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Rain pounded on the roof of the bar as I peered out of the glass windows, thinking of him. I had amazing, passionate sex with my professor on Friday and I am still in disbelief that a fascinating man would want me as his sex toy. It was a slow Sunday evening and my tips surely proved it. The semester had just kicked off at University of Tennessee and students were not drinking away their exam victories or failures just yet.

I crossed and uncrossed my legs, unable to get the imagery out of my mind of Dr. Wolf taking me in his office. My tight jean skirt and V-neck cleavage filled top was probably not the best idea for the rainy day. I twirled my long brown pony tail in between my fingers before taking a large gulp of my mocha flavored coffee. I looked down into the frothy goodness swirling together before hearing a familiar deep voice in front of me.

“Abigail Lancaster, is that a frown I see on your beautiful face?”

I looked up at him and almost spilled my coffee. His dark hair was slightly wet and messy from the rain. His jaw was covered in black stubble with the tiniest hint of gray peeking through. His icy blue eyes looked magnificent against wet eyelashes. He wore a tight black long sleeve Henley with the top buttons undone, showing just the right amount of dark chest hair underneath. My eyes trailed down his body to a pair of dark jeans with a noticeable bulge in them.

“Nice to see you outside of the classroom. Um, how’d you know I work here, Dr. Wolf?” I quickly tried to pull myself together before the few people and my manager noticed that I was ogling a professor. I could feel my cheeks getting flushed under his gaze.

“Old smart guys know how to use the Internet too, pet. Looks like I came in at a good time.” He smiled with his dazzling white teeth, his eyes drawn to my clenched legs underneath of my constricting little jean skirt.

I licked my suddenly dry lips, looking around the restaurant to see if anyone was noticing our conversation. Most people were texting, eating or too wrapped up in their own conversations. A few people spared a curious glance in our direction.

“I date younger women. People in this town are not surprised, if that’s worrying you. I’ll take 2 glasses of Cabernet Sauvignon whenever you get a chance, my gorgeous waitress.” He sat down at the table and winked at me.

I stood up from the table and pulled down the bottom of my jean skirt so that I didn’t flash the restaurant my cheetah print panties.

“Are you meeting someone here?” I couldn’t hide the hurt from my voice and I cast my eyes away from him.

“Abby, baby, no. The 2nd glass of Cab is for you after your shift is over. I am completely smitten with you” His voice Kartal escort became softer and he reached out to run his hand over mine.

Electricity ran though my body at his touch and right down to my crotch. My panties already felt wet against my delicate skin and I hoped it wouldn’t trickle down my legs. Just the sight of him gave me butterflies in my stomach and a wet spot on my seat. I could feel my heart begin to race in my chest.

“I get off in an hour but we are dead so I’ll see if my manager, Todd, will cut me a little earlier.” I smiled at him and gave his big hand a small squeeze. I then pulled my pony tail up a little tighter as I began walking away from him. I suddenly felt his hand trail up my leg to cup my ass under my skirt. I spun around quickly.

“Elijah!” I gasped, looking down at him as he reached for me. I could see that the bulge in his pants grew larger from the last time I had checked.

He smiled that dazzling smile at me again. “Mmmm, your ass is too much to ignore.” he shrugged, throwing his hands up in the air.

I swayed my hips as I walked over to the bar to ring in the wine, knowing that his eyes were fixed on me. I pretended to drop my stylet for the order on the ground, spreading my legs apart and dipping down to pick it back up. I knew that he would get a full view of my wet cheetah panties pressed over my puffy pussy lips. I took my time standing up, running my hands over my long legs. I looked back at him and he was shifting restlessly in his seat. The bulge in his pants became full size. I loved teasing him, especially since he took me off guard today and was not playing fair.

“Abby, isn’t Dr. Wolf a little old to be pining after you? Todd said, pouring the Cabernet into the two wine glasses from behind the bar.

“Uh-what? It isn’t like that.” I shot back, straightening out my skirt again.

Todd laughed and handed me the two glasses of wine. “Sure looks that way, honey. He’s dated students before and I don’t want my girl getting hurt. Just watch yourself with that one, kiddo.”

“Yes, dad. Can I get cut? It’s dead tonight from the rain and classes are tomorrow.” I pouted my full lips at him.

“Okay. You are free to leave. Just don’t go home with that guy. You should date a nice boy your age.” He patted my shoulder from across the bar and turned to continue talking to the locals.

I sauntered over to him, my ponytail bobbing with each stride. I leaned down to place the wine glasses in front of him, my cleavage busting out of the seams of my V-neck shirt. I could hear his breathing pick up as he looked at my breasts spilling out of my shirt.

“My boss doesn’t like you very much but he is Kurtköy Escort letting me off work early.” I beamed at him, taking a sip of the wine he had ordered for us.

“I lost my appetite for wine, Abby. I want you, right now.” His voice was suddenly darker and huskier with lust. He stood up and pulled out a black leather wallet, dropping a $20 on the table.

He grabbed my hand and began walking to the door. I looked back to see all eyes on us but I didn’t care. It was still raining and our skin felt slippery sliding against each other as we ran to his Range Rover. He opened the liftgate and climbed in, shoving the seats down forcefully. He extended his hand to me and I accepted it, awkwardly climbing into the back of his SUV in my tight jean skirt. I rang out my pony tail on a towel that he quickly handed to me. I was about to thank him for the towel before his lips were on mine.

He placed his hands on my face and cradled it, slipping his warm tongue into my mouth and searching for my tongue. I joined him by wrapping my arms around him and sucking on his probing tongue. He moved his hands down to my skirt and pulled it up to my waist. He then pulled my soaked panties down in one quick movement. He inhaled my scent as it filled up the tight confines of the vehicle.

“You smell so good, baby. You are driving me crazy in this little waitress outfit. I can’t stand you teasing me looking like this in public.”

I gasped as he suddenly shoved his index and middle finger into my slick waiting entrance. He began fucking me with his fingers as he used his other hand to pull on my pony tail. As he pulled my head to the side, he kissed up and down my exposed neck. He began sucking and nibbling on my neck as he relentlessly prodded my opening with his slick fingers. He used his thumb to rub my swollen clit in circles. It felt like a dream, I had been so horny for him since the last time that we fucked that I wanted him to be rough with me. I moaned and started bouncing up and down on his fingers, my tits about to pop out of my push up bra.

“You are a goddess. I missed you so much” He pulled his fingers out of me and sucked them into his mouth, tasting my sweet and salty nectar. He then unzipped his pants to release his large throbbing cock. I immediately dove down, ass up in the air to taste his manhood. His cockhead was glistening with precum and I couldn’t help myself when it came to him. I lapped it up with my tongue, swirling my tongue around it and sucking him deep into my mouth. He cursed and moaned, grabbing my pony tail again to hold onto reality. I bobbed my head up and down, sneaking my hand into his pants to rest under his ballsack, caressing the sensitive Maltepe Escort skin with my palm. I could feel him hitting the back of my throat but I was too turned on to care. I wanted him to fill me up in every hole with his thick cum.

“On. Your. Back.” He managed to get out in his husky voice as he breathed heavily.

“Yes, sir.” I laid down on the folded seats, lifting my legs high up in the air to expose my pussy completely to him. I could feel the cool air against my warm pussy lips. My skirt was still pulled up over my hips and my juices began flowing down my inner thighs.

He took off his henley, exposing his taut tummy and defined chest. I ran my hands all over his skin, enjoying the feel of him before he knelt down in front of me. He licked up my juices in long lines back up to my aching pussy, teasing me each time. I squirmed and sighed, trying to get to his wonderful tongue. Before I could contest too much, he slid his tongue over my little hole and up to my clit. He vibrated his tongue right underneath my clitoral hood and I dug my nails into his seats. I arched my back and pushed my pussy into his face, wanting to get as much of him as I could. He continued licking up and down my wet little slit as I ground it harder into his face.

“Easy schoolgirl, you are so eager to fuck your teacher.” He licked my juices off of his lips and moved up my body to kiss me. I was so close to cumming that I whined into our kiss. He took his thick cock in his hand and entered my wet slit in one quick thrust. The sudden spread of my tight little pussy walls had me throwing my head back and moaning. I pulled up my shirt to play with my pink nipples as my big tits bounced with each thrust. The sight of me pulling hard on my nipples made him drive into me even faster. He lifted up my legs and put them over his shoulders as he pounded me into the seats. I could feel the SUV bouncing with each thrust but didn’t care.

He firmly gripped my hips as he drove himself as deep into my tiny little cavern as he could. I moved a hand to my little swollen clit to rub it. The sensation of my fingers on my clit paired with Elijah churning his dick deep inside of me was too much. I could feel my body tense up again, almost ready to cum on Elijah’s thick cock.

“I love it when you play with yourself, baby. Cum with me.” he said between gritted teeth, restraining his cum as he waited for mine. I felt my body relax and let go, my tight little pussy gripping and releasing his cock in waves as the pleasure overtook my body. It hit him too as I felt his thick cock send load after load of cum deep into my hole.

He laid beside me and kissed my cheek. We basked in the afterglow for a few moments, listening to the rain on the roof of his fancy SUV.

“Abby, will you spend the night with me at my place? We can ride together to school in the morning.”

~*~ Thank you everyone so much for reading and let me know in the comments about any suggestions! ~*~

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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