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They were separated for a prolonged time yet again. Thankfully these exercises and short deployments allowed her to bring her phone to stay connected.

Phone and text sex had become a thing between them. More the second than the first because walls were thin and people were nosey.

It was Valentine’s Day and she decided to spice up his evening.

Her: What are you up to?

Him: Nothing. Just got the kids to bed sitting here on the couch.

Her: wanna talk?

He knew what this meant and while he wasn’t particularly in the mood he obliged.

Him: sure

Her: what are you wearing? Lol jk

Him: tshirt and pants, I’m too sexy for them though

She giggled to herself and pictured him in in a white fitted tee and sweatpants. His ass and arms were easily her two most favorite body parts on him.

Her: I just want to be there with you. One leg over yours as you stroke my bare legs. I have shorts on of course but they are loose and my shirt is the thin blue Woodstock tank. It’s fallen to one side almost exposing a nipple. As you glance over you notice this and decide to go further up my thigh with your strokes.

Him: I love the feeling of your smooth legs. Do I dare go further?

Her: you do! You begin to round my thigh and come dangerously close Maltepe Escort to my vagina. You can feel the warmth and think you feel some wetness through my panties.

Him: Are you wet?

Her: I shift and welcome you to continue as I bring my foot to your waiting cock. It’s hardened and began to come to life.

Him: Mmm I love the feeling of your foot on my dick. Rubbing it and gripping it with your toes.

Her: as you slide your hand around the bend again you get brave and push a finger against the thin material of my panties. I moan, aching for your touch directly on me, in me.

Him: oh my god babe, I’m so hard right now. I’m gonna push those panties to the side and rub your sensitive dry clit, sliding my finger down between your lips but not into you just yet. You’re so wet my finger is coated with your sticky honey and I drag that back to your clit. You moan and lift your hips, pulling at your shorts and underwear.

Her: Do you want to do this in the living room? We’ll have to be quiet and the kids might come out.

Him: I don’t care. Keep going.

Her: with my shorts now off you reach over and push my thin shirt aside, grabbing a breast and twisting it’s nipple. Pulling it from my body. Muffled moans come from me as you pleasure my body.

Him: İstanbul Escort I can’t take it. I want to climb on top and pull you onto me.

Her: But just as you’ve almost mounted me I slide down and push you up. Taking your cock into my mouth I begin to bob up and down one hand on your shaft and the other gripping your backside. Ohhh babe you moan. You love feeling my mouth wrapped around you.

Him: ohhh yea, god that feels good. I want to cum in your mouth.

Her: and I want you to. But first I want you to pound my pussy. Pull me onto you. I release you from my grip, you pull me up and plant your dick where it belongs. God it feels so good.

Him: ugh I love the feel of your wet pussy. It’s swollen and aching for an orgasm. I’ll be sure you have that too but for now I focus on myself because I know you are more satisfied when I take care of my needs first.

Her: Ohhh baby yesss! I want you to slap your balls against my clit and pull my hips deep into you. It feels so good having you inside me. Massage my clit with your finger gently bringing me to the edge of an orgasm but not allowing me to have it until you’ve had yours.

Him: oh god baby, your warm pussy is so wet and tight.

Her: Mmmm I love the way you feel inside me Anadolu Yakası Escort and the way you take me as yours makes me wetter knowing you want me for your carnal desires first. Ohhh fuck me baby, give me your cum. Claim me as yours. I claw at your body, admiring your strength and physique. Licking my lips you know I want to please you however you want.

Him: I’m gonna cum baby.

Her: yes, give it to me. Cum inside me and mark me with it.

Him: damn babe it feels so good I’m cumming.

Her: mmmm thank you baby. It feels so good to satisfy you. All I want is to be anything you want. As I lay there you continue to rub my clit and finger my swollen pussy. Soon my quieted moans quicken and you bend down to lick my wonderfully messy vagina. You are also playing with my nipples. Something I treasure. After a few seconds that feels like minutes I can’t hold it in and I scream out. Thanking you and stretching my limbs as the tingles overwhelm me I lay there in pure ecstasy. Oh my god it feels so good when you make me orgasm. As I lay there convulsing and gathering myself you come to my face and kiss me. Tasting both of us from your mouth I kiss you back passionately.

Him: Damn babe that was a good one tonight.

Her: Mmhmm I liked it too. My panties are pretty wet.

Him: Sleep like that, I want you to feel it while you sleep and dream of me.

Her: Ok baby, anything for you. God I can’t wait to be home.

Him: Soon love, I gotta go clean up. I love you, goodnight.

Her: I love you too, thank you. Goodnight lover.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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