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Big Tits

CW: D/s, bondage, spanking, toys.


The champagne had gone straight to Mia’s head as she waited for her turn to be called to the auction block. She had expected that by going last, enough of the audience would have bled off to the terrace to smoke or to the quieter side rooms to talk business with whoever they bought for the weekend. Instead they’d hung around near the stage to see what the next bid went for and to which charity.

The practice of only including men in the charity auction was demeaning and outdated to Mia and she had had to point out to the board and the organizers that it was nowhere in the official rules of the charity auction that the services had to be auctioned off by man. They conceded her point and Mia had put a weekend of her marketing consultation services up for auction for the new shelter for Street Youth. Only now had it occurred to her how disheartening it would be to walk out and have no one bid.

A man nearly a foot taller than Mia adjusted his chef’s whites in the mirror backstage. “What did you say you did? Are you a coach?” He asked her.

Mia couldn’t remember the name of the chef, only that he owned Saffron, a new farm to table in the rapidly gentrifying east end. He might have thought coach if he’d seen her last presentation at the networking event last month about the importance of mentorship in the workplace, though she couldn’t imagine him sitting through her whole talk, if any.

“Marketing actually,” Mia told him, emptying her third glass.

“Brave of you with that,” said the chef, picking a tiny black thread from his shoulders.

Mia frowned. “And why is it brave?”

“What I do for people has an indisputable value. Ingredients. My time. My skill. No debating it. Marketing’s not really like that. Give someone all the help in the world polishing a turd and it’s still a turd and your skills are worthless. Only as good as the client, see, and you don’t pick the client here. They pick you, spend money before they see results, see? Brave if you ask me.”

The MC called Leigh Boback and the chef left Mia alone backstage to second guess herself yet again. Chef Boback was collecting a charity that taught inner city kids culinary skills and he quickly raised a few hundred dollars.

Mia had spent the previous night at the networking event stumping for her charity but now felt convinced she would be humiliated on stage. Boback was right, what she did didn’t necessarily have any meaningful ROI if the product was terrible. Or if the client was too stubborn to listen. It was too late to jam out now. She heard applause. Boback would have left the stage with his buyer.

Mia caught a quick glance of herself in the mirror. Long flowing brown hair, full face of makeup without any crazy colors or lipstick on her teeth. Bottle green wrap dress that cinched at the waist. Three inch nude pumps. Simple but put together.

The MC announced her name and the name of her marketing agency, Signet. That she was raising money for the Street Youth shelter and that she was offering two days of full service, personalized branding consultation and strategy development.

The stage lights were hot and blinding and from the stage Mia could only see a crowd of more than a hundred gathered around the stage. The opening bids were small but at least they came. Twenty dollars. Forty. Up to sixty. And all women from the voices in the crowd but Mia couldn’t see them clearly either from the brightness of the stage.

The figures climbed slowly past the one hundred dollar mark and Mia felt herself start to relax. No matter what happened now she was safe. She’d raised some money for something important and the money spent was reasonable, appropriate for her services.

Then Mia heard a voice, deep and resonant, say something from the crowd that she couldn’t quite understand until the MC repeated it. A figure. Five thousand. The MC actually laughed and some of the audience clapped, presumably because of the large donation. The MC asks for other bidders but of course there’s no one. The Entrepreneur’s Starlight Auction draws some wealthier and better established business owners, but is primarily for new business owners in need of financing and networking. To pay so much for a single service was hardly typical. Mia heard the rustle of a few dozen whispers exchanged from the audience but she couldn’t see the bidder.

“Five thousand dollars, sold to the Shane Helm, owner of Verve Nutrition.”

Shane Helm. Mia had spoken to him a handful of times at different association events in the past year. She let the MC usher her off stage and down to the crowds watching. She scanned the crowd and saw him, a spit polished version of the man she’d encountered a few times before. He was tall with broad shoulders and long limbs. His navy suit was tailored to fit him perfectly. His piercing blue eyes were visible from across the room as he watched her walk to him, still dazzled by the spotlights.

“Good evening, Mia,” he Maltepe Esmer Escort greeted her as the MC made the final remarks and the crowd applauded. “You look lovely in green.”

Mia smiled and hugged Shane, breathing him in as she held him close. She smelled the soap on his skin, some other fragrance as well, whether it was cologne or aftershave or something else. When she released him she squeezed his arm gently. She could hide her attraction with a blander, friendlier type of flirtation.

“I can’t thank you enough for your generosity, Shane,” said Mia. “I’m so flattered you were willing to make such a contribution to the shelter tonight.”

Shane put his hand on Mia’s back and led her slowly, away from the crowd and towards the terrace overlooking the glittering moonlit bay. “It’s such a worthy cause.”

They chatted lightly for nearly a half hour. Apparently Shane’s company, Verve Nutrition, had just acquired three large and key clients out east and the company would have to expand more rapidly than anticipated to keep up with demand. Mia remembered from a meet and greet months back that Shane was unmarried, no kids. Initially she wondered if he was gay and discrete but Mia dismissed that now. The way he steered her slowly along the terrace didn’t feel companionate. It felt…possessive. Why would man like Shane Helm want possess her she wondered. Still, Mia reveled in his seemingly casual touches.

“Still with what’s his name?” Shane asked, stealing a glance at Mia’s left hand. Her engagement ring was gone and Shane found himself remembering her presumably ex-fiance’s name. “Dan?”

“Dan? Nope, he’s dead now.” Mia deadpanned long enough for Shane’s smirk start to transform into a look of confusion. It impressed her that he remembered her fiance’s name from just a few conversations. She saved him with a smile. “He wanted more attention than I could give him.”

Shane was quiet for a moment. “Sorry,” he said finally. “I shouldn’t joke. It’s really unfortunate.”

Mia smiled awkwardly. “Better before the expensive party then after.”

“Oh, agreed. I just meant it’s unfortunate that he would want to marry someone hoping they’d change their life and priorities for him.”

Mia stared at Shane, wishing she could taste his mouth on hers. “Maybe. Marriage is compromise. I’m probably too selfish.”

Shane eyed her and Mia couldn’t tell is Shane was undressing her with his eyes or not. She hoped so. “There are other kinds of meaningful partnerships,” he told her. “Do you want to get out of here?”

“Now?” Mia checked her phone. It was just after nine. That left way too many hours out for a drink or alone back at home with Shane. He could be an ax murderer for all she knew, but for more likely she’d just try to make sex happen, get awkward, and need an uber back from snob hill at two in the morning.

“Yes now,” Shane said. “I got what I came here for.”

Arousal so strong it felt like a punch in the gut hit Mia and she stared past Shane, trying to keep her expression neutral. It didn’t sound like he was after her services.

“If I go with you, where are we going?”

Shane smirked again. “When you come with me, we’re going back to my place.”

Mia would be lying if she said she didn’t like Shane’s insistence. On another man she would have gone and found security. With Shane she felt challenged rather than threatened. “What makes you so sure of yourself?”

“Because, Mia, I think you want the Street Youth shelter to receive my donation. And the weekend with you is the cost of that donation. You don’t have to get in the car with me but if you don’t, there are other worthy causes.”

His words hit Mia like a slap in the face. “You’re leveraging homeless street kids at me? That’s pretty barbaric.”

“I’m not leveraging anything. I donated plenty already tonight, mostly to the women’s shelter on 51st Avenue. No one has to know you backed out of it, apart from the organizers. If you’re not comfortable with my offer, that’s okay Mia. I understand.”

He did sound understanding, Mia thought, though she was crestfallen. She didn’t even really know why she was saying no. It wasn’t like she didn’t want him. And she wanted to help the street kids as well. There was no reason to be reluctant apart from fear of inadequacy.

Shane leaned forward to kiss her cheek, his lips lingering a moment longer than they might otherwise have done. “I’m going to do a round before I go. I’ll be about twenty minutes. If you change your mind before I leave, come find me.”

He left Mia alone on the terrace and returned to the gala to make his excuses.

Mia waited a moment for him to enter and tehn headed back in as well, except this time to the bathroom. The stalls were oversized and luxurious. She splashed some cold water on her wrists and checked her phone out of nervous habit. A message from a kinky dating app from someone she didn’t know.

“I’ve changed my mind, Mia. I want seven days, Maltepe Eve Gelen Escort not a weekend. Only come to me if you think you can handle that.”

Mia nearly dropped her phone, instead ducking into a stall and locking the door before feverishly searching the sender’s profile. Headless, suited torso that must have been Shane Helm. Well written profile, if both brief and vague. Maybe if she’d seen it that’s why she hadn’t responded. Her profile was lengthy and listed lots of personal and sexual details, down to specific kinks. His merely said he was looking for right woman to submit.

He hadn’t liked any of her pictures but they were scandalous too, nude or mostly nude photos. There was no way a person looking at her profile could tell it belonged to her, except for one picture, the second she’d added, which showed a tattoo on her wrist, a custom compass in dark blue ink. If Shane had committed her ex-fiance’s name to memory, he must have remembered her tattoo as well.

Mia was tempted to just say yes, to find Shane let him take her back to home theater and rainshower and let him do whatever he liked to her, but there were practical problems to consider. She didn’t have enough clients yet that she could afford to spend the week letting Shane wife her up when she should be hustling. If she didn’t get more clients soon, she would be in serious trouble and her company might even fold.

Less of a consideration was what might happen if she said yes. She wasn’t worried he would hurt her or take more than she wanted, not really. Bodily she would be safe. She knew any time she objected too strongly, it was the donation that was on the line-something she didn’t love. She had to make a deal with herself that she needed to be ready to walk away from that money if she accepted.

She tapped out a response to Shane’s message. “Shane, I’m not opposed to this arrangement except that I can’t afford throw away a week without getting new clients. Can we work something out?”

She waited nearly five long minutes in the stall, half afraid Shane has somehow already left. Then her phone pinged.

“You have a new client. Verve will pay for your services on contract after this week. I’ll put it in writing. No matter what happens this week. You won’t have to work directly with me if you don’t want. Now what do you say?”

Mia slid her phone away and left the stall, washing her hands and applying more lipstick. Would she get to taste Shane Helm tonight? Would he be patient with her when she couldn’t cum right away?

She found Shane near the coat room, chatting with a luciously dressed couple. Him in buttery grey charcoal suit. Her in a Lanvin sheath and an Hermes scarf. Mia hovered on the periphery for a moment until Shane spotted her.

“Oh, here’s my most recent acquisition. Mia, come say hello to Larry and Viola Kinkaid. Larry serves on the board with Nutritec, the second-largest North American distributor for vitamins and supplements. Viola works with the Women in Business Association. Viola, have you met Mia Sutton? Mia owns Signet, the marketing firm Verve contracts out to.”

Mia shook hands with Larry and Viola and felt Shane’s hand on her hip, pulling her against him. His physical presence was somehow calming, surrounded by all these intimidating people. The nerves and booze got to her and she wobbled noticeably in her heels but Shane tightened his grip on her, keeping her from losing balance.

“Oh dear, bought and paid for I see!” Larry clapped Shane on the back and Mia blushed darkly. “I’d say never mix business and pleasure but then I would never have met Viola. We’ll let you two get out of here. Shane, make sure to get your money’s worth!”

“I always do,” Shane said softly once Larry and Viola had departed. “So Mia, what’s it going to be? Are you spending the week with me?”

“If you can put your offer in writing, then yes.” Mia hoped he wouldn’t decline but he pulled out his phone and after a moment of tapping, her phone buzzed again. This time her work email.

It was from Shane’s work email, with the contract attached. Dated for today. Mia glanced up at him. “How far in advance did you have this made?”

“Obviously it would be destroyed if you said no. But you’re not saying no, are you Mia?”

Mia shook her head. She wasn’t saying no. He had planned this. Planned to buy her at the auction. Planned to offer her a marketing contract with Verve. And probably planned to need a week rather than a weekend. Not that Mia was complaining. She let him take her arm and steer her towards the valet where the attendant’s face lit up when Shane handed him the ticket.

“If you have any doubts, Mia, now’s your last chance to go,” Shane whispered as they waited for the car. Mia had a hard time imagining Shane stopping her if she tried to leave his home but the warning turned her on regardless.

The valet brought around a sapphire blue Porsche 911 Targa GTS, and couldn’t resist revving the engine slightly, Maltepe Evi Olan Escort letting the engine growl and pop before jumping out and handing the keys to Shane.

“Of course this is your car,” Mia laughed but she looked impressed and a little intimidated. Shane reached for her door.

“Why of course? Does this car just scream Shane Helm?”

The interior was sumptuous black leather with deep seats that hugged Mia’s body like they were made for her. Shane tipped the valet and slid his keys in the ignition, steering the little jewel of a sports car out of the lot and towards the highway.

The noise of the road fell away inside the Porsche and it was just Shane and Mia cocooned within, roaring through the night.

Small talk was light, pleasant but Mia had the sense she was being toyed with, like a mouse cornered by particularly smug cat. She wanted to ask Shane what sort of arrangement he had in mind, but she kept losing her nerve.

They crossed from the main highway out of downtown into Fairhill and past Pleasant Hill, where Mia thought Shane lived.

“Where are you taking me?” Mia glanced at the street signs.

Shane smiled. “I don’t live in Pleasant Hill, I have house past there, just in Royal View. Small place, you know. Less to clean. I work long hours, I’m not home a lot.”

Royal View was all mixed family housing, detached and semi-detached, and also north west of Pleasant Hill and they were heading south.

Shane glanced over at Mia. “I also have a home about a half hour out of town, just on Heron Lake. I needed somewhere close, in case I get called in to deal with something. We’re not quite at the stage where I can tell my managing director to handle everything that arises.”

They made small talk again for another moment before Shane interrupted Mia mid sentence.

“Mia, I want you to take your panties off and give them to me.”

Mia blanched. “Now?”

“Now, Mia.”

Mia summoned the courage and slid her hands up under under the hem of her green dress and slid off a tiny black g-string, down her ankles and over her heels. They were embarrassingly wet, soaked straight through from the front to far at the back from her time spent with Shane, and if she were honest with herself, on the auction block itself. Staring out the window, she looked away from Shane as she handed them to him.

Shane noticed the wetness at once and let out a low growl in appreciation. After inhaling them deeply, he pocketed them in the front pocket of his jacket.

“Now,” said Shane. “I want you to tell me why you agreed to this. And I want you to touch yourself when you do, everywhere but your clit.”

Mia was relieved they were in a car so she could stare forward, into the night, rather than looking at Shane as her right hand slid between her thighs and her fingers found the wetness that had gathered there. She slid her fingers down between her puffy labia to tease the sensitive skin there.

“I was surprised you bought me,” Mia admitted. “Surprised you planned to do it in advance. That you wanted to take me on as a contractor. I should ask you the same question.”

Shane glanced down at to see Mia’s hand moving between her legs. “Good girl. I’ll answer that that when you answer my question. And pull your dress higher.”

Mia kept the back of the dress between her and the immaculate car seat, raising only the front of her hem so she could reveal her fingers working her pussy lips, carefully avoiding her clit as per Shane’s instructions.

“I wasn’t just surprised, I was turned on,” Mia said, her voice husky with need. Shane caught the muscles in her thighs flexing in the patchy highway light. “You’re really attractive. I feel compelled to listen when you speak. You’re magnetic. But I wouldn’t have said yes until you messaged me like you did. You could have done that any time.”

There was a hint of an accusation there. Shane had crept her profile, seen lascivious pictures of her half-naked body and must have known it was her but never said anything.

“You were engaged, remember?” Shane reached across to Mia to stroke her thigh so high that the tip of his thumb grazed the bottom of her lips. He squeezed her thigh feeling the evidence of her arousal everywhere. “It was hardly appropriate. But when I heard you were planning to auction yourself, I couldn’t resist buying you.”

“Why not?” Mia asked again, but it was all that was stopping her from relaxing into what was to come. A handsome, wealthy, successful business owner who could charm the skin off a snake wasn’t someone she would normally approach out of interest. Such a man could have anyone he wanted. Mia was willing to allow herself to be objectified by him in front of his snobbish friends because she wanted him so badly. She could hardly be the only one.

“I wanted you before I found your profile. I like your shape. I like the way you talk, especially about things you care about. I’ve heard a few of your talks now and I thought they were very engaging. The content too, not just you. You’re smart and funny. I might have asked you out and fucked something up on the first date but you weren’t on the market. Then I found your profile and read your writing and decided I had to have you and it was just a matter of opportunity.”

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