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Shy stretched her long leg out of the door of the limo, grinning a little to herself as she watched the doorman’s eyes scan from her silver strapped heels all the way up to where the black dress crossed her thigh. The white skin disappeared into the slit in the long skirt as she rose to her feet and gave the man her nicest smile. “Thank you,” she said in a quiet voice.

“No ma’am,” he said with a wide grin. “Thank you.” He slammed the limo door and rushed to open the wide door to the main hall. “Top of the stairs ma’am,” he said tipping his ornate hat. “And if you need anything… I mean anything, you just let me know.”

She slid through the door very conscious of the doorman’s eyes on her ass. The heels on these shoes made it impossible to not sway her hips provocatively and the fact that she had no underwear did not help matters. The black dress and accoutrements that had been waiting for her at the hotel did not include undergarments. The black silky material seemed to form to her body hugging it while sliding over it at the same time. Naturally, it fit perfectly, the black straps settling just right on her white shoulders. Her breasts swayed provocatively against the black silk teasing her nipples and it clung to them, keeping them hidden from neckline cut to just above her navel.

A thin silver chain with a small diamond clasp encircled her waist, riding against the swell of her hips. The understated diamond earrings in the silver settings matched it perfectly. The gown reached down to the open toes of her silver shoes, but was slit on both sides to the top of her hips. She had thought the small silver tiara was a bit much but she still had placed it in her short blonde hair, smiling a little at the way it sparkled.

As she looked in the mirror, she thought the impact was very classy and elegant yet with a closer look became very slutty. It was an intriguing contrast and one that fit the night perfectly. How else should one come dressed to the Amateur Nudes Awards dinner and Banquet?

The posters on this very popular site got together once a year for the best party in town.

From the noise from the open double doors to her left it was clear the party was already in full swing. She took a deep breath and turned the corner to the ballroom. A table was set up just inside the door. A large women sat at the table with a pile of papers in front of her. She had had removed the straps from her shoulders and her large tits rested on the table amongst the papers. Shy smiled as she saw that large letter N’s had been drawn on the top of each tit. She knew she was in the right place.

“Of course you are Shybaby,” the woman said with a bright smile. Shy lifted her eyes from the woman’s tits to look at her face for the first time. She blushed a little as she realized that her eyes were doing what she had so often accused men of doing, looking to the tits first.

“Umm… yes,” she said realizing she had forgotten her invitation. She looked at the papers and said, “do I need too…..” The large woman smiled and brushed at her bushy brown hair causing one tit to lift from the table and the rest with the nipple on top of a pen. Shy could not help but watch. “All of your registration and entrance has been covered deary,” she said in a low voice. “In fact, that man over there has been waiting…..”

“Shybaby, you look absolutely fabulous,” said a man as he approached her reached for her hand. He was older, just past middle age, with reddish blonde hair and dark blue eyes. He wore his black tuxedo very comfortably. He was not as tall as she preferred but seemed fit. “You are as beautiful in person as you are in your pictures,” he said with a bright smile. “I’m Clearwater… Clear and you are my guest this evening.” He held her hand in his and then covered it with his other hand, his fingertips grazing the skin over her knuckles.

Still holding her hand with his left hand he turned to his right to face the woman at the table. “Vanessa, you are an angel,” he said to the woman as he leaned over and lifted her breast with his left hand. He bent over and kissed the nipple of her breast just below the N and said, “Now you tell me if there is anything I can do for you.”

“Now, that I will Clear baby,” she said arching her back a little. “I’ll watch for you later.”

Clear kept her hand in his as he turned back towards her. “Come this way,” he said leading her along the wall. It was darker in the back corner Ümraniye Escort with the only light coming from the accent lights on the paintings. Clear stopped in front of one of the larger paintings and moved Shy to be highlighted in the golden arc of the lamp. “You look perfect, but I had one final addition to your outfit,” he said reaching into the pocket of his black tuxedo jacket. He brought out a grey jewelry box and opened it for her. The sparkles of the necklace almost hurt her eyes. Shy reached out to run her fingers over the hard sharp diamonds. “I’m afraid this necklace and your tiara will have to go back to the store tomorrow, but you can keep the earrings,” he said with a smile. “But for tonight they are yours. Can I put it on?”

Clear removed the heavy necklace from the box and slipped his hands to her shoulders. His body moved closer as she lowered her head against his chest while his fingers attached the necklace behind her neck. Her breasts were just touching his shirt and she put her hands on his hips to balance. She felt no fat as her thumbs grazed the side of his stomach.

He moved away from her and with his hands on her shoulders moved her slightly to be directly under the light. Shy looked down and could see three rows of glittering diamonds in sliver settings arched across her chest, the lowest just touching the swell of her cleavage. “Perfect,” he said in a soft voice, almost a whisper. He ran the backs of his fingers down the straps of her gown, his fingernails just grazing the skin of her neckline. They slowed as they grazed over the silk covered tits. Shy felt goose bumps as each finger slowly bent her nipples beneath the silk, allowing them to spring back before the next knuckle came across it.

Then he moved his hands up and down more quickly, the backs of his fingers barely grazing her nipples almost like he was strumming a guitar. She shuddered involuntarily as the incredibly light touch of his fingers seemed to almost spark electricity into her nipples creating a fire deep inside her.

He smiled as he caught the nipples between the backs of his two middle fingers on each hand and pinched at them.

“Th-thank you for, ummmm all this,” Shy said in a breathy voice as she looked up into his dark blue eyes. Clear smiled and moved one of his hands to the back of her neck and kept the other pinching her nipple. It pulled the nipple down and he gently pressed at the back of her neck as he smiled. “That is not how we say thank you here Shy,” he said quietly.

Smiling Shy swept the front of her gown to the side revealing her white knees beneath the black silk. She lowered herself to the floor, her knees coming to rest just in front of his shiny black polished shoes. Both of his hands went to the back of her head, fingertips grazing her short blonde hair as she unzipped his pants.

She looked up at him and smiled as she brought his cock out of his black pants. It felt hard and smooth and warm as she held it in both hands. It certainly wasn’t the biggest cock she had handled but it felt good as she ran her finger tips over it. The purple head already had a small drop of clear precum glistening from the its opening. She stuck out her tongue and flicked at it with the very tip, smiling when he jumped.

She gripped the base of his cock in her hand and drew him to her mouth sliding her tongue and lips over the purple head. He gasped and she could feel his fingers flex and pull at her hair. She began pumping the skin his cock with her finger and thumb wrapped around the base while she sucked on the head. She opened her eyes for a moment to see the few strands of wiry red pubic hair that had escaped from his pants as she pumped at his cock.

Abruptly, he pulled her face away from his cock by her hair. His eyes seemed glassy as he smiled and said in a throaty voice, “We will have lots of time for all that. I just wanted a taste to start.” He reached down and grabbed the top of her arm and helped her to her feet. As she ran her hands over the silk gown to put it back in place he whispered in her ear. “You are a fantastic cocksucker… Somehow I knew you would be.” She smiled as he struggled to get his still hard cock back into his pants and get the zipper pulled back up.

He cleared his throat and said in a more normal voice. “Aheemm, I think we should join the party don’t you?” Shy smiled and nodded. He slipped is arm around her, his hand coming to rest at the İstanbul Escort swell of her hip and they moved towards the light in the middle of the room.

There was a head table with a podium in the middle and seating for three on each side. In front of the table were what looked to be about ten round tables which could each sit eight or nine. Along the one side was a buffet table and the other an open bar. Clear led her towards the bar, his fingers gently squeezing at the top of her hip.

Every type of person imaginable was there. In one corner a heavy set man with a huge belly covered in dark hair was fucking a thin blonde woman bent across the end of one of the tables. Every few thrusts he would stop and take a drink from a beer. For her part she had her sliver dress bunched in her hands at her chest and looked to be bored with the whole thing. The people at the other end of the table seemed not to be bothered by the display except to hold their glasses so they would not spill.

Clear leaned over her ear and whispered, “Let’s get a drink and some hors devours and sit down. You left my legs a little wobbly.” They each took a glass of campaign from the bar and a plate of finger food and slide into the chairs at an empty table.

They had just settled in when a full figured woman in a lacy black gown wearing a red mask slid up behind Clear. Shy could see that holes had been cut into the lace to reveal two large dark tan nipples. “Clear baby,” the woman said. “I’m so glad you could make it.” As he turned to her he was at eye level to her very ample bosom. She took the opportunity to push her lace covered tit directly into his face.

“Damn, Mary!” he said holding his hand to his face. “You could put someone’s eye out with those things.” Nonetheless, he did manage to raise his face enough to take one of the cinnamon colored nipples into his mouth in a greeting suck.

“Oh you like it you fake prude,” the masked woman said as she wriggled against his shoulder. She looked over to where Shy was sitting and winked. “Shybaby, you are as lovely as your pictures.”

Clear removed the nipple from his mouth and introduced them. “Shy this is Mary, also known as BNips23,” he said. “She is up for best nipples.” He reached out a tongue and flicked at the tip of one. Mary’s areoles were huge and the dark color made them distinctive. Shy could see the one Clear was licking was hardening into a large eraser sized tip.

“You really must try one dear,” Mary said moving over towards Shy’s chair.

She looked over and could see Clear had moved closer to Mary and had pulled her gown down to fully reveal her tit. Mary pulled the rest of her gown down and her other tit was directly at face level to Shy. She put a hand to the soft underside of the breast and pulled it to her as she slipped her lips over the beautiful brown nipple. She could feel Mary’s breast heave as she swirled her tongue around the areole and flicked it over the tip. Shy sucked as much of the nipple into her mouth as she could and then pulled at the tip with her lips letting it pop out of her mouth.

Across from her she could see Clear’s mouth working the other nipple over even showing a bit of teeth as he lightly bit at it. Mary’s body quivered and she could see Clear’s hand arm was under her skirt. Shy moved her mouth back to the nipple she had been sucking on and slide her hand up Mary’s skirt as well letting her fingernails drag up the soft skin of her inner thighs. She ran her hand over Clear’s wrist and saw him smile and wink from Mary’s other breast as she intertwined her fingers in his and together they finger fucked Mary.

From beneath her mask, Mary gasped and started thrusting her hips forward. Shy’s fingers were soon drenched in Mary’s juices as she ran them up and over and around Clear’s fingers. He had two fingers deep into Mary’s pussy and his thumb was flicking back and forth over her clit. Shy moved her fingers so that they squeezed the clit between her fingers and Clear’s fingers. She could feel the wet little muscle spurt out from their grasp causing Mary to gasp out loud. Out of the corner of her eye she could see wink at her again and nod his head.

Clear and Shy each sucked a nipple deep into their mouths pulling at them with their lips. Clear’s fingers were thrust deep into Mary’s pussy and dragging upward against her g spot and Shy could feel her jump every time one of his knuckles pressed her clit against Anadolu Yakası Escort her pelvis. Shy had three fingers pushed deep into the woman’s pussy and was twisting her hand around to try to get a fist inserted. Mary screamed and her body quivered against them, her hands supporting her by grasping at Clear and Shy’s neck. She convulsed again and again finally gasping and pulling away from both of them. She rested her hands on her knees, her big tits hanging down. Shy could see a drop of her spit slowly dropping from the nipple she had been sucking on.

Clear raised the hand that had been in Mary’s pussy to Shy’s mouth. She sucked on his fingers and gave him hers to clean as well as she looked at his dark blue eyes.

“Well Mary,” Clear said as he looked over at the still gasping woman. “Good luck tonight. We think your nipples are a winner any time.”

Mary raised her head and slipped her breasts back into her gown careful to get the nipples to fit into the holes that had been cut for them. “Jeeze you guys,” she said as she wiped the sweat from her forehead. “It is really going to be a long night.” She leaned over and kissed both Shy and Clear on the cheek and limped off towards the bar.

Shy was breathing a little hard herself as she extracted her fingers from Clear’s mouth. She turned and slid her chair up under the table and reached for her drink. Just as she raised the champagne glass to her lips, she felt a hand sweep her dress aside over her thighs. She jumped so much she almost spilled on her new dress.

She slid back her chair and lifted the table cloth to see who was running their hands up her naked thighs. She felt her stomach jump as she looked between her legs to see a pig snout. “Oh my God!” she said shrinking back in her chair.

The mouth beneath the snout spoke. “He told me I have to wear this damned thing until I suck five cocks and eat five pussies,” the woman said. “Please let me eat yours.” The snout was held on by and elastic strap that extended around the woman’s light brown hair.

Before Shy could answer the woman lowered her head and started licking at her pussy. Shy looked over at Clear who was smiling. He took his glass and clinked it lightly against the half filled campaign glass she was still holding. Across the table a short man with wild black hair and a black beard held up his glass in toast as well.

The pig woman’s tongue ran up and down her pussy lapping at the already free flowing juices. In spite of herself, Shy found the way the woman’s tongue flicked over her clit quite arousing. She slid down on her chair to give the brown haired woman better access to her pussy.

Encouraged, the woman in the pig snout began to work Shy’s cunt quicker. She could feel the woman licking the top of her pussy and her clit like she was licking at an ice cream cone. Then she grasped at her clit with her lips and shook her head back and forth sending spasms of pleasure up through Shy’s body.

Shy tried to coolly take a sip of the campaign but found that the pig woman’s tongue was not to be ignored as she went back to thrusting her tongue deep into Shy’s pussy. She could feel the pleasure burning deep inside her boiling and torturing her insides. Her nipples burned and she could see they were rock hard against the silk of her gown.

“Fuck it,” she said, not caring who was watching her as she put her glass down and spread her legs wide. She reached down and held the woman’s frizzy brown hair in both hands. She pulled the woman’s face to her pussy and ground herself against it feeling the tongue and teeth against her clit. Shy thrust her pussy up and hard against the face of the woman almost sliding off the chair. She could feel the burning sensation deep in her stomach start to glow and expand like the tongue at her pussy was fuse that would not be denied. It seemed to finally ignite the fire inside of her and she let out a moan as the fire exploded within her. She felt wave after wave of orgasm flood out of her pussy and all through her limbs. Her fist clenched at the woman’s hair as she rode the wave of the orgasm.

She opened her eyes to find a semi circle of men and woman standing around her watching the pig face woman licking at her thighs cleaning up the mess. Clear smiled. “Bravo Shy, my sweet. That was a nice start. She is clearly in the S&M category.”

The woman between her legs looked up and smiled under the pig nose. “Thanks darling,” she said as she turned and crawled back underneath the table.

Shy sat up straight and pulled her silk gown back over her now sticky thighs. She looked up at Clear and said, “Don’t just sit there grinning. Go get me another fucking drink.” It is going to be a long night she thought.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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