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With a sigh, I gaze at the clock. It’s still only 5:30. We’ve been studying for half an hour, but it feels like it’s been all day. I gaze across the table at you, dutifully switching your gaze between your notebook and textbook. I know we need to study for our college tests, but I’m just so bored…

I clear my throat, hoping to get you to pay attention to me. I flip my hair. Adjust my glasses. Lower the strap of my tank top. You don’t move. I know I’m not exactly a looker, considering I’m just some shy nerd and you’re the star football player, but I like to think you became my boyfriend for a reason OTHER than my brains.

Wait… That’s it!

“Did you know that in Homestuck, after Rufio from the Hook movie was featured, the actor who played him, Dante Basco, started reading the web series and him and the author Andrew Hussie became friends?”

That does it. You look up, giving me a rather blank expression.

“And did you know that in Five Nights at Freddy’s: Sister Location, you’re playing as the man who invented the animatronics?”

You shift your legs and though you try to be subtle, I know you’re hiding your little P-chan.

“And did you know that Discord from My Little Pony was created by Lauren Faust all on her own for the show?”

Your pencil falls from your hand as you bite your lip, staring at me.

“In fact, she based him on Q from Star Trek. The actor who played Q even voiced him, though they had to digitally pitch it.”

That does it. You stand up, walking around the table to lift me up and over your shoulder. I allow you to carry me into the kitchen, feeling quite proud of myself, while also finding it ironic that the jock with the iron cock has an insatiable turn on for nerdiness. As you set me up atop the counter, I let my long, thin legs dangle off the end, my bare fit swinging back and forth.

“Watcha doin’?” I ask, feigning innocence in that cutesy way I know drives you crazy.

You grab onto my thighs, leaning in close.

“Admiring your fantastic sex appeal,” you state calmly in that stoic way you do.

I smirk. “You mean my brain appeal?”


You reach forward, lifting my tank top up and over my head to bare my chest. Many would consider it odd. The big black jock and the tiny little Asian, but you clearly go for my brains. You grab onto my jeans-clad thighs and Göztepe Escort begin to nibble my neck.

“Ohhh… Sebastian!”

You stop your nibble, chuckling at my reference. “Seriously?” You ask.

I bite my lip. “Sorry. I just HAD to ruin the moment with a Black Butler reference, didn’t I?”

“I’ll just have to make another moment, then,” you quip.

You lean in and, knowing my weak point, blow on my neck.

“Mmmmm… Oh, Itachi, why are you so good with your Sharingan?” I moan.

You burst out laughing, pulling away. “Dammit! I give up,” you chuckle.

“Good. My turn.”

Sliding off of the counter, I fall into a kneeling position in front of you, all in the same motion. Reaching up, I unzip your pants with long, thin fingers suited for a surgeon or craftsman. I open your fly and lower your briefs a little, jumping as your cock pops out. An audible, unintentional gasp escapes my slightly open lips.

I hear you snicker above me, knowing that the fact your dick never ceases to amaze me also never ceases to amuse you. Realizing I’ll have to get you back for that, I trace my lithe, thin fingers along the slide of your shaft, admiring its length and girth with a clear wide-eyed smile on my face. Looking up, I see you close your eyes, a deep blush enveloping your cheeks but your face remaining blank. Hopefully that won’t last long.

“Mmmmm…” I moan. I reach under to cup your balls, feeling their weight and size in my palm, leaning in to breathe onto the head of your cock through my nose. “Hoooh…” The sound escapes my lips without meaning to, always impressed by your size. You shudder, but otherwise don’t react, and I consider even THAT an accomplishment on my part.

Leaning in to place a soft, gentle kiss on the tip of your cock, I break the kiss with an audible pop sound that causes it to bounce up and down. I watch its motions while licking precum from my lips, enjoying hearing you groan.

“Mmm… ” I steady your cock’s base with one hand wrapped around it, while my other hand gives one side little, light, rapid scritches with my nails. I lean in to plant kisses on the other side of your cock. I can only smile to myself when you grunt loudly in response, knowing I keep my nails like this to make it easy to give your length light, harmless scratches, or ‘scritches’ as you call them.

I İstanbul Escort let out a light, airy giggle. “The key to any sex act, ANY, is a long, slow, torturing tease. Then your partner, male or female, is begging for release near the end. But I won’t go as far as torturing you. However, that doesn’t mean I won’t dispense with the teasing entirely, either,” I goad, not even looking at you as I rub the tip of my tongue on the bottom of the head of your cock while my hand not gripping your base gives your balls a teasing, sexual tickle.

I’m rewarded when you begin to tremble with the sheer amount of warmth no doubt going through your body. I look up to see you looking at me with a carnal look in your brown eyes.

“Mmmm… Oh? Ready already? It’s true. The big guys last a LOT longer than the smaller guys. Let’s get to the next part, then,” I tease. I sit up a little, my tongue slowly snaking out to give the tip of your cock the tiniest of licks, easing more of my tongue onto your head at a painstakingly snail-like pace. A giggle escapes my throat, smiling despite my tongue sticking out, as I pick up the pace a bit and slide my tongue down the side of your shaft.

I slide my tongue up the bottom of your shaft, taking the tip of your cock into my mouth for just a second before letting go with a distinctive oral popping sound, my tongue sliding down the opposite side of your cock as before. I hear you grunt loudly. You’re the stoic type during lovemaking, but I can read you like a book.

As my tongue moves down the side of your cock, I take your shaft into my mouth with the same motion. My hands gripping the base of your cock, I move my tongue up the top of your shaft, removing more of its length from my mouth in the same motion. When my tongue and mouth breach the tip, I let it simply emerge instead of pop, letting the bottom of your head catch on my lower lip as my tongue slides out so the bottom of the oral appendage rests atop your mushroom-like head.

I feel you tremble vigorously at the completely new sensation, no doubt feeling sexual adrenaline fill yourself. Good. I’ve clearly still got it despite three months of dating.

“Hmmm… Shame I don’t have any tits to titfuck you with.”

I pout at that, but I use those pouting lips to take your cock into my mouth yet again, my dexterous, lithe fingers diddling Anadolu Yakası Escort any part of it not submerged in my wet, warm mouth as I give half its length a mighty, powerful, vacuum-like suck. I’m rewarded as you start to spasm widly, but I want to keep you on the edge. I stop sucking but keep your dick in my mouth until you settle back down into some simple trembling.

I remove your cock from my mouth yet again, letting it bob for a few seconds, dripping with my saliva. “Hmmm… Who’d have guessed having overactive saliva glands would come in handy for oral?” I remarked aloud.

I lower myself a little, sitting atop my own legs as I take one your of balls into my mouth for a tiny little nibble. One hand cups your other ball, using my thumb to give it a stroking rub, while my other hand uses three fingers to rub and diddle the head of your shaft. I hear you gasp audibly, knowing from the way you move your feet to strengthen your stance that you’re getting dizzy from all these sensations.

“Mmmm… I’m at my limit. I better go for the kill more for my sake than yours,” I tease.

One hand still stroking and diddling your testicles, I use my other hand to grip the base of your shaft, taking your length into my mouth. I go as far as I can, sliding my tongue around your shaft as best I can with its girth filling up my oral cavity, using my teeth to rub its meatiness.

After all that teasing, I knew it wouldn’t take long. But the burst of hot, wet splooge when you release still catches me off guard. “Sorry,” I hear you say.

I jump at the sudden release, accidentally biting your cock a bit as I nearly choke on the sudden intake of semen. I rub your balls and coax out as much as I can, swallowing it into my throat before I finally let go, falling back onto my rear and coughing as your cum dribbles a bit down my chin.

You move to wet me a rag to clean up with, but I wave my hand to stop you, catching my breath and coughing only a little. “N-No, it’s okay. Phew…”

I reach up, wiping your cum off my chin with a single long, thin finger before inserting the digit into my mouth and sucking on it.

You shake your head at that. “I’ll never understand why some people like to do that,” you remark, putting the rag away.

“What can I say? Good girls swallow. And I’m a very good girl.” I grin up at you. “But I guess you’ll find out soon enough.” I stand up and drop my jeans to the floor. “Because it’s time to return the favor, baby.”

You sigh, rubbing your forehead. “You wear the pants in this relationship, don’t you?”

I wink. “At least you’re willing to admit it.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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