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This is my second edition of a story I wrote and published a few years ago.



Day One

Jasmine opened her carry-on luggage as the customs agent checked its content.

“Nothing to declare,” she said.

Her face warmed as he verified the name on her birth control pills against the passport. “Any other drugs?”

“No, just this one prescription,” she said.

“Have a wonderful stay.” He closed her carry-on and handed it back.

Her face warmed again, but she smiled. “Thanks, I do plan an exciting time.”

Her first actual vacation in her more than twenty years of life, she planned to indulge in her love of museums and the elimination of her problem.

Jasmine grabbed the rest of her bags, rested them on the cart, and pushed them out of Heathrow to the curb. She stood in line and waited her turn at the Long Distance check-in. The taxi captain signaled and a cab pulled up to the stand. He signed the LD car out. The black boxy carriage, with their old-world charm, made her feel grown-up and sophisticated. She appreciated the alternative taxi design of the Beardmore, with its distinctive red body and black top, but considered the all black version as traditional and therefore more elegant.

The driver slipped out of the hackney and moved around to the sidewalk. She stared at him. A vague sense of recognition intruded on her. The scent of his cologne drifted forward. Maybe he’s wearing the same cologne as someone I know.

The cabbie moved to help load her luggage in the boot. His muscles bulged and rippled with each movement of his arms. Jasmine focused on him as he walked toward her and then opened the door. She estimated his height at about five-feet, eight inches, maybe two inches above her. I like the sight of this man.

She flexed her long slender legs as she lowered herself into the back. She inched the hem of her azure, tight-fitted skirt, up just a fraction as she swung her legs into the well of the cab.

The name on the license listed him as Alfredo, and his chestnut curly hair and hazel eyes with delightful moustache suggested he was something other than English.

“Your destination, Miss?” His accent, more Spanish than Portuguese, told the tale. “The Knight’s Hotel, Manchester,” she said. “Por favor.”

He laughed a hearty laugh and Jasmine smiled at him.

“American?” he asked. “Business?”

“American, yes…but pleasure.” She took off her suit jacket and adjusted her position to get comfortable for the four hour ride.

“My itinerary includes England, France, Spain, with stops in Amsterdam and the Italian Riviera.”

“That’s a wonderful holiday. Graduation present?”

“Yes.” Jasmine smiled. “I just graduated from college, Class of ’79. I am scheduled to enter medical school in the fall. This is a present to myself. I worked two jobs for the last six years so I could make this trip. I have been saving for this holiday since high school.”

“I love the money,” Alfredo said. “But, why didn’t you take the train from Trafalgar Square? It would save you two hours.”

“I want to be able to stop whenever I want,” said Jasmine. “I just need to reach the hotel by four o’clock.”

Jasmine smiled. A revelation jumped to the front of her mind. This man personified her vision of a fantasy lover. The man she visualized when she masturbated. A blend of her favorite leading men from late night movies. Her perfect fantasy of a more mature man who taught her all the delights of adult sex, not just some boring humping. How funny. I imagined I might meet him in Spain or Italy.

Her mother tried to convince her that she would have more fun with her friends, but Jasmine had a special plan for this vacation. On this trip, she planned to search until she found the right man to lay. She would scour every country…every city on her schedule, if need be. She’d managed to repress her sexual appetite until now, but she determined to release it from its confinement.

Before she left the States, she arranged more than the usual booster shots. She covered herself for every conceivable, known disease, transmitted through sexual contact. She refused to leave Europe before she found her first lover and learned about good sex…whatever that was. She had always been ahead of her peers in every way, except this virginity thing.

Jasmine studied Alfredo’s face reflected in his rear-view mirror. In the mirror, Alfredo eyed her back…maybe. Her stomach and chest warmed to the memory of last night’s fantasy…a strange man on the plane sitting next to her, putting his hand under the blanket that covered her, stroking her leg and touching her through her underpants. Alfredo, my fantasy lover?

She placed her back against the left corner of the back-rest, pulled up her skirt and put both legs on the seat. Her C-cup bra peeked through her short-sleeve blue silk blouse. Maybe that will pique his interest. She re-crossed her legs. Okay, what’s next?

She spied him again as she ran her fingers through her long black hair. She shook her Şerifali Escort head. Ebony tresses framed her delicate face and trailed down her back. She grabbed her hair at the ends and made a twist and set it high on the top of her head. Jasmine reached in her purse and found a clamp for her hair, and secured it.


Chapter Two

They inched through the London traffic. The cab crept across the Tower Bridge and up Oxford Street. They passed Great George Street. To her left, the sun perched on the horizon like a sparkling polished shilling. It reflected off the cement sidewalks and intensified the heat inside the car.

“How long have you been in England?” His voice sent shivers through her body. I love his accent.

“Fourteen years,” he said.

The sound of his voice meshed with her fantasy of a mystery lover. The man in her dreams that put his mouth on her clitoris. The one who stroked her breast and licked her nipples. That is as far as her fantasy proceeded…as far as her imagination took her. The more she visualized him, the more it convinced her that Alfredo came to her in her dreams. He came to her in her dreams? Ridiculous.

Here in Europe she did not need to concern herself with some boy who might talk about her and ruin her reputation, thus invoking the moral turpitude clause. I refused to be a sperm vessel for some post-adolescent male.

America pretended it was growing out of its provincial attitudes, but it still harbored puritan values and Victorian mores about the place of women, and stereotypical nonsense and downright bigotry about any minority. The hypocrites and their attitudes annoyed her. Another eight years-plus of hard work before she finished all her medical studies. No, I’m not going to be a thirty year-old virgin.

They continued northwest out of London, followed the M54 motorway, and veered off east to Leicester.

“I know it is a little out of the way,” said Jasmine. “But, I want to see the castle and the home of Lady Jane Grey.”

“Why?” asked Alfredo.

“I’m very much into history and museums. I want to visit Rockingham Castle.” said Jasmine. They lunched at a restaurant that overlooked the river.

“I want to see all the things I’ve read about. I have a curious nature.” Jasmine smiled at Alfredo. “Next I want to go to Nottingham. I love Robin Hood, even if most people say he is just a legend. Some say he was actually born here in Leicester or in Leicestershire.”

“So you spend your energy in books and museums instead of experiencing life.

“No, I do volunteer. I took a Humanities class as one of my electives and learned of opportunities to help six weeks each summer as a volunteer teaching English in different countries.”

Alfredo led Jasmine back to the car. “I fancy Robin Hood, too.” He smiled. “Thank you for lunch,” he said.

“De nada.” Jasmine smiled back.

Their journey to Nottingham and through the Sherwood Forest National Reserve excited Jasmine. She imagined the giant pines may have sheltered so many of the merry men. The forest leaves gave forth the sweet smell of pine and whispered a melody to the noon day sky. Jasmine listened to the birds that hid in the arboreal splendor. A common lizard slithered into a hollow log. A Fallow Deer crept from his hidden spot and blended with the tree trunks. Jasmine threw her head back and twirled around like a five year old as she focused on the top of the trees.

They visited a twelfth-century Cistercian abbey. “I think this is where Friar Tuck came from,” said Jasmine. Alfredo held Jasmine’s elbow and guided her through the exhibit. The cool damp air of the forest belied the heat of the day.

They started back to the hack and settled in for the ride. Their next stop, Liverpool. She could not wait to visit the home of the Beatles. Alfredo helped her to follow the steps of the Beatles. He led her to Albert Dock and then to Penny Lane and Strawberry Fields. Once back in the car, Alfredo turned northeast and back toward Manchester. They sang Beatles’ tunes and laugh at their harmony or lack thereof… .

“I’m hot,” Jasmine said. “Can you turn on the air?”

“Sorry, Miss, it is not working.” He continued their exodus but drove the taxi off the main highway and down a side lane. A slight tension enveloped her stomach.

“Where are you taking me?” she asked.

“To get you a cool drink.” He pulled up to a roadside restaurant. He exited the car and swaggered to the counter. His tight butt rippled when he walked. Mmm…He moves like a fighter or a hunter…on his toes.

He returned with two Lemon Seltzers.

“Oh, thank you,” she said. “Are you this kind to all your passengers?”

“Only to beautiful young women.” He winked at her.


Chapter Three

Alfredo opened all four doors of the car. He sat on the passenger side of the front seat, His back to the interior and his feet on the ground.

She took the frosty concoction and ran the cold bottle across her neck and the exposed skin above her chest.

“I don’t want to make Üsküdar Escort you too late,” he said. “But if you want to cool off, we can take a walk down to the lake.”

“Well, for a little while, I guess. But we need to call the hotel. “

Alfredo grabbed his car phone and dialed the number. He handed her the phone. Jasmine gave the hotel her name…and the number of her taxi, plus Alfredo’s name…just in case. They promised to hold her reservation, and she authorized an additional charge, equal to another night, on the credit card she used for the reservation.

She handed Alfredo back his phone. He took her hand, helped her up from the cab seat, and led her down the path to the lake. He could be leading me down the proverbial garden path. Quit it, Jaz. Take a chance. He has been a perfect gentleman all day.

Out of sight of the road-stand restaurant, she turned toward Alfredo and kissed him on the cheek, soft and light, like a feather that floated on a cool breeze.

“Thank you for everything.”

“De nada,” he said.

Alfredo stared at her. He leaned in and kissed her. A soft brush of the lips. She sighed.

He hesitated, then grabbed her shoulders and pulled her to him. Her mouth opened, he slid his tongue inside…a quick gentle thrush, as if a test of her acceptance. His kiss so sweet, she wanted more.

Swans floated on the lake and fluttered their wings. A log separated the area from the path of grey pavers that led to the lake and the meadow swathe in rolling green grass. The sun in full array shined a brilliant delight in concert with the fresh zephyr. He guided her to a log near the bank. They sat and gazed at the water. The cool air from the lake did not dissipate the warmth that grew in her stomach.

“That was very…nice.” She lowered her eyes and studied the bottle in her hand.

Alfredo shrugged. “I thought you could use a kiss.”

She scooted a bit closer. “What makes you say that?”

“I can feel your energy.”

“I am not sure what you mean by energy. It was just that we had such a great afternoon sightseeing. I wanted to thank you, and I do find you attractive.” Jasmine’s face warmed, again.

She rested her head on his chest, and turned her face up to his. He cupped her chin and she closed her eyes. Once more his tongue parted her lips. Jasmine caught her breath as he sucked her tongue and explored.

His left hand settled on her caramel-colored face and traced down past her collarbone. My brain is on fire… his fingertips are flame. He outlined her chest just inside her blouse with his fingers, and drew tiny circles on her exposed skin.

The nipples of her breasts strained against her blouse. He touched the nipple of her left breast through the material, using his fingernail. The scraping sensation sent an electric current down her body and through her clitoris. She took a slow deep breath and sighed a bit.

Alfredo stopped for a minute. His focus on her eyes.

“How old are you?” he asked.

“Twenty,” she said. “Why? I’ll be twenty-one, in less than a month.”

“I wanted to make sure you are legal. I am thirty-four.”

She smiled and took out her passport from her handbag. He read it and handed it back.

“There is something I need to tell you,” she said. “I’m a virgin.”

“Why? -a beautiful young woman like you has no man?”

“High school and college offered plenty of opportunities to lose my virginity, but I’m a goal-oriented high achiever. The concept of sex with fumbling boys, with little understand of the female anatomy, and even less for female sensibilities disgusts me.”

Alfredo threw back his head and roared…his laughter deep, and yet kind. “You sound like you rehearsed your speech.”

Jasmine smiled. “I have. It’s my standard answer.”

Alfredo cocked his head. He stroke her arm. “I am married. Do you understand?”

“I expected as much. But, please don’t tell me your wife doesn’t understand you.”

“Oh, she understands me very well. I am a vampire. I am just respectful, and she comes first. She really doesn’t like sex, so as long as I am discrete, everything is okay.

“So, you have an open marriage…?

“Yes, more or less,” he said. “I have an appetite for beautiful women.”

“There is no such thing as a vampire. What makes you think you’re one?”

“Not undead like in the movies. I need the energy from regular humans. I unleash their sexuality. It feeds me. Do you understand? “

“I’m not sure you’re serious.” Jasmine smiled. “But, I need to ask you something.”

What do you need?” he asked.

Jasmine gathered her courage. She reached her right hand toward him and in slow-motion swirled her fingers through his hair. She put her hands on his chest and unbuttoned his shirt. “I want you to teach me…to make love to me.”

“Why me? I really am a vampire,” he said. “If I do this, I will take your energy and there could be consequences. What if you get pregnant?”

“You remind me of the man I always dreamed would be my lover. I won’t get pregnant. Ümraniye Escort I have taken care of that. And, I’m not going to allow anything to interfere with school.”

She licked his chest and put her mouth on his nipple and sucked. His tiny nubs puckered and grew hard. She massaged them and turned her face up and parted her lips for another kiss.

Alfredo put his hand on her blouse and unbuttoned it. He hooked his fingers inside her bra and touched his nail to her nipple again. The electric current started once more and she sighed. He removed her blouse, eased the bra straps from her shoulders, and the bra down and under her breast.

“Little One,” he said. “Has a man made any kind of love to you?”

She shook her head. “Only in my fantasies. Only when I…you know.”

“Masturbate?” He smiled. “I will teach you.” Her heart started a staccato in her chest. She wanted this, but fear and excitement both rose. Maybe we should go to a hotel? Maybe I should wait?

“At any time we can stop,” said Alfredo. “Just tell me.”

Jasmine nodded her head. Alfredo reached under her breasts and unfasten her front-closure bra and removed it. Part of his sexiness came from his confidence, his ability to take charge.

“One moment,” said Alfredo. He stood up and walked away. For a fleeting second she feared he may leave her there…strand her… but just for a moment. She sat transfixed and held her blouse before her breasts.


Chapter Four

Alfredo returned. He carried a blanket, two more of the lemon seltzers, and moist towelettes.

“What if someone comes while we are … you know… doing it?” asked Jasmine.

“I rented this area for as long as we need it. I put out the privacy sign. This area is owned by the guy at the stand.

Jasmine blushed, and then smiled at him. I want him more… for his kindness, his gentleness, and for the way he makes me feel protected. I don’t know this man, but I know he needs to be the first one, if I don’t want to keep my virginity.

She stood up and unzipped her skirt. He laid the blanket on the ground. Jasmine eliminated her panty hose and stood before him in her underpants. Alfredo, with his arms crossed, studied her. He reached out a hand in a gesture for her to turn around. She did a slow pirouette.

“You are beautiful,” he said.

She hated that she blushed so often. “Thank you.” And, now she trembled, too.

He came to her and put his hands on both her breast. He trailed his fingers over the curves, around the underside, and to the nipples. He pinched her nipples with light pressure and increased the tension until she whimpered. Each nipple stood erect and firm.

Alfredo extricated his hands, moved closer, bent forward and sucked…first the left nipple and then the right. His tongue circled the nipple several times before he sucked a second time. The sensation changed from gentle sucks to increased compression until she groaned. He returned to pinching and once more he increased the force until a slight moan escaped her lips. He alternated sucking and pinching until she began to wobble. Alfredo caught her just as her legs gave way and he eased her down on the blanket.

“Lay back,” he said. “And, do not move.” Alfredo removed his pants.

She did as he told her. He lay beside her. I’ve never lain with a man before.

He disengaged the clip and ran his fingers through her hair. He massaged her scalp with a slow caress. He put a handful of her locks to his noise. “Your hair smells so sweet, like coconuts.” Alfredo brushed the hair from her face.

Jasmine smiled. She reached her hand up to his face, placed her hand on his cheek, and lowered his face to her for a kiss. Alfredo stroked her eyebrows. He broke off the kiss and licked the outer rim of her ears. He whispered, just a breath of words. “I will make you come. I bet you do not know what it feels like to have a real climax. The pain will be worth it, I promise.”

He leaned forward and kissed her eyes. Her breathing fell into a rhythm, deep and slow. He turned his attention again to her breasts. He changed from sucking just the nipple of her right breast and included the areola in the intense assault.

She moaned, again. Alfredo stopped and turned her over on her stomach. His hand caressed her back, where the spine met her buttock. Feathery touches across the spine and down her butt made her arch and try to move away from him. He pulled her underpants down below her butt-cheeks.

The exquisite sensitivity, so new and exciting made it difficult to remain still. Her clit throbbed and yet he had not touched her…down there.

“This will make you feel good,” he said. “Your whole being is a sexual organ. I will make love to every inch of your skin. In my family, a man is taught how to take a woman the first time. It not our pleasure, but hers that is important.”

She moaned and he changed his touch to other places on her back and butt. He placed his mouth between her shoulders and kissed her, moved down to the small of her back and licked. He fondled and licked until she pushed toward him. He placed both his hand on her bottom and stroked each cheek again. He pushed her cheeks apart and tickled the underside and down the center. The sensation conjured images of a tiny dance on her butt.

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