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I woke up feeling disoriented; my mouth felt like the Russian army had tromped through it in their stocking feet. I had to piss like a race horse and the pounding in my head was wicked evil. My stomach was not talking to me and seemed to hold a grudge of some kind.

I tried to open my eyes and saw a faint glow from the wall at the end of the bed. This confused me even more as there seemed to be a doorway in that wall. I knew that that wall was an outside wall and had always held some of my favorite pictures because I loved looking at them when I awoke each morning.

I knew I had to get up and go pee or I would be pissing in the bed. As I swung my legs over the side of the bed I noticed a trash can sitting right next to the bed. My head and stomach did not agree with position of my body; and appeared to be mounting a revolt against the action. My head noticed that the room was acting like a carousel and my stomach thought we were on the ocean in a typhoon. The trash can was looking better and better all the time.

As things seemed to settle down my two gray cells got together and determined that this was not my room, I would work on that later. My bladder announced that it was going to be the top priority in my day and was about to empty itself without any intervention. As I staggered to the light it turned out to be a bathroom. Thank god for big favors. I sat down on the seat and pushed my hard-on into a downward angle and proceeded to piss like a racehorse. As my bladder seemed to relinquish its hold on my thoughts I looked around the bathroom and decided it belonged to the female of the species. It now registered that I was completely naked with even my socks gone. This was a rude awaking because I had sworn off any relationships after my 2nd divorce.

While that was rolling around in my head my nose finally asserted itself and told my brain that I smelled like a walking fish factory that had ripened in the sun for about a week. I held my hand up to my mouth breathed out and dam near gave up anything that was left in my stomach.

I decided that a shower was in order and would like to say that I jumped into the shower; however it was a set of complex maneuvers and a very slow shuffle to the rain locker. As I went past the sink I saw a toothpaste tube sitting on top, I unscrewed the top and squeezed a healthy line on my finger and set the tube back on top of the sink. I stuck my finger in my mouth and rubbed the toothpaste on my teeth. Continuing on to the rain locker I successfully turned the cold water on and then the hot to a low level.

As the water rained over my body I used my finger to complete brushing my teeth. I was soaping up for the 2nd time when I felt a pair of hands go around my waist and a pair of tits push into my back.

A voice with a Spanish accent to it said “Hi lover.”I must have groaned as she said “You have to watch Jose Cuervo, he will get you every time.” As she continued to wash my back she was humming and hugging me and copping a feel every chance she got.

I put both of my gray cells to work trying to figure out what got me to this position. I had attended a party for one of my fellow workers his name was Juan. Juan was a much younger man than me, I was 48 years old and Juan was in his early 20’s. I remember the eating delicious Mexican food and having a few beers, the last I remember was having a shot of tequila when Juan announced his marriage to Maria.

I had sworn Şerifali Escort off hard liquor years before when I had awoke felling like I did now. Evidently, I had more than one tequila.

Maybe now would be a good time for me to give you a little background on myself. I’ve had two failed marriages, and yes some of the blame rests squarely on my shoulders for that. My last marriage got real ugly at the end and my ex was shouting at me that I had a small dick that she could not feel any more, that I was a lousy lover and didn’t know shit about eating pussy. My response to her went along the lines of if she hadn’t been putting out for every swinging dick in town she would not have such a big sloppy pussy and she had the morals of an alley cat.

I had caught her cheating on me and decided that enough was enough. The financial part of the divorce was fairly even as we lived in a community property state. That was five years ago and she was out of my life. I tried dating a few times and could not get a 3rd date from any of them. Maybe she had a point.

I was six foot and weighed 195 pounds; I had an extra 10 pounds that I was trying to get rid of but not too hard. My dick was five and a half inches long with a healthy set of balls. I bathed every day and brushed my teeth every day. I thought I was an OK guy. After 2 years of paying alimony to the bitch I was free of all obligations but myself.

I had taken a room in a nice older couple’s house for about a third of what my own place would have cost me. I had saved some money and my truck was paid off. My entertainment consisted of internet porn sites and my hand.

Enough about me I still had to figure out what I was going to do about the tits rubbing my back. I slowly turned around and was looking into the hot smoldering brown eyes of a MILF. She looked to be in her late 30’s or early 40’s she stood even with the top of my eyes and was smiling at me. As I looked her up and down I noticed her full C cup breasts and womanly flair of her hips her long brown hair hung down to the middle of her back.

She was built for comfort not for speed, she had curves and a olive colored skin that looked so much better than any porn site. This must be a dream I pinched myself as I tried to connect the dots but it was hopeless. The confusion must have been written across my face.

She pushed me up against the wall of the shower pushed her tits into my chest, molded her body to mine and said “See anything you like.” She rubbed her body all over mine, as she continued to smile at me like the cat that ate the canary.

My brain disconnected and the little head took over and decided that he was going to rally the forces and put the rest of the blood in a caretaker mode. I wrapped my arms around her and grabbed the cheeks of her ass and pulled her into me. My hard dick sought a warm little opening to push into but was rewarded with a pair of thighs wrapping around him. About that time the warm water ran out and she reached around me to turn off the water. Her body lifted on one side with her leg stretched out and her pussy lips wrapped themselves around my dick as she returned to the front of me. I was making small whimpering and mewing noises, and not very manly ones at that.

My eyes glazed over and I held her tightly to me as I rained kisses to her neck and shoulder area. I didn’t want to kiss her lips until I had drunk a whole jar of Listerine and brushed İstanbul Escort my teeth a dozen more times.

My stomach had had enough of being ignored and asserted itself with a mighty rumble which signaled my asshole to let loose with a fragrant flutter spurt. She disengaged with a giggle and said “I will fix something for your tummy,” and with that was gone like a scalded cat. The fan came on in the bathroom as she exited and I smelled air freshener.

I was mortified; no wonder women didn’t give me the time of day. Talk about a mood killer, that was one. The little head decided that he did not want to play in a toxic gas zone which freed up blood and oxygen to seek under privileged areas of my body.

My two brain cells were able to connect again and collectively decided I should not waste my time going to any gambling establishments as my luck was completely in the shitter.

As I sat on the stool and attempted to evacuate any foreign matter from my body all I succeeded in doing was emitting toxic gas in large quantities. She had left the spray on the tank cover I know I used at least a half of a can.

The two gray cells had a new problem to work on; I did not know her name, where I was or where my clothes were. Holy shit I hope I did not drive last night OMG what was I going to do? We decided to throw myself on the mercy of court and just fess up; anything else would have overloaded the circuits.

I exited the bathroom and looked for my clothes no luck only my shoes over by the bed. I wandered onto the hallway and followed my nose to the source of the coffee smell. I was congratulating myself on this accomplishment when I arrived at the kitchen.

There she stood with no clothes on in her bare feet and beautiful ass on display. I must have made one of those whimpering noises again as she turned to me smiling and said “Drop the towel you are over dressed.”

I said “I am so embarrassed I can’t remember your name or how we got here or where my clothes are please tell me I did not drive anywhere last night, the last thing I remember was having a shot of tequila when Juan announced his engagement to Maria.” Also I apologized for the shower incident.

There was that giggle again and that kilowatt smile did I mention her smoldering brown eyes. She said she had 4 brothers growing up and was used to almost anything.

She dished up whatever it was she had made and I was told to eat it while she filled me in on what had happened last night. I started to ask what it was; all she said was “Eat.” Then she pointed at the food.

“First of all my name is Rosa and no you did not drive here last night. I have your clothes, wallet and keys. You have to finish your plate so that we can enjoy the rest of the weekend.”

I must have been holding my breath because I exhaled when I realized I had not driven while intoxicated. I had almost hit a pedestrian once and swore to never drive that way again.

My next comment was “I will call a cab as soon as I get finished and get out of your hair and I thank you very much for taking care of me.”

“So you think you can just fuck me and run along on your merry way? Think again buster, your mine for the weekend, I have all your stuff so you better be good to me.”

My mouth was hanging open as my brain tried to intelligently process what she had just said. I had fucked her and did not remember. I was going to have a serious chat with my dick Ümraniye Escort when this was over. Or was it the two gray cells that needed a talking to? Oh well that was for another day.

“Let me clear up a few things for you, first of all I am claiming salvage rights on you so you are mine. I own you now. Second I did not arrive at the party until almost 10:30 pm and you were 3 sheets to the wind, however you were the life of the party and had everyone was enjoying your antics.”

“You probably don’t remember going over to the table with all the old ladies dragging them out one at time and dancing with them and giving them a big hug and a kiss as they were returned to the table. You gave five old ladies something to talk about for the rest of their lives. Just wait until you see the pictures and the video.”

I was going to have to look into the salvage rights thing and molesting little old ladies is not a good thing to put on my resume or was it? My two gray cells were desperately trying to figure out how to get a hold of the pictures and video, and delete them before they came back to bite my ass.

“No more fucking hard liquor for me, honest I mean it this time!” I just started to realize that my stomach was feeling good again and it went on to autopilot. Whatever food she had made for me did the trick; maybe we could start a business and sell the stuff outside of every bar in the USA. We would be millionaires in no time at all.

“I realize that I am taking unfair advantage of you however we are going back to bed for a 2 hour nap and then you are going to fuck me again slow and easy this time,” she stood up and held her hand out and off we went to the bedroom.Yea I followed like a sheep being lead to slaughter, come on we are talking diminished capacity here.

I did notice a landing strip leading the way to her clit. Boy wonder started to demand some extra rations of blood supply and I caught myself just before I would have made that whimpering noise again. Her ass had a nice wiggle to it as I followed it down the hall.

We arrived at the bedroom again and I noticed that the bed was made up fresh and looked very inviting. Rosa motioned for me to put my head in her lap and she started running her hand through my hair. She pulled my mouth to her nipple and I started sucking as she continued to caress me. My last thought was how wonderful it was to be owned as I drifted into la-la land.

About 3 hours later I felt my balls and dick being stroked, it felt so good. I started in with the noises again as I returned to the land of the living. As my eyes opened my angel of mercy was smiling at me, dam those brown eyes looked like liquid pools that just pulled me in.

OMG while I was napping my two gray cells had propagated into at least 1000 gray cells. All 1000 of them voted to relinquish control to the little head. The little head shut down all the blood freeways except the main line to the little prick. Then the little son of a bitch started making nice with the hands that were wrapped around him. He enlisted the aid of my respitory system to keep time with the strokes he was receiving.

With the heavy breathing and whimpering and moaning getting faster and faster the little white swimmers voted to jump ship. My balls were much relived with the decision the little white swimmers had made, and eased themselves down to the bottom of their sack.

Talk about a fucking mess, I had cum all over my chest. Rosa went to the bathroom and retrieved a washcloth and towel to clean up my chest.

She asked “Do I have your attention now?”

Well fuck a duck, even with reinforcements of the gray cells I was clueless to as to what was going on.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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