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These characters were first introduced in the five chapters of “Not Exactly What He Had In Mind!”


Keeley is a dancer who has just left her abusive boyfriend. She was brutally attacked in her own apartment by her ex-boyfriend and a female coworker from her strip club.

Keeley is now living in the tiny apartment of her favorite male customer. After months of serious talks, massages and dances, he eagerly agrees to help her out. They’ve been teasing each other relentlessly at the strip club and now they live together in very tight quarters. The sexual tension between them has finally exploded.

While Keeley struggles to heal both her bruised body and soul, she inadvertantly makes the process even more bumpy for them.

Please note that this story started in the BDSM section, for obvious reasons. Their story does not seem to fit cleanly in any one category. I will move each part into the category that seems to suit it best from now on.

Please check my list of stories if you are having a hard time finding the next chapter.

If BDSM overtones totally offends you, please do not read those initial chapters. The BDSM is always within the context of the story and what happened back then will affect them both for a long time to come.

This story is about what happens when two highly sexual people, with troubled pasts, meet and fall in love. If you do like these characters, and want to know how they got to this point, I strongly suggest that you DO read the earlier work.


Something kept waking me up, although Keeley looked to be sleeping soundly right beside me.

The bed sheet was down around her hips leaving her small perfect breasts exposed. I watched them move up and down as she breathed. Just the sight of her areolas and nipples caused my cock to stir yet again. Her long red curls had escaped from her loosely tied pony tail. Although her face was mostly covered by the wealth of her hair, I could still see that her lips curved upwards in a slight dreamy smile. She looked relaxed, contented and oh so very beautiful.

The pain from her attack on Saturday night was finally beginning to fade . . . but it would be a long while before certain private parts of her body recovered . . . and even longer for the bruises on her wrists and ankles to finally go away.

The candles had burned themselves out long ago. The small bedroom was now only dimly lit by the night light in the bathroom. Fuzzy headed from days of lacking the right amount of sleep, I slowly tried to pinpoint the cause of my problem. I looked over at the clock yet again and sighed deeply.

It was almost 4pm. In three more hours I would be clocking in for my third night shift of the week. I usually woke up at 6pm and was at my desk booting up my computers by 7pm. Then it was a long 12 hour shift of fixing other designers’ mistakes.

All I usually wanted to do after a shift was stumble up the three flights of stairs to my tiny little apartment and collapse. That was my normal routine at least four days a week. Sometimes I had to work five or even six shifts a week. Making lazy graphic artists look like geniuses paid well, but the lack of recognition or even a simple ‘thank you’ was discouraging.

If I wasn’t a night person to begin with . . . and enjoyed the work itself so much . . . I would have quit a long, long time ago.

I stifled a loud yawn. Even when I pulled 18 days straight on that big project last year, I wasn’t this exhausted. So why couldn’t I sleep? I looked around the room to see if there was something I was overlooking. The bedroom windows were blacked out. A definite must for day sleepers. Everything seemed quiet. No noisy neighbors to put up with because everyone that lived in my building was still at work. This was the top floor so no one was walking around on my “ceiling.”

Something still wasn’t right and I just knew it would be obvious if I wasn’t so tired. Keeley had worn us both out pretty well last night, too. A slight bump shook the bedroom door. After a moment it happened again, but this time it was accompanied by a slight meow.


I carefully slid out of bed trying to keep from waking up Keeley. I padded naked over to the bedroom door and opened it up just wide enough for my cat to slip through. The light streaming in from the rest of the apartment lit up the bedroom. I could now see the massage oil and small towels still sitting on Keeley’s nightstand.

She looked even more wonderful to me and her pale skin seemed to almost glow. I just stood there staring at her, until she turned over and away from light. Peeking out the bedroom door, I saw that we had left the heavy night shades open on the other windows. Only the venetian blinds were closed.

Keeley must have woken up sometime this morning and shut the bedroom door to keep out the light. But she forgot that she was locking out the ‘real’ owner of the apartment. I reached down to pet my irate cat and got my hand swatted for my trouble. Putting Pendik escort my scratched fingers in my mouth, I quickly went to pull down the inner shades on each window. They had been a real pain to install correctly but they worked wonderfully, if I do say so myself.

After the last one was down I went into the kitchen to check Ruthy’s water and food bowls. Even though they weren’t empty, I refilled them anyway. That got me a purr and a head butt from my little guard cat. “Just meow next time . . . and don’t knock your self silly trying to break the door down with your head. It wasn’t my fault this time either! Really! Scratch the person responsible for it next time!”

Ruthy did her little cat dance running between my legs as an apology.

I managed not to trip over her as I went back to the bedroom and quietly made it into the bathroom. Taking a chance with angering Ruthy again, I closed the bathroom door for a moment. Hopefully Keeley wouldn’t hear me running the sink or flushing the toilet. I slowly reopened the door and Keeley still looked sound asleep in the dim light.

I carefully slid back into bed and looked at the clock again. I still hoped I could get at least an hours more sleep before I had to start my ‘day’. I was so tempted to reach over and pull Keeley to me. I wanted very much to feel her naked body against mine again. As I raised my arm up towards her, a slight thump interrupted me.

Ruthy had jumped up on the dresser to claim her normal sleeping perch. I paused and watched her turn around in a few circles before she laid down. Her eyes glowed reproachfully at me and I lowered my arm back down. As soon as I did, my cat’s eyes closed, although one of them seemed to slit back open to keep spying on me.

Just what I needed, a feline chaperone!

Giving up, I closed my own eyes and tried not to think about the naked redhead in bed beside me. Despite thoughts of lust and worries about our situation, I eventually managed to drift off to sleep.


I was having the most wonderful dream. I imagined that after so many long months, I finally had Keeley naked in my own bed. Her lithe dancers body pressing against my legs as she kissed her way down to my groin. In my dream, I shivered as she opened wide and engulfed my soft cock. Her warm mouth and velvet tongue were working together to make me hard. Her sharp teeth nibbling at times to keep me guessing about what was coming next.

I felt her hands grip my shaft as she lowered her mouth further down. She licked each of my balls and even tried to suck them deeply into her mouth. Her tongue went even lower and licked for a few moments there at my opening. When she began her journey upwards again she left as much saliva on my shaft as she could. In my dream I felt her body shifting to get a better angle.

Slowly she lowered her head down. Her lips tightened around my shaft as she took almost half of my semi-hard cock inside her mouth. After a brief pause, she continued until I felt her nuzzle the base of my cock. The head was deep in her throat and I could feel the warm breath coming from her nose on my stomach. Slowly she began to move up and down. I felt the head move all the way out to her teeth and then follow down the back of her tongue. Her throat tightened around my shaft and I moaned in pleasure.

I was dreaming she was in the middle of her third or fourth deepthroating motion . . . and then I woke up and almost ruined everything.


My cock had responded to the dream and was “mostly” hard. Meaning it was stiff enough to enter her mouth or pussy but not yet its full rampant size. I still don’t think of myself as large, especially if you consider the size of most dicks in porno these days. But I was proud of what I had and thought I used it very well. I was even more proud of the control I usually had over it.

This was not one of my better moments.

As soon as I was awake enough to realize that it was no dream . . . and that Keeley really was the girl deep throating me . . . my cock exploded suddenly into its full size.

Before Keeley could even react, my cock leapt and jerked in response. The sudden increase in girth caused her to start to choke. Her gagging caused me to flex the full length of my stiffening cock. It’s normal upward curve hardened fully. The cock head itself flared wide in response. The involuntary reactions in her throat as she tried to expel me caused me to thrash around in all directions.

Several quick shudders flew thru my body and my hips rocketed forward impaling myself deeper than ever inside Keeley. With a mumbled cry of pain, she finally managed to push herself away and my cock slithered out of her throat in a spray of saliva.

Coughing and wheezing, Keeley tried to regain control of her breathing.

My whole body was trembling in lust as I fought my way to full consciousness. Horrified, I pulled my entire body out from underneath Keeley. I crouched near the headboard as she continued Kurtköy Escort her struggle and just held myself frozen in place waiting for her to recover. It took a long time.

“Why the HELL did you do that?” Keeley eventually managed to cough out.

I chickened out and said nothing. Keeley’s coughing continued and she massaged her throat. She flipped her hair away from her face and glared at me.

“It’s not easy to take a dick as big as yours down a throat. How would you feel if I did that to you?” Another round of coughing shook her body.

“I’m so sorry. I was asleep. I had no idea what was going on until I woke up. Then I got so excited, I kind of just lost it. I didn’t mean to hurt you!”

“You weren’t asleep. You were talking with me. You answered questions. How could you have been asleep? I told you to stay still and you said you would!” The anger in her voice competed with betrayal.

“Why would I hurt you? If I was really awake, I’d have told you no! You know that, don’t you? It’s too soon for you to do that to me!”

“Maybe so, but I wanted to try. It’s my body and I know what it can take better than you. You said it was ok for me to do you. You promised you’d let me try!” Keeley coughed a bit more and finally seemed to notice how far I was away from her. “Are you ok? Did I hurt you with my teeth?”

“No. I’m just scared.”

“Scared? Scared of what?”

“Everything.” I admitted.

“You’ll have to explain that,” she said petulantly.

“I used to wake up with my ex doing that, when she was trying to get pregnant by me. She’d do that and then climb on top of me just before I came. That’s why I wasn’t so hard at first. Then I figured out it wasn’t a dream . . . and that it was really you down there . . . and I got a little excited.”

“That’s an understatement if I ever heard one. But I was talking to you. You made sense. You answered questions correctly. That’s not normal.”

“What? You ask a guy if he wants his dick sucked? What totally exhausted guy is going to say no to that, asleep or awake?” I said acidly.

“You might have a point there. Lay back down. Please. You look ridiculous huddled up there.”

“Why?”, I said warily.

“I’m going to try again. You at least owe me that.” She patted the middle of the bed encouragingly. “Don’t you think so?”

“No.” I said childishly. “I don’t wanna.”

“I don’t think I’m gonna give you a choice in the matter.”

The look in her eye was pretty serious. There are worse things than having your new girlfriend insist on using your cock as a practice toy. I submitted uneasily and began to lay back down on the bed. Keeley’s smile was a mixture of triumph, lust and wonder at her own growing control.

“I swear, if you do anything like that again . . . awake or asleep . . . you will regret it. Is that understood?”, she said, daring me to disagree.

“Yes . . .” I tried to think of a title to give her, but my mind drew a blank. I’d already forbidden her to use ‘Master’ when referring to me. I’d kidded her that she would never hear a ‘Mistress’ escape my lips. I hoped she hadn’t pickup on my almost mistaken reference. I needn’t have worried because her eyes were already focused on my cock.

“I still don’t trust you. Put your hands up on the headboard.”

“Its not the same if I put them there. You had better come up here and do it yourself,” I said seriously.

“You do it, I’m busy.”

I shrugged and put both of my hands on the headboard in their now familiar position. I could see Keeley’s face while she looked intently at my soft cock. Knowing what was coming, I couldn’t help but start to get a little excited. It was as if she was willing me to get an erection. As soon as it twitched and began moving on it’s own, I lost sight of my cock. Keeley’s hair hid my view as she bent down to begin licking me.

I could feel her breathing excitedly through her nose. The warm air flowing over my nearly hairless balls made them shift around in anticipation. Keeley used a series of small bites to tug my shaft into a straighter position. Using her hands to spread my legs further apart, she gained better access to my balls. They were still loose and as low as they ever seemed to get, which wasn’t very much.

Her tongue swathed around them and they began to draw upwards. Before they could get very far, she sucked one into her mouth and tightened her lips. She slowly pulled downwards until it popped out of her mouth. She kept going back and forth until she could no longer get a firm grip on them using just her lips.

I gasped and shuddered as she used the thumb and forefinger of her left hand to make a circle just above my balls. She tightened her grip and both of them were stretched taut against the inside of my sack. Her tongue bathed both of my straining orbs in long slow sensuous strokes. By now my cock was beginning to feel ignored but that didn’t last for long. I groaned even louder as Keeley lowered her head further. This was just like Maltepe Escort my dream and I finally relaxed back into the bed.

“You like that, don’t you?”, she purred.

Any lingering thoughts I had about my ex vanished as Keeley lightly flicked her tongue around my lower entrance. As she stiffened her tongue and pushed, I felt her right hand encircle the base of my cock. As she finally pushed inside of me, both of her hands tightened just a bit more.

After just a few more licks she moved back up to my balls. If I could have, I would have used my hands to force her head back down there. My ex had done that so rarely for me, it was a real struggle for me to obey her and keep my hands firmly in place.

I had to settle for Keeley licking around my sack and squeezing the base of my cock tight. She finally released my balls and transferred her free hand to the middle of my shaft.

I groaned again as she started moving that hand up and down. Her softness and warmth felt so good to me. My cock was beginning to swell even more as she increased the pressure on the base of my cock. Her tongue licked my shaft just above her left hand. I could feel her saliva begin to run down my full length.

She carefully avoided my ridiculously over sensitive cock head.

Keeley finally released the base of my cock. She used her free hand to flip her hair out of the way. She looked me in the eyes and said, “This is how big it was earlier when you were asleep. I had no problem with it then. Just don’t move your hips this time, ok?”

I managed a nod and took a deep breath. I hoped I could live up to my vaunted claims of control. I retightened my grip on the headboard and waited for Keeley to try deepthroating me. Wet sloppy kisses engulfed the head of my cock. As she opened her mouth more she squeezed my shaft even harder. My head flared in response. When she released my shaft it resumed its former size.

I held my breath as I watched her head go lower. I let it out in a groan when her hair fell back down and blocked my view again.

Left to just my imagination, it felt like she was taking at least half of my length into her mouth. Then she stopped. After a moment I could feel her breathing deeply, as if she was about to hold her breath to go under water. Then she pushed her way down a little further.

I felt both of her hands reach around to grab my buttocks. Using them to help impale herself, she pulled until I felt my cockhead slip into her throat.

Keeley froze in place, holding her position as long as she could. I could feel her fighting off a gag, but she mastered it. I felt my cockhead slide out of her throat and back into just her mouth. Keeley’s breathing was coming fast through her nose, but I hadn’t sensed her wince in any pain.

After Keeley caught her breath, she went down again. This time she made it to her previous mark in one smooth motion. Again she used her grip on my ass to pull herself further down. My cock was in heaven. Her tight throat massaged my shaft as she struggled to keep from gagging. Surprisingly, I had no overly excited feelings from the tip.

The pressure was perfect along my shaft and it caused me to flex my cock. I felt the head flare in automatic response.

I winced when Keeley dug her nails into my backside. I got the message and did my best to keep myself under control. The sensation was amazing as I felt her withdraw back to her “starting point” again. This time she opened her mouth wide and took a few even deeper breaths. Then I felt her lock her lips firmly back in place.

It seemed like an eternity before she moved back down again, but it must have been only a few moments. I gasped as she used her grip to pull herself quickly back down. I felt a slight bump as my cock entered her throat again. A little wince shook her shoulders. Before I could say anything, she pulled herself down to the max. Her nose was buried in the short pubes at the base of my cock.

She pulled tighter and even changed her angle to try and get more of my cock down her throat. One angle she tried seemed particularly painful and she started to gag again. This time the head really hurt her as it exited her throat. A whimper shook her body and she lost her grip on my dick. Saliva dripped onto my balls as my cock jerked free and slapped onto my stomach. Keeley’s breathing was hoarse and coming in deep shuddering gasps.

“You did it. You don’t have anything left to prove,” I said softly.

“I do. This thing gets even bigger when you are really excited. I’ve seen it lots bigger. Right before you come it seems enormous to me. This is the biggest cock I’ve ever had all the way down my throat. I never really had a problem with the size of Ex’s cock, he was just too rough with me.”

As she started jacking my cock with her right hand, I knew she was going to try it again.

“Keeley, you had Shelly’s monster strapon down your throat. All the way inside . . . over and over. My cock is no where near the size of that thing. I mean there is just no comparison. She fairly well . . . what’s the porno term . . . skullfucked you? I saw the tape too, remember. It was pretty brutal. That’s the reason this is hurting you so much. You need more time to heal. It’s just too soon for you to be doing this.”

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