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I get home and you have dinner ready. We sit down at the table and begin to eat but I can’t take my eyes off of you. You have on one of my old t-shirts and you look so sexy wearing it. I can see your nipples standing out and my mind is running wild.

You look at me and ask me what I am thinking about. I ask if you really want to know and you tell me you do. I tell you that I am thinking about kissing your breasts and sliding my tongue over your nipples. Then I tell you how I want to bite them gently and pull them with my teeth. You moan lightly and tell me it sounds wonderful. Asking me to tell you more I tell you how I want to kiss down your stomach to your pussy and kiss all around it.

Noticing that you have a hand under the table and your arm is moving I ask what you are doing. Embarrassed you move your hand back on the table and tell me you were just scratching yourself. I laugh lightly and we finish eating then I get up and go to get a shower.

When I am through with my shower I get dried off and walk into the bedroom. You are lying on the bed rubbing your clit with one hand and pinching your nipples with the other. Lost in the pleasure you don’t notice that I am watching you.

Getting excited by seeing you masturbate I slowly start stroking my erection. I climb onto the bed and lie down beside you.

Startled you stop and look at me then turn to me and we kiss passionately. You tell me you want İstanbul Escort me to do what I said at the dinner table. I softly start kissing down to your breasts and kiss circles around your nipples. Gently I wrap my lips around your nipples and suck them into my mouth. Pulling them with my lips until they break free then I suck them again. Lightly I bite your nipples and roll them between my teeth.

Slowly I kiss down your stomach getting close to your pussy. Softly I kiss around your pussy as I slide my fingers up and down your legs. Kissing up to the edge of your pussy I keep from touching it as my fingers softly slide up and down your thighs.

Tenderly I kiss your pussy up and down then slide my tongue along the edge of your lips. Lightly I brush my tongue over your clit and slide it back down. Softly I slide my tongue up and down your lips brushing over your clit each time. Gently I start rubbing your clit with my tongue as I slide it up and down. Your clit is swollen and throbbing as I start rubbing it harder.

Feeling your swollen clit I put my lips around it and suck it gently. As I suck your clit I slide my fingers up and down your pussy. You begin to tremble as I suck harder on your clit.

As you tense your body and begin to shake I bite your clit tenderly. Biting your clit gently your orgasm rolls through your body.

Your cream is running down around your asshole and I don’t want Anadolu Yakası Escort to miss any of it. I slide my tongue down around your asshole licking you clean.

Moving back up to your pussy I softly start to rub your clit again. You try to push me away from your clit because it is so sensitive. I hold your hips tightly and refuse to stop. Rubbing your clit harder with my tongue I slowly slide a finger inside your pussy. Moving my fingers it in and out you stop pushing me away and hold my head against your clit.

Your moans get loud as I rub your clit harder and I can feel it throbbing. I start sucking it and you start shaking again. With my finger sliding in and out of you I push my other finger against your asshole. The sensation sends another orgasm thundering through your body.

Slowly I kiss my way back up your body and softly kiss your nipples. Moving on up I kiss you passionately as I lie down beside you.

Pulling you on top of me you place my erection at your opening. Slowly you slide down onto it and gently move your hips around. Your clit is rubbing against me as I reach up and gently pinch your nipples. Your moaning is loud and you press yourself against me harder. Our excitement has our heads spinning as I push back up against you. We both moan as you move your hips faster with your clit rubbing against me harder. Our passion drives up to the point of no return and we explode Üsküdar Escort in a beautiful orgasm.

You collapse on top of me and we hold each other as we kiss passionately. Our bodies pressing together as we slowly catch out breath.

As we regain our strength we get up and go into the bathroom. I get the shower started as you get our towels ready. We get in the shower and we take turns washing each other. I gently wash your back and slide my hands down over your butt. Tenderly I massage your butt as I press up against you. Sliding my soapy hands around you I pull you close and hold your breasts.

Softly I kiss your neck as I gently massage your breasts. Your nipples are hard and feel wonderful pressing against my hands. With soap all over us I turn you around and our bodies are slippery and sliding against each other. As we kiss passionately the warm water rinses the soap from our bodies.

With your arms around my neck I put my hands under your butt and lift you up. You wrap your legs around me and my erection is at your opening. Slowly you slide down onto it and the warmth of your pussy drives my passion higher. I press you against the wall and move my erection in and out of you. Our bodies are pressed together and your hard nipples press into my chest. The warm water adds to our desires as we kiss with great passion. We both moan lightly as we begin to tremble and our desire rises. Shaking we erupt is a beautiful orgasm as our bodies are weak from pleasure.

You slide your legs down and we lean against each other as the water pours over us. Exhausted we finish our shower and get dried off then go lie down on the bed holding each other and drift off to sleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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