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Author’s notes:

1. This is a work of fiction. The activities and practices described in this story are not necessarily either condoned or recommended. If you choose to do anything described in real life with real people you do so at your own risk.

2. All characters are fictional and any likeness to any living person is purely coincidental. The story is purely imaginary and, to the author’s knowledge, bears no relationship to any factual occurrence.

3. All characters in this story are aged 18 or older.


“Do you have anything planned for your vacation?” Mom asked as we ate breakfast the morning after school had finished.

“No, I’ve been so focused on exams that I haven’t even thought about it. Now I have several weeks of nothing, but I guess something will turn up. I haven’t even applied for college yet, but they said I can always put in a late application if I need to. I haven’t even decided what to enrol in, thinking possibly psychology, but nothing definite.”

“Well, we thought about it and guessed you’d been too busy to consider anything, so we’ve booked you on a senior summer camp. From what the brochures said, it’s an idyllic week in a beautiful setting with forests and lakes, a variety of activities and about 40 girls and guys all in their late teens. It sounded like paradise to us,” replied Mom, smiling as she passed over a brochure.

I didn’t reply, instead browsing quickly through the brochure, coming to the same conclusion: paradise. I jumped out of my chair and gave Mom a huge hug, then continued around the table to give Dad his share.

“Thank you so much,” I replied breathlessly. “That’ll be awesome. I’d better work out what to take; the week till it starts will just fly by I guess.”

“Well, I thought you might like or need some new clothing, so I wondered if you’d like to accompany me on a shopping trip this afternoon,” suggested Mom.

“Thanks, Mom, that’d be awesome.”

Later that afternoon Mom and I were browsing in a large shop full of women’s clothing. I selected some items I thought could be suitable and found a vacant changing room, while Mom waited patiently on the seat outside for the fashion show. She commented on the shortness of the two skirts I chose, and really liked, but didn’t put up too much resistance when I pointed out that it wasn’t like I’d be naked underneath and it was summer so it would undoubtedly be hot. Thinking about wearing the skirts was making me hot already as my mind wandered to the possibilities with a group of sexy young people in a relatively unsupervised setting.

Shorts came next; again, they were met with mild disapproval which my “Mom, don’t be so old fashioned,” seemed to overcome. After all, they covered my ass cheeks as well as my G string panties, of which I also bought several pair. Tops were another bone of contention, especially the non-fitting ones that only covered my ample breasts from half way down the top to hang loose at the lower level of my breasts. I was wearing a bra so there was no real problem, but I knew that I wouldn’t be wearing a bra all the time on camp and was mentally enjoying the anticipation of guys feeling and seeing my breasts as the fabric lifted from my movements or the breeze. I knew from past experience that I enjoyed mild exhibitionism, so I was selecting my clothing accordingly.

Finally, there were the items I knew Mom would try to veto. I had selected three bikinis for swimming and sun bathing. The first one was mildly modest, bright sunny yellow that fitted tightly, covering most of my breasts, some of my ass cheeks and, of course, my pussy. It was lined so it barely showed my nipples. Mom seemed to consider it for a few seconds before smiling and nodding. The second one was a little more risqué, being constructed mainly of narrow straps holding small pieces of red fabric in strategic places. Having a single narrow strap between my ass cheeks was a definite cause for objection by Mom, but basically it did cover everything she felt had to be covered, so reluctantly agreed.

Even I was nervous trying on the third suit. It was unlined, thin white, almost sheer elastic fabric which I just knew would be almost completely transparent when wet; it pretty much showed everything when it was dry! I fastened it around my breasts and noticed that the tight straps encasing my nearly bare mounds actually forced them outwards and emphasized the nipples. The bottom half was also mainly straps, rising high on the hips and very low on the front, with just a narrow strap up my ass crack. I could see that I’d need to shave if I was to wear this. The narrow piece of fabric from the lowest point on the front fitted tightly over my pussy, pulling into the creases between my mound and upper thighs and showing off my camel toe perfectly. As I looked at my reflection in the mirror, even I became slightly nervous about wearing it and considered putting it back. However, I gathered my courage and stepped out the door, almost walking into a young guy in his 20s or so who stopped and stared, his eyes taking me in from top to toe and back again before he let out a low whistle. I felt Şerifali Escort his eyes burning into me as I stood almost naked, then slipped to the side around him to show Mom.

Mom’s hand flew to her mouth. “You may as well be naked,” she protested.

“Yeah, well what if I was,” I replied defensively, “It’s only skin. Anyway, I like it and I’m buying it, even if I have to pay for it myself.”

“Well, I guess you have to learn somehow, and that’s probably what the camp’s for. I just hope you like the attention you get.”

I thought of the look in the young guy’s eyes as he mentally probably stripped and fucked me, wondered what it would be like having lots of horny young men doing this, decided it would be terrific, realized I was both a tease and an exhibitionist, blew Mom a kiss and scuttled back into the changing room.

We took the selected items to the cashier, who cast a few sideways glances at both of us as she wrapped my selections, then we returned home. Dad asked what I’d bought and wanted to see everything on, so I agreed to show him a few items, including the yellow bikini, but in the interests of his peace of mind, not the other bikinis or very brief shorts or tops. He seemed happy afterwards; I wondered what Mom would tell him when they were alone later.

The following day, Mom had a quiet talk with me, suggesting that it would be a great idea if I went on some form of contraceptive because it was possible that I’d meet up with some friendly guy who felt it was his duty to relieve me of my virginity. I agreed that there were lots of good ideas in that, both losing my virginity and being on a contraceptive being two of those. The doctor was quite happy to prescribe the pill for me, checking first that I was 18, my 18th birthday having been several weeks ago.

“I’ll also give you some condoms just for additional protection in case you feel you need them,” she told me. I accepted them without intending to use them; to my way of thinking it was like wearing a raincoat while having a shower. However, better to have them and not need them than vice versa.

The bus ride was several hours, during which I sat beside Tracy, who had been to camp before, and we quickly became firm friends.

“We share cabins, each person has their own bedroom with a shared bathroom and combined kitchen and lounge area. It’s really quite luxurious. Would you like to share with me?”

I agreed that would be great; it would be wonderful having a cabin buddy who knew the ropes.

Once we arrived, we stood around in the sunshine, stretching after the ride, looking around at the cabins located under sheltering trees, surrounded by forests on the undulating hillsides. A guy called for quiet so he could organize us. He told us a bit about the camp and reviewed the possible activities, then asked if anyone had already paired up for cabins. Tracy and I, along with three other pairs, stepped forward and were allocated cabins, to which we took our bags and settled in. We each had a small bedroom with a double bed, a moderately sized living room and a bathroom, which we needed after our trip.

“We’ve got about an hour till lunch. Wanna have a look around the place?” asked Tracy.

“Yeah, sure,” I agreed.

“Ok, so first things first, what we’re wearing it fine for the bus trip but it sure ain’t a guy magnet. I suggest if you wanna have fun this week you get into something more tempting, shall we say.”

I grinned at her, anticipating my first foray into sex, then we both changed in our rooms and met again a few minutes later. I was wearing a crop top and a pair of tight short shorts, not my shortest that showed my butt cheeks, but short enough to be interesting and tight enough to leave little to the imagination. My stretch top showed lots of cleavage as well as the nubs of my nipples. Interestingly, Tracy was dressed in much the same way.

We had about an hour before lunch so she took me around the camp, showed me the pool, walked along the trail beside the river and she showed me a place where she liked to sunbathe.

“It’s a lovely quiet, secluded place,” she commented, gazing at the sunny pad of fallen pine needles, “This was where I lost my virginity last time I was here,” she added wistfully.

“How long did that relationship last?”

“A few months after camp ended. After that he seemed to change, become more possessive and seemed to need to be in control.” She stopped and her eyes met mine. “Beware of guys who think they own you. If you don’t resist, you’ll wake up one day and find they do.”

I didn’t reply; such concepts were beyond my experience, but I was grateful for her advice and stored it away for future reference.

“Time to head back for lunch,” she said, returning to the present.

We walked into the dining hall and collected our meals from the counter, selected drinks and headed towards a table. I noticed that most people had changed out of their travel clothes, were showing a lot more skin and generally were going through the rituals of getting to know others. We stopped and looked around.

“Those two guys OK, do you think?” asked Tracy.

I was Ümraniye Escort very new to the art of meeting guys so figured that if she thought they were OK, they most probably were. We headed towards their table.

“Hi, are these seats taken?” asked Tracy.

“No, please share our table,” one of them said, “I’m Troy, this is Mark.”

“I’m Tracy and this is Carla,” replied Tracy as we sat down opposite each other at the small table.

We chatted amiably as we enjoyed our food. Like Tracy and me, Mark and Troy had met on the bus trip and had found they had quite a bit in common. I found I was quite shy at first, having spent most of my past few years working and studying rather than socializing. Tracy had the advantage of having done this before and I was quickly realizing that she was quite experienced with guys so was very confident. It seemed that Mark also had experience, mentioning several girls he’d been out with, but neither he nor Troy had a steady girl at present. Troy and I mainly listened, but did exchange a few comments with each other, agreeing to go for a swim after lunch.

Once the meal came to a natural close, Mark and Tracy stood and announced they were going for a hike for a couple of hours so Troy and I agreed to meet at the pool in half an hour. In my room I spread my bikinis on the bed; which to wear? After a few minutes I decided on the most conservative, bright yellow one and pulled it on, admiring my body in the mirror, before grabbing a towel and walking the short distance to the pool. I sat on the edge for a few minutes, kicking my feet in the cool water, until Troy appeared, looking quite sexy in his swim shorts showing a moderate bulge in front. He sat beside me and we chatted for a few minutes, then I stood and dived into the pool, swimming a length and waiting at the far end, where he quickly joined me. At the deep end, Troy was able to just stand on the bottom with the water to his chin, while I was a few inches too short and needed to hold the edge to keep my face above water.

“Looks like you need some support,” commented Troy, opening his arms to me.

I grinned in reply and moved against him, his arms clasping me to him, supporting me so I could breathe easily. I wrapped my arms around his neck and held on lightly. In this position I could feel his body against mine, and no doubt he could feel mine against him, which seemed to arouse him as I felt his bulge pressing against my pussy. When I pressed slightly harder against him, he blushed.

“Ooops,” he said, “Seems like you’re affecting me a bit down there.”

“That’s good,” I replied flirtatiously, “I hope to see more of that effect before camp’s finished, but not today.”

“Oh, pity, but I’ll live in hope. So, you’re a good girl then?”

I chuckled. “Yes, unfortunately, I guess. I’ve spent too much time studying during the past few years to be anything else.”

“Yeah, me too. I know the feeling. Remember that I’ll be here when you want to go further.”

I thought this was maybe going a bit further than my comfort zone at present, so I gave myself a push away from him and swam to the shallow end, where he joined me a few seconds later. There was now no excuse for him to hold me, so we stood side by side for a few minutes, chatting. Finally, he crouched down in the water, his thighs making a seat for me, and he invited me to sit.

“I miss holding you,” he commented with a grin.

“I miss being held too,” I replied truthfully as I realized how nice it felt to be held. I sat on his knees with my arm around his neck, then began stroking his chest with my other hand.

“That feels very nice,” he said softly as he rested his hand on my thigh, not right at the top, just high enough to be interesting. I could feel his cock expanding once again, pressing against the side of my ass cheek. I felt a slight shudder of anticipation of things to come pass through me and really wanted his hand to stroke higher, but it was too soon to ask for that, I felt. Instead, I moved my hand gradually down his chest and over his stomach until I was caressing just above the elastic top of his shorts. As I’d been doing that, he’d moved his hand from my thigh to my stomach, running it over my skin along the elasticized top of my bikini bottoms. I wondered what he’d be doing if I’d worn the more revealing swim suit. Part of me wanted him to cup and caress my pussy, but again I felt it was far too early in our relationship to suggest this or to do what I wanted to him: to stroke his now quite hard cock. Something had to change, and it did; a group of six arrived and jumped into the pool alongside us. Our intimate moment ended and we both quickly and self-consciously moved our hands to safer places.

After another swim we left the pool, dried off and walked down to the river.

“Feel like a walk along the river trail?” I asked.

“Sounds good to me. Do you know the way?”

“Yes, Tracy was here last year and showed me earlier,” I replied, automatically, it seemed, taking his hand in mine and leading him along the trail. He left his hand in mine, apparently quite happy with the contact. After a while we came Üsküdar Escort to Tracy’s clearing and I steered Troy through the trees towards it.

“Tracy likes this spot,” I told Troy, “She used to sunbathe here last year.”

“Looks good. Do you want to sit for a while, maybe sunbathe?”

I grinned at him as that, and maybe more, had been my intention. “Sure, sounds good to me.”

We spread our towels and sat, then lay down alongside each other, turning towards each other so we could talk more easily, our free hands caressing the bare skin on the body of the other. We talked of general things, school, family, etc, for a while, then started talking about relationships. He’d had a couple of girlfriends, but nothing serious, a couple more that I’d had boyfriends. Our conversation drifted and time passed until the sun sank below the level of the trees and it cooled down. Before we stood up and left, Troy reached across and pulled me closer before giving me a moderately chaste kiss on the lips. I felt a surge of eroticism race through my body and end up at my pussy, but certainly didn’t react to it in any noticeable manner, at least, I hope I didn’t.

That night Tracy and I returned to our cabin and sat in the living area, sharing how our afternoons had been. Tracy and Mark had gone a bit further than I had with Troy, but she commented that she’d still been very restrained, for her anyway.

“I don’t want to scare him off on the first day,” she said with a laugh.

After a shower, I climbed into bed wearing my large baggy night shirt as usual. I was almost asleep when I heard my door open followed by Tracy entering and sitting on the bed.

“I can’t sleep,” she said, “I feel way too horny. Wanna play?”

While I’d masturbated on a couple of occasions, once reaching orgasm, I’d never made love to a woman (or anyone for that matter) nor had I even considered it. Time to broaden my horizons, I thought, noticing I was feeling a bit horny myself.

“Sure, come on in,” I replied, flipping the bedclothes back.

Tracy climbed into bed and cuddled up to me. It felt slightly weird having her breasts pressing against mine through our nightclothes. Then she reached over and drew me to her and kissed me. Again, I felt the erotic surge through my body, again ending at my pussy. I immediately felt the need to cum to relieve the sexual tension, so I opened my mouth slightly and kissed her back. It took only a few moments before our tongues were entwined and we were fully engaged in a very erotic kiss. Our hands ran over the other’s body as we pushed our night clothes upwards, breaking the kiss for a few seconds to strip completely, then resumed our kissing, caressing and stimulating of each other’s body.

“You ever made love with a woman?” asked Tracy breathlessly as we broke the kiss.

“No, never.”

“Well, seems I have a blank canvas then. You ready to learn?”

“Absolutely, teacher.”

“Have you ever masturbated until you came?”

“Yes, once, it was great.”

“So why only once, then?”

“It seemed to be so naughty; I guess I was afraid of being caught.”

She resumed the kiss, sliding her hand over my pussy, which I knew was slick with my juices, then I felt a finger probing my entrance, sliding over my clit. She broke the kiss again.

“You still a virgin?”


“Saving it for some lucky guy, possibly Troy?”

“Yeah, possibly.”

“So, I won’t pop your cherry; leave it for a cock.”

“Thank you, honey.”

She resumed stroking my clit as I felt my way to her pussy and began rubbing her clit, sliding my fingers between her soaking labia, feeling even more of her juices coating my hand. She spread her legs further apart.

“I’m no virgin. Shove your fingers inside me, sweetie.”

I did, tentatively at first, feeling the slightly knobbly inside of her love tunnel. I pushed my index finger in and slid it back and forth, using my thumb on her clit as she continued to slide her fingers between my labia, massaging my clit so sensuously. I felt my arousal increase as I lost interest in arousing her, focusing all my attention on the feelings she was causing me. My hips began moving back and forth, seemingly on their own, as I fucked against her hand, wanting more stimulation. I heard a moan and knew it was coming from me. Tracy broke our kiss and pushed me onto my back; I spread my knees automatically and she knelt between them, then reached her head down and used her tongue to stimulate my clit. It felt heavenly, her slow, long strokes up and down my trench, then I felt her fingers clasp my nipples, squeezing them hard. A bolt of pain shot through me, straight to my clit, causing me to moan once more and roll my head from side to side as my arousal intensified. I was breathing hard and fast, so close, it felt wonderful, oooohhh the nipple pain shot through me again, pushing me higher, closer, almost there. I felt my hips lifting off the bed, pressing my clit against Tracy’s willing tongue, then I felt her teeth gently close over my clit and nip softly at my tender bud, another surge of arousal; could I take any more, I wondered. Breasts cupped, squeezed, nipples twisted, crushed, clit stroked, licked, nipped. I felt my whole body shaking, trembling like a leaf in a gale, then something seemed to rise through me and before I knew it my pussy muscles were contracting hard, pulsating, I was cumming!!

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