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She was riding her boyfriend’s stiff cock when the phone rang. She looked over and saw the screen lit up on the nightstand.

“Don’t answer it, babe!”

“I have to pick up. It might be my boss.”

She crawled across the bed to reach for the device. His cock, now left unattended, was standing straight up. Purple and swollen.

“It is my boss,” she said and paused, deciding what to do.

“Get behind me and fuck me while I talk to him.”

Tim did not need any further encouragement. He was horny and needed to come. Without any hesitation, he moved over and got himself into position. With one thrust, he was inside of her again and started rapidly fucking her.

“Hello, this is Erin.”

She rocked back against him with every thrust. Before the phone rang, she had been so close to her climax. Tim was way too busy these days and they did not see much of each other most weeks. Her work required some crazy hours and regular travel, too. Being in the same room together, the same bed, was such a luxury and she was not going to sacrifice it. She knew that she was good at multitasking.

“Yes, Mr. Lewis, I have seen the poll data. Yes, they are concerning and troubling.”

She İstanbul Escort moaned into a pillow as Tim’s cock continued to plow into her.

“What do you mean by that? Your whole campaign is at risk? We just need better information to see where we stand, Mr. Lewis,” she said trying to appear as calm as possible. Tim now fondled her tits and let his stiff member continue to service her from behind.

“But Mr. Lewis, I just came back from the West Coast. Now you want me to do what …?”

Her voice sounded muffled and hoarse. She wondered what her boss was thinking. She usually was this perky campaign worker, always smiling, willing to do anything that was asked of her.

Now she could feel her orgasm building. Tim’s cock was so delicious inside of her, stimulating and stretching her with every thrust.

“Oh, my god … yes … please… Yes, Mr. Lewis, of course, the campaign is important.”

Being on the road for months to gather data for the campaign? She was not really interested in that. She was the assistant campaign manager for her home state after all. She believed in the cause, Kevin Lewis for President, but that seemed like Anadolu Yakası Escort a step too far.

“What? No, everything is alright. I understand. Polling, interviews, and focus groups in all the swing states to get better data. Well, I think I would prefer to stay at headquarters and …”

Tim now let his thumb circle around her ass and slowly worked his way inside. Feeling both the tightness from the finger and his cock was too much for her.

“Yes … yes … yes …” she screamed into the phone, stuffing her fist into her mouth. With a jolt that shook her whole body, she came. She let herself go for a few moments and then refocused on the call.

“You are glad to hear that I am so excited? Well, I guess I am. I just believe in the campaign, Sir. When do you need me to leave?”

Tim continued to fuck her. He was now getting close to reaching climax himself.

“Right now? Becky is already waiting for me downstairs? But … ok, then, if you need me to do it, I will go. Thank you, Sir. Bye.”

All of a sudden, she was furious at Tim. If he had not made her come, she might have been able to talk her way out of this assignment. But she Üsküdar Escort had climaxed just when she wanted to complain about having to go back to Iowa and argue for a longer stint at headquarters.

She turned her head around and saw Tim, his eyes closed, his muscles tense, sweat dripping from his upper body. He looked amazing but that did not matter at this moment.

“Not now, you jerk. You have to pay …”

She felt him swell inside her pussy. The unmistakable sign of orgasm! She waited a second and then moved forward and jumped off the bed. His cock was pulled out of her. His eyes widened. He tried to reach out with his arms, grab her but could not make contact. It was too late for him. Tim felt his orgasm approaching but Erin was gone, her pussy no longer stroking him. He bent forward as he tipped over into orgasm. His cock was desperate for friction and only produced a few drops of semen in an intensely frustrating ruined orgasm.

“Aahhhhhhh … no … what did you do …?”

She smiled at him. He deserved that for getting her into this mess.

“I have to travel to Iowa today. Becky is already waiting for me downstairs. I will be back in a few weeks. I love you, hon.”

She blew him a kiss and ran to the bathroom. A quick shower and she would be off to the airport. Another dozen campaign stops, hundreds of voters to meet. But at least she had Becky with her. Her promise of fun and entertainment on the road …

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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