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Female Ejaculation

Lady Sara Solsbery and I were sitting in a studio turned in to a party venue. We were at the wrap party of the movie I worked on. In various areas of the studio there were some of the furniture that was used on the movie. I think that the movie producer hoped that some of the guests would reenact some of the scenes from the movie. The day started about five hours earlier when Sara arrived at my rental. We made love after I finished a short editing session. It was great having her in my bungalow. She and I got dressed then William drove us to the party

The movie finished the principal photography the day before and all the cast and crew were relaxing. Periodically different people came by and said hello to Sara. She was dressed in a gold metallic outfit from some famous designer. It was the first time in a month that we were together. We both endured numerous photo opportunities as various celebrities wanted their picture with Lady Sara.

“You are beautiful, darling,” I whispered.

Sara was the subject of an article in one of the British tabloids. She was part of a list of powerful women in Britain. In addition to various politicians, there were several women listed who were in the upper echelon of society, business and the law. Lady Sara was noted for her successful cases against some of the biggest movers and shakers in business and politics. Some of the producers on the film steered clear of our table because of her reputation.

“Your friends don’t seem to be very friendly Paul?”

Well you sue their friends and they don’t want to be caught in your web, as opposed to me who enjoys feeling your silk.”

“I like the way you talk, darling.”

A small band started playing and Sara grabbed my wrist and pulled me out of the chair. “It has been while since I danced, darling. I don’t care how bad you are I want to dance!”

We got to the center of the room and joined a few other couples on the dance area. Again several photographers started taking pictures of Sara and me as well as the other people on the dance floor. Lady Sara was right I was terrible, but she enjoyed trying to dance. We came close and she asked what I was thinking.

“Right now I want to get two of those martinis to wash away the embarrassment. Then find a private area and take that dress off of you and let my hands play with your lovely breasts, then suck your pussy until you cum three times.”

“You always promise, darling but can you deliver?” Sara whispered in my ear.

After what I thought was eternity; Sara directed me back to the table we were occupying; a waiter dropped off two martinis as we approached.

“Well part of your desires are fulfilled, now we need to work on the other, darling,” said Sara as we took our seats. I downed the drink in one swallow and put the glass down on the table.

“Paul, I don’t need a drunk trying to make love to me, slow down!”

I got up from the table and made my way to the buffet and gathered some shrimp beef and a few other delicacies displayed. I placed the plate between us and the waiter brought another martini to replace the one I drank.

“Darling,” please go slow”

“Yes Ma’am.”

I usually go on the wagon when I work and crash off when the job is done. A waiter brought an ice bucket with a bottle of an English sparkler and placed it on our table. He dropped off two glasses. The bottle was opened and I started to pour the wine into the glasses. The Director of the film quieted the band and grabbed a microphone and thanked everyone who worked on the production, I tuned out his rambling but when he lifted his glass everyone followed his lead and drank the wine.

“Darling, I need to visit the ladies room I will return,” said Sara as she rose from the table.

I stood as she rose “I will be here,” I replied.

I continued to sip on the sparling wine. I refilled the glass and continued drinking. One of the actresses approached me and started making small talk. She asked about her scenes and how many were being used. Suddenly I felt a hand reach in my pants and begin to massage my cock. I gently pulled her hand out of my privates.

“Katy, I am just the refiner not the decider Mike makes those decisions,” I said.

I wanted to get her on her way before Sara returned. Katy took the hint and walked away. Sara walked up and looked at me.

“You look like you’ve see a ghost, darling,” said Sara as she sat down.

“I think that I have been sexually assaulted.”

“Did that starlet attack your manhood?” asked Sara.

“Yes she did.”

“Did you explain that I have a call on Dickey’s services.”

“Not in so many words; it happened so quick.”

I leaned over and kissed my date. “Would you like to leave?”

“What do you propose to do after we leave?” asked Sara.

“I think you know what I have in mind,” I said.

“You don’t get off that easily, I need to know what you want to do?”

“Find some dinner other than party food, and then you can play with Dickey all you want.”

Sara reached into her bag and pulled out Kartal Escort her mobile as they say in Britain, she touched the screen and brought it up to her face. “William please bring the car around to the entrance Paul and I are ready to leave.”

We were in the back of the car heading out of the studio complex. Lady Sara gave William directions to a restaurant and soon he was pulling up to the entrance. The door opened and Sara and I got out. She leaned into the driver’s compartment and gave William some instructions. A hostess opened the door for us and took us to a table. We looked over the menus and I decided what I wanted. Sara dropped her menu and a young man came up and asked if we wanted order. We ordered but decided not to get cocktails.

The meal came and we ate, pausing to make a joke about what happened to me at the party. Sara related a story of the group of women in the bathroom. The waiter brought the dessert tray for our inspection. Sara selected a cream puff, and I a key lime pie.

Sara had coffee when the desserts arrived. The table cover almost went to the floor giving Sara cover to explore with her hands. I just sat and grinned. The bill arrived and after I settled up she was on her phone to William. We were at the entrance when he pulled up.

“We are going to Paul’s rental William,” said Sara.

He took off heading to where I was living while working on the film.

“Darling couldn’t they find you a place with some style?” asked Sara.

“It’s got four bedrooms and three baths and a landlady that takes care of the place. What more could I need.”

“Will Lord Dickey perform tonight? I have very high standards.”

“He was ready this afternoon. You can be sure that he is ready for action tonight.”

Sara slipped her hand down to my front and felt the bulge in my pants. She patted it twice just as William pulled up and stopped the car. The door opened and we both got out I held her arm as I put the key in the lock. We were in the house and I saw through the window William take off in the car.

“Madam, do you still have that button that summons help?”

“Yes I do but I do not think that I will be needing it do you? I will call when I am ready”

Sara walked toward the bedroom that I used the last five months. I waited for her to allow me in the room. I moved to my bar and mixed two martinis and waited for her call.

“Paul I will take my martini now.”

I brought both drinks in to the bedroom. Sara was in bed setting up on several pillows. Her breasts were on full display; I am sure that if I pulled the covers down farther that her perfectly quaffed pussy would be ready also. I handed her one of the glasses and then moved to disrobe.

“I really enjoy watching a man get ready for sex. I like the surprise of seeing their cocks when the last garment comes off.”

I was down to my briefs and they were discarded, I paused to scratch my balls. I slipped in bed next to her. I finished my drink while I was taking my clothes off. My hands moved over to her nipples and I was able to play with them and brought one to my mouth and sucking on the hardening end. I slipped on top and my cock found her pussy and I gently slipped my rod into her sheath. Our lips found each other and we kissed.

I began to move my cock in and out of her pussy, gently at first but I gave in to her encouragement and started to rapidly fuck my lovely lady. But then I felt her hand on my flank.

“Calm down Paul, we have all night, let’s let it last a little longer.”

I followed her lead and after sucking on one of her breasts I found her lips and we kissed. I made one large stroke and shot my load. Despite my efforts after a few minutes my cock went flaccid and fell out.

“Lady Sara, you are beautiful, I love you and I am sad when we are apart,” that came out of my mouth and I could not take it back.

Sara was silent after I spoke. I felt that I over played and would possibly loose her. One of her hands began to manipulate my cock. She kissed me gently and took one of my hands and placed it one her breasts. “You know what to do Paul.” At her invitation I played with her breast. I thumbed her nipple, eventually taking it in my mouth. I sucked on her hard points leaving the area around her nipple red.

Dickey as Sara started to call my cock, that evening, showed that it was coming back to life. She continued manipulate my penis and scratching my balls. Her hand moved my head to hers and we kissed.

“Mr. Rogers would you please make love to me, I think that you are ready.”

“Yes Countess, I would love to make love to you.”

“We sound like young love birds,” Sara said with a small laugh.

“I guess I am an incurable romantic, darling.”

I again slipped over her and my cock found her pussy and was lodged in her love hole. I waited until I was fully inserted before I started to move my cock in and out of her pussy. Sara helped when her vagina began to clamp on my cock.

“Paul pinch my nipples!”

I reached up and started Pendik Escort to manipulate the ends of her breasts. Pulling and tugging on the hard ends; massaging her globes, and kissing her beautiful lips. I started to lick her cleavage, moving up to her lips. I was doing this while I was moving my cock in and out of her pussy. We were kissing when I let go again. I slipped down and began to suck on her pussy. I could smell the odors of her essence and my cum.

I encouraged Sara to turn over and I started to massage her flanks. I moved up to her shoulder and started to kiss around her neck. I massaged her around her neck. We both relaxed and fell asleep.

In one of the few times in our relationship I woke first. I slipped out of the bed trying not to wake Sara. I moved to the bathroom and decided to get a shower before breakfast. I had no idea what Sara’s plans were, but I hoped that we could do something together.

I loved the hot water streaming down my back. I took body wash and applied it to the washcloth and soaped my body down. Rinsing over and over again, I finally relented and shut the water off, got out and wrapped myself in a towel.

“You look like a giant burrito,” said Sara as I walked back in the bedroom.

I leaned down and kissed her and assisted her out of the bed.

“I am disappointed I was hoping for some morning wood from you, darling,” said Sara as she tried to harass my privates.

“Lady Solsbery, Mr. Rogers your breakfast is ready, said a high pitched female voice that has been serving me for the last five months. Mrs. Fields is my landlady, and cook. She has been feeding me in the morning before I go to the studio to work on the film.

“We’ll be there in a minute Mrs. Fields” I said as I kissed Sara and played with her breasts.

“Darling, you are terrible. Paul stop, stop” said Sara as we both fell back on the bed.

I continued to play with Sara’s breasts and one hand moved down to her pussy. Sara lost control and laughed and kissed me. My finger invaded her vagina and was joined by another. Sara brought one of her hands to my chest and forcibly moved me off of her. We both laughed and I got up and helped Sara to her feet. There were two bathrobes in the room and I dropped the towel and put on the robe. I held the other for Sara and wrapped her in the terrycloth.

We finally came out of the room and walked in to find Mrs. Fields placing two plates with English bacon, a fried egg and two pieces of toast.

“Lady Sara would you like coffee or tea, I know that Mr. Rogers doesn’t drink coffee?”

“I will take coffee, Mrs. Fields.”

We both sat at the table and Mrs. Fields brought a pot of coffee and poured a cup for Sara, who declined cream and sugar. We both looked at each other and started to laugh. Mrs. Fields left shaking her head. We both finished our meal and I poured another cup of coffee for Sara. I picked up the dishes and placed them in the sink. I rinsed the plates and placed them in the dishwasher. After the table was cleared Sara and I walked back to the bedroom.

Almost simultaneously both of our cell phones started to beep. I picked up mine and spoke to the film’s director. He told me that he was taking his family to France for two weeks so I had some free time. He left me some notes for changes but there was not a rush. Sara ended her conversation and waited for my news. I told her that I had some free time.

“Good you’re coming with me, you’ll see what I do for money.”

I started to make a joke but decided to kiss Lady Sara instead.

“What were you about to say, darling?”

“Nothing that I want to repeat right now. Will your clients want a guest sitting in on their conferences?”

“We are going to the Appeals Court, darling. Your going to see me at court,” said Sara.

She called William and asked that he bring the car around and to bring her “kit” with him. I was looking forward to getting in to “The City” in the five months I was in England I was shuttled between my home and the studio. When Sara visited we kept to the outskirts of London.

We both dressed and Sara went into the Bathroom to touch up her makeup. Twenty minutes later there was a knock and William was framed in the door when I opened it. He stood out of the way as Sara and I walked to the car. She waited for William to open and hold the door. I climbed in after Sara. Soon we were on the Motorway heading for Central London.

William pulled up to a very impressive building with Greek columns and statues of lions guarding the entrance. Instead of letting us out at the entrance, William pulled to the back and parked the car. He popped the booth lid and opened the door allowing us to exit. From the boot he pulled a cloth case and handed it to Sara.

“I have to go to the lady’s lounge William will show you where to meet me,”

Sara disappeared in to the vast building and William directed me to the lift taking us to the third floor. We were seated on some marble benches, when Sara appeared dressed in what I would call Göztepe Escort an elaborate graduation robe with a horse hare wig perched on her head.

“I know it looks ridicules, darling but it levels the field with everyone looking the same,” said Sara

Three people about five years younger than Sara surrounded her. There were two women and one man, all pushing papers in her face. She looked at each paper as they were handed to her, folded neatly and placed in a large pouch she held at her side.

“Those are her assistants,” said William.

There was an announcement that the case she was going to argue was ready to be heard. William directed me to the watchers gallery, but he preferred to watch the court entrance. I climbed up the stairs and found the visitor’s entrance. There was general milling about with attorneys leaving papers for the clerks. A bailiff called court to order and three justices trooped in from behind the bench and took their seats. The panel consisted of two men and one woman all were dressed in very elaborate robes, and sported the same wigs.

Sara’s opponent started as they were appealing the verdict from the trial. The attorney was interrupted several times by the judges, Sara even asked questions. A half hour elapsed and the presiding judge turned to Sara. She started to refute the other side’s arguments point by point. Sara was interrupted with questions by the judges and the other attorney. She was able to make her points even through the interruptions.

The hearing seemed to be more raucous than similar sessions in US Courts. Toward the end of Sara’s time the opposing council asked what it would take to make this go away? Sara quipped quickly that a check of £500,000 would make the matter end. The presiding judge gaveled the session to a close and everyone rose as the judges left the chamber.

I rejoined her one floor below “Now you see what I do for a living.”

“Nice show madam,” I said.

“Thank you darling, we will know in a fortnight if I got it right.”

She turned and gave instructions to her assistants who were gathered around. They moved away and Sara turned to William and me, “I will join you at the car.”

William again directed me through the hall to the lift and we took it down to the parking area. I was seated in the car when Sara came out of the building sans the robe and wig. She handed the case to William and joined me in the back seat.

“I am glad that I only had one case today,” said Sara as she kissed me.

“What is next for us madam?”

“William take us back to Mr. Rogers quarters please.”

I guess I got my answer I said.

“Darling, I told you that I wanted some morning wood, but I will substitute early afternoon sex with you,” said Sara as she kissed my ear.

Her hand slipped in to my pants as she kissed me again. In a short time we were off the motorway and in front of my “quarters” as Sara called them. William opened the door and I helped Sara out of the car. She put her arm around my waist as we walked to the entrance. I put the key in and opened the door. I glanced and saw William drive away.

“Darling, where does William go after he leaves us?”

“It is best that you don’t know. I am a semi-public person and there are people that could cause me harm. William is my insurance policy, I am certain that there are photographers who have taken photographs of us and are trying to sell the photos to the tabloids.”

“We haven’t been doing anything wrong. We are not cheating on anyone,” I said.

“Darling you can be so naïve and it is one of the things that I love about you; this country runs on gossip. Anything that is half way salacious among my class gets printed.”

Sara was saying that as she was marching me to the bedroom. I hoped that I would watch her undress.

“Oh Darling, we forgot the martinis, be a dear and make two for us, please,” she said as I retraced my steps to the bar as the door closed.

I decided not to start drinking but I made her one and waited to be called. I walked back in to the bedroom and noticed that Mrs. Fields had tidied the room up. Sara was in bed propped up on a stack of pillows with her breasts on display. I handed her the cocktail and walked to the bathroom. I took my clothes off and placed them in the dirty laundry hamper. Everything came off but my briefs.

I stood by the bed and allowed Sara the act of dropping my briefs. She quickly had my cock in her mouth and a hand in the crack of my ass. After a few minutes she asked me to get in bed. She continued to play with my cock until I had a raging hard-on.

“Darling I am just not satisfied; you don’t seem to be ready to make love to me?”

My mouth covered hers and my cock found the entrance to her pussy and slipped in the hole. I could feel her muscles clamp on my cock. I pulled out and slipped down to her pussy. My tongue traced her vulva and plunged in to her love hole. My finger replaced my tongue and I massaged her clitoral root and watched her little cock erupt. I covered her clit with my mouth. My tongue licked the tiny flower and caused Sara to climax. I kept massaging her pussy and tried to get her to climax several times. This left Sara breathing hard. I moved to her breasts and my mouth sucked on her nipples. My fingers found her pussy again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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