Wilson, and I would never go a weekend without a new lady in the bed. I remember I was a bit of a douche in high school and a bully but toned it way down later in life. I did bully one kid pretty badly (we’ll call him John) and I’m bring him up only because he is involved in my stories and life now as well. None of my sexual relationships involve underage girls because I don’t get off on that but they are very much younger than me so if your not into a older man with young girls this probably isn’t for you. Now let me get into the story of me and my son’s girlfriend Zoe.

I never really paid much attention to her in the beginning of her relationship to my son. It seemed like she was a bit rebellious personality with a mean streak from the glimpses I would get of her going in and out of my his room. It seemed that feminism was her key personality trait besides being sarcastic all the time. Causal conversations when she would stay for dinner or sleep over and one of the first things she told me was that she was a feminist which immediately turned my already disinterested into annoyance. I never really took much interest in her looks either not that I was ever really looking at her like that. Zoe was a goth type being pale white and much to young for me to being looking for more than a couple seconds. Half black and half dyed pink short straight hair and dark makeup that would really make her blue eyes pop out. She was an average height and she very skinny but has nice body with a firm bubble butt and big perky tits for her size. Zoe was not the type of girl I would except Tucker to go out with and especially not go steady. I’m not gonna describe my son but he was similar to me in looks and personality, also being athletic I’d thought he go for a cheerleader type. One evening I came home after grocery shopping to the sound of a distant argument going on upstairs. Now Tucker had graduated along with Zoe at this point so that stayed at my home pretty much 24/7 and it was nice to have company because I worked a regular 9 to 5 office spot but usually got off early so I was alone. I assumed they were arguing about a party that we were going to throw in a week for Tucker’s 19th birthday because earlier in the day there was a disagreement about how many people should come over (because of covid for people in the future)

Tucker wanted all his friends over but Zoe thought it should just be his sister Elena and I as well as her but we eventually all gave in to Tucker’s plans. I put away the groceries while the yelling continued for a bit and then stopped. I went up stair to see the commotion and I saw that Tucker’s door was ajar. I reached out to knock but peeked in at the same time. I stopped my hand from hitting the door as I saw Zoe was fully naked and spread eagle with her phone in her hand laying on the bed with Tucker beside her. It seemed like they just finished having sex because Tucker looked exhausted with a condom on and was panting with his eyes closed. Zoe’s body was fucking incredible from her c-cup milky white tits to her glorious glistening pussy that was dripping with juices that made my cock instantly pitch a tent. She has her phone lighting her face up blue and it was clear that the previous sexual encounter was not enjoyable from the look of disinterested and boredom on her face. She leaned up and said “if your going to cum fast could you at least help me cum too”. She grabbed her tits and squeezed them together making the sweat on them slide down and glisten even more. I had never wanted to fuck my son’s girlfriend before today but now that I saw her like that, in that moment I want to facefuck her with both fist full of her hair and cum down her throat so badly that my cock throbbed from the thought of it. Her tits were perfect and have a bit of a sway when she would move but her ass rivaled any model with a squeezable exact peach shape. The lustful and devious side of my brain wanted to make her mine and never allow her to go a day without a cumfilled pussy. Tucker was getting up while saying “I really don’t feel like eating you out for right now”, he still has his eyes somewhat closed but I didn’t want to take the risk that he would see me or head towards the door giving no time to leave so I took a step back and headed towards my room. I closed the door quickly behind me and I new I was safe but that my mind had opened a terrible path of thoughts. I wanted Zoe and that there is no way that I should or could get her.

The week went by quick after that but a new world had opened up for me, every chance I got to see Zoe’s body I would take it. Every conversation with her was different in the way that I would glance down at her boobs if she had cleavage showing or if she had a skirt that I would tie my shoe to get a better look and I hoped she wouldn’t notice the change. As the graduation party date came closer Zoe would help and would actually have deeper conversation with me about random topics and her life as well. She began to get spend more time with me and also began to get touchy with me when Tucker was in another room. The day of the graduation party was when she hit me with a bomb. Tucker and Elena were out with my credit card to buy food,movies, and any additional things they need for the party because now Elena was inviting some of her friends Abby and Julia as well but I only agreed because they were the daughters of my close friends. Zoe and I were alone and I was wearing a tank top with some shorts so my cock was very evident but my large balls even more so. She was was wearing a t-shirt with a two piece swim suit underneath because we all planned to go swimming later in are backyard pool. I was getting my keys to open up my wine cabinet an look over at her bringing in some new balloons to blow up but couldn’t focus because of how how her tight t-shirt showed her pink bikini top and made her tits look so big as well as her ass that would bounce slightly with every step she took away from me. She put the box of balloons on the kitchen table and reached down to pull out the wedgie from the lime green bikini bottoms that was swallowed by her ass cheeks. I was so distracted that I didn’t see her look over at me until it was too late. She smiled wide that turned into a mischievous grin and yelled out “hey what you lookin at”. I grinned as well and turned my head while saying “nothing… fuck”. I felt like an idiot for openly staring at a 18 year olds ass but it was a sight that would have caught god himself by surprise. I heard her foot steps as she walked up behind me, she reached under my arms and grabbed my keys away. She still has that grin on her face an said “you like to watch don’t you, bet you thought I didn’t see you in the door way last week huh”. My face got red hot and I felt a little sick but she started laughing which for some reason calmed me a bit. “Relax old man I didn’t tell Tucker, I’d stare too if I was you” with a smile. The pit that formed in my stomach lifted and I said “I apologize for making you uncomfortable, I feel really shitty about that and should have made myself known to you guys”. Zoe knew I liked see her body from the look on her face. I was letting them drink because I was feeling generous escort izmit about the occasion and that I was gonna be there the whole time. I stepped away from the wine cabinet and she unlocked it an said “you can stare all you want as long as I get some of these drinks”. She grabbed one of the wine bottles and headed for the door lifting the back of her t-shirt to reveal her bouncy cheeks. As she leaves she stop in the doorway and says “let’s keep the creepy shit to a minimum from now on though, not that kind of girl”. I thought to myself after she went out to the backyard that this couldn’t be reality. My son’s girlfriend saw me staring at them but didn’t tell him. I felt this rush of curiosity mixed with a feeling that I fucked up bad. I wasn’t caught though but I needed to be more careful. I was also a bit confused from what happened just before me, she had to be showed me her ass on purpose but didn’t want me continuing my perverted antics. I then came to the realization that she probably just liked the attention for a bit but didn’t actually want to go through with it. I knew I was at the brink of something, the first step to a beautiful display and a heavenly sensation.

I played it safe until Tucker and Elena arrived along with the rest of there friends, things continued normal for a while and teens were having fun. I sat at a part in the shallow end drank some old beer that tasted like piss but I figured it would get the job done. Tucker and the boys was have a good time in the pool, the girls were sunbathing besides Zoe who looked left out. I soon turned my attention to my two best friends daughters and Elena’s friends, Abby and Julia. I’ve known Abby and Julia there entire lives since the moment they born actually, I was present for both of them when their mothers’ were giving birth. Abby was the daughter of my close friend Andrew and as I was checking out her body the thought of my friends completely left my mind. Abby was a tall, thick and curvy white girl with a huge fat jiggly ass and ginormous tits that had to be at least an E-cup and the top of her bikini only covered her pancake nipples which would peek out from time to time as she walked. Her long dark brown hair and brown eyes only complemented her incredibly sexy body and the black bikini bottoms she was wearing barely covered her fat pussy and exposed pretty much her whole ass that would have any body wanting a taste of her. I took a couple of glances around to protect myself from staring too long at high school asses and I see that a few of Tucker’s friends had drawn their eyes to Abby’s fat ass as well. Now Julia was my friend Wilson’s daughter and was then only Chinese man I really knew. Julia was a completely different girl in terms of personality and looks, she was Chinese of course being that Wilson also married a Chinese woman but she is a shy girl who I barely heard speak two sentences from my entire time knowing her and not to leave out incredibly tiny and short. She has a small tiny booty is toned and small tits that couldn’t have been more than an A-cup. She is so small that even her tiny bikini bottoms can’t full cover her shaved pussy because it was a too loose. Her black hair which she used to cover her face mostly was very long and close to her ass if let down fully. Julia was a bit of a follower with her light brown eyes and I could tell from the way she looked up to Abby that she would do any Abby would or told her to do. As an couple hours went by as I spent most of my time ogling Abby’s ass. I then turned my attention back to Zoe and from the looks of things it was clear she wanted to be near Tucker but every time she got close to him he would move away or start messing with one of his friends. At this point the Elena and her friends had went inside. Tucker went inside along with one of his friends but said he would be right back. I followed him inside to wish him a happy birthday but due to my drinking I was a bit slower than usual. I got to the door then near the downstairs bathroom were I saw there only knees. They we’re sitting on the stair case and they were smoking. I didn’t wanna interrupt them cause they weren’t leaving the property I didn’t see the harm. I turned to leave an as I did I heard a bit of there conversation “dude your girl was so clingy, isn’t she with you every day” his friend said. Tucker replied saying “ she’s been so fucking annoying lately, I love her but fuck man”. The conversation wasn’t of much interest until one sentence from his friend caught my ear and woke me up from my buzz. “ I thought you only got her cause she’s obsessed with balls, like she literally can’t resist” he said while laughing and Tucker immediately respond in a defensive tone but I was too far away to make out the words. This got my curiosity peaked because not that I ever wanted or cared to compare my son to me but from the peek I got the previous week, not only is my cock larger and thicker but my balls were twice his size.

As I came out and sat back down another hour went by everyone that was in the hour came back out. Zoe finished some wine that was poured earlier and looked annoyed that even after hours Tucker barely paid attention to her. She had gotten out of the pool and walked over to me but I did my best to not stare but her tits jiggling as they came closer in view. “do you know where the extra towels are” she said in a voice that was frustrated. “is everything okay” I said in a tone trying to let her know I understand why she’s frustrated. It was a bit of a pause before she answered that was long enough to notice she was staring at something while biting her lip. I followed her eyes and I couldn’t believe it. She was staring at my shorts and when I looked down to my surprise my dick and balls were clear as day through the print of the swim shorts. “Sorry that attitude wasn’t meant for you, could you show me the towels” she said with a smile on her face. My mind was racing now and I didn’t understand what was happening. I got up while saying “of course, I’m done with the pool too” and at this point there was little to no buzz from the beer. I was about to lead when she cut in front of me and showed me a gorgeous picture. Her ass has completely eaten her bikini bottoms and from behind looked like she was pretty much naked. She glanced back but didn’t say a thing. She knew my eyes were completely trained on that bubble butt. I followed that ass to the stairs were I gave her directions to the back closet in my room. I looked in there where the extra towels were supposed to be but then I remembered my son is an ass sometimes and doesn’t think about anyone else. I told her to head to Tucker’s room and look in his closet. She left the room still with the wedgie intact. I peeked out my window because it has a view of the backyard and saw that everyone was still enjoying themselves down there. I then remembered that I keep one towel in my bottom dresser and removed my swim shorts to wrap the towel around me. I was half hard already from staring at Zoe’s ass but the thought of her biting her lip while fantasizing about my cock was getting it even harder.

Zoe called out to me and I when in to Tucker’s room. I don’t know why I did this but I locked Tucker’s door behind me and thank god I did. I walked over to his closet and I saw Zoe ass bend over in full glory, her pussy lips escaped the sides of the bikini and tits were hanging down to knees. There was no way she didn’t know that was showing and I was going to take full advantage of the situation. My cock was absolutely throbbing with pure lust and a need for that girl. The towels were actually on my right on a shelf so I got close to them almost blocking them. Standing just inside of the doorway I say “the towels are right here” while pointing to them. I could feel the rush of excitement flow through my body and fill my hands with ecstasy from anticipation. I don’t fully know what I was expecting to happen. She looked down at my cock and took a shocked expression that turned into nervous. ”Are you gonna move or” she said nervously. I said “you have to reach for them” with a grin on my face. She got down close to my dick through the towel and reached for the another while saying “ I really love your son, you know that right”. My mind was too far gone with the lust intoxicating my brain and filling my cock with a need for pleasure. I love my son deeply but now that she said that I needed to punish her for trying to make me think of the betrayal. I pulled back my towel fast so my huge veiny cock slapped right on her face and covered her right eye. My balls where pressed up against her lips and I felt her breathing on them as if she was trying her best to resist. I grabbed a fist full of her hair while saying “ I also know your a disgusting fucking ball addict so I’m giving you what you deserve”. My mind was racing with excitement as well as disbelief that something I had fantasized about some many times before was now actually happening. A few seconds after that she grabbed both my legs and dug into them with her fingers while licking my balls furiously. She then grabbed both my balls with a tight grip and crammed them both in her mouth at the same time which took me by surprise because my balls aren’t small and it did take her a second for them to fit. My cock was still covering part of her face but I could tell she was craving some big balls. Her beautiful light blue eyes were focused and never left my cock and balls. Zoe was definitely a ball addict and did not get her fix from my boy. I don’t care if anyone believes me or not but I was in absolute heaven. After a couple minutes of glorious ball worship I needed to see if my cock could fit in her throat but I was questioning if I could even get it in her mouth. Both of my balls were in her mouth wrapped tightly with her pretty pink glossy lips. I popped my balls out with a finger that created a beautiful noise an then pulled izmit escort my balls away from her and the expression on her face almost looked sad like I’d taken away her favorite toy. I said to her ”open that mouth and you better take every inch”. She immediately responded with spit dripping down her chin and a slobbery mouth “please give it to me daddy”. Those words filled my body with an intense passion and made me feel like I needed to show her that her only use in this world was to make me cum. I grabbed her head with both of my hands not realizing that both my hands are so big they are covering her the entire top of her head. I align my cock with her mouth and slide the head in. I then grip her head as hard as I can and push my cock as far as I could. It gets about half way and she starts to gag but I don’t let her go. She is pushing me away with her arms but I don’t let go. She was made to make me cum, her purpose in life is to drain my balls and that’s what she is going to do. She eventually stopped fighting and put her arms around my legs to help force my cock down her throat. My son’s girlfriend was mine now and the fact that she will only get air when I allowed her to made my cock pulsate. I didn’t even really care for her, she was nothing to me but a tool to dump my load and it was only my fault that I didn’t use it sooner. Huge globs of drool started to drip down from the side of her mouth on to her tits and legs eventually starting a pool around her knees. In and out while each time getting a little deeper down her teenage throat. I pop my cock out of her mouth and get a better grip by grabbing a fist full of hair. I can see from her face that she knew what I was doing and was loving every second of it. I started walking her out of the closet while she was on all fours. I pick Zoe up by her waist and throw her on my son’s bed. I needed a better angle to facefuck this ball addict so I pull her head down to the end of the bed. Zoe was on her back with her head hanging off the edge and those perfect big milky tits to the ceiling. I shove my dick back down her throat and place both my hand on her giant boobs for grip. I start fucking her face getting my dick down almost completely now and I could see my cock through her throat as it went in and out. Zoe’s throat was so warm and soft that I was getting close to cumming. I watch what looked like gallons of spit and slobbery drip down her face and fall on to one of Tucker’s favorite shirts. I know it was wrong and I know it was awful what I was doing but at this point I didn’t have a care in the world beside sending my seed down her throat. As I get closer and closer to cumming I say to Zoe “you better swallow every fucking drop”. I feel her hands wrap around the back of my legs now and I took that as confirmation while I simultaneously started rubbing her soft pink pussy with my right hand. I then began furious rubbing her clit while with my other hand I started fingering her with three fingers trying to get as deep as possible. Zoe started moaning which turned into gurgling with my cock in mouth. I’m guessing she enjoyed getting her pussy worked over because she started to suck so hard that I thought she was going to take my cock off. Zoe’s legs began to shake hard and her entire body was twitching.

I lost myself in my head and I couldn’t believe I was in the real world for a couple seconds because of the pure pleasure but as I know from my 40 plus years in this world that if things get too good, something usually comes around to ruin it. As I heard a knock at the door I felt my balls twitch as the cum was rushing through them. Zoe and I lock eyes as Tucker through the door says “hey open the door Zoe I need my shirt”. Zoe in a panic tries to push me off but I was not gonna let that happen, I was too close to fulling her belly full of seed and I wasn’t gonna let anyone stop me. I grabbed her head with both hand and started facefucking her as hard as I could. This feminist was my personal cumdump from now on and there was nothing she could do about it. Zoe trying to stifle the sound of her gagging, an in a panic grabbed my balls hard and squeezed them but that only made me thrust down her throat harder. I so badly wanted to scream out to my son that I was his girlfriend has my cock down her throat and was going to swallow my cum. At this point Zoe knew I was going to cum down her throat with her boyfriend at the door, so she started pulling me deeper and harder into her mouth and as I began to cum she gave my balls the hardest squeeze of my life which sent a shiver up my taint and cock. I started cumming so hard that my ear began to ringing and felt hot. I felt my dick shoot rope after rope of hot cum as her throat milked my cock of seed. Zoe was swallowing as much as she could but I just kept cumming and definitely the most in my entire life. I tried to make as little noise as possible but the grunts kept escaping my mouth and in the pure pleasure of my domination I say “stupid fucking feminist” as I skull fuck her to the root of my cock while still cumming. I pulled my dick from Zoe’s throat and kept stroking to shoot the remaining ropes of cum on her face which landed on her lips,nose, and eyes. As the last few drips escape my cock I rub the head against her lips giving them a glossy shine. As I took a step back and leaned against his dresser I hear Tucker say “Zoe what the fuck are those noises, what are you doing in there”. The severity of the situation came back to me and gave me clarity as I made a dash for the closet. At the same time I see Zoe frantically getting dressed in her regular clothes. I peeked through the closet door to see Zoe picking up the shirt of the ground that collected all of the slob that Zoe and I created. She walks to the door while wiping her face with the shirt for a bit but completely misses her mouth. Zoe opens the door and I watch as Tucker comes in a bit suspicious probably because she took so long. Tucker asks “what we’re you doing and why you didn’t you open the door” as he glances around the room quickly. “I was trying to fucking sleep but your bed is uncomfortable as shit” she replied quickly with a annoyed look on her face. Zoe the quickly changed to a smile and said “ I’m sorry baby, here is your shirt” and handed him the cum and slob filled shirt. I watched Zoe lean in quick before Tucker could full even grab the shirt and kissed him long and hard on the lips. Tucker then put the shirt on and walked out the door saying “okay whatever, I love you”. Zoe followed him out the door saying “I love you too” while staring at me with a smile knowing I was in the closet.

I simultaneously felt relief from not being caught and also sick from realizing that Zoe kissed my son with lips covered in my cum as well as my dick slobber shirt he’s wearing. I leave Tucker’s room in a hurry and go into mine. I hop into bed hoping nobody saw or remembered I was showing Zoe to the towels. I lay in my bed reflecting on the best orgasm I had in a long time. I knew in my head that it wasn’t the that’s time I drop a load in that girl and that I would make sure she will never take another load besides mine ever again, especially not from my son. I put on some underwear and eventually faded into a nap and as I awoke from my deep and restful sleep I see that several hours had passed. I sit up from my bed in my boxers and leave my room to check around the house. It’s late at night so I assumed that Tucker and Elena’s friends had gone home and from the looks of things around the house that was true. I went back up stairs to check on Elena and she was sound asleep so I close her door and head back to my room. I look at Tuckers door for a second and reminisce about the pleasure of the best blowjob I have had in a very long time. I wanted to have it again and as soon as I could. As I step away from his door I hear the brief conversation of Tucker asking Zoe to get something as I now stand in the doorway of my room in just my boxers. I need to dump another load and wasn’t going to without my cumdump. The door swings open and Zoe steps out with a tall plastic red cup. Zoe sees me standing in my doorway as she closes the door to Tucker’s room behind her. As are eyes lock I mouthed to her “come here now” and point to the floor between my feet. She points at the cup in her hand and says quietly while walking towards me “Tucker asked me to get him some water”. As Zoe gets into arms length I grab her by the throat and pull her into my room. I push her to the side next to my door while saying “You are mine to use, not my sons’ you understand that. You will never fuck him again, as long as your in my house I own you”. Zoe nods her head while biting her lip with eyes gleaming with lust as I slide her head down by her throat and close my door locking it at the same time. Zoe looks at me with sad puppy dog eyes while placing the cup on the ground and says “I really should just get Tucker his water”. I grab the bottom of her long t-shirt and pull it up over her head and throw it to the side as she grabs the cup again. She had no panties on and her shaved pussy was exposed. I then pull down my boxers and my cock springs out slapping her on the face like before with my meaty huge balls on her lips again. Zoe’s gorgeous blue eyes fixate on my cock and balls as I say “then stand up and walk out that door without worshiping my nuts you nasty ball addict” with a huge grin plastered on my face. I noticed that Zoe positions the cup that she’s still holding under her chin and almost like clockwork she starts sucking, slurping, and licking my balls with a passion.

I had Zoe trained at this point and I still couldn’t believe how easy it was, I could have really fucked up everything with my family if Zoe wasn’t actually a obsessed ball crazed nymphomaniac. She grabs my nuts extremely tight with her right hand while still hold the cup with her left. The izmit kendi evi olan escort noises she was creating while making love to my balls was incredibly loud but the pure pleasure from it made me not care in the slightest if anyone heard. Zoe then pours a bit of the slob that accumulated in the cup on her big milky white tits that were perfectly perky which made them look oily with a shine as she started massaging and playing with them. Zoe looked me right in the eyes while still sucking on my balls and started flicking her pink nipples and rubbing the the spit over them with her fingers. I take that as a cue that she wants me to tittyfuck her so I pop my balls out of her mouth once again and slap my fat cock between her big tits. Zoe grabs both sides of her boobs and wraps them the best she can around my dick but my head still pops out. I grab the top of her head with both hands and push it down, she knew what I wanted and starts sucking on the head of my cock while I’m thrusting into her soft white tits. I didn’t know that a tittyfuck could feel this good but the pleasure of her tits was only the beginning because then Zoe started working her tongue around the head of my cock while sucking and licking in between the hole of my dick. I say with a massive smile on my face “finally putting that feminist mouth to good use”. I thought my head was gonna explode from the absolute pleasure of it. I speed up my my thrust into her soft tits and was getting close to cumming but I was not going to risk not being able to fuck her pussy again. After a couple minutes of that heavenly boobjob I pull away from her and say “stand up, that pussy belongs to me now.” I grab her by her wrist but Zoe tells me to wait as she grabs the cup. I didn’t understand her fixation on that god damn cup until later. I pull her up and bring her near the end of my bed which is facing a whole body mirror. Zoe puts the cup on the bed but I barely paid attention to that because I wanted that to feel her guts so badly. I pulled her arm hard and threw her onto my bed. She was wet and dripping with juices that ran down her perfect pink asshole. I grabbed both her calves and lifted them up as I slowly moved my tongue to her pussy. It smelled so delicious that a can’t even describe it beside the epitome of sweetness. As my tongue touched Zoe’s pussy the juices poured out and she grabbed my head. She pulled my tongue into her pussy and I was overwhelmed with the tastiest flavors I’ve ever had in my life. I began to lick fast and then slow repeating over again as Zoe’s body moved rhythmically to my tongue. I stopped right over her clit and started sucking on it which made her shriek a bit. I move my tongue down to her asshole and pressed it inside in which Zoe screamed out. I was afraid she alerted Tucker but quickly forgot because of the mouthwatering taste of her ass. My cock was throbbing and drooling at this point and need to feel pussy, with how tight her asshole is there not chance my cock was fitting in there. I knew that I needed to have Zoe trained to handle this cock in her ass. As soon as Zoe began to shake I pulled my tongue away and she begged “no… no please come back.” I knew that at that point she would do absolutely anything I wanted, she was mine to play with and mine to enjoy.

I lean forward and put my precum leaking head of my cock over her pussy lips. I start to rub my head into the juices and soft groves of her gorgeous perfect pink pussy, my precum and her wet pussy juices mix into a concoction of pure lust. Her eyes the lit up with desperation as she says “Tucker’s only had me with a condom on but I want you to fuck me raw, I want to feel a huge dick like this but you gotta pull out.” As she finish her last word push my cock into her pussy as it envelopes the head and get about quarter of the way in as she recoils and puts her hand on my stomach. Zoe looks at her pussy in awe I think from the realization that she barely took any of my dick as I say “you still got about 8 inches left, I know it’s thick but you can take it.” I slowly work my way in as she rubs her clit furiously and I get about half way. Her pussy was so warm and soft but at the same time was incredibly tight around my shaft. I pull out and start fucking her to the half way point from before, her pussy each time I pushed in would slowly stretch and swallow half of my cock until I felt some resistance. I was in heaven as her pussy gripped onto my cock and with each thrust I continually got deeper and deeper. I was actually quite impressed because most women I had sex with took longer to get as deep with my girth including my wife. I look down to see white cream gathering at the base of my cock. Zoe started to relax and put her hand down from my stomach as my huge cock stretched out her pussy with each stroke but I was not gonna settle for that, she was my cock sleeve and I wanted her to be suffer from the pounding of my cock. I pull out to almost entirely out grabbing her head and covering her mouth with my other hand. I needed to go balls deep and knew she was going to scream. Zoe looks me in the eye panicking because she knew what was coming and definitely wasn’t ready for it. I thrust my cock as hard as I can with fully locked eye contact. My cock goes deep to the base and I feel my balls slap against her ass while I hear Zoe’s muffled screams through my hand. Her hands dig into my arms and back as I feel a hard point with the head of my cock and I realize I hit the back of her pussy. Her pussy started gripping and massaging my cock with a warmth of passion. I start fucking her furiously trying to bottom her out with every thrust of my dick. I wanted to see her ass bounce on my cock so I put my arms under her knees and dig my arms into the bed to wrap the around her. I lift her up and step back a few steps to face my mirror. Zoe’s face was sweating as she kept panting from the pounding but I wasn’t done yet. I stare her big juicy white ass in the mirror and my cock being absorbed in her stretched pink pussy. I start bouncing her hard on my cock which made a incredibly loud wet slapping noise along with my balls slapping her ass with every bounce but I didn’t care anymore, the sound of it all was music to my ears. It seemed that Zoe didn’t care anymore either because she wasn’t being silent with her moaning and kept repeating “fuck me please fuck me”. I need to cum in this fucktoy so badly and nothing was stopping this creampie. I pump intensely and wildly while staring at her jiggly butt creating waves with each thrust of my cock. I move my hands down to her ass cheeks grabbing a big handful with each hand and increasing my thrust speed and was getting close to cumming and she knew because Zoe looked me in the eyes while saying “ I’m not on birth control daddy”. I don’t know why but those words escaping her lips made me cum instantly and pull her ass down so hard I was balls deep. I feel my cock pulsating with each shot of cum into that heavenly squishy warmth. Zoe was nobody to me but a cumdump and she was going to take every drop of my seed. A incredible warm sensation shot through my body as my ears start getting so hot that I thought they were going to burn. I feel the last of my shots of cum leave my cock as I sit back on the bed still in ecstasy of pure pleasure. I fall back on my bed arms spread out and trying to recollect myself from the best sex I had in a long time still not allowing myself to come to the realization that I just fucked my son’s girlfriend and creampied her with no contraception.

She lays forward on my chest still huffing and puffing with a exhausted smile across her face. We both lay there for a couple of minutes trying to get a hold of reality while still enveloped in each others bodies. Zoe still with my cock in her pussy grab the the cup that was near my head and slow raises herself off of my cock. She quickly places the cup under her pussy as one of the most beautiful sights I have ever laid my eyes on. Her pretty pink pussy moves with every grove and vein on my cock as the tip leaves her lips a gush of white cum and sex juices slash into the cup, there was so much that I couldn’t believe my eyes. I still didn’t understand why she wanted all of the juices and my cum in the cup but at the time I assume it was for the clean up. Zoe gets up off my bed and turns around to head to my bathroom. Her ass was so beautiful and shiny from the sweat as she stops in my doorway bathroom. She turns her head with a small smirk on her face “let’s hope you don’t get my pregnant, pretty sure I’m ovulating”. I sit up as I hear the water running from my bathroom sink. Zoe walks out and picks up her shirt of the ground putting in on while coming towards me. I look at her and say “get over here and clean up your mess”. She bends down in between my legs and starts licking the cream from my cock and balls as she spits it in the cup. Zoe then does one long deepthroat and takes my cock to the base sucking hard as she comes up drooling the rest into the cup. Zoe then stands up and goes to the door but I ask as she opens the door sneakily peeking out I ask “why do you need to keep the cup”. Zoe looks at me with a deviously evil smile plastered across her face and says “Tucker asked for a water, he won’t taste the difference”. Zoe stirs the water in the cup with her finger and left the room closing the door behind her. Those words shocked me to my core, now understanding that my son was about to drink a mix of my cum and sex juices that came from Zoe’s creampied pussy. He was going to drink the slob that Zoe drooled and sucked from my cock and balls and not have a single clue that his girlfriend betrayed him even futher than before. I lay back in my bed and pull the cover over my body. As the minutes go by I try savor and reminisce about the day of pleasure I just had and that my son’s 19th birthday was one of the best days of my life but was just the beginning of my newly acquired sex life. This is the end of my first sexual interaction with Zoe but from that day on there was plenty more as well as others that will be in further stories.

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