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It was a slow, cold rainy night as the clock went past 10 PM. My partner and I had been posted for the past hour, and from experience I felt that we probably wouldn’t be getting any more calls tonight. Cold rain tends to keep people inside and not out doing anything stupid. The other thing that a rainy night does is create boredom. When you’re stuck just sitting in the front of an ambulance for several hours you just kinda run out of things to do.

I had been working with Linda for about 2 weeks. From when I first met her about 2 months ago I knew I wanted to work with her. After 24 years as a paramedic I was worn out, grim, and seemed to always have a certain sadness about me. I first saw Linda in our headquarters parking lot one night as I was getting off a long shift. Her smile and caring eyes seemed to lift years of burdens away from me as we stopped and spoke for a few minutes. I spent the next month pulling in favors and bugging supervisors to assign us on a truck together. Linda was an EMT with 2 years’ experience and was working on a BLS (basic life support) truck with another EMT. My break finally came when her partner suddenly quit. It didn’t take much convincing to management to have her truck made into a advance life support unit and get myself assigned to it.

Linda had no idea of my behind the scenes maneuvering, but was very happy and relieved to find out we would be working together. One of the biggest fears everyone has in this business is being stuck with a partner you don’t like.

Over the years I have always worked to keep things above board and professional with my partners, especially the female ones. Even though I have flirted with a number of my patients and partners I never have crossed any sexual boundaries. I’m not going to claim to be a perfect, faithful husband, but after watching to many good medic’s careers go up in flames I knew better than to mess around with anyone at work. Please understand I’m not saying anything about anyone who has been tempted to cross that line. When you are dealing with stressful situations on a daily basis with someone, and spending countless hours together in close quarters it is very easy to fall into an affair.

So for the last 2 weeks I had worked very hard to always be professional. That’s not to say we had not instantly bonded as partners. Linda instinctively handles emergencies like I do, and has a wonderful sweetness and kindness in her patient care that balances well with my personality. We both quickly found ourselves looking forward to the start of our shifts and seeing each other. Linda had a way of bringing the excitement of when I first started in EMS back to me. We had already learned everything about each other’s lives and enjoyed talking about any subject.

I’m 56 and Linda is 50. She had been divorced for 2 years after 25 years of marriage to a guy who emotionally abused her. She raised 5 great kids during that time without much help from her spouse. To say the least she had a jaded view towards men. I was on my 3rd marriage for the past 6 years. Even though my wife is a fun person to be with, the sex sucked. I had learned to accept it and had settled down into a comfortable, if somewhat boring, life at home.

So on this cold, rainy night I sat staring out the window watching the raindrops I was thinking about the night before. It had been a crazy, busy night. The opposite of this night. We had several bad calls and had gotten off 2 hours late from our 12 hour shift. As I walked Linda to her car I suddenly pulled her to me and kissed her. It had seemed to be the most natural thing in the world to do. She was shocked but had not pulled away or resisted. I’ve kissed a lot of girls in my life, but never like this. It was just a light brushing of lips. A shared breath. So soft and tender, but also so full of Kartal Escort passion it took my breath away. Suddenly coming to my senses as to what I had done, I hurriedly apologized and rushed off to my car leaving her standing there. I felt as stupid as a junior high school kid who just stole his 1st kiss from a girl at a dance.

Tonight through checking the truck off and the 3 easy calls nothing had been said about last night. In fact, not much had been said at all. None if our usual conversations, jokes, or sexual innuendo we’ve already grown accustom to in a few short weeks. As I stared out the window she sat reading a book which she had not turned a page in for a half hour. Figuring that I had destroyed a new friendship and great partnership I decided in a brilliant stroke of wisdom to put up or shut up and lighten the mood up. A old joke in EMS on long posts is to sometimes joke around about jumping in back of the ambulance, watching some porn, and jerking off when everyone knows you’re just going to take a nap.

I’ve had even already said it to Linda a few times and gotten a laugh or a have fun type comment out of her. This time however when I said it she closed her book, turned and looked at me, and said, “Can I watch?”

I’m sure I looked ridiculous with my mouth opening and closing trying to figure out if she was serious or not.

“Sure,” I finally managed to say as I got out of the front of the ambulance to go to the back.

I know, I know…real profound and sexy.

“What do I do now?” was what I was really thinking as I walked to the back. Nice job talking about the elephant in the room and making matters worse I thought.

Now I’ve jerked off with women watching me before, but it has been awhile. My 2nd wife was particularly fond of watching me jerk off for her before she passed away. Truth be told, it has been several years since I’ve done anything with a woman, and as I climbed in the back of the ambulance with Linda following me I thought that if I can even get it up I’ll probably cum in 3 seconds or so. Real impressive. At least she won’t think there’s an elephant in the room when she sees my small dick.

If you’ve never been in the back of an ambulance before let’s just say that there isn’t a lot of room. The stretcher us about as long and wide as a normal person, and is piled up with our jump bag and cardiac monitor. There is a 6′ long bench seat on the right side, a captain’s chair at the head of the stretcher, and the stretcher sitting slightly offside to the left with about a foot of space between it and the bench seat. Neither the stretcher nor the bench seat are built for comfort, both having just thin foam padding. I’ve known a number of medics who have claimed to have had sex in the back of an ambulance, but not me. Never have even come close. I’ve had a couple of female psych patients come on to me in the past, but good old fashion ethics (and the fact they were nuts) always kept me in line. Back to the ambulance- there is a small counter next to the captain’s chair to do paperwork on and lots of cabinets on both sides and the front wall for our supplies. Also there’s the windows, two on the back doors, one on the side door, and of course the windshield. Even though the back and side door windows are heavily tinted if it’s dark outside and there is any light on inside you can see through them easily, and anyone standing at the front of the truck looking in could see all the way into the back of the truck. This may seem like a great adventurous place to make love to a young fit couple, but at my age I prefer a nice warm bed with soft sheets.

So now I was committed, or should be committed maybe. It’s not that i wasn’t hoping for an intimate relationship with Linda I just never figured it would happen like this. As I climbed in Pendik Escort the back with Linda behind me I wondered if she was just calling my bluff or something. She however quickly moved the jump bag to the end of the bench seat and the monitor to the captain’s chair and laid down on the stretcher. After making sure the radios were turned up in case we got a call I sat down on the bench seat.

Seeing how beautiful she is laying there looking at me I found myself starting to get excited about the idea of performing for her. I quickly decided to skip the porn and just watch her reactions as I unzipped my pants. I asked her if she was ready for a show as I reached inside my pants to pull my dick out.

Linda’s eyes lit up and a big smile came to her face as I pulled my dick out and started stroking it.

“I didn’t know if you would really do this for me,” she said sweetly. “Do you mind taking your pants off so I can see better?”

As I stood up to drop my pants and shorts my half erect dick was just a few inches from her face. I was holding my breath to see what would happen.

She just said, “I think that is the thickest cock I’ve ever seen.”

I sat down on the bench seat using the jump bag to prop myself up with and placed my right foot up on the seat so that my dick was only about a foot away from her hungrily watching eyes as she laid on her side watching me.

I was really getting excited and into doing this as I stroked my cock faster. As the 1st drop of precum appeared I felt her move her hand to my left thigh. Feeling her hand there almost made me cum right then.

“Focus,” I said to myself wanting to make this unbelievable moment last as long as possible.

I knew it was all over when she softly said, “Can I help?”

My breathing quickened rapidly as she first placed her hand over mine then moved it above mine on my shaft and moistened her thumb and index finger with my precum. As she totally took over from me rubbing my dick I lost myself in the sensations coursing through my body. The firmness of her grip and her rhythm were perfect as I felt the orgasm build to its peak. With a mighty groin I finally let loose the cum that had built up inside of me. It had been several weeks since I had masturbated so there was a lot of cum this time. As I watched it roll down my shaft and over her hand I wondered where the first shot had gone. Linda was still stroking my dick when I finally could focus and saw it stuck in her hair.

When my heart rate finally returned to normal, I stood and reached across Linda to the cabinet where we stored our towels to get one for us. As I sat back down I saw her starting to lick the cum off her hand.

“Looks like I missed some,” she said as finished the cum on her hand and looked up at me. She then leaned across and started flicking the head of my cock with her tongue and caressed my balls with her hand. Slowly teasing me she ran her tongue around my shaft and licked clean every drop of cum on it. Then proceeding slowly, she took my dick into her mouth.

As incredible as the sensations from the hand job had been they paled in comparisons of how it felt to have my dick in her mouth. Usually at my age it’s one shot and done, but this time I felt my dick responding to the feelings it was receiving from Linda’s beautiful lips, tongue, and mouth. As my dick hardened inside her mouth she reached around me, grabbing my ass, and laid back on the stretcher pulling me with her so that I ended up over her fucking her mouth. We continued like this for several minutes until I was fully hard again and felt another orgasm building inside of me.

I realized looking down as I slid my dick in and out of her mouth that she had undone her pants and had her hand inside them.

“It’s not fair,” I thought to myself. Göztepe Escort “I haven’t done anything to help her cum.”

Almost as if she had read my mind she stopped sucking my dick and whispered, “Would you do me a favor?”

“Yes,” I said feeling so much love building inside of me for this incredible lady I would have gladly done anything for her.

“I want you inside me,” she quietly said. “I want to feel you cum in me.”

Would miracles never end, I thought as I said the same deep, profound romantic thought from before. “Sure.”

As I sat back trying to figure how to do it in the back of an ambulance she took her boots and pants off and unbuttoned her uniform shirt. Just like I remembered from high school how band uniforms could hide a beautiful girl I realized EMS uniforms were the same way. Linda was an incredible beauty. With full, not overly large breasts in a black lace bra, to her soft stomach still holding a nice shape with only a slight bulge, to her full shapely hips in matching black panties, and her wonderful legs, Linda was a vision to behold.

“I never expected any of this.” I said while taking her beauty in.

“That kiss last night took my breath away,” she said as she placed her hands on either side of my face and looked deeply into my eyes. “I was already attracted to you, but didn’t know how or if I should say anything. I couldn’t sleep last night or wait to see you today thinking about how wonderful it would be to make love to you. I was just waiting for you to make the first move again tonight, and was nearly dying sitting there thinking you were not going to.”

Feeling her hand on my dick again guiding me between her legs I just nodded dumbly as I moved on top of her . She pulled her panties aside with her other hand and pulled me closer to her. As I leaned down we kissed for the first time since last night. The taste of my cum was still on her lips as our tongues met and began their own dance. I breathed her in totally as she gave herself totally to me. I felt the tip of my dick push aside the outer lips of her pussy and start to slide fully in her. Her eyes had a hungry lust in them as she wrapped her legs around my hips and pulled me in deeper. For having had 5 kids naturally she was incredibly tight, soft and wet.

“Oh, yes. Fuck me. I want that hot cum in my pussy,” she cried out as our fucking became faster and more passionate.

I knew I was going to cum again any second when she suddenly cried out that she was cumming and moaned loudly.

As her pussy flooded her juices out on my dick I felt the deep muscles inside her clamp down on my dick. With a second loud groin I felt my cum shooting in her in 4 long bursts. I collapsed on her managing to hold most of my weight off her with my elbows as we both struggled to catch our breaths. We shared several long deep kisses before I could finally move off her to the bench seat.

“You know I’ve never done anything like this before in the back of the ambulance,” I said.

“Nether have I” she replied. “I haven’t been with anyone but my husband for 26 years and he never made me cum like that. I hope this isn’t a onetime deal.”

“Me either. I hope we get to have more long posts from now on,” I said.

In the months since then we have become best friends and lovers, and have fallen deeply in love. Although we prefer a nice bed to make love in now we still rock ambulance out quite often. She has figured out how to lean across the console in the front to give me the best blow jobs I have ever had, and I love to tell her erotic stories as she plays with herself in the passenger seat as I drive. We have also figured out how to fuck in the back quite well. One of our favorite positions is for me to bend her over the captain’s chair while I fuck her from behind. That always gives both of us huge, deep orgasms.

So if you ever find yourself in the back of an ambulance and the medics seem very happy then that could possibly be a cum stain you see on the bench seat or stretcher. Just smile and think about much pleasure the medics had in making it.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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