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Since I assumed Nguyet and I would not see each other over Tet, the Lunar New Year, I was keen on meeting her one more time, perhaps just before Christmas. But what could we possibly do after the incredibly hot dick portrait session at her apartment? More desire, more lust, more satisfaction was just impossible. We could maybe invite Thuy to have her portrayed by Nguyet—naked, of course—although I’d rather have beautiful, slender Tuyet sit for Nguyet. But Tuyet was in Hue. We would have to wait with that til the summer.

Should I stay the night over at Nguyet’s new place, now that she had moved out of her parents’ house? I had long dreamed of spending a whole night with her. But her roommate didn’t like the idea, Nguyet immediately said. At least not now, since Nguyet had only been at her new place for five or six weeks. We could, of course, meet for coffee and then fuck again at a hotel in our town, but we had already done that quite often. That wouldn’t be special anymore, after our last three hot sessions. Chance provided another opportunity, however: we combined the night together with the hotel.

Nguyet told me she had to go back to that small town on the beach where we had fucked on the balcony last September. She had to finish a real-estate project by the end of the fiscal year. As it still was rainy season, she didn’t want to drive twice but rather stay at a hotel, instead. My wife’s brother just a new baby, so she would be staying at her parents’ house. Nguyet invited me to spend the night with her in that coastal town, which was only an hour’s drive away.

After my classes were finished, I got on my motorcycle ten minutes after three that Monday afternoon. Nguyet had a room at the same hotel we had already stayed at. She texted me the name, and I also remembered where it was and what it looked like. It was the place where she had requested to see my dick on the balcony while having coffee. I got the cheapest room, as I would be staying with her during the night. My room didn’t have a balcony and was facing west, but it didn’t matter. The afternoon sun was nice through the window and I took a shower, shaved, and clipped my fingernails. Nguyet worked until five or so and had told me to knock on her door shortly after five-thirty.

She opened the door, peeking around it. She was only wearing a towel, as she knew it would be me. She quickly put on a skirt and a sweater but no underwear. She had a bigger and better room than me; her company was probably paying for it. We took a beer and a lemonade from the fridge and enjoyed the last throes of daylight on the balcony. We warmed up by talking about our respective days. At some point, she got up and went inside. I couldn’t see her, but it sounded like she was putting on underwear.

“At home, everything’s okay with your roommate?” I asked her.

“Yeah, pretty much. We don’t argue or anything. She has a boyfriend now, but I haven’t met him.”

“I’m sure she’ll bring him ’round soon. And what about your parents?” I wanted to know.

“Well, they don’t see much of me these days. But the general mood is better. I guess they’re happy they see me at all,” she giggled.

“You have to get up at six tomorrow morning?”

“No, that changed. They only need me at eight.”

“Great. Then we can have breakfast together,” I rejoiced. “Speaking of: Are you hungry?”

“Yes. Let’s go and eat. Soup? Fish?” she asked.

“Fish soup? Let’s just saunter over to those restaurants we went to the last time,” was my suggestion.

“Ok. Let me get dressed.” She was holding her black stockings and asked: “It’s a little nippy tonight. Can I wear them? I don’t have a pair of pants …”

“Oh, please, yes. They are lovely,” I assured her.

“But I don’t have black panties, only white ones.”

“So what? We’re not at a fashion show. And no one knows what panties you’re wearing with your stockings, only me.” I laughed. “And you know how much I like that becoming black skirt.”

“Do I need a bra? I mean, I’m wearing an undershirt.”

“Undershirt’s fine. You don’t need a bra. And you’re gonna wear a coat too. We’re only going to eat and, maybe, a short stroll. And it’s already dark.”

“Ok, then. Let’s go,” she said as she was pulling the little card from the box next to the door.

We passed the reception together, and no one cared what we were doing. We ended up at a different restaurant from last time, but there the fish was good there too. We were sitting across from each other, eating, drinking, and chatting with impunity and no time pressure.

“I want a child,” Nguyet said all of a sudden.

I almost choked and started coughing.

“With me?” I asked, blushing.

“No, don’t worry. That wouldn’t be a good idea. Everyone would know that the child is from a foreigner. And in our town, everyone would think that you’re the father. Look at your son. He looks like a small version of you. No, that wouldn’t be good.”

“What Şerifali Escort about the man who you’re interested in at work? He’d probably help you conceive,” I suggested.

“Yes, that’s the plan. We’ve made some progress, and he’ll introduce me to his family over Tet, so I can stay at their house overnight.”

“Oh. Have you had sex already?” I asked.

“No, not really. But we’ve made out and we’ll fuck at the next opportunity.”

Now, I didn’t want to be too nosey, but it didn’t sound like she was head over heels in love. But that may still develop. Here in Asia people often get married first and then fall in love. Whether that happens, though, is another story.

“Do you want to marry him? Are you in love with him?”

“Frankly, I don’t know. But it feels pretty good when he touches me,” Nguyet asserted, “and I’m almost 31. I will have sex with him if he wants to. During the time I’m ovulating. If I get pregnant, I’ll move to Saigon to relatives and raise the child without a husband if he doesn’t want to.”

Oh, well. These were big topics all of a sudden on this quiet tropical winter evening. But she would have to make a decision, I knew, sooner or later. Either she waits for Mr. Right, who may never show up, or she has a child first and then looks around for a husband later on the used-spouse market.

“Speaking of ovulation: Tonight is safe?” I asked.

“Yes, I’ll get my period in a few days, like four or five more days.”

Well, as we had just settled that, I cracked another beer open. It was windy here, so close to the beach, and not particularly warm.

“But don’t you think the guy at work would marry you? What’s wrong with him that you don’t seem to want to marry him, even though you’re considering conceiving a child from him?”

“Hmh, I’ve told you he bores me. And the way our relationship began wasn’t really great. He doesn’t say much. It’s not that I’m yearning for him when he’s not there. But he has a nice body and nice teeth.”

“Nice genes, huh? Have you told him that you want to sleep with him?”

“Yes, but not the real reasons: to escape the boredom and to have a child. Eating dinner with him is arduous, for the lack of a better word. It’s slow. There isn’t much fun, entertainment or charm. But I can’t just go and fuck him in a hotel. You know, it’s Vietnam, and I am a middle-class woman. So, we’ll do it ‘properly’ at his house over Tet. And if it doesn’t work in February, we’ll do it again at the time I can conceive in March.”

“Well, you are an intelligent woman. You know what’s best for you. You seem to have a plan,” was all I could say.

We had finished our beers and Nguyet paid the bill this time. We strolled along the promenade a little bit and kept talking about her project of having a child. On this Monday in mid-December, no one was around. We were holding hands and would be back in Nguyet’s room in half an hour.

We passed a bench but didn’t sit down and walked a little further. I was relieved that she didn’t want a child from me, but I also secretly wished to see our genes mix. That would be something. But I knew that I wouldn’t be able to rear the child. So, that made it a ‘no’. Well, you can’t have it all. It was a shame that polygamy wasn’t legal.

We had walked pretty far and were now at quite a distance from the hotel, so we turned around. When we passed the bench again, we sat down and looked at the sea. After a little while, Nguyet pulled her skirt up, almost all the way to her lap. The wind and I were playing on her thighs.

“The wind feels great on my legs and around my pussy,” she said, resounding Tuyet. “I’ve hardly experienced something like that.

“Don’t you go to the beach once in a while?” I realized though that if she did, she probably wore jeans or a skirt, definitely not a bikini or a bathing suit.

“Rarely. I can’t swim and my skin isn’t supposed to get tanned,” she replied.

“When you were little,” I asked, “didn’t your parents take you swimming or weren’t you allowed to play on the beach?”

“Well, they did take me to the beach. But ever since I turned 15, if I was on the beach, I was fully dressed. Jeans or a skirt and T-Shirt. Sometimes shorts, but I don’t recall the last time I was wearing shorts. And I’ve never owned a bathing suit.”

“Well, it is scorching hot in summer, and in winter, the water is too cold to swim,” I told her to make her feel better.

As it was dark and really no one around, I began to massage her pussy through her panties. My dick was getting harder and I heard myself panting. Nguyet looked left and right and took her panties off. We were in a really dark area two streetlights. I caressed the entrance of her pussy and put my middle finger inside her. She moaned quietly and we kissed.

“Do you wanna go up to your room?” I inquired after a few minutes.

“Why? Not yet. It’s so nice here,” she replied. “it isn’t really cold, is it?”

“Well, my dick is confined in my Üsküdar Escort pants and it kinda hurts.”

“Well, let him out then,” She giggled.

“It’s too cold for that.”

“Then you put him inside me,” she laughed, looking at me.

I got my hard-on out, and she sat down on my lap. She reached between us and adjusted my glans between her lips. When she was done, she draped her skirt nicely over the arrangement. She pressed down, and I was inside her. Just like that. Now, this was new, and it was another thing that I never even had dared to dream about: my dick inside her in a public place.

“Do you wanna do it right here?” I asked incredulously.

“No, not really, but it feels nice, doesn’t it? I think we’ll do it up in the room. If I start to move my hips here, people might notice. And someone could also hear us panting.”

Of course, it was nice. It could have lasted forever. The bench was cold on my butt, but it wasn’t too bad. Her skirt covered everything, and since she wasn’t wearing a bra, I could easily massage her tits. She wanted a child from that dude and then move away. Well, I wasn’t gonna talk her out of that. I reached under her skirt and lifted her up once in a while. Slowly and ever so slightly. My dick was nicely stiff, and I diddled her clit with her juice. She was moaning quietly with her eyes closed, but now a bunch of youngsters came on motorcycles with sawed-off mufflers. That killed it. My dick got limp and slipped out. I put her panties in my pocket, and we went back to the hotel.

Back in the room, we took off our jackets and Nguyet relieved herself of her sweater as well. Her nipples looked nice through her undershirt. I hadn’t seen a woman in an undershirt for God knows how long; they had gone out of style a while ago. I took her panties out of my pocket, so that I wouldn’t take them home tomorrow. Just imagine. I put them on the chiffonier, and as the door to the bathroom was open, I could see the bathtub.

“Hey, we just showered a few hours ago, I know, but do you wanna take a bath bevor we go to bed?”

“Oh, yeah, that’s an awesome idea.” She was excited like a child. “We don’t have one at home, and when will the two of us have another chance?! Perhaps never,” she stated.

‘Never’ seemed a little strong but I guessed she was right in some way. I opened the faucet, and she took off her clothes in the room. I got in and she sat down between my legs. By and large, the tub was two small for two people, but the warm water felt nice this time of the year. We were using too much bubble bath, though, so that we couldn’t see anything but our heads. It didn’t matter; we could still feel each other.

Nguyet was looking at me while she was trying to find my dick under the foam. It was already half stiff when she reached for it, and she grinned. I didn’t know if she had a plan, but what we wouldn’t do here in the tub, we would do on the bed later. I let myself glide in a tad lower, so that my cock moved closer towards her. I reached for her pussy, but, in the end, the tub was too small for full-blown love-play.

“Do you want to sleep and maybe fuck some time during the night?” I asked her.

“No, let’s do it now. I think I can sleep better afterwards.”

“Yeah, me too. And if we do it now, we can definitely do it again in the morning.”

“Oh, yes,” she said enthusiastically. “I’ve always wanted to go to work freshly fucked. I’ve never done that,” she giggled.

We seemed both fairly horny now, not as crazily turned on like some other times, but really in the mood for good, simple sex.

We let some water out and Nguyet started playing with my balls and blowing my dick. As our skin was wet, however, we didn’t pursue that path for long. We dried ourselves, went to bed, and snuggled under the cool covers. After so many afternoons, during which we always had to keep the clock in mind, we now had the chance to decompress.

“Is this the highlight, the climax of our relationship?” I asked.

“Well, we had quite a few highlights. One could say we’ve only had climaxes, pretty much. What’s new is that we are sleeping together for the whole night.”

I admired and kissed her beautiful face. Under the blanket, she was holding on to my dick and I felt the urge to put it inside her. I pressed her legs apart with my knee and lied on top of her. I put my elbows next to her head, and when I felt her wet lips on my glans, I moved up further to get in. She was smiling the whole time and now she closed her eyes. She readjusted my dick once, but, otherwise, she just let me fuck her. I thrusted slowly but further and further up, until my cock was completely inside her. She cautioned me briefly not to be too rash but then she relaxed again, as I was pumping gently. I propped myself up on my hands, so that I could admire her whole aroused body.

“Do you wanna change positions?” I asked to be polite.

“No, I don’t wanna change anything. I’m having a good time. You just keep fucking Ümraniye Escort me until you come.”

“You aren’t worried about your orgasm?”

“I’m not worried about anything. I like being fucked gently. Don’t change a thing. We’re not at the gym.”

I kept thrusting for a few more minutes but then loaded her nicely. I got down on my elbows again and kissed her forehead. As she was so much shorter, though, I was only looking at the pillow, so I rolled off her and we snuggled again. Since the ceiling lights were already switched off, we just dozed off and fell into a warm, cozy slumber.

I went to pee once during the night and was tempted to caress her when I got back from the bathroom, as beautiful as she was, but I refrained. I didn’t want to wake her up. I rolled myself into the covers and fell asleep again. Since we both were used to waking up early, though, we opened our eyes around half past five.

I reached for her and pulled her closer. My hand was fondling her breasts, her belly, and soon, of course, her pussy. My glans was touching her belly button. Her pussy was still sticky from last night. Nguyet was still pretty sleepy and didn’t seem to want sex or breakfast. So, we held each other for another half-an-hour.

“Do you want to come back on top of me?” she offered.

This sounded sweet and it turned me on, but it wasn’t exactly erotic. I liked that question, though, but I thought that looking at each other over coffee and breakfast would tickle our fancy better and get us in the mood for a quick, wild fuck afterwards.

“Well, I do, but let’s go and eat something first. I need a cup of coffee,” I said.

We put our clothes from last night back on. Nguyet was wearing her stockings again, as the restaurant downstairs most certainly wasn’t heated. Like most people, we didn’t talk much so early in the morning. She had some noodle soup, while I ate an omelet shoved into a small loaf of white bread, together with some slices of cucumber and tomato—a breakfast classic in Vietnam. All in all, it wasn’t bad.

On the way up, in the elevator, I caressed her butt through her skirt and thought about our options. We had less than an hour. I thought I’d just put her skirt up on her back and fuck her from behind, probably on the armchair. Missionary once again would have been lame.

When we were back in the room, we kissed for a while and then looked at each other. Nguyet reached under her skirt and pulled her panties down.

“Come on. We don’t have much time,” she said.

We kissed again and I ruffled her skirt up with my fingers. I looked down and admired her black bush above the white flesh of her thighs.

“Do you want to kneel in the armchair over there? It’s higher than the bed.”

Nguyet didn’t say anything but took off her sweater. She let the straps of her undershirt slide down her arms and got her arms out. Her nipples were looking at me. I took all my clothes off and caressed her. She reached for my dick and massaged it a little before she went down on her knees in front of me and started sucking and licking masterfully. I put my hand on the back of her head and began thrusting in her mouth.

When my dick was really stiff, she got up and kneeled on the chair next to the chiffonier, which had three mirrors. The one on the right was accidentally turned correctly for me to see her naked ass and my midsection behind her. Nguyet stuck her butt up in the air, inviting me to get in. However, I placed my dick on her hairy ass crack lengthwise first and thrusted a little bit. I could feel her hair on the underside of my dick. The sight and the aroma were lovely. I rolled both the skirt and her undershirt together to see and be able to touch more of her skin.

“Put your dick in!” she said, panting.

I felt her pussy with my fingers; her body had already produced some morning dew. My dick felt welcomed in her velvety sheath, which had become a second home over the last 16 months. I thrusted at medium speed and, once in a while, was watching us in the mirror. I could see how much Nguyet was enjoying our last fuck of the year. It was quiet up here on the sixth floor. The smacking of my thighs against her butt was the loudest noise, followed by the squelching of my cock in the heavy sweetness of her honeypot.

Nguyet had been somewhat conservative this morning: no shrieks or loud moaning yet. But now, she relieved herself by lustful screaming and exclaiming how much she wanted me to fuck her more, harder, faster. She sounded like Tuyet the evening she got deflowered.

She extended both arms backwards and I took her wrists, pulling her onto my dick rhythmically and then thrusting her away again. After another ten minutes, perhaps, I came inside her profusely. I waited until the convulsions had subsided, but when I pulled out, Nguyet held her lips closed with three fingers. She told me to hand her her panties and put them on.

“You want your crotch sticky today?”

“I don’t care,” she replied. “I just want to go to work knowing that I fucked this morning, like a normal woman. I’ve never done that, and I probably won’t get that feeling again any time soon.”

“Well, just don’t throw these panties in your mom’s hamper,” I laughed.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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