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Though Lisa was in pretty good shape — especially for a suburban mom in her forties — she joined a health club near her home a few months after she and Larry had moved downstate with their ten year-old son, Carter. They’d moved so Larry could accept a promotion, and it had taken Lisa a few months to find a new job in her own field: even though she’d thrown herself into helping Carter settle into his new school and neighborhood, in the time she was unemployed she felt herself getting a little lazy. She decided that joining the health club would be a good way to work off a few pounds.

After only a month or two she was really well toned: her legs were again strong and youthful, with a sexy crease running along the inside of her thigh — and her flat belly accentuated her modest but still-firm breasts. She was naturally pretty, too, though fourteen years of marriage had caused her to forget just how pretty she was.

To be honest, she’d begun to find sex with Larry boring in the past few months…since they’d moved, in fact. Maybe it was a lingering feeling of resentment — having to move just so he could climb the corporate ladder? She didn’t know, really. She just sensed some vague dissatisfaction.

But if her marriage gave her the blahs, she buried the feeling by concentrating instead on her workouts at the gym: there, she felt, she was always alive! Seeing all of those hardbodies — people pushing themselves to look as good as they could — she found herself repeatedly and continuously enthralled by a single-minded attention she could focus on her own body.

She found herself especially excited when it came to the tennis lessons she was taking: she’d developed a crush on the instructor, Rene, at the very first lesson. He was handsome and muscular; his skin tan and smooth. She found his slight accent especially charming, and he was gently funny and graceful and polite; they’d immediately hit it off.

After a time she discovered herself fantasizing about Rene. At odd moments she’d find herself wondering what his body looked like naked; she even caught herself mentally picturing him in the shower after a hot day on the court. She’d wonder if he had birthmarks, or scars on his body, or whether or not he had hair on his stomach.

She began to schedule her lessons so she was his last session of the day, just so she could hang around and chat afterward. She never had any real designs or plans — she’d been with Larry have been together for years…for goodness sake! But she did notice that she was becoming almost obsessed with thinking about Rene, and that she enjoy flirting with him.

He seemed to genuinely like her, too, and was happy to sit and talk after the lessons. He never made any unwelcome gesture or advance, but sometimes she’d catch him looking at her.

One night her lesson ran late and she packed up her things in a distracted rush. Half the way home she realized she’d left her gym bag, with her wallet and credit Bycasino cards, in the women’s locker room. So she turn around, hoping that the janitor would still be there to let her in.

When she arrived she found the front door unlocked — but no sign of the janitor. Figuring he might be on one of the other floors, she decided to go get her bag anyway: what harm could it cause? As she walked toward the women’s lockers, she heard a shower running in the adjoining men’s locker room and realized that it might be Rene.

Her heart began to pound. She wanted to peek in — to see him in the shower, just for a second! But she couldn’t move. Finally, the shower stopped and she realized that her chance was gone; she continued into the women’s locker room to retrieve her gym bag a little disappointed — but relieved, too.

The bag wasn’t where she left it, and she wondered if someone found it and put it into the offices — located near the back of the locker room, to the right.

She started walking that way when suddenly door opened on the left side of the room, and Rene strode absentmindedly into the brightly lit women’s locker room. He was dripping wet and totally naked, and the overhead lights glistened off his smooth skin. Lisa couldn’t help but gasp, seeing him like that. “Oh, hi,” Lisa said. “I forgot my stuff and didn’t know…you know.”

Rene didn’t seem to care that he was nude and without even a towel — in any case, he made no attempt to cover up. He just stood there with a slightly embarrassed smile, making no move to hide his body.

“I know, I found it and put it in my office. I was going to call you. We can get it now, yes?”

Lisa gulped and tried not to stare at his crotch, but her eyes strayed to his cock.

“Sure, that’d be great, thanks,” she scratched out of her dry throat while looking back at his face. She realized that he noticed where her eyes had been; when she looked down at his crotch again she could swear she saw his penis twitch: perhaps in response to her gaze.

Lisa thought to herself: “God, it is big. Even soft — right-out-of-the-shower soft — it is five inches or more!” She silently wondered how big it could get. But more intriguing to her still: he’s uncircumcised.

“I’ve never seen one up close before, no less touched one!” she said — to herself…or at least she hoped it was to herself. She wasn’t sure anymore. “Are all uncircumcised cocks are big?” She wondered, stifling the urge to ask out loud.

While Lisa was staring at him and wondering, Rene turned to the doorway leading to the offices. She stood for a second, noting to herself how great his small ass looked, thankful for this unguarded and almost unlimited chance to look at it. She wanted to touch it, to caress its smooth curve…to finger the perfect crease between those taut cheeks; but just getting to look at it was more than she could have ever asked for.

She felt her own moisture Bycasino giriş almost dripping from her as she followed Rene’s gorgeous ass toward the offices.

“I can’t believe this is happening,” Lisa thought. She wasn’t really sure what was happening, but she decided she wasn’t going to run away, that she would stay open to all possibilities. The sight of Rene’s cock and this ass had driven all other considerations from her mind. She was mesmerized.

As Rene opened the door to the offices he said, “I left my clothes in here; most of the time I don’t cut short through the ladies room after showering, but I thought I was here alone so I don’t feel like covering up.”

Following Rene’s ass into the room, Lisa saw her gym bag across the way, on a chair. Rene walked over and got it and as he turned around Lisa could see that his cock was stiffer and larger than before, and it stuck out from his body. But Rene acted as if nothing was happening; he just walked toward her, ignoring the fact that she was staring at him.

When he was standing directly in front of her, Lisa realized that he was holding the gym bag out for her to take it. Her hands shook as she reached, and their hands touched on the strap. She was looking at his face, but was sure she sensed his cock lurched as they did; she could tell by the shiver in his shoulders and by the way his lips just opened slightly. He still had his usual bemused grin, but she could see he was beginning to take on a more “serious” aspect.

“Thank you,” is all she could rasp out as her eyes went back to his cock. It had grown bigger, and was pulsing and jerking upward rhythmically; Lisa imagined that each beat of Rene’s heart sent more blood into the massive thing, making it harder and bigger. She realized it was already at least eight inches long, and that it had more growing to do. She could also see the tip glistened with a drop of shining fluid: she realized that Rene was excited, too.

Looking at his face again, Lisa could see his smile was disappearing — in fact it was almost gone. She let the gym bag drop from her outstretched hand and she heard herself ask him: “May I touch it? Touch you?”

He nodded and looked down at his prick. Lisa reached out her hand and cradled his cock in it, gripping it loosely and amazed at how small her hand looked beside it. Rene let out a short breath and slid his feet apart a little more.

Lisa sighed and spoke aloud, “Ohh, it’s so gorgeous…” while stroking it slowly but gracefully. Looking up at him she added, “You have a magnificent cock, Rene.” He didn’t reply except to arch his back and hips slightly.

Lisa looked down again and saw that pre-come was about to drip off his cock-tip. Without asking permission this time she slid down to her knees and — pulling back his foreskin — put her small, pink tongue underneath the glans of his cock, catching the drop just as it was about to fall. She closed Bycasino deneme bonusu her mouth and savored the taste, giggling a little.

Turning her face up, she saw Rene gazing down at her there on the cold tile floor beneath him. She saw both of his hands go behind her head and then she felt the slightest bit of pressure –guiding her face and mouth forward, toward his cock. She suddenly had a moment of doubt — whether about Larry or about the thought of that huge cock in her mouth she wasn’t sure; but she began to resist his pushing.

Rene felt her hesitation and responded by pressing the back of her head harder, until his cock-head pushed against Lisa’s closed lips. As soon as the slit at the end of his cock touched her mouth, Lisa’s feeble resistance began to dissolve…and her lips begin to part: they both knew she’d offer no further opposition to anything he asked for or demanded. Lisa now only wanted his cock in her hot mouth, anyway, whether he insisted or not.

As soon as her lips parted and her jaw relaxed, Rene rammed his big cock into her mouth; to Lisa’s mind he was a bit rougher than she would have liked, but part of her actually felt losing control like this to be sexy.

He grabbed her hair loosely in his hands and pulled her head back until only the pink, smooth cock-head was still in her mouth. Then he said, “Thank you, Lisa,” before he pushed it in again, a little deeper now. He held her head to him for a moment — then pulled her head back again. She started to become dizzy and began to worry she might lose her balance on the slippery floor, which was wet from the water dripping off Rene’s body, when he wrenched her forward again, this time pushing his cock ALL the way down her throat! He held her head close to him, cradling her to his groin.

Lisa wasn’t surprised by his thrust but when he didn’t pull her back right away she began to panic: she’d never had a cock that deep down her throat before — she’d never had one this big in her mouth at all! — she’d thought she would gag! Then he pulled her head back again quickly, just in time to avoid gagging her she understood that Rene knew what he was doing — that he had great technique in areas besides tennis — he must’ve known that her throat had been opened up by the first thrust.

When Rene began to hump her face violently — banging her forehead against his flat belly to get every last millimeter of his cock down her throat — Lisa knew that he won’t be long now and she was a little disappointed. She was suddenly sorry it would be over so soon.

Suddenly his cock seemed to swell and Lisa felt the vein on the bottom of his cock pulsing: his cock began shooting jets of hot cum past her mouth directly into her esophagus. Fearing she might finally gag on the huge volume of his ejaculation, Lisa began to push at his naked pelvis, but Rene only held her tighter to himself.

When she began to cough, he finally let her pull away; there was cum flowing out of her gasping mouth. His huge cock swayed and jerked before her upturned face, and two or three more thick jets of sticky white cum splattered on her forehead and dripped onto her nose and cheeks.

Rene stood above Lisa, his face beaming; he said, “Thank you,” again and again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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