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Hi, I’m Melissa, and I was getting ready to go meet Michael for lunch, and I have to admit I’m really excited. When I tell you why, perhaps you’ll understand. I was going to take a bath and relax first before getting ready, I didn’t have to work and I could take all morning. Let’s face it; I couldn’t concentrate on anything anyway.

I ran the bath and threw some jasmine scented oil into the water, got my razor and took off my robe. I watched my reflection in the mirror, and had to say I liked it. My hair, thanks to modern technology was a stylish black with a touch of butterscotch in the front covering what would have been all gray, but nobody needs to know that. My breasts were still perky and my buns had maintained their roundness in spite of age and gravity. I felt great, really charged with energy, almost as if I was being reborn to start my life over at 40. My eyes and lips, he said those were my best features, were still much younger than my actual age I thought, and my mind raced creatively with all kinds of romantic fantasies and possibilities. I felt like a silly schoolgirl actually, and what’s more I loved it.

Michael was responsible. We started by innocently having lunch together, we were old friends and I’m certain neither of us had an agenda going in, but something had started to change. At first I noticed he was looking into my eyes longer, as if he were trying to fathom my thoughts and fantasies, yes I admitted to him that fantasy was a big part of my life, and he seemed to be noticing my lips more too, almost as if he was thinking about kissing me. I had told him about my marriage, and at first I tried to downplay the lack of passion, but I could not hide from him, it was as if he was in my bedroom every night. He seemed to know that I was sorely lacking in this area, and he knew just what to ask to get me to open up, something I usually don’t do. As his gazes became more intense and direct, I found myself returning them, and wondering back, “what is he thinking, is he thinking of me that way?’ I was pretty sure he was, but to his credit, he gave me space to decide for myself and respected that this was difficult.

I stepped into the warm bursa escort bayan water, and began to soap myself, first my arms and then my breasts. My nipples were hard from the cold, or was it thoughts of him that hardened them? My heart beat quickened as I thought of him. I could hardly wait to touch myself there, but decided to hold off as long as I could. I felt my breasts and imagined that he was holding them, maybe sitting behind me here in the tub. God I would love that, feeling his cock up against my backside and rubbing it by pressing back on it.

I really couldn’t wait any longer and my hands went to my pussy for a quick feel, damn, it felt so good, would it be so wrong to let him? God knows I needed it badly. To distract myself I grabbed my razor and shaving cream and began to shave my pubic area, the mound first and then the sides. It looked good bare and felt better to me than all hairy, the smoothness seemed to stimulate me more, and lately self stimulation was all I had.

I was an all-star at fantasy, I read erotic literature and looked at pictures, men and women, and had invested in all the latest toys and lingerie. I would love to have someone to use it all on, but I had to admit that I was a do-it-yourselfer when it came to love most of the time.

I couldn’t help thinking how great it would feel to have another man, how it would feel to have Michael, who was I kidding, touching me and stroking me, stroking my thighs and licking the outside of me and then finding the target of my sexual core. Lately I had not been able to pleasure myself without it being with him, especially the ending.

It was good to have an actual person to fantasize about, for years I had used characters in books or stories for my leading man. As I soaked I absently fondled myself and before long it was starting to feel too good to stop. The razor handle was a little small, but it would have to do, because I hadn’t brought my vibrator in with me, what a shame. The razor handle was now inside me, I tucked it up under the pubic bone to find my “G’ spot and with the other hand I circularly rubbed my clit.

I ached for another man’s cock gorukle escort to be inside me, I had been married for eighteen long years, and the last couple was really long. My marriage lacked a lot of things, and terrific passionate lovemaking was one of them. I had decided to stay married and give myself what I needed, but lately that seemed kind of lame. What was I doing? Thinking of my marriage depressed me so I stopped masturbating for awhile. I had been averaging twice a day for the last few weeks, and still the fire burned. I decided to drain the tub and rinse in the shower and then get ready for my lunch with Michael in a leisurely fashion, trying on different outfits

and experimenting with panty/bra sets of which I have indulged myself plenty.

I toweled off and then went into my bedroom and stood naked in front of my lingerie drawer. As I looked through my collection I pictured Michael sneaking up behind me, he was naked and I lusted after his body in the mirror. You see he has fantastic ripped pectorals and defined biceps, and his whole body is in shape and proportion. His hairline is receding, but his blondish hair with a few strands of gray gives him a youthful look, but also mature, which I find incredibly sexy! And his face, well that is smooth in parts and ruggedly handsome in parts and clean shaven too. His skin is lightly tanned, and his face has a healthy warm color, part tan and part flushed, a real outdoorsy look. By far the best thing about him, other than his cock, just kidding, is his eyes, they are bright blue but they can go green or hazel on occasion, but they are always looking and searching and noticing and penetrating. Those eyes have made me wet on more than one occasion.

So far I hadn’t done anything about it, not that I didn’t want to! Trust me, I did. I really would love to see him all naked, maybe stretched out on the bed or lying on his side, gee maybe I should just go see him someday, he had an office in his home and I’m pretty sure he’d welcome the distraction. Boy, what would I do?

I selected an old standby, Victoria secret, black satin push-up bra and black satin “O” ring bursa merkez escort bayan thong and slipped them on. They felt great and I thought I looked very sexy, I’m sure Michael would too if he got the chance. The thong nestled into me and gave me a rush and I touched myself again, triggering feelings there, the feelings that were always there just beneath the surface, waiting for my perfect master to call them out. Could I answer the call, I asked myself? I thought I could, but didn’t want to force the issue just yet.

I slipped a finger in and realized somehow I was wet. I thought in the interests of safety that I better do something before I met Michael or I might lose control. So I took the thong off and grabbed the vibrator from the Tupperware box under the bed, and started that puppy up. I sighed as it moved around my hood and then found its way inside to the clit, and I gasped as the business end entered me, just like Michael would do if I let him, God it would be so great I thought to have him, even to have him watch me do this would be wonderful. I knew that he knew he was responsible for triggering these feelings in me, and I also knew that he probably could have me anytime he really wanted; my resistance was not exactly strong right now.

I increased the pace of my magic wand and my ass humped it in return, God I was tired of being alone like this I wanted more, more, more and then quickly I was coming, coming coming, and bucking too, oh and I think I said his name I love the way it sounds the way I imagine it will if I ever make love to him, “Michael, Michael, oh god thank-you for fucking me with your big beautiful cock Michael and kiss me some more give me that tongue Michael and let this moment last forever please god and wrap those strong arms around me Michael and don’t let go, wait for me, I’m coming again and again , I’ll come for you anytime you want Michael, just wait for me, wait for me Michael’

I let out a deep breath and I can hear my heart start beating again. I light a cigarette. Damn, I’ve got to stop this I thought, thinking I never could, and wherever it went it went. Damned if I could control it anymore. My heart raced as I looked at the clock and noticed I was meeting him in a half hour. It’s a good thing I was in control I told myself and laughed.

Destiny rules, he had said. And that was no lie Jack.

“Michael,” I said one more time. And decided to dress. Without the thong.


Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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