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He stopped me yesterday morning for apparently speeding. I was in my bus and never go over the exact speed limit…it’s very frustrating but I manage and for him to pull me over. Impossible, I thought but when he came to my window he just stood there. I felt very uncomfortable for a minute not sure if I was just expected to hand over my paper work or if he was going to talk at all.

Then he leaned over and rested his arms on my window. He smelled so good and looked even better. And then he spoke…damn he had a nice voice and shivers ran through me. Trying to focus I gave him my paperwork and watched in my mirror as he walked back to his cruiser. Nice ass. I watched him inside the car obviously checking something on the computer. My mind was racing as I struggled between attraction and anticipation or a combination of both. Was I going to get my first ticket ever and have to face the inevitable laughing my family will give me for finally getting one or was this gorgeous man going to sweep me off my feet and take me into the bushes. The thought made me giggle out loud and as he leaned into my window again.

“Something funny?” was all he said in that delicious voice.

I blushed, apologized and stared at the floor. After a long uncomfortable silence he reached in to my car and tipped my chin to look at him. He smiled, but it made me nervous and uneasy. He told me to pay attention to my speed but that he was letting me off with a warning. And I got the warning. ‘Sam, stay away from this one. He is not what you want.’ I apologized again and smiled back. He handed me my papers and walked back to his cruiser again. Again; fine fine ass. As I tried to put my papers back in Kurtköy Escort my wallet I noticed a little piece of paper drop from them. It had his number on it. Oh my god, was he serious. My temperature spiked and I could feel the moisture creeping out of my core.

It only took me a sec to decide I was being ridiculous. I am too old and too married for a man that fine to be interested in me. He must have been just trying to flatter me or wants me to be his card at a dog fight. I couldn’t however throw the number out. Always searching I guess. I put it in my wallet along with the other stuff and put him out of my mind.

For the next few days I saw him everywhere. It was like he was haunting me. It was slightly worrisome but at the same time intrigued and excited. And of course it could all be in my head. That was what I was telling my mind, and body, every time I saw him. But everyday the internal fire that was keeping me in an uncomfortable smolder was getting harder and harder to extinguish. I don’t think my marriage will survive my peak. I think midlife would be easier.

One day he follows me, watching me driving my bus, in my jeans and sweatshirt, dropping the kids off one by one, conscientiously standing by the ramp and helping each child on and off the ramp. Then back at the yard, I park the bus. He watches me there as I walked up and down the aisle checking for forgotten items while I sweep.

Meanwhile he slipped onto the bus unobserved by me through the emergency door. He takes a seat towards the back behind me. I bend over to pick up something, and he devours the sight of my amazing ass as it spreads out to bend over. He advances in the Pendik Escort aisle and grips me gently but firmly by my hips, and pulls me against his hot, hard, eager cock. He is wearing jeans, too, and his manhood strains against the fabric as it grinds against my warm, soft ass in its denim covering. I straighten up and lean back against his chest, still unaware of his identity. But I know it’s him. I pray it’s him.

He wraps his strong arms around my waist and kisses me softly on my neck, behind my ear, right where those long wispy tendrils of my beautiful long hair hang. My skin is so soft and tender. The fresh, clean scent of my hair fills the air between us. His hands wander slowly up to my two perfect handfuls of breasts, and he gently squeezes them through the sweatshirt. So soft and so warm. I grasp his hands and put them underneath my shirt. He pulls down the cups of my bra, releasing my breasts into his worshiping hands. He softly rolls my nipples between his fingers, and feels my breathing become heavier and faster. My breasts fit his big warm hands perfectly. He wants them in his mouth so badly. He turns me around facing him, and lovingly kisses both of my perfect boobs. He licks them and softly sucks the nipples. He can hear me moan very quietly my growing passion. His arms encircle me, his hands caressing the bare skin on the small of my back, straying down also and squeezing my ass. He wants me so bad, he needs me right now.

We stagger to one of the bench seats in the bus. Both of us clumsily tear at each other’s jeans in our rush to come together. He sits down, his steely-hard cock pointing straight up, throbbing in rhythm with his heart. Maltepe Escort I begin to lower myself onto his dick, facing away, but he turns me around. He needs to see my eyes, my nose, my mouth, while he takes me. My lovely little pussy is visibly aroused, ‘her’ dark pink lips open slightly, glistening with my delicious juices. He scoots forward to accommodate my long, gorgeous legs and lower me onto his shaft. Slowly, slowly, I engulf his cock; it melts my insides and I feel the dull, hot ache of passion throughout my body. Our eyes meet and lock onto one another. He says softly, “Samantha,” and our mouths meet and our tongues entwine themselves in a long kiss. He kisses my forehead, my eyes, my nose, my cheek, my ears and my mouth again.

He begins slowly thrusting his cock upwards into me. I gasp at first and then match his rhythm. My muscles grip his penis tightly, he won’t last long; his desire for me is too great. Our pace increases, our hearts race, as we give ourselves up totally to passion. My breasts bounce and jiggle as I ride his cock; he reaches and holds one of my breasts, squeezing it. I moan louder and I squeeze my other breast. Our bodies are two perfectly attuned instruments, a synchronous erotic duet, racing to the finale.

He grasps my womanly hips, holding tight, using his strength to lift me up and force me down on his cock over and over. He is close to orgasm. I am close as well. He puts his arms around me and pulls me close to him. He presses me against his body even as we fuck faster and harder. He wants me more than close, he wants us to become each other. Nothing else in the whole world exists now – there is only him and me and our passion.

My orgasm detonates and I am gasping, sobbing, fighting to breathe. He explodes into me with a feral roar, his cock totally buried in me, spurt after spurt of his thick juice flooding me, filling my need and his need. After a while he can only say, “Samantha.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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