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Early rays of sunlight start to break through the window as you slowly wake up. Half awake you feel your body craving and your mind slowly drifting of.. Somewhere in the back of your mind you notice your nipples are primed before you lose yourself in dreams again.

10 maybe 15 minutes later you slowly wake up again, still half asleep you just feel the hunger of your body and you start to moan as the feeling grows stronger. You don’t care.. you don’t understand, you just don’t want this to stop. Your body starts to move with this sweet sensation, there’s that warm rush again and you start to arch your back as to let it flow throughout your entire body and taking in that warm soft rush afterwards.

Slowly as you wake up you remember you went to London to meet up with everyone but instead we stayed in the hotel room the entire night. Your head turns from left to right as the fire starts to build up in your loins. You want to… you need to feel this deeper… completely as turn back the sheets and slowly slide your hands down your body. Your fingers glide over your primed breasts, down your belly until your fingers reach short hairs.

Your finger try to grab them as you force my head deeper in you. ‘Good morning my love’ I sweetly whisper as I look up to you, but you still have your eyes closed to experience this sweet sensation to its fullest. I open my mouth again and place it over your thong, breathing out and pushing my warm breath through the already wet thong into you. My tongue slowly whisks up over the ruined fabric as I restart to lick you.

My fingers grab hold of your thong as I pull it together. The fabric entwined as a string I pull her up, letting her sink between your lips, soaken with wetness. I pull her up further letting her rub your clit doing so as my tongue licks your uncovered lips. Slowly picking up pace, I keep on rubbing her with the string as I see your body move under my constant attention.

I look up from between your legs and gaze over your flat belly up to your full and beautiful rounded breasts rolling up and down as your breathing becomes harder. Your right hand fingers are caressing them, your fingers playing with your full primed nipples while your other hand is grabbing hold of the bed sheets.

I take your string in my hands and gently pull her over your legs as I move back on the bed. Your legs are upwards and together, squeezing the wetness out over your pressed together lips as it slowly drips down. I start to kiss the back of your feet. My tongue twirling over them… teasing… playing until my lips suck in your toe. You feel my lips take her in and start to nibble on her before I let her go again. With long strokes I wet the back of your feet as I guide them down, holding one in each hand.

You feel them going down, pushed together with my hard cock between them. With my hands helping your feet start to stroke my erection. You feel your toes slide over it, feel the throbbing head between them and feel the hunger explode inside you. You need to feel me inside you. Now! Not later, you want my cock to buried deep inside you, pounding you, releasing it’s warm cum inside you and stay there. Now!

I lift your legs up again and place them against my shoulders Bostancı Escort as I move in closer to you. You feel the warm head press up against your lips as it slides over them and back out again. You bite your lips in anticipation as you feel it slide over them again, this time a little between them until finally you feel it press up against you. As I slowly push till your body accepts the penetration and it slides in all the way. You feel my cock take you inch by inch thrusting deeper inside of you, filling you as your body arches back and you scream out in joy.

Softly I start to ride into you, my cock deep inside of you until my balls clash against your arse. Each thrust ripples throughout your entire body as your belly flexes, your breasts roll and you swing your head. Each thrust is faster and harder until your body is caught in a constant wild prelude to the climax.

I keep riding into your legs, constantly pounding as I feel my cock buries himself deep inside you. Pushing out your wetness, stretching you open to take him deeper. Your muscles convulse with each penetration, holding him tight deep inside of you.

I slowly let your legs slide down aside of me, spreading you wide for me as your body trembles. I arch myself backwards and begin pounding you fierce fully. Thrusting up inside of you with all my strength and as fast as I can. You stutter and moan as your entire body shakes under my relentless penetration. You lose your grip on the sheets and wildly try to cling onto something to grab hold and resist. I feel the head of my cock slam into you with each violent thrust until I finally slow down again and retract myself from you.

My arms reach under your knees as I pull you up and closer to me. With a growl I burry my face between them and start sucking up your wetness. With my lips parting your lips farther I suck and swallow your warm wetness. My tongue licking up from within you like a spoon, each time the tip of my tongue caressing your clit.

My mouth slowly closing around her, until I suck her in and hold her tight between my lips. The tip of your swollen clit is just inside of my mouth. As the tip of my tongue starts to flick her, from left to right and back again you feel electricity flow throughout your entire body. You’ve never been in touch with all your senses like this before. To many feelings, no thoughts.. just sheer ecstasy starts to build up inside of you.

With my teeth I scrape gently over her until my tongue takes over again. I move back a little, not letting go of her as I lay you down on the bed again. While I keep on rubbing her you feel yourself being penetrated by my fingers. In sync with my tongue I start to fuck you with my fingers. Buried deep inside of you, I arch them each time, reaching… stretching you…

Your entire body is shivering and shaking while my tongue and fingers keep pleasing you. Moaning, sucking and soaking is all that is heard as prelude to your building orgasm. Suddenly as I retract my fingers from you I penetrate you only with my index finger while my little finger penetrates your arse.

Just far enough to open you and feel that sweet sensation while I retract. Once… twice… gently I sink my teeth into Kadıköy Escort your clit as I double penetrate you again and you finally orgasm wildly. Your entire body contracts and convulses as you pull your legs together with my fingers kept tight inside of you. My head stuck between your legs as you arch up and scream out wildly. Another contraction and another as you feel the rush take over your entire body and mind. Finally you sink back down on the bed still trembling and shaking as I retract my fingers from you.

I lay myself beside you spooning as my right hand starts to rub your taunted clit again. You turn your head and open your eyes as you start to kiss me. Our tongue’s pursue each other in our mouths as you taste yourself of my lips. Entangled and entwined together our tongues loose each other in lust…

Slowly you awake from your dreams, with a sigh you lay there staring at the sealing. With a smile on your face you realize the dampness between your legs, your nipples primed for attention. A little blushing you lay there enjoying this sweet sensation of desire and lust somewhat surprised as to how intense your body reacts to the words and imagination of this younger and eager man who entered your life.

You grab your phone, wanting to send him a text message but you change your mind and snap a picture of your flushed and smiling face to send him later. As you throw back the sheets and get up you realize how wet you really are. Proudly you walk across the room to the mirror and take a minute to admire your sexy body. Slowly your eyes look down from your gracious neck, over your full and firm breasts with the nipples proudly pointing up and forward. Your hands and eyes slide down over your flat belly when your fingers slide underneath your string to take her off.

You turn frontal to the mirror and somewhat part your legs. Your fingers slide down from your belly button over the little pubic hair and down over your lips. You see the moist glinster in the morning sun as you pull your fingers back up and spread your lips open. Your tight and firm pink flesh reveals herself to you as you rub your finger over your clit to stimulate her. You turn around to look at your back as your eyes examine your firm butt. As your fingers spread your cheek you somewhat start to smile as you’re not afraid to admit it’s a pretty hot sight. Half leaning towards the mirror you snap a picture of yourself again, exposing your slit and your spread cheeks while half concealing your left breast. Your mind starts to wander of, imagining me kneeling behind you as my hands would slide up your legs and part your cheeks before burying my head between them, imagining the sensation of my tongue sliding from your clit through your lips and up to your arse… imagining the pain and pleasure as my finger would penetrate your arse, how you’d feel it slide deep inside of you….

Without hesitation you grab the mirror and lay it down on the floor. You take your purple little friend out of your bags and kneel down over the mirror. As you look down and see yourself opened and spread you imagine my face beneath you, my eyes looking up at you as you snap another picture and close your eyes.

You take your vibrator Göztepe Escort and set it to slow as you rub her over your lips, letting her tip touch your clit with each move. She slides smoothly through your lips as you dip her into your wetness, the cold vibrating tip pushes into you, you push a little further, just enough to open you up a little before pulling back. Again teasing yourself over and over till you remain open and suck her into you.

Willingly you take her into you as you feel the vibrating coldness fills you. With each penetration you force your wetness out with you which drips onto the mirror. As lust takes over you turn the level of vibration up and set her down on the mirror. You lower yourself onto her and start riding her like you’d ride my cock. Each time grinding yourself down as far as you can go to feel her fill you completely as your muscles contract to cling onto her as you move up again. Riding her, you open your eyes and look into the mirror, and see your sweating body milking her. You imagine this is what I’d see if you were riding me which makes you feel even more filled with desire.

Finally you lift yourself off of her and bend over. Still vibrating you guide her up between your cheeks and push the tip up against your little hole. Gently pushing her forward you open up to her and inch by inch you penetrate yourself. Her vibrations resonate throughout your entire body as you’re fully primed and filled with lust. Buried deep inside your arse you let her go and slide your hand back through your lips. You feel your swollen clit touched by your finger tips as you guide your fingers up to your mouth and taste yourself. The room is filled with the smell of sex, your sweet sensation burning on your tongue as you are ready to climax. You grab the phone camera and try to snap another picture of her vibrating deep inside your arse, but you want to come now, you have to and quickly turn around and lay on your back, half on the mirror.

Quickly you slide your hands down over your body to spread your lips. With one hand you rub your clit while with the other you penetrate yourself. Several fingers pounding deep inside of you, you feel the ecstasy grow. With every thrust you hear the sucking and soaking of your fingers fucking you. Deep inside of you, you arch and flex them to reach the spot. Over and over, pounding.. sucking and vibrating till you feel your body tremble. Adrenaline takes over as your body flexes and contracts and with a load gasp your orgasm breaks. Waves of pleasure gulch over your body as you uncontrollably flex and tremble. Your legs sweeping in the air with your fingers still buried inside of you. You feel yourself fill up until finally your muscles un flex and release your fingers and allow your orgasm to pour.

You lay there on the floor for a minute, enjoying the rush fading out of you the shivers and trembling finally stops. Flushed and exhausted you sit up straight and look into the mirror. With a smile you grab your phone again and kneel forward. With your tongue dipped in the pool over your wetness laying on the mirror you look up into the camera and snap the final picture.

Ten minutes later you finally find the energy again to get up and head for the shower. As the water replenishes and revives your body you contemplate and wonder what if you should send a picture or not. You decide to hold on to them and show them to me when dreams become reality and you’ll finally feel my body against yours…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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