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It was a slow day at home, he already left for work hours ago and I was busy working at my desk, it was the early afternoon and I’ve nearly finished most of my deadlines. I take a sip of my coffee as I look at my phone.

I was scrolling through apps when I received a message from him, just asking me how my lunch was. Completely innocent. But I bite my lip as a naughty thought passes my mind. I opened my camera app and slowly lick my lower lip as I take a close up photo. I quickly typed, “It was good, but now I’m hungry for something else…” And I hit send.

I smirked and returned to my work. It didn’t take long for him to reply, I heard the buzz of my phone but I ignored it. I put on my earbuds and continued my work. After waiting fifteen minutes I open my camera again and let one of the sleeve of his large shirt that I’m wearing fall off my shoulder and I took a photo of it, my head to the side angled to present my neck and bare shoulder. I send it to him again without context.

Of course he replied, but I didn’t read it, I felt naughty that I was teasing him, but I was feeling turned on by it. I hope he’s getting turned on too, sitting at his desk, working while receiving naughty pictures from me. Throughout the day I teased him.

I moved to the bathroom where there’s a floor-length mirror across the tub. I sit on the edge of the tub and open my legs, my panties peeking from the raises hem of his shirt, lilac, one of his favorite ones on me. I take a photo as I bite my lip. Then hit send again. This time it didn’t take a while, he immediately replied. I ignored it.

I remove his t-shirt and sat on the floor in front of the mirror, I’m now in just my panties. I bend my legs and open them, one hand touching my left breast and the other one taking the photo. I send it.

I put my fingers in my mouth. Send.

I put the same fingers inside my panties and touch myself as I moan a little. Send.

With a little bit of manoeuvring I bent over the tub and took a photo of my ass, my lace panties showing a wet spot in my almost evident pussy. Send.

I even wore this little sundress that he liked on me and removed my panties. I move up the hem of one side of, baring my right leg and a glimpse of my naked pussy, glistening wetness in my inner thighs, I take a photo. Send.

All of those received multiple Bostancı Escort messages from him, I replied to none.

I wore my panties and his shirt again, loving the way the latter still smells just like him. I didn’t dare play with myself more, I want to be ready for when he comes home from work. I go to the couch and try to distract myself by watching a show, but I find myself touching my thighs, my lips, my neck, and I shudder in need.

Little did I know he was just as hot and bothered as I was, my last photo was the last straw. At the office, he already gathered his belongings and told his secretary to cancel everything for the rest of the afternoon, and he left without a word to any of his coworkers, if he lingered they would’ve notice the massive hard-on he’s sporting in his pants.

Without knowing he was already on his way home, I open his messages and I start a voice message, in a breathy and a needy tone I said, “I’m so wet and needy, Sir. I’m aching for you…” and I send it to him.

While waiting for the green light, annoyed how he hit almost all the red lights, he listened to my message. “Fuck!”, he swore loudly, his cock stiff against his pants, typing quickly a message that sent shivers throughout my body when I read it and turning me on even more.

“I’ll be there in 5 minutes. Get ready to be completely and utterly fucked.”

Without even hearing him I knew he was not happy about me teasing him the whole day. But I felt the thrill run up my spine, he was already on his way home. I thought I had more time, I was equal parts excited and scared, but not in a bad way. I go to the kitchen to get a glass of water, what else could I do?

I was walking back to the living room when I hear the garage door open and I stood looking at the door, fiddling with my phone in my hands nervously, and then the front door open and he was standing there, handsome in his suit, but his expression tells me everything, I wanted to run to him and from him at the same time. You know that feeling when you know you’re in trouble and you feel the need to run or make excuses? I felt in the pit of my stomach.

He didn’t greet me, he regarded me coolly with those stern eyes, traveling down my body, seeing me wear his t-shirt, and he glanced at the phone I was holding, clearly the device used to torment Kadıköy Escort him the whole day. I opened and closed my mouth, knowing whatever excuse I was going to make won’t get me out of trouble.

“Remove your clothes and bend over the table,” he commanded, his tone final. When he uses the tone I know he won’t repeat it again, he will not be patient, so I immediately follow his command, I feel goosebumps on my skin, my heart thumping in anticipation. I go to the dining table, placing my phone at the other end and removing his shirt and my panties from my body, before bending over in the position he taught me. I waited.

I listen as he moved behind me, hearing him remove his belt. I almost gasped but I held it in, he has never used his belt to punish me before, although I rarely ever needed to be punished. He walks closer, I feel his hand place the belt on the table next to my hip, as if deciding. He touches my skin and I almost arched into it.

“I’ve never used my belt on your skin before,” he said almost gently, I want to tell him not to but I bit my lip and stayed quiet, I trust him. Without a word he stepped back and swatted the leather on my ass. I yelped in surprise more than the pain, but I held my position. My skin stung and that was just the first blow. I breathe shakily as I wait for the next.

And then it hit, harder this time, I shouted, I knew I’ll be wincing each time I sit in the next few days. My fingers curl into my palms as I try and concentrate on holding my position instead of the searing pain on my ass. I feel his hand on my ass, soothing my skin, I wanted to push back, to feel him more, but I stayed. “Did you cum?” he asked in a gruff voice, he’s as affected and aroused as I am, his hand slowly traveling down to my cunt. I shiver and shook my head, “No, Sir. I wanted to wait for you.”

His fingers slowly grazing my pussy lips, “Good girl.” He places the belt on the table, I felt relieved that I won’t receive another. Then I feel him push a finger into my already wet heat. My back arches, “Oh…” I gasp, my feet rising to tiptoes as he starts to finger-fuck me, adding another digit, my body responding to his talented fingers. And then he stops and steps back, I almost whined at the loss.

“Get up on the table,” he commanded, helping me get into position, my legs kneeling and Göztepe Escort open and my top half of the body lying on the table, my pussy and ass presented to him. I feel myself get wetter in this position, feeling his gaze on me, devouring me.

I wait for him, listening to his movements and watching him with my head on the table, he goes into the kitchen and retrieves one of the toys we’ve stashed around the house just in case we suddenly wanted to play. It was a purple dildo, one of my favorites.

I feel him stand behind me again and then feel the dildo teasing my opening then parting my pussy lips, he pushes it inside, the thickness stretching my walls, I feel my pussy clenching around it. I moan loudly, shuddering in need as I maintain my position. The pleasure from the toy inside me is indescribable, especially when I’ve been aching to be fucked the whole day.

“Such a pretty little pussy,” his voice thick with desire, his hand masterfully fucking me with the toy, I know he’s watching me intently. I don’t know how I managed not to meet his thrusts but I stay put as he fucks me with the dildo faster and faster.

I’m moaning against the table, my back arching, he’s fucking me harder and faster, the toy hitting that spot inside me. My cunt clenches and I know I’m so close to my orgasm, I didn’t dare cum, I’m breathing hard and moaning and keening, completely delirious to the pleasure taking over me. And then his other hand plays with my sensitive clit, his fingers nimble as he stroke and tease. “SIR, PLEASE!” I almost sobbed, I begged for my sweet release, “Please!”

“Cum. Now,” his voice commanding and hoarse, I know he loves to watch me cum. And I scream as I did, my body shaking as the orgasm rips through me, and he pulls out the dildo at the same time and I feel myself squirt, I feel my cum on my thighs as it drips. It took a while to finally come down from my orgasm, he strokes my still stinging ass and my thighs. “Such a good girl,” he said gently.

He’s watching me, appreciating me and the mess we’ve created on our dining table. And then he helped me off the table, carrying my body and I wrap my arms around his neck, and bury my face there, I kiss his skin. “I’m sorry for teasing you,” I whisper as I trail my kisses below his ear.

“I’m sorry I had to punish you. But even good girls needed to be taught a lesson,” he replied, his strong arms around me, I look at him and brush my lips on his before kissing him. And then I remembered he didn’t get his release yet, “What about you, Sir?” I ask, concerned. He kisses me back, “I got all I needed.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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