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Big Dick

Freya couldn’t believe it. Rhys had supposedly planned the perfect third date, each of them knowing what a third date meant. She’d dressed well for the evening, and Rhys had looked handsome. He’d trimmed up his thick dark curls, and he wore a blazer that accentuated his lean frame.

The restaurant had been delicious, though she had to admit that she had prompted Rhys to eat here. They’d gone for a horse-drawn carriage ride afterward. Maybe Freya was being too picky, but the evening seemed more like an anniversary date than a third date. She knew logically that being overly critical meant that he wouldn’t likely make it to the six-month anniversary.

Granted he was nice and easy to look at, but he wasn’t the one. That didn’t mean that Freya hadn’t wanted tonight to happen. She’d had a rough semester, and a good romp in the sack was just what she needed to release the stress of the past few weeks.

The carriage ride finished, and Rhys helped her down the steps. She wasn’t taking the submissive role here, but high heels could be dangerous in situations like this.

They drove back to Rhys’ apartment. Freya got out. Rhys seemed to be relieved as if he wasn’t certain that his date knew the shorthand for third date. They got to the door of the apartment, and Rhys fumbled with his keys. He had to be nervous, Freya thought. He hadn’t had that much to drink.

He turned to say something, but when he did, Rhy’s face was only inches from her own. Instead he leaned in for a kiss. Freya pressed her lips harder against his. She felt his tongue on her lips, and she parted her lips slightly so that he could enter. Rhys dropped the keys and pulled her closer still. Their tongues did a ritualistic dance in her mouth, expressing their mutual desire as she pressed him against the door.

Freya thought she heard some noise inside, but she put that out of her mind. Perhaps Rhys and his roommate left the television on for the cat or something. After a few moments, they broke off the kiss. Rhys grabbed the keys again and unlocked the door.

He pushed it open so that she could enter first. Freya was startled to see a man sitting on the sofa.

Rhys didn’t move. “Robert, you said you’d be gone tonight man. I told you.”

Robert stood up and turned around. For someone who was sitting alone at home on a Saturday night, he wasn’t bad looking. He was shorter than Rhys, maybe 5’9 but muscular. She could see his pecs clearly through his t-shirt. He wore shorts that did not cover his thick thighs. In fact, if Freya had to choose some release, she might have picked Robert over Rhys.

“Oh hey, sorry. I didn’t think you’d be home for a while.” He looked around like he was wondering what to do. “I’ll just go to the bedroom and you guys can hang out here. Okay?” Before even waiting for an answer, Robert was gone.

Freya shrugged to show that the situation had not dampened her ardor in the slightest. She kicked off her high heels as she approached Rhys.

“Sorry about the roommate. That means we won’t have the bed.” Rhys looked pained at the admission.

Freya leaned in for a kiss. It was more chaste than the last one, which had promised a night to remember, but she was here and kissing him. Rhys took off his blazer and hung it over a chair. He approached her, shifting to be next to an overstuffed chair. Apparently that was going to be their rendezvous tonight.

Freya pushed him back so that he fell into the chair. “A lap dance seems in order,” she said with a smile. She hiked up her dress far enough so that she could straddle his legs. She released the material so that it fell over his legs.

She began a slow dance that allowed her hands time to find his shoulders. She dipped lower and slid up against him. Rhys’ lips were on hers again. The kiss was deep and hungry. Freya forgot about the man in the other room as she started to unbutton his shirt. She ran her hands over his chest and pushed the cloth over his shoulders. For a moment, he was pinned into place, and she liked the feeling of power that surged through her. Rhys Ataşehir Escort shrugged out of the shirt.

She kissed him again as he leaned behind her and unzipped the back of her dress. He had a runner’s build with broad shoulders and a thin waist. Her hands were admiring the first hard flatness of his pecs and the thin trail of hair that led into his pants. Freya traced the trail with a single finger into the waistband of his pants.

Rhys had finished unzipping her and she held her arms out and the dress fell to her waist. She smiled as she unsnapped the front of her bra. Rhys was immediately upon them, licking and caressing both of them at the same time. She played with his nipples, tweaking and teasing them as he did the same to her. The flat nipples quickly responded to her touch.

She looked up and saw Robert walking across the room. Rhys must have felt her tension because he looked up as well.

“What the hell, dude? You’re supposed to be in the bedroom,” Rhys said, starting to get up but then realizing that Freya was still on his lap. He was better seated anyway, Freya thought. Robert would get a clear view of what his roommate packed if he stood up.

“I was just getting something to drink. Geez, I didn’t think you were going to do it out here.” Even in the half-light, Freya could feel Robert’s eyes on her. He was staring at her breasts, and the bulge between his legs was growing.

He had shed his t-shirt at some point during her time with Rhys, and now Robert’s pecs were visible to her. She could see his hairless six-pack abs and his hard muscular form. He was unlike the V-shaped Rhys. Robert was built like a barrel, exuding a power that would likely carry over to the bedroom. Her thoughts surprised her. Freya was usually fairly conservative in the bedroom, but it had been months since she’d dated anyone or even hooked up.

Freya chose to stand up. Her dress still rested around her waist, and she knew that she had the attention of both men. She motioned for Rhys to stand up, which he did. Robert flushed a little to see his roommate’s erection and the growing wet spot on his dress pants.

“I can think of an easy way for three people to share one bedroom,” Freya said as she took Rhys’ hand and started to walk to the bedroom. Rhys seemed shocked, but he didn’t speak. Freya turned around and saw Robert following them. He had taken the hint.

The bedroom was a small affair with two twin beds and a dresser between them. Freya looked at the two men. “Could we try moving these together?” she asked. Both of them grabbed a frame and pushed the beds together. It still wasn’t big, but it would have to do.

Rhys stood locked in place as if he was uncertain of what to do. Freya walked over to him, slid her arms around his waist and pulled him into another kiss. Robert stood in the doorway, watching them. His interest was still visible.

Freya liked the idea of being in control, and she used one hand to push the dress to the floor. Now she stood pressed against Rhys in just her panties. His hands were exploring her flesh, gently caressing every inch of her body. She moaned gently into his mouth, and the action seemed to give him confidence that he was doing the right thing.

She used her free hand to unbuckle his belt. She brushed against his hardness as she then undid the button on his dress pants and manipulated the zipper. His pants fell to the floor, pulled down by the wallet still in his pocket. He toed off his shoes and socks so that he was only in his underwear as well.

Freya ended the kiss with Rhys. She stepped back and admired his body. His lithe frame and strong sinewy thighs were enticing. She could see a drop of his own ardor forming on the front of his underwear. She turned and motioned for Robert to join them.

Robert paused and seemed to look to Rhys for acknowledgment. Rhys must have assented, because Robert suddenly moved forward. He stood before Freya, waiting for her to make the first move. She was surprised at his reticence. It belied his sculpted body. Kadıköy Escort She stepped close, allowing her breasts to press up against his chest. He kissed her gently, almost as if this wasn’t real.

Freya slid her tongue into his mouth, taking the lead again with this man. He seemed surprised. However, he responded enthusiastically to her moves. Robert pressed his lips harder against her mouth. The groan that came out of his spoke of pent-up desires.

Running her hands down his chest, she felt that his nipples were already hard and stiff. His body was firm, solid from the workouts. Freya wasn’t sure how she felt about such strength. He took her hand in his and led it to his shorts. Freya’s intent all along had been to remove his shorts, so that they were similarly unclothed. She tugged at the shorts, and Robert helped pull them off. However, he hadn’t been wearing underwear since he’d presumably been in bed. His dick sprang to attention. He was pressed against her abdomen, leaving a sticky trail of his desire on her.

Now she turned and faced Rhys, who was standing where she’d left him. He approached her. Freya didn’t bother with a kiss this time. She palmed him through his underwear. Rhys bit his lip to stifle a groan. She removed the underwear, leaving him naked as well. He was longer than his roommate, but not as thick.

She felt Robert move behind her as he pressed himself up against her. His arms slid around Freya and began caressing her breasts. Rhys got to his knees, and Freya felt her own panties slide down her thighs.

Robert kissed her neck and shoulder softly as he teased her nipples into hard lumps. His touch was light, almost like a breeze. She felt a chill run up her spine as he continued to caress them. His dick slid up and down her back as his mouth ran over her skin. A few times he licked her skin and then blew lightly on it, giving her goosebumps.

Rhys was putting his mouth to good use. He had begun to kiss and bite up her thighs. Nothing too hard, just quiet nips against the skin. She was hungry with anticipation for what she was knew was coming. He took his time, not missing an inch of her skin on the way up.

When he finally arrived at her opening, Freya knew that she was also wet with desire. Rhys was lapping at the juices that she produced. His tongue penetrated her, pushing into her only an inch or so. He flicked his tongue a few times so that she could feel where he was and what he intended to do. The anticipation drove her mad.

Rhys pushed himself in further, sliding into her at a deliberate pace. She moaned with excitement. The sound made Rhys move slower if anything. When he finally had most of his tongue inside her, he flicked it again. The motion pressed up against her pleasure zone, and she whimpered for more.

Rhys had her full attention as he started a unhurried rhythm in and out of her. Robert’s hands now moved freely all over her, and she could feel as they slid down her thighs and up over her abdomen. He was still pressed up against her from behind, and her back was now slick with his own juices.

Robert dropped to his knees as well, and he added a finger to Rhys’ tongue. The heat of his hand against her made her even hotter for more. Robert followed the same tempo as Rhys, moving in and out of her as one.

He added a second finger to her, and now she felt full of both men. She could feel perspiration on her brow. One of them was pressing against her clit with each thrust, and the movement was proving to be her undoing.

Rhys seemed to notice the change in her, and both men stopped. They pulled out, and Freya gasped as how empty she suddenly felt. She moved to the twin beds and laid back on it with her legs open at the end of the bed.

It was nearly a race between the two men to get to her. Either through signal or agreement Rhys stepped between her legs. Robert stood to the side, watching and waiting. Rhys started the same slow rhythm again with her. He only pushed the head of his dick inside of her. The heat of his member felt good Bostancı Escort inside of her, and Freya bucked her hips to indicate that she wanted to go faster.

Ignoring her demands, Rhys continued the slow push into her. Freya was hungry for it. She’d fantasized about her release during the last few weeks of school, and the reality surpassed what she’d imagined. She bucked her hips again, and this time Rhys pushed all the way into her. She smiled, and he leaned in for a kiss.

He began moving in and out of her, faster than he had with his tongue. She fisted a handful of the bedspread as he thrust harder and deeper with each movement. Freya knew that she couldn’t focus on what he was doing or this would be over in seconds. She motioned to Robert, who came over and straddled her. She took his dick in her mouth and concentrated on giving him pleasure. Freya was not gentle about it. She took the whole thing in her mouth, feeling it stretch the sides of her mouth slightly. She wrapped a hand around it and started a rapid in and out movement. Robert grunted each time that he filled her mouth.

Rhys had started matching her pace. Despite her best efforts, she could feel herself getting close. She indicated for them to stop. Rhys pulled out, and within seconds, Freya could feel that impending feeling start to subside somewhat. She took a deep breath and relaxed for a moment.

“Is everything okay?” Rhys asked. He started to kiss her and then remembered what she’d just been doing with her lips.

“She was getting close,” Robert replied, running a finger through the perspiration across her breasts. “No use in finishing too quickly,” he said with a smile. He kissed her on the lips, and now his tongue penetrated her lips without hesitation. The kiss was hungry, full of desire and the knowledge that he wanted to be the one to bring her to climax.

Robert broke off the kiss and smiled at Freya. “Let’s switch,” he said to Rhys in a voice that was thick with desire.

Rhys didn’t seem to want to swap, but he reluctantly moved from between her legs. He straddled Freya and waited while Robert took his place. Robert took her cue from earlier and wasted no time with preliminaries. He pushed into her until he filled her completely. Freya gasped at his thickness, feeling it press against her own pleasure zones. She suspected that Robert would ensure he rubbed against it with each thrust.

She took Rhys in her mouth now. His dick didn’t stretch her mouth as much, but his length caused her to gag until she grew accustomed to it. The focus on her own efforts allowed Freya a few minutes of not thinking about the quickening thrusts inside of her – each one pressing against her. She could feel the burning in her gut and knew that it wouldn’t be much longer before she gave way to her own pleasure.

Robert was grunting with each thrust, the only sound in the room as she continued to pleasure Rhys. He was holding her thighs so that he could go as deep as possible now. Each thrust pushed her closer to the edge.

Rhys tried to stutter out a few words, but stopped and pulled out of her mouth. In the next second, he was climaxing, sending long, ropy strings of white across the beds. The sight of his pleasure pushed Freya closer to the edge. Now she had nothing to occupy her mind other than the rhythmic thrusts into her. She felt the heat build inside of her until it crashed over her like waves. She bit her lip with the pure pleasure that filled her. Her mind drifted and enjoyed the physicality of the evening. Her breath was ragged and she was covered with perspiration as she came back to reality.

Robert had continued his pace while she’d climaxed, and now that she was finished, he let go. Freya could feel him spasm inside of her. His face had reddened, and his eyes were closed as he felt the same rush she had just experienced.

When he was done, he pulled out, threw away the rubber, and collapsed beside her. Rhys lay on the other side of her, but none of them spoke for a moment.

After a few minutes of bliss, she saw Robert get up, collect his clothes and head out of the room. It felt odd to just have the two of them here now. She waited until Rhys had begun to snore slightly to collect her own clothes and dress quietly in the room. She waved to Robert on the way out and went home to relax.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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