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This story is about a dream I had. I’ve been chatting with a beautiful woman online and she made her way into my dreams. Hopefully, I’ll make my way into her soon!

So, I was at a local fair this weekend and had a long day filled with a little too much beer. I was completely spent by the time I hit bed around 1:00am and somewhere in the middle of the night, I had a dream about you.

So, in the dream… I’m at the fair with some friends. I walk right past you and we look at each other like we’re trying to figure out if we really recognize each other from the pictures we e-mailed. I look back over my shoulder after you walk by and you look back and wink.

So the rest of the time I’m looking for you, hoping to see you again. I tell my friends that I’m going to get another beer so I have an excuse to look for you. I’m walking around when I suddenly get yanked by the arm and pulled behind a big tent.

You turn me around and look up into my eyes without blinking. Then you grab me by the back of my neck and pull me down to kiss you. It’s an amazing kiss and we’re having trouble breathing within seconds!

Our hands are all over each other and I’m loving the soft curves of your body. Whatever fears you had about the shape you’re in were completely unfounded!

I start to slide my hand under your shirt and feel the soft skin of your stomach. You push me away by my chest and say, “Not here.”

I’m so turned on, I don’t want to stop. You lean in and whisper in my ear, “I have a hotel in town tonight. Let’s go.” And you turn and walk out from behind the tent.

So, through the awesomeness of dreams, the next thing I know… I’m walking down the hall of a hotel room and knock on your door. The door opens in front of me but you’re behind the door where I can’t see you.

As soon as I step inside, you slam the door shut behind me and there you are… standing completely naked with a wicked smile on your face!

My heart is pounding and I’m ready for you right then and there. You reach behind your back and click the deadbolt locked.

You walk up to me and kiss me hard… just like behind the tent. But this time, it’s your hands that are under my shirt.

You’re pulling me close to you and I know you can feel how turned on I am. We’re both breathing in gasps and clawing at each other when you start bunching my shirt up, lifting it off of me. I don’t want to stop kissing you and reluctantly release your tongue long enough to get my shirt over my head.

We’re immediately back to our passionate Bostancı Escort kiss but you don’t stay with my lips for long. You start kissing and licking your way down my neck and chest until you’re kneeling in front of me.

You’re kissing my stomach while you frantically undo the buckle of my belt and open my pants. I have your hair in my hands, not wanting to miss a minute of this amazing sight… There you are, naked… on your knees in front of me… reaching into my pants!

You reach down in my pants and wrap your hand around me. You slowly pull me out and tug my pants down a few inches. You lick your lips and I hear, “Mmmmm!”

You look up at me as you extend your tongue to lick my tip. I expect you to tease me considering the grin on your face but instead, you take a mouthful of my dick and suck hard! I throw my head back and almost lose my footing when I feel the sudden warmth of your mouth.

I look back down and your head is bobbing up and down on my cock… your hand twisting up and down my shaft just ahead of your lips as you take as much as you can on each stroke.

Your other hand is fondling my balls but I notice you take it away to massage your own tits and play with your nipples… rubbing your palm over them until they’re standing out straight and hard.

I realize I still have my hands in your hair and I’m guiding your head up and down my dick. You’re moaning and slurping and I’m wet with your saliva. Your mouth feels amazing and I want nothing more than for you to swallow my cum.

But you pull your mouth off of me with a loud ‘pop’ and stand up… your hand still wrapped around my dick. You kiss me again and pull me against you. Our bare chests rub together and I feel your nipples begging for attention.

You whisper in my ear again… “Is this where you want to be?” And then you guide me between your legs and I can feel how wet you are.

“Oh, God, YES! That’s EXACTLY where I want to be!”

Then you lean back and smile that mischievous smile and say, “Then you have to earn it!”

You push my chest hard and I stumble backwards. My pants are still hanging around my legs and I fall back onto the bed. You walk over and pull my pants off. Then you crawl up me, straddling my body like you’re stalking prey.

You linger over my cock and let your wet pussy slit slide up my shaft. My dick jumps at the feel of your lips and I cock my hips to enter you. But you pull away and keep crawling up until you’re straddling my chest.

I’m lying on my back, looking up Erenköy Escort at your amazing chest and you still have that trouble-making smile on your face.

You laugh a little under your breath and say, “Earn it.” Then you straddle my face and your sweet pussy fills my view.

You’re hovering just inches above my face and I can smell your sex. You have a leg over each of my shoulders and I reach up behind you to cup your ass in my hands. You’re holding your tits and staring down at me, rubbing and twisting your nipples as your hips start to sway… dancing your pussy in my face.

I steady you with my hands on your ass and lift my head to get closer. I run the tip of my tongue the entire length of your pussy lips, from bottom to top… slowly. You bite your lip and try not to whimper.

You didn’t tease me, so I don’t tease you. I flatten my tongue and lick your lips up and down, adding to your already-increasing wetness. I stop when I feel your clit, swollen and ready, peeking out at me. My tongue swirls around it and licks it gently… playful little licks and flicks of the tongue.

I can feel your ass clenching and hear your breath catching in your throat. Your hips are dropping so I don’t have to raise my head anymore.

I play with your delicious little clit but I want more. My tongue slips inside you and I taste your sweet juices… feel them running down my chin.

You’re riding my face now… massaging your tits hard and moaning loudly. My hands are off of your ass… one reaching up to help you tease your nipple… the other reaching around to rub my thumb over your sensitive clit.

You’re grinding down on my mouth and I’m fucking you with my tongue when I feel you tense and you hold your breath. You spasm on top of me as you orgasm! I can feel and taste you cumming!

I keep licking you and swirling your clit… letting you ride through the climax. Then you slowly relax and I switch to gentle kisses and lightly nibbling your lips while you catch your breath.

You sit back and I wipe my mouth… loving that I made you cum. Now I’m sharing your wicked smile and ask, “Have I earned it yet?”

You laugh a little and say two words… “More. Now.” With that, you start back your way down my body and drop your head down to kiss me.

Your hair frames your face nicely as you bend down and kiss me hard. You have one hand holding yourself up and the other reaches down to feel that I’m still hard for you. You’re not disappointed and position your hips above mine… craving Göztepe Escort the feeling of me inside you.

You don’t break our kiss as you start guiding my tip up and down along your slit. My head is swollen and sensitive and you’re driving me crazy!

Then you drop your weight just enough to let the head of my dick slip inside you. It’s tight at first but then your pussy takes it in and you hold it there… loving the feeling.

Our kisses are hungry and intense and we’re both tired of waiting so you let go of my dick, brace yourself with both hands and drop down suddenly… taking my entire length in one stroke.

You break our kiss with a loud, “Ooooh!” and flatten your body on top of mine. I can feel you clench down on my cock. You’re already breathing heavily in my ear.

Then you start rocking back and forth slowly. You aren’t even riding up and down on the shaft yet… just grinding your clit against me and feeling my cock deep inside you.

My hands are all over your body… squeezing your ass… grabbing your tits… pulling you hard against me.

I’m kissing and licking your neck… nibbling your collar bone while you grind on my dick.

Then you lean back. You put your hands behind you on my ankles and keep grinding. I can feel your ass squeezing my balls and my dick swells inside you.

I sit up and take your tits in my mouth… licking your nipples… nibbling them… then sucking hard.

I lay back down and get a good grip on your hips… guiding you back and forth on my cock.

We work into a good rhythm and you start sliding up and down my shaft. You pull up until just my head is inside you and then slide all the way back down to grind against me… loving my swollen head rubbing your g-spot.

Our moaning is getting louder and louder… we’re panting and sweating.

I notice your legs starting to shake and you’re picking up the pace. I pull you back down to kiss me and we start fucking harder… and fucking faster… until you’re slamming into me… taking my entire dick deep… bouncing your tits in my face.

You look square into my eyes and your mouth is held in a soundless “Oh”. I know you’re close and I’m ready.

I grab your hip hard with one hand and continue slamming you into me… the other hand comes up behind you to tug on your hair… not enough to hurt, but enough to pull your head back while I suck on your nipples.

You look down at me again… “I’m going to cum!” “I’m cumming!!!” And you clamp down on my dick HARD!

I raise my knees behind you and pound you hard and deep… extending your orgasm and making you whimper between breaths.

I can feel the pressure in my balls and my cock swells… I know I’m going to cum deep inside you…

And then I wake up.


Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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