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My name is Susie O’Connell. At the time this story begins I was a freshman at the local community college. My English teacher and the school paper advisor, Ms. Richards, and the editor of the paper, Danielle White, had asked me to write the advice column for the paper. I agreed hoping that the experience would help me realize my desire to become an Ob/Gyn with a practice dedicated to helping young girls. I had written a sample first column answering three sex related questions. Ms Richards had reluctantly said she would consider publishing such a column.

My boyfriend, Corey, and I spent Saturday night in the guest house of his father’s mansion, as we usually did. Sunday morning I awoke next to Corey thinking about the column. I got up and re-read what I had written. I hoped that Ms. Richards would find it acceptable. I decided that if they wouldn’t publish this column I would decline their offer to write the column.

On Monday after English class I showed Ms. Richards the column. “These are very good answers,” she said. “But quite explicit for our newspaper. Do you have anything else?”

“Yes,” I answered. “But I really want this to be my first column. It’ll help students know that they can send in any kind of question. I don’t think it’s really that explicit. Believe me there are much more explicit possibilities.” I had a couple of more explicit letters with me and I showed them to her. “I don’t plan to answer these,” I told her. “You can see the students have some very specific questions.”

“I see,” was her only response.

“In any case,” I continued. “I want this to be my first column. We can talk about revisions that tone my responses down as long as they don’t change the message.”

Danielle came in as I was talking and I turned to her, “I’ve written this first column,” I told her, taking the pages from Ms. Richards.

Danielle looked at it and said, “This is fabulous, just the kind of thing the paper needs.”

“I’m not so sure about publishing questions and answers like these,” Ms. Richards told her.

Danielle was not very good at standing up to authority. “Well, maybe you are right,” she said. “We probably should go with something less sexual.”

“Danielle!” I said, emphatically. “You just said that this is what the paper needs.”

“Well, yes,” she responded, “but Ms. Richards is the paper’s advisor. She knows what we shouldn’t do.”

“I don’t think she always does,” I said. “I think she may be too cautious. After all this is a paper for college men and women. Many of them are having sex and I bet all of them are thinking about it. I don’t think we should restrict ourselves to restrictions more appropriate for a middle school paper!”

Danielle looked at Ms. Richards and then at me, hoping one or the other of us would just give in.

“Remember when you first offered this job to me,” I reminded them, “and I asked about sexual questions and answers. I told you that I was willing to do this as part of getting familiar with what young people, besides myself, are asking about sex. I also want to exercise my skills at answering their questions. I offered that you could edit the answers as long as you don’t change them substantially. But, … if you’re not willing to publish this then maybe you should have a different columnist or just continue with what you are doing.”

I turned and left the room.


Darlene came out after me, “Susan!” she called.

I stopped and waited for her. When she caught up I told her, “You could at least have stood up for me if you really believe what I wrote is right for the paper.”

“It’s just a school paper,” she answered. “Ms Richards has the final word. It’s not like I’m Perry White or Jonah Jaimeson.”

“Who?” I asked.

“Perry White — The Daily Planet.” I still didn’t get it. “Clark Kent, Lois Lane, Superman.”

“Oh,” I responded, not sure why a comic book character was relevant.

“Jonah Jameson — The Daily Bugle, Peter Parker, Spiderman.”

Another comic book. “And you mention them because …?” I asked.

“Because they both ruled their newspapers with an iron hand and what they said goes,” she answered with an exasperated tone. “I can’t just publish anything I want. Ms. Richards has to approve.”

“Maybe you should think about some way to get her to approve,” I responded.

“Susan, this has to be your fight,” she told me. “I’d like you to write the column but you need to understand that it’s your copy and you need to be the one to convince Ms. Richards. If you convince her to run the column you submitted I doubt this will be the last time she will reject something you write. I can help with ideas or critique yours. But , you need to fight your own battle.”

That stopped me. I thought a bit. “So, do you have any suggestions?”

“Only to submit less controversial columns and then try again with this one once your column catches on.”

“I’m not sure it will ‘catch on’ if I only do non-controversial items,” I responded.

“You Bostancı Escort could try,” she said.

“Maybe the paper could try the controversial column,” I suggested. “Is there some kind of guarantee or commitment I could make that would help in case the controversy gets out of hand? I don’t think I will ever be able to have you publish ‘controversial columns’ if I can’t get this one published.”

“I don’t know. I doubt Ms. Richards is totally opposed. I’ve worked with her for over a year and my ‘read’ is that she really wants to publish your column as is. I think she’s afraid of what might happen to her if we publish it.”

“What about editing it like I suggested?”

“Susan, It’s practically perfect as it is. There is no way we could edit it to make it less controversial. Editing can improve your presentation but it won’t change what is being said. That’s her concern.”

I walked back to the classroom and apologized to Ms. Richards for walking out. “But I’m serious about the column,” I told her. “If I’m to be the advice columnist then I insist that this be my first column. Is there something I can promise you to make you feel better about publishing it? A disclaimer maybe, … or some kind of apology afterwards if the controversy gets out of hand? Maybe you or another faculty member could write an introduction.”

“Thank you for your apology,” she said. “But I’m not in the mood for ultimatums from students.”

“I don’t mean it as an ‘ultimatum’,” I responded. “I just need to know I can write about certain things or I’m not interested in putting in the effort. For me this is part of my education, not some fun thing to do. And it won’t accomplish what I want from it if I’m only talking about what kind of dress to wear to a dance or whether or not to hold hands.”

Ms. Richards looked thoughtful. “Okay, Ms. O’Connell, I’ll allow it to be published, as-is, if you can either get another faculty member to write a introduction explaining why this is in the school paper or provide me with a written retraction and apology, which I find acceptable, to use in the event there is an uproar.”

I knew someone who could and would write a great introduction. “Ms. Richards, could I have my personal doctor write the introduction? I know he’d do it,. He will check that what I’ve written is accurate too.”

Ms. Richards brightened, “That would be acceptable. I have one other request.”


“If you can get him to do this could you have your doctor review any sexual answers you provide and write any introduction he, or is it she? feels appropriate for those.”

“It’s ‘he’, Ms Richards and I’m sure he would consent. Thank you, Thank you.”

“Before you leave, Ms. O’Connell, go with Ms. White. She will make sure you know the procedures.”

First Column

Danielle showed me where the copy was to be placed and told me that my deadline was Monday evening.

“Doesn’t the paper come out on Friday?” I asked. “Why so early?”

“We have an earlier deadline for features that don’t need to be up to date with current events. Some of the people who help put together the layout would like to see columns like yours over a week early. You might consider being a week ahead. That way if Ms. Richards doesn’t like something you will have time to resolve it before the Wednesday deadline. If it isn’t resolved, your column won’t appear.”

She also showed me how to mark my copy to indicate portions of the column which could be dropped if it was too long. “Sometimes layout and space considerations dictate that we shorten articles,” she explained. “You can always put dropped responses into a later column.”

When I first decided to be an Ob/Gyn I told my doctor, Dr. Jacobs, and he volunteered to help in any way he could. I had an open invitation to make a free “educational appointment” anytime I wanted to talk to him about my educational needs. He had already been a big help with class choices and planning beyond community college. I went to him, showed him my column and asked for his help. He reviewed what I had said and made no changes. He then wrote a short introduction:

I want to introduce you to an extraordinary young woman, Susan O’Connell. I have known her since she was born and she is studying to become and Ob/Gyn. She wants to be able to help young women her own age and I believe she is perfectly capable of doing that. I understand she has been chosen to write this advice column for your school newspaper and I enthusiastically endorse the choice. She has allowed me to look at this inaugural column and she has provided excellent answers. You can count on her to continue to do so.

— Dr. H. L. Jacobs, M.D.

I replaced my introduction with his and took it to Ms. Richards. She looked at it and paused.

“Well?” I asked. “Is it okay?”

“I don’t know,” she responded. “I guess the introduction is good. I’m worried about the response.”

“Let me handle the response,” I told her with a sudden burst of confidence. Erenköy Escort “I’ll write a reply to complaints or even meet with people face to face if there’s a big problem.”

Ms. Richards looked at it again. “I guess we could use some honest answers to students’ questions. How can I be sure your doctor wrote this? … and thinks it’s okay for publication.”

“You can call him,” I responded and told her his number. “Look the number up in the phone book if you want to be absolutely certain.”

“I guess that’s not necessary,” she answered.

I had an insight, “No, Ms. Richards, I insist you call him. I am sure he will help you feel better about deciding to publish. Could you do it now, please?”

She called and asked about me and my column. After a bunch of “I see’s” and “yes’s” and “I agree’s” she asked. “Are you sure this would be okay to publish in the school paper.” After a somewhat loud but muffled response from Dr. Jacobs she said, “Yes it’s a junior college newspaper. Most students are in their 20’s.”

I could hear Dr Jacobs laugh loudly at the other end of the line and then after a bit of listening Ms. Richards said, “I understand, thank you.” and hung up the phone.

“Well?” I asked.

“Your doctor thinks very highly of you,” she said. And then after a long pause added, “and he has some very strong opinions about the suitability of publishing or, more accurately, not publishing your column.”

“Oh?” I responded, puzzled.

“He said I would be a fool to keep it out of the paper due to prudish concerns.” She thought a bit and then, almost to herself, added, “Yes, ‘prudish concerns’, his exact words.”

“So?” I asked again.

“I will approve the column,” she said with a bit of reluctance. “But I will expect you to honor your commitment to meet with any who complain. And tell your doctor that I expect him to honor the same commitment that he just expressed to me.”

“He did?” I replied.

“Yes he did, in almost the same words as you used.”

“You know what they say about ‘great minds’,” I responded, unable to repress a huge smile.


My first column appeared in the Friday issue of the paper.

I was so excited that when Corey came to pick me up I ran out to his car as he pulled into the parking lot.

“Look!” I exclaimed, thrusting the paper at him through the car window. “My column. Just like I wrote it. Look! Look!”

“Can I park first?” he asked.

“Sure, just look,” I continued to exclaim.

He tfound a parking space while I ran after him, not thinking to just wait for him to find a spot.

“That’s great!” he told me when I finally got into the car with him.

Before he could say anything else I said, “Let’s celebrate! Can we go to the guest house? …Right away?” My crotch was already wet with excitement.

“I guess so, but what about homework?” We usually do homework together Friday evenings in order to have the weekend free.

“We can do that tomorrow. I really want you, … now!”

He smiled broadly, “I always want you.”

He drove to the guest house as I read the column to him and described, in detail, my conversations with Dr. Jacobs and Ms. Richards. I hadn’t finished telling him everything when we got to the guest house but I had something else on my mind.

By the time he had the door unlocked I was out of my blouse and bra and had kicked my shoes off into the front bushes. Corey started to retrieve them but I told him, “Those can wait,” and pulled him inside while working at his belt buckle.

I threw the belt to the side and wiggled out of my jeans. He was watching me with interest. “What are you waiting for!” I exclaimed, grabbing his shirt and pulling it over his head while also leading him toward the bedroom.

In the bedroom I pulled down the bedspread, jumped on top of the blankets, stripped off my panties and watched as he removed his jeans and briefs exposing the huge, uncircumcised cock I call “the beast”.

I was already fully aroused, my labia had pulled apart for his entry, my vaginal ‘cave’ was completely lubricated for the beast’s smooth investigative pleasure and my clit was hard as a rock. “My prince, my cave eagerly awaits the intimate attention of your beast. Please order him within,” I said in my gentlest voice.

“Your wish is my command, princess,” Corey replied as he mounted me, positioning his hips so that the beast slipped down with its tip caressing the folds at my vaginal entrance.

” This is the best possible way to celebrate my new column ,” I thought as I savored the feeling of ‘the beast’ smoothly slipping in and filling my vagina to its maximum extent. As Corey stroked with his hips the huge cock slid smoothly along my vaginal walls. As it pushed in the stretching skin of my vagina pulled my clitoris inward only to be which released as it moved out. Corey’s chest moved against my nipples. With each inward thrust he kissed me. The kisses moved from ear to ear, along my neck, each accentuated by a slight Göztepe Escort lick of his tongue. I felt the stubble on his face scratching mine and moved my cheek to enhance the feeling. He kissed my eyes and forhead and nose, finally settling his mouth gently on my lips.

I hugged him closer to me, feeling the wonder of intercourse and wishing it to never end. Tingling feelings rose throughout my body with strong sensations of ecstasy in my vagina and clitoris. I opened my mouth to admit his tongue and sucked it in as far as it would go.

I began thrusting my hips up with his strokes to maintain the contact between my sexual parts and his. He began to moan. I continued to enjoy the ongoing feelings. ” Don’t end , don’t end ,” I thought. But then he came, thrusting hard into me with a groan of pleasure. The warm semen rushed into me as it had dozens of times before. I thrust my hips to prolong my feelings as long as possible and the semen streamed into me and then dripped out.

I closed my eyes and hugged him all the more as he hugged back. His polonged kiss relaxed me and we fell asleep.

My Naked Ass

The phone rang. Corey pulled the limp, but still large, beast out of its residence in my body and answered, “It’s your mother”

“Oh, no!” I said, “I forgot to call and tell my parents where I am.” I jumped out of bed.

“Hi, Mommy,” I answered.

“I hoped I would find you there. We were worried. Do you know what time it is?” she said to me, a touch of anger in her voice.

I looked at the clock, it was after 9. “I didn’t realize,” I said. “I’m sorry but I forgot to call you.”

“Not only did you forget to call but you missed dinner. Did you and Corey have dinner?”

“No, mommy, we fell asleep.”

“After a session of sex no doubt!” her anger was increasing.

“Yes, Mommy, but it was my idea, not Corey’s I was really happy and horny over my newspaper column and we had great sex and I fell asleep.”

“I don’t blame Corey,” she said. “I know what you do to him with your face and eyes and body and I know boys have real difficulty turning down sex with beautiful young women they love but you two need to think before you act on your emotions. You need to think about your effect on him and not tempt him do do things that might jeopardize your school work.”

“Mommy, I’m almost caught up on homework and I have the rest of the weekend.”

“I don’t care! You’re going to want to do other things on the weekend. As punishment you are grounded for the weekend and all next week. No Saturday or Sunday out with Corey, and you are to come right home from school.”

“But, Mommy, …” I planned to tell her I was 18 and not subject to her punishments but decided to just take it. Arguing about it would only make her madder.

“No ‘but’s’ … this is it this time. Keep doing this and your time without Corey will be longer. Could I please speak with him.”

I gave the phone to Corey, “My mom wants to talk to you.”

His side of the conversation was just a series of “yes, Mrs. O’Connell” with an occasional “I understand Mrs. O’Connell” and ended with “I’m sorry Mrs. O’Connell.”

He hung up saying, “I need to get you home right away.” Your mom said to bring you home naked, “don’t give her time to dress,” were her words.

“She can’t mean that,” I said grabbing my clothes.

“I think she does, but I’m not going to drive naked so you can get dressed while I do. But then, maybe she does want you to come in the door naked. She was pretty upset.”

He was dressed before I even had my bra hooked. “Come on,” he said.

“Corey, you can’t mean I am to come like this?”

“I think she was serious about bringing you home naked,” he said. “I suppose it will be okay for you to dress in the car if you can manage with the seat belt on.”

“What about cleaning up the guest house?” I asked. Corey’s father demanded we leave it neat and wash any dirtied bed clothes.

“I’ll take care of it,” he said. “And I guess I better call my mom too.”

I carried my clothes to the car wearing only my panties and unfastened bra. I managed to fasten the bra and get my blouse on in the car. It was too difficult to get into my jeans.

“She told me that she understood how I would fall for you ‘batting your eyes and wiggling your naked ass,’ ” Corey told me.

“In those words?” I said.

“Exactly, ‘batting your eyes and wiggling your naked ass.’ Pretty accurate don’t you think?”

“Well, it leaves out the part where I rub your cock.” I laughed.

“I don’t think she would find that funny,” Corey said. “She told me she would appreciate it if I could let my brain rule my prick and occasionally keep my cock in my pants no matter how much you wiggle your ass and no matter how naked it is.”

“In those words?” I was astonished, mommy never talked like that.

“I think in exactly those words,” Corey said, “Brain should rule my ‘ prick ‘, Keep ‘cock in my pants ‘, and No matter how much you ‘ wiggle your naked ass ‘.”

“She is upset,” I said.

We got to my home and I got out holding my jeans over my panties and went in, barefoot because my shoes were still in the guest house bushes. Corey didn’t come to the door. He said, “See you tomorrow.” I wasn’t sure about that.

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