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It had been a rough month. Diane and I had broken up and I wasn’t taking it well. Most nights were spent at the local pub having a drink or 5. If I didn’t have the kids, that is where I was at. Most of my friends gave me my space. I’d get invited for out a night. Most of the time, I would make an excuse to not go. The one time I actually went, they tried to set me up. Needless to say, not what I needed. Yet.

Instead of heading to my normal bar, this Friday I decided to head into Tinley to Teehan’s. I had a taste for Guinness tonight. I bellied up to the bar and was about to start drinking like it was my job. That’s when I got a message from my friend Tina. Over the last few years, she had become a really good friend. I have also found out recently that she is not as innocent as I thought she was when I first met her. She had a naughty side. How naughty, I was soon to find out.

We started just bullshitting back and forth when she asked where I was at. Not thinking anything of it, I told her where I was. About 25 minutes later, I felt a tap on my shoulder. There she was. It was always good to see her.

Let me describe her. Gorgeous face with an infectious smile and laugh. It’s hard not to feel better when she’s in the room. Red hair that is noticeable from anywhere (I’ve always loved red hair). The rest of her features are normally hidden. I have gathered that she has a cute butt. She has told me that she has fantastic tits but I’ve never gotten more than a side glance at them.

I gave her one of my bear hugs and she sat down next to me while ordering another Guinness for me and one for herself.

Tina: You left the comfort zone of Midlo for this shithole?

Me: It works. I wanted Guinness and my bar hasn’t poured a Guinness right since I started going there.

Tina: You drove here for that?

Me: Uber. I don’t plan on being able to drive when I leave.

Tina: Sounds like a plan!

With that, we started drinking and talking. We had a blast. It had been a while since we had talked. Guinness was going down fast and so were the shots. By 1, we both toast. Not fall down drunk but enough that neither of us should drive.

Tina: I need to get home.

Me: Hell no, you’re not driving.

Tina: I’ll take an Uber home and then come back tomorrow to get my car.

Me: And pay a fortune to get to OL and back. Fuck that. You can have my bed tonight and I’ll take one of the kids beds. We’ll come back after we recover tomorrow and get it.

Tina: But….

Me: Shut it woman. You can buy me breakfast\lunch tomorrow.

Tina: Okay (sheepishly)

The Uber got to the bar and we got back to my house fairly quickly. We kind of slumped over on each other in the back seat. Whenever would go over a bump, we would hit each other and start a fit of laughter. We went into my house and I led her to my room. I gave her some clothes to sleep in and I went into my daughters room. Next thing I know, the shower was running. I remembered that she told me she liked to shower before bed. I had changed into basketball shorts while she was in the shower. I heard the water go off and then I heard my name. I knock on the door.

Me: Yes

Tina: I need a towel.

Me: Magic word (I love being a smart ass)?

Tina: Give me a towel fucker or I’m going to traipse all over your house naked and get it all wet until I can find one ( in her high pitched whiny but I’m playing with you voice).

At this point, I had 2 choices. 1, grab her a towel and be nice. Or 2, mess with her and see what she does.

Me: Not getting a towel with an attitude like that Missy.

Tina: You asked for it.

With that, the bathroom door opens and out she walks. Bare assed and soaked. She went right past me to my room and jumped up on my bed and started rolling around. That’s when I reminded her that she was sleeping in my bed.

Tina: Then get me a towel ass!

Me: LOL!!!! Okay, okay…

I grabbed a towel out of the closet and brought it to her. She feinted trying to cover up and just turned around and started drying off. She did have a nice ass! That’s when I decided I needed to take a cold shower. I grabbed my stuff and jumped in the shower. The cold water felt great on my skin and was helping my cock calm down a bit. If it wouldn’t be awkward me taking a 30 minute shower to cum I would have done it. When I was done in the bathroom, I went back into my daughters room when I heard her calling my name again.

Tina: The bedspread is soaked.

Me: You did it, you can sleep in.

Tina: DUDE!!!!! I’m going to freeze my ass off if you don’t give me something else.

Me: I’ll bring you something.

I brought her in the one from my daughter’s room (it was mine at one time but she stole it off of my bed within a week of moving in).

Tina: Is this yours?

Me: Was. It’s okay.

Tina: We’re both adults. You don’t have to sleep in her room surrounded by pink. Get in your own bed. But no Hanky İstanbul Escort Panky Dr. Jones (in her short round accent)!

Me: HAHAHA! I love that movie!

With that we laid down. We were both laying on our backs making small talk. After a bit, I rolled over to say goodnight. She must have thought the same thing because then we were eye to eye. Nose to nose. Mouth to mouth. The light was off but I could still see her face ever so slightly. My mouth moved closer to hers and we kissed for the first time. Our lips barely spread. They kind of just pushed on each other. I reached up and touched the side of her cheek. That’s when she let out a slight moan. Our lips parted as our kiss became more passionate. I slipped my hand behind her head and pulled her ever so slightly towards me. That is when all hell broke loose.

Our hands ripped at each others clothes with a fury. We couldn’t get them off fast enough. My hands were roaming all over her body. Her skin was so soft and sensual. I loved running my fingers up and down her thighs. Every time I would get close to her pussy, she would let out a whimper. I couldn’t wait to get down there and taste her. One of the things she confided in me is that a guy had never given her an orgasm. I needed to do everything in my power to change that. Properly.

After the power struggle back and forth on the bed, our tongues dancing with each other, I pushed her onto her back. I got between her legs and started nibbling down her neck. Breathing slightly on her. Using my tongue on her first then playfully biting down her neck. That’s when I finally saw her boobs and true to her word, they were pretty damn fantastic. I ran my tongue down one tit and around her nipple. Circling it. Rubbing her nipple slightly between my lip and my teeth. A little pain mixed with my massaging her with my tongue. I could feel her body convulse slightly every time my tongue would get caught up on her nipple.

She was breathing very heavily now. I needed to make her cum. I needed it with every bone in my body. I slowly made my way lower until I had her pussy right in front of my face. Instead of diving right in, I want to tease her a little bit. I ran my tongue up and down the inside of her thighs. Using my teeth to graze her. I got my mouth close to her pussy. She could feel my breath on her. I could feel her hand going to grab my head to pull me in. That’s when I stopped and moved up next to her again. She looked confused. That’s when I whispered in her ear: be a good girl and let Daddy do his job. She visibly shivered and then brought her hands up so she wouldn’t get tempted again.

I slid back down and went right back to what I was doing. Now I was using my tongue to tease her. I was outlining her cunt with my tongue but not touching her. I flicked my tongue over her pussy for a second. She tasted so good. So sweet. I moved to the other side of her cunt and did the same thing. I only caught a little bit of her pussy but I needed more. That’s when I spread her legs wide and pushed her up slightly. She was completely open to me. I put my tongue just below her pussy and slowly licked up. I wanted her to feel all of my tongue. I wanted her to feel my tongue on both sides of her pussy lips as I licked her, I flicked the tip of my tongue back and forth as I slowly made my way to her clit. As my tongue danced over her clit, I could tell that when she came, she was going to cum hard. I moved back slightly and started to lick sweet cunt. I couldn’t get enough. I spread her lips slightly and began working on her. My tongue was flying all over her pussy. I needed her juices all over me. I needed to feel her legs tremble around me. Working my tongue up and down, I licked below her pussy and she shivered. She liked my tongue there. I spread her legs like I did earlier but this time when I start licking up her, I started at her ass. She started moaning as my tongue swirled around her ass. I kept swirling my tongue as I worked my way up to her clit. And then back down to her ass.

I could feel it building. She couldn’t keep her body still. She was shaking at almost every stroke with my tongue. She was going to cum very soon. I shifted my attention on her clit. My tongue working on and around. Not a lot of pressure on it. I then moved a finger into her pussy. I curved my finger a little bit and started to slowly finger fuck her. My tongue was now on her clit with my finger buried inside of her. Her breath was getting faster and faster. She was starting to cum. I stopped fucking her with my finger and left it inside her but still left some pressure on the top. I started lightly sucking on her clit. She was going to explode. That’s when I looked up and asked her: Do you want to cum for me?

Then she came. A lot. I could feel it when she came. I could feel it shoot out of her. She had just squirted all over my mouth and face. My cock got even harder while I was lapping her up. I kept going. I kept licking. I couldn’t Escort Bayan stop. Not until I felt her stop cumming. That moment wouldn’t come for a few minutes so I kept going. I had a nipple in my left hand and her pussy spread open with my right. After what seemed like an eternity, she begged me to stop. As must as I wanted to keep going, I didn’t want to over do it. I slowly stopped and brought my mouth back up to hers. I thought the kiss earlier was passionate. This was insane. She kissed me and licked my mouth until she had completely cleaned my face.

That is when she turned me over and started working her way down my body. Before her lips made it to my neck, she had her hand wrapped around my cock. Lightly stroking it. Pre-cum escaped the tip. When she felt it, her thumb circled my cock. Spreading it around. I found out that Tina loved to tease too. She lightly kissed and licked all the way down to my cock. Breathing on me and making me shiver. I was so fucking turned on. I wanted to be in her mouth so badly.

When had worked her way to my cock, she took it in her hand and lifted it slightly. Then licked me from my balls all the way to the tip. Her tongue twirled around the head. The she slowly worked my shaft into her mouth. She had one hand on my balls and the other on my shaft. She was sucking me like a porn star. Twisting her hand around my cock while sucking me. Licking. Stroking. And massaging my balls. I knew I wouldn’t take long. I told her that she was going to make me cum quickly, She just went faster. Then she said: give me that cum, make me swallow it all. She took all of my shaft into her mouth. I am not huge but I am not a small guy either. Just under 7″ long and 7″ around at the base.

She got it in. All of it. She kept her face buried in my pelvis. She came up gasping for air. After doing this a few times, she grabbed my hand and put it in her hair. I took a handful of her hair and l pulled slightly. She let out a whimper. I did it again and she took my cock out of her mouth and said: make me take that big fucking cock of yours. I pulled her down onto it and started fucking her mouth. Slowly at first. Then I built up speed where I was fucking her throat. She was moaning and I saw her hand creep down and start to finger her cunt. That is when I lost it. I grabbed her with both hands and pulled her onto my cock and exploded. I let go and her hands quickly came up and stroked me into her mouth. Swallowing all of my load. Hungrily. Like she needed it.

She licked and sucked my cock clean and swallowed every drop. She started working her way up my chest but I pulled her up and kissed her. She pulled back a little shocked.

Tina: Most guys won’t kiss after a blowjob, especially after they cum.

Me: No snowballs but it doesn’t bother me.

I went right back to kissing her. I flipped her back on the bed and my face went right back to her flowing pussy. I needed to taste her again. I went right back to her sweet cunt and started licking. This time, I didn’t take my time and I wasn’t gentle. I needed to get as much of her in my mouth as I could. I licked ferociously. From her asshole to her clit. And everywhere in between. Then I heard her whimper 3 words and I stopped:

Please fuck me.

I rose up between her legs and grabbed my rock hard cock. I licked my fingers and wet the tip. Then I slowly entered her. Tina let out a moan that I will recount in my mind for years to come. The sweetest, sexiest moan I had ever heard. I didn’t ram it all the way in. I let her get used to my size. With every thrust, I got a little deeper. Then I asked her if she wanted the rest. She whispered: yes. I then took my cock out of her. I kissed her and placed the tip of cock at her entrance again and asked: DO YOU WANT ALL OF MY COCK? Her response was all I needed. She grabbed my hips, put her legs around me, stared at me with the sexiest fuck me eyes I had ever seen and said: pound me!

I started fucking her with everything I had. She let out a string of expletives over and over again as I fucked her.




I turned her on her side and mounted her. Our legs intertwined. With the way my cock curves, it hits places she probably had never hit before unless she used a rabbit. HOLY SHIT! RIGHT FUCKING THERE! I kept going. Since I just came, I wasn’t going to cum for a while. I needed to thoroughly fuck this woman. I grabbed her hair and she groaned. She fucking loved it. That is when I smacked her ass for the first time. She let out an audible gasp and told me to do it again. I smacked it again. I pulled her hair and bent down. kissed her neck and asked if she liked it. She told me: I fucking love it, use my body like a fuck toy. That’s when the night got very interesting.

I stopped what I was doing and went to my drawer. In it is the one toy that I have left over from my days with Diane. It is the one toy that I didn’t use on her. A Hitachi wand. It was Eskort mine and I used it on me with the sleeve. I fucking loved it. I plugged it in and handed it to Tina as I got back in between her legs. “Use this while I pound your gorgeous pussy” I told her. Like a good girl, she complied. She went straight to the high setting too. I had her legs spread wide, pounding as hard and as fast as I could while she worked her pussy.

I slowed down and watched her play with her cunt. It was so fucking hot. I stopped fucking her and started licking her soaking wet pussy. Her pussy was so sweet. I loved the way she tasted. I wanted to drink her up. Since she was focused on her clit, I licked her now gaping hole and kept going down to her ass. Every time my tongue would venture towards her ass, she would moan a little louder. That’s when I started to focus on her ass. I circled it at first lightly. Teasing it. Then I started to apply pressure with my tongue. She started to squirm. Then I started to tongue fuck her. That is when she came again. She thrashed around my bed. The wand firmly cemented to her clit. She had another hand on one of her nipples and it looked like she was about to rip her nipple off she was pulling so hard. And my tongue buried in her ass. I needed to fuck this woman again. HARD!

I turned her over on all 4s. I bent down and whispered in her ear:

Me: The wand had better not leave your pussy.

Tina: As you wish.

With that, the wand was again right against her cunt. I lined up my cock and slowly entered her again. I love fucking a woman from behind. I can watch my cock enter her tight cunt. And I can watch her pussy lips grip my cock on the way out. Her ass had a little pink color to it from the short spanking I gave her earlier. She needed more. That that, on every thrust, I gave her a tap. Not hard, but enough to get her attention. I would rub the area every few smacks. I needed to sooth the area a little. I started to really pound her. I loved watching her take my cock. I smacked her ass a lot harder than I intended and yelled: FUCK YES! That’s when I felt the wand hit the bed. She immediately picked it back up and put it back on her cunt. I knew that I couldn’t let her go unpunished. I stopped fucking her and pushed her onto the bed (my cock was still deep inside her). I laid down on top of her (she was now laying on the wand), grabbed her hair with my left hand and spoke into her right ear.

Me: Did you drop the wand?

Tina: I’m sorry…

Me: I didn’t ask if you were sorry. I asked if you dropped it.

Tina: Yes.

Me: Why? (as I pulled harder on her hair)

Tina: Because when you hit me I almost came.

Me: Do you like spanking your ass?

Tina: Yes.

Me: Do you like getting your hair pulled?

Tina: Yes.

Me: Did you like my tongue in your ass?

Tina: Fuck yes!

Me: Back up. Now.

With that, I pulled her back up on all 4s but my cock slipped out. The wand was still on her pussy. I wasn’t as nice when I started fucking her this time. I gave her asshole a few swats with my cock before plunging into her cunt. She groaned a little with every tap. I knew that I would be taking her ass one day. Soon.

I slowed down and reached up to grab her hair and started to pound her cunt with everything I could. I was abusing her body and she loved every second of it. I told her to drop the wand and when she did, I pulled her up some more so I could grab her neck with my right hand. Not hard. Just a little pressure. She started to mutter to herself. Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck…

I needed to cum. I needed to fill her pussy. I could think of nothing else. I pushed her back down on the bed and grabbed her hips with both hands and started to pound her again.

FUCK ME!!!!! FUCK ME!!!! FUCK ME!!!!!

I felt it coming on like a freight train. I smacked her ass again and then thought about her tight ass. I put my right thumb in my mouth and got it nice and wet. I stopped fucking her for a second and bent down and spit right on her asshole. I immediately got right back to fucking her but I started to circle her ass with my thumb. She pushed back into me. She wanted it in her ass. I slowly pushed it inside her ass. She was now fucking me. My cock in and out of her pussy and my thumb in and out of her ass. I could feel my thumb with my cock. I couldn’t take it anymore.

Me: I’m cumming…

Tina: Fill my pussy. Make it yours.

And did I ever. I came so hard that my body shuttered. I let out a loud groan that sounded more like a growl when I came. When I felt the first burst leave me cock, I felt her cunt tighten around my cock. Pulling my in with her own orgasm. We both needed it so bad. She was still pushing into me but not with as much force. She was spent and so was I. I pulled my thumb out of her ass and then she leaned forward and pulled her pussy off of my cock. Her head hit my pillows and she immediately went almost limp.

Me: Are you okay?

Tina: I’m fucking fantastic.

At this point I had a smile from ear to ear. I laid down next to her and she snuggled back into me. She fit perfectly in front of me as put my arm around her. I kissed her on the cheek and nuzzled into her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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