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Birds are singing, the air is warm I spread my pale peach colored blanket down on the lawn, throw my pillow down on it.

Bend over to put my water bottle and suntan oil on the blanket.

Step into the middle of the blanket and grab the bottom of my white t-shirt And peel it off. No bikini top under it just hot yellow bottoms.

Drop the t-shirt to the right and pick up the bottle of suntan oil. Squirt it on my right leg. Rub the oil in with my hands up my calve. Over my knee, move up my thigh and up till my fingers meet my bikini bottoms Held together by a single tie on each side.

Now my left leg begin to spray and massage.Then spray the oil over my breasts and tummy.

Massage it into my skin, spending too long a time on my nipples making them harder and more erect with each touch.

Oil up my arms and my face. Gently rubbing the oil around my lips.

Clip my hair up into a knot on the top of my head. Then lay down on the blanket on my back stretching out my muscles and loving the feeling of the sun pounding down on my slick oiled body!


Laying there sun tanning, when I suddenly feel your mouth touching mine. Your shadow covers my face. I look into your beautiful eyes and the erotic look in gaziantep escort bayan them makes my body shiver.

Your kiss burns my lips! You brand me with them and make me yours. You taste the oil on mine and take your tongue and trace my lips with the tip of it, over again.

My arms lock around your body pulling your mouth into mine so they blend into one. You grind your lips into mine making me whimper and purr with each movement of your lips.

Your right hand begins to explore my body starting at my jaw line you run your fingertips down my throat slowly over my shoulder blade down, down to my right breast.

You cup it in your hand, it flows over and you lift your lips from mine quickly and lower them down to my nipple. It’s waiting for your mouth to be on it. My hands go into your hair and I weave my fingers into it.

You take my puckered nipple into your mouth, gently sink your teeth onto it. Then pull it stretching it out then pushing your face into my breast. Suckling on it working my nipple, sucking it, biting it, rolling it between your lips.

I moan so deeply it sounds like I’m in pain. You go to my left breast next repeat your seduction of it as you did my right one. I notice how huge my right nipple is and how it tingles as the sun evaporates your saliva off of it. You continue your journey of my body by moving you’re hands down to my sides and your mouth slowly trails kisses down over my belly stopping to tongue my belly button. I feel your fingers tugging at the strings on my bikini bottoms. You’re impatient to see and taste my pussy, so you jerk at the ties. Tearing them open you take what’s left of my bottoms down and just stare at the contrast in color of my skin. How nice and brown I’m already getting and the pale color of the skin surrounding my pussy.

You love the neatly trimmed landing strip I’ve got and immediately the scent of my sex hits you. My legs instinctively open wide then wider and you for the first time see my wetness clinging to the lips of my pussy and how thick it really is. Without even thinking your fingers slide right over into my pussy and I hold my breath as I feel three of your fingers working their way up inside of me, slowly pushing their way in.

I hear nothing now but my own heart beat. No birds, no other noises! My body is in total focus of what you’re doing to it, reacting to every slight movement of your fingers. So sensitive to your touch. I can’t breathe out!

Soon your tongue finds its way down I feel it at the top of the slit of my pussy. Strongly pushing aside the folds so it can work its magic on the sensitive nub and your tongue action makes my back lift and arch and my mouth go instantly dry.

You want to give me complete and total fulfillment spending no time on your own desires. So you start to tongue fuck me faster. Pushing it harder and swirling it faster over my clit, biting my lips gently and pulling them making them bigger and softer as you work them with your mouth repeatedly.

My hands are pushing your head into my cunt harder. Grinding your mouth into my clit, not giving you any choice but making you eat me completely.

My moaning is getting deeper and harsher sounding and you know exactly when I start to cum. You know the certain sound I begin to make as my whole body gets ready to explode.

Your tongue feels the contractions as my vagina repeatedly tightens it’s sucking your tongue further into me each time.

My cum squirts out into your mouth and drips down your chin and you swallow what you can with each spurt of it.

When my body finally relaxes and my screams have turned to hushed sounds. You lift your face up and I see my cum on your lips shining, thick, sticky. You smile and deliberately take your tongue and clean your lips of my cum.

Then you lazily climb between my legs lay your body gently downs over mine and kiss me so I can share the heat and taste of my fresh hot cum off your lips. Delicious.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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