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I was walking out of a client’s office as my phone began to ring. I felt it more than heard it as it was on vibrate and deep inside my purse. I pulled it out and when I saw who I was, I made sure I was at least into the outer foyer of the building before I answered.

“What’s up?” I asked as I flipped open the phone.

“What’s up with you, I was just calling to see if you were wet already this morning” he said.

Laughing, I said, “No, I’m actually working today, already been out to see a customer this morning, I haven’t had time for that yet this morning, why, got any good ideas?”

His voice dropped to a near growl, “As a matter of fact I do, I want to throw your hair over your shoulder and bite your neck while I rub my dick up the crack of your ass. You wet now?”

I could barely catch my breath, and my steps faltered, I was glad I’d made it to my truck and could sit down. I couldn’t even answer, my skin was flushed, and my heart was beating faster. I sighed, it was all I could manage at the time. Which just made him laugh at me, until he tried to talk, and found he was tongue tied as well.

He went on to threaten to do things to me that no one had ever done to me, and my pulse couldn’t keep up with itself. I was breathing faster, and heavier, sitting in the middle of a big corporate parking lot outside the office building I’d just left. I tried to regain my composure, but he wouldn’t let me. He kept describing to me the things he wanted to do to me. He promised to leave me begging for more.

I wanted more. A lot more. More than words, more than promises of ecstasy, especially if they were just random thoughts, nothing he intended to do. My body was already responding as if he had already bit my neck, and had indeed lifted my skirt and rubbed his dick along the crack of my ass. I found it pretty amazing that I was reacting so quickly, and my body was remembering exactly Bostancı Escort what it felt like to be with him, even though it had been closer to 9 or 10 months now since I’d been with him. I let my body go, let my mind fantasize about being with him again.

I knew it was wrong, that we were both married, but I just can’t find it in me to care right now. I know too well how his hands feel on me, how it feels to be touched by him, how it feels to be fucked by him. I imagined him, sitting in his office, alone, hoping he was as aroused as I was, as hot and bothered over a few words.

In my little day time fantasy, I imagine walking into his office, and locking the door, even though it is a glass door, anyone walking by would be able to see anything going on, they just wouldn’t be able to come inside. I sit on his desk in front of him, interrupting his work. He looks at me questioningly, amused, and I grab his shirt and start slowly unbuttoning it ’till I could push it open. I pushed his chair back, and dropped to my knees to open his jeans. My fingers are shaking, so anxious to touch him, to feel him again in my hands. With a little help, I have his dick in my hands, and I cautiously touch my tongue to the tip, and then am lost to the feel, the sensations of being with him again.

I stand up, and situate myself on his lap, facing him, still fully clothed, except I’m missing my thong under my skirt. I instantly feel his dick against my very wet outer lips, and I sigh. I begin rocking back and forth, just reveling in this touch, just barely opening my pussy lips to let him tease my clit as I rock. The way he looks at me, the intensity in his eyes has my heart beating even faster. That look says, for just this moment, you are mine. There is lust so strong I feel like he’s pulling me closer to him in his eyes. I can’t seem to help but lean into him as I gently rock back and forth on Erenköy Escort his lap. Before long, between the look in his eyes and the friction against my clit, I am thrown over the edge. I buck my hips against him, and throw my head back. I would’ve fallen off the chair if he hadn’t reached up to hold onto me.

I lean back against the desk, as he lifts my hips enough to enter me. The angle I’m leaning gives him ample room to watch as I begin to rock again, pulling him slowly out of me, then back down so that he is completely inside of me. He lets go of me with one hand, and slowly rubs gentle circles around my clit. He’s not even touching it, just teasing me. I’m chasing him with my hips, trying to make contact, wanting that touch, wanting that satisfaction. Finally, he gently made the circles smaller so that he was rubbing just the tip of one of his fingers around and around my clit. I am so close I can feel the orgasm building inside me, but I need a little more. I make a soft mewling sound, wanting something but not knowing what. I’m so close I can feel it, but it isn’t there yet. Sensing I need more, he squeezes my clit and begins rolling it between his finger and thumb. That was all it took, my body is riding wave after wave of satisfaction.

The slow pace seemed to get to him, so he pulls me off his lap, and turns me around so that I was facing away from him, and sat me back down on his lap and as I am moving down onto his dick again, he suddenly thrusts upward, meeting me halfway. I push back as hard as I can, pushing him deeper into me, feeling his solid body beneath me, around me, holding onto me. He stands up, forcing me up to my tip toes, and he pushes my head down to the desk surface, pushing papers and projects out of the way. He makes a few slow, easy strokes into me, I sighed. My body was lost, the rest of the world did not exist for me, only the slow and easy rhythm Göztepe Escort of him pushing into me and pushing me down against the desk.

He begins picking up speed and force, pushing me farther and harder onto the desk. My feet are occasionally lifted off the ground as he pushes into me and lifts my hips up to meet his. I again felt the orgasm building inside me, but need just a little more before I could let go. He leans over me, pulling my hips back into him, and wraps one arm around me so that he can cup my chin in his hand. He cocks my head to the side, and leans down to whisper in my ear, “You are one hot little fuck.” And again that is all I need to let go, I cum so fast, so hard I plant my feet and push back against him with all the strength I have left in me, and revel in the feeling of him inside of me as he cums deep inside me. His dick is pulsing, stretching me even more as I contract my muscles around him, milking every drop out of him.

I open my eyes and see that I’m again back in the parking lot outside the customer’s office I’d just left, my skirt is pulled up around my hips, my thong pulled to one side and my fingers are sore from the desperate ministrations I have given myself as I imagine it was him with me. I look around quickly, to see if I have an audience, and see no one in the area. I sigh with relief and lean my head back on the headrest.

Again, I think of him sitting at his desk, hard at work, totally unaware of the fantasy I’ve just had. I still know it is wrong, that it would hurt our spouses tremendously if they ever found out, but my body doesn’t know any better. My body cries out, wanting to be with him again. My mind knows that I will not say no if he brings up the possibility. I push my guilty thoughts far into the back of my mind, and allow my mind to wish he would do the same. I love my husband, truly I do, and I would never forgive myself if he were hurt from all of this, but it only pushes me to make sure no one finds out. I force myself back to reality, and I pull my truck out of the parking lot and head back to the office. Enough day dreams for one day, well, for one very public place anyway.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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