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Ariel Winters

Under the sound of the creaking door, Charlotte sprang. Her pussy slid wetly off Sam’s cock, and she dived through the velvet curtain (on the side away from the door), tumbling to the floor out of Sam’s sight. Sam sat stone still as Jaime’s voice repeated:

“Mu-um?” The door had stopped creaking; Sam thanked God for the thick curtain hiding him from her. His erection began to soften, tension overbearing horniness. Jaime’s light steps began to softly tap across the carpet as she called again “Mum! Please, Lou needs all the help she can get out there…”

The bed creaked. Sam had moved, apparently touching the one noisy spring. Why hadn’t he noticed that before?

“Mum?” asked Jaime, clearly surprised. “Christ, how can you be still in bed?” The footsteps became louder, nearing the curtain…

Thin fingers pushed through the gap and whisked the curtains apart, revealing Jaime’s face, lovely lips smiling widely as she called “Wakey wakey!” In a moment, the smile fell and the eyes widened in shock. Sam was still frozen in the centre of the bed, semi-hard cock sticking out from his pants, wet with a mix of his and Charlotte’s fluids, and hands hanging limply by his side. Jaime stumbled from the bed, backing towards the door, eyes moving down Sam. As her eyes found his cock she both stared, blushed, and murmured: “Oh, I can see you’re already up…”

She stumbled back against the door, which swung shut with a crash; she leant against the frame, fumbling for the handle. Sam opened his mouth to explain, but found Jaime already talking.

“I get it, I think. It’s a wedding, there’s lots of tension and emotion…stress, too, I guess. But I can’t believe this. I send you to fetch my mother, not a difficult task, and you… you…” Sam tried desperately to think of an explanation, and wondered why Charlotte was still hiding when they were so obviously caught. Jaime finally continued “You… start wanking!”

Sam gawped at her. That was what it looked like to her?!

She had finally found the door handle — but she didn’t run out like Sam expected. Instead, she locked it. She turned back to Sam, that sexy smile back on her pink lips, and walked towards him.

“But you’re not the only one who gets stressed,” she smiled. Sam found her sitting on the bed next to him, still smiling as one slender arm swung around his İstanbul Escort neck and drew his lips to hers. Her tongue eased itself into his mouth and Sam began to kiss back, his erection returning. He felt her tugging at his jacket, and taking a hint, eased it off his shoulders. When it hit the bed, Jaime tossed it with the other discarded clothes on the floor, then broke the kiss.

“Umm;” her tongue seemed to be sweeping her lips. “You taste… sweet. Sort of weird, but good. It’s new to me, I know that.” One hand taking hold of his bow tie, Jaime stepped away from the bed, sharply tugging to undo the knot, then dropping it on the floor. When a hand brushed across his shoulders, Sam shed his shirt too. “And the rest…” was all the instruction he needed to pull his boxers and trousers down together, snapping the fastening on the cummerbund, kicking off his shoes, and stripping away trousers, socks and underwear in one quick motion. Jaime began to smile more, eyes sparkling as she took him in. “Well,” she said, “I guess it’s only fair if I go next.”

She kicked off her shoes, dropping an inch as the heels went, then reached behind herself just like Susie had, to undo the same style green silk dress. Sam heard a zipper, then the dress loosened, and slid into a pool around Jaime’s feet. She stepped out from it, bare feet brushing over the silk, as Sam ate in the sight of her. She wore pink underwear with small red hearts scattered across the fabric, the bra lifting lovely white cleavage and hardening nipples just showing through. A tattoo of a bird, a swallow, dived towards the V of the panties. As Sam stared, Jaime began to shift nervously, and flicked her long red hair off her shoulder.

“You… you like me?” she murmured. Sam gawped, shocked that she could even doubt it. Her skin was smooth as white silk, with her red hair and bright green eyes setting it off, and the pink bra and panties accentuating her graceful dancer’s figure — Sam remembered now that she was a dance student. Instead of answering, Sam grabbed her, kissing her deeply and running his hands across her nubile frame. She moaned at his touch, louder when his hand slipped into her panties to cup her soft ass, louder still when he pulled her bra aside to caress her breasts. Pulling her close, he began to kiss into her cleavage while she continued Anadolu Yakası Escort moaning softly. Her nipples were the same pink as her lips, just like Charlotte’s. Jaime’s fingers ran into Sam’s hair, holding him in place as he gently bit one perky pink nipple.

His hands began to control now. Still feeling her ass, he began to roll her panties down, stroking her warm thigh as her whole body flushed at the touching. Her strapless bra fell uselessly when Sam broke the fastening, and Jaime just shook it to the floor, shaking her tits under Sam’s lips; the movement spread Sam’s kissed, and Jaime began to shake from excitement, her sensitive little areolas moving themselves under Sam’s eager tongue. She realised her knickers had been rolled to her knees, and let those drop too. Wanting him to see her, she pushed Sam off her breasts, moaning at the loss of pleasure, and leaving him lying back on the bed, a held up hand gesturing him not to move.

Sam ate up the sight of her even more hungrily now. Even without the bra her breasts stood firm and perky, wet nipples poking hard out. She tried to strike a pose, revealing herself to Sam, parting her legs to reveal a shaven cunt, with only a heart shaped patch of brightly red hair pointing towards it. The black swallow tattoo set off her pale skin, making her more beautiful. She spoke, trying to sound confident, but voice shaking a little.

“Am I pretty? Do you want me?”

“You’re fucking gorgeous Jaime,” he answered, “and I want you so much, right here, right now.” When she didn’t answer, he went on “I want to fuck you, and make you cum and make you happy, and for us to be together and to make love. God, you’re beautiful.”

Finally, she stepped quickly forward, climbing onto the bed over him, her legs straddling him. She poised her pussy above his once again rock-hard prick.

“You’ll have to be gentle, please,” she whispered.

“This isn’t- Are you…?” Sam began to ask, but she quickly cut him off.

“I’m not a virgin. But… not experienced. And you’re…” She blushed again. “Bigger.”

“I’ll be gentle,” murmured Sam, then beginning to stroke her thighs again, and cupping one ass cheek in his hand, he repeated “so, so beautiful…”

She lowered herself onto him, using only her leg muscles, and they both groaned loudly as Kartal Escort he entered her. Her tight cunt stretched around the thick shaft, and, moaning, she stopped halfway down his cock. Her pussy muscles were fluttering around him, and if it hadn’t been for still being a little drained from Susie, Sam could easily have cum like that. Instead, Jaime bit her bottom lip, and grunting slightly from the strain pushed herself down onto more of Sam’s cock. Her face was sweating from strain (both from her legs completely supporting her weight like this, and from the unfamiliar fullness in her tight teenaged cunt), and her body shook under Sam’s soothing strokes. At six inches, she stopped, and began to pull upwards, her tight pussy pulling at Sam as she gasped:

“Ooo, I missed this…” When just his head was held inside her, her pussy lips stretched around the broad base of the helmet she moaned “This time I’ll do it Sam, all the way. Promise.” With a grunt she slammed back down, and Sam felt his shaft pushing into her — she enveloped his entire eight inches with a scream, her red heart meeting his black forest as she gasped for air. Now Sam prepared himself, beginning to tease her sensitive breasts with one hand, and cupping her soft ass with the other to support her. In return Jaime leaned forward, her breasts pointing down a little towards Sam’s touch, and her own hands on his chest for support. Slowly lifting herself again, she leaned further in to deeply kiss him, her tongue slipping into his mouth just as his cock eased out of her pussy.

Jaime slid backwards again, breaking the kiss and fucking Sam back into her eager cunt. She began to hump up and down quicker, moaning and grunting sexily from the effort of lifting herself off the cock each time; Sam pushed her arse to help her up, and pulled back against the bed, before thrusting up to meet her. Soon, Jaime was bouncing herself on Sam, fucking up and down between her legs and his hands, gently teasing her nipples and firmly squeezing her ass cheeks in just the way that drove her wild, exciting the sensitive areas around her tight rose, as she called her ass hole. Half her fiery hair made a swirling halo around her head, while the rest clung to her wet body, moist from sweat. Each fuck down brought a short gasping moan of pleasure, broken by quick kisses with each pull forward, and shook the bed, knocking the wooden head into the wall and creaking the springs. After a few minutes, the cries shortened and rose, almost a shriek each time she pushed Sam’s thrusting member back into herself, as she felt herself tighten in a wave from the penetration up….

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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