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It was a crisp autumn morning as I sped along the freeway to Brigit’s house. My stomach was doing somersaults and I felt like a teenager on his first date. But this wasn’t a first date, it was an explicit invitation to Brigit’s house for an afternoon of sensual delights. What Brigit had planned was a mystery.

I played over in my head the conversation that we had last night. We had spoken for two hours and at the outset the focus was on work, but then it gradually moved on to Brigit’s personal life.

Brigit talked about her marriage breakdown and the discovery that her husband was having sex with prostitutes. He also had a drug problem and was dipping into their joint savings to feed both habits. It was incomprehensible to me why anyone would choose prostitutes over Brigit. She was stunning in my eyes and oozed sex appeal. I told her that and she thanked me for the compliment.

She told me that it had been a struggle to raise two kids on her own but the children were a great support and both had casual jobs. The extra money helped when they went on holidays which always included a week of skiing.

Brigit played the guitar and wrote her own songs. She said she had a song-bird voice that had elicited more than one marriage proposal.

“Wow, you’re really talented,” I told her.

“Speaking of talents,” she replied, “when are you going to read me some of your stories?”

It was the content of those stories and Brigit’s subsequent orgasm that led me to this point.

Fortunately the traffic was light for this time of day and I covered the twenty odd miles to her place in no time. I made a few wrong turns but eventually found the private housing estate where she lived. A solid black iron gate barred the entrance to strangers.

I found the visitor’s parking and phoned Brigit to confirm which house was hers in the long row of identical houses. I didn’t want to be strolling up and down drawing attention to myself.

“It’s the first one on the left as you walk in the gate,” she said excitedly. “See you in a minute.”

I felt a familiar stirring in my jeans as I walked to her front door. I knocked lightly and within seconds, the door swung open. I heard a voice beckoning me inside.

The light from outside spilled through the doorway to reveal a contemporary living space. I noticed three leather lounges surrounding a glass coffee table, a mirror hanging on a wall above a white mantelpiece, and the room was carpeted. I could see a terracotta-tiled kitchen and casual eating area out the back.

I peered around the door and there stood Brigit, barefoot, and dressed in a nurse’s uniform — the type that you would order online. It was a garish white colour with red crosses and a matching white head scarf. I was surprised to say the least.

I stepped towards Brigit noticing that I towered over her. Brigit beamed up at me. I leaned down to kiss her hello and she put her arms around my neck. The kiss was brief but I enjoyed how succulent her lips were.

I stepped back to look at her. Her blonde hair cascaded over her shoulders, she had a brilliant white smile that a dentist would be proud of, and her skin was lightly tanned. She did a twirl for me and I noticed her shapely legs and hard calf muscles that we had joked about in a text message. I could just make out the bottom half of her ass cheeks peeking out from her uniform.

“I don’t remember you being this tall,” she said, with a twinkle in her eye.

“And I don’t remember you being this short,” I replied in kind. “But I suppose it’s because you’re barefoot and I’m wearing shoes. Still…how tall are you?”

“I’m 5ft 4in.” She replied. “How tall are you?”

“I’m 6ft 1in… but now…” I said as I slipped off my shoes, “I’m still 6ft 1in.”

Brigit slapped my shoulder playfully and grabbed my hand. “Let me give you the grand tour of the house.”

We walked a few steps and she said, “This is the log fire that the kids and I huddle around in winter.” We both chuckled as she pointed to a gas heater.

She led me through to the kitchen and seated me on a bar stool. As I sat down, she stepped between my legs. “That’s better,” she said. “Now we’re the same height.”

I looked into her blue eyes and pulled her to me. Her head tilted and we kissed, our tongues meeting for the first time. My hands busied themselves caressing her thighs and ass. I broke away and ran my tongue lightly up her neck to her earlobe. Brigit shuddered.

God, you smell delicious,” I said as I breathed in her scent. “What are you wearing?”

“It’s Dolce and Gabbana. You like?” She already knew the answer.

My cock was semi-hard and I was getting excited. I nibbled on her earlobe and returned for another kiss.

“This feels nice,” I said, as my hands continued stroking her ass cheeks. The flesh was soft and warmed to my touch. My hand snaked down further to the juncture between her legs.

“Mmm,” Brigit moaned instinctively.

My fingers slid straight into her pussy unencumbered. It was loose and İstanbul Escort welcomed the intrusion easily.

“GOD, you’re wet!” I exclaimed.

“I had a bit of time to entertain myself before you arrived,” she replied, grinning slyly.

My fingers continued luxuriating in the feel of her sex.

“Oh, that’s the spot,” Brigit sighed. Her excitement was clearly evident by the squelching sounds her pussy was making.

I sought out her breasts from the confines of her outfit. I grabbed one firmly, pulling it free and rolled the nipple lightly between my fingers. I watched it harden and bent down to suck it into my mouth.

“Oomph,” Brigit grunted. Her breath was ragged as my tongue pushed her nipple around, flicking it back and forth.

She pushed herself away from me and asked if I would like anything to drink. She walked into the kitchen and poured herself a wine and soda. I opted for a glass of water.

“What’s with the soda water?” I queried.

“If I have more than two glasses of wine I may fall asleep and we don’t want that, do we?!”

“Hell no!” I agreed.

“Come on,” she said, grabbing my hand and pulling me to the stairs. I followed closely behind watching her sexy hips sway back and forth. At the top of the stairs, I asked for directions to the toilet.

She turned to her right and pointed to a closed door. “You’ll need to turn the light on, which is inside the door to the left. I’ll be down here,” she said, directing my gaze to a door halfway down the hall.

“Ok, I won’t be long.”

Unzipping my jeans, I wondered how I was going to pee in my present state. I drank some water and tried to think of anything but the sexy vixen down the hall. I half squatted and poked my ass out at an odd angle, finally getting the angle right.

As I walked into Brigit’s boudoir, a king-sized bed with a wrought iron headstand took centre-stage. Scented candles were burning and dotted around the room. The flickering lights cast shadows on the walls. There were framed photos of people and places adorning the chest of drawers and hanging on the walls.

Brigit noticed me taking in the surroundings and smiled.

“I can tie you to the bed, if you like,” she suggested, winking at me.

I laughed. She was so cheeky.

I looked at her and my pulse quickened. She had changed into a brown, sheer nightie which barely covered her thighs. I could clearly see the swell of her breasts and her hard nipples jutting out from the material.

I walked over to her and pulled her to me, bringing my mouth down on her succulent lips. My fingers traced around the back of her neck and stroked her silky hair. I loved the feel of it.

“Let’s get undressed,” Brigit swooned.

I removed my shoes, socks, jeans, and shirt, leaving my briefs on for the moment. We pulled the bed covering down to the foot of the bed and lay down together. I caressed her silky skin. She was very sexy and sensual. I felt her hand stroke the length of my shaft through my briefs. She rolled me onto my back and lay on top of me.

“Let’s get rid of these,” she said as her fingers hooked inside my briefs. She slid them down my legs and flung them on to the chair beside her bed.

“Mmm,” she moaned appreciatively as she gazed at my cock for the first time.

The head was slick with pre-cum and a drop had pooled in the slit. Her hand stroked up and down my shaft working out more of my excitement. I watched transfixed as she bent to taste it.

“Ohhh,” I groaned as I felt her velvety tongue cleaning the head.

She grabbed her nightie and threw it to the floor. I admired her body which displayed the scars of child-birth and signs of aging, but was beautiful nonetheless. Her breasts were firm and her nipples stood erect.

I pushed her down on the bed and buried my head between those glorious mounds of flesh, nuzzling them with my forehead. I grabbed one breast firmly and sucked it into my mouth, gently running my teeth across her nipple. Brigit gasped and started to squirm.

My hand moved across her tummy and down to her mound which was pushing up to meet me. My fingers traced around her outer lips and brushed across her clitoris. Brigit’s sharp intake of breath was a positive sign. My fingers ran over her sex, parting her lips, then I plunged them inside.

“Oh GOD, YES!” Brigit groaned. She was so wet!

She moved her hand down, covering mine and pushed my fingers deeper inside her. Her hips gyrated in time with my thrusting fingers, while she furiously frigged her clit. She certainly knew what she wanted. My fingers explored the walls of her womb, pausing at that magical spot that has pleased so many women in the past. I hooked my fingers in a ‘come here’ motion, working them back and forth while I continued to suck and bite Brigit’s nipples. Suddenly, her legs clamped together, trapping my fingers inside her.

“Oh GOD! DAN! YES! YES! YES! I’M CUMMING!” she screamed.

I felt her body trembling violently as she orgasmed. The contractions slowed Bayan Escort and her legs relaxed. I looked at her and smiled.

“God Dan. I really needed that,” she purred. “That was so hot. Where did you learn to do that?”

“Years of practice,” I replied, grinning from ear to ear. “God, your pussy is so responsive!”

“Most of it is mental and I’m multi-orgasmic. God, I can’t believe you don’t have a girlfriend. What a waste.”

“Their loss” I replied, not wanting to dwell on the subject.

I leant over to her and we kissed.

“I need this in me,” Brigit declared, as she lay on top of me and grabbed my cock. She guided it towards her wet hole and rubbed the head up and down her slit, coating it with her juices. She needn’t have bothered with the abundance of fluids dripping from her.

She slid back and impaled my cock, burying it deep inside her. She clenched her legs together tightly. As she had done with my fingers, my cock was trapped and it wasn’t going anywhere. She ground her pubis against mine and it felt like she was the one fucking me, not the other way around. I heard a mournful cry from a far off place.


I realised that it was coming from Brigit. At first I thought that she was in distress but then she was screaming at the top of her lungs.


It turned me on that she was so vocal with her orgasmic screams but I wondered what the neighbours thought.

My cock was still buried inside her and she commanded a repeat performance. The grinding was painful as she fucked me hard with short, sharp thrusts. The expletives that she uttered were in stark contrast to the prim and proper Brigit that I knew from the office.

“Fuck me Dan… Fuck my pussy… Oh, Fuck… Yes… That’s the spot… Yeah, I need it so bad.”

Then there was the mournful wail again, followed by more screaming as another sizable orgasm engulfed her. I felt a concentrated squirt of juices hitting the head of my cock.

“Bloody hell,” I said, shaking my head in wonder.

Brigit rolled off me and said, “Oh, God Dan. You turn me on so much.”

“I’ve never been with a woman who came so much,” I said in wonder.

“A woman at my age knows how her body works,” she explained.

We lay together for a few minutes recovering from our exertions. I stroked Brigit’s arm and ran my hand around her breasts, circling her nipples, pausing to tweak them and roll them between my fingers. Everything about her turned me on and she was so damned sexy!

“Let me take care of him,” she said moving down between my legs. I watched the head disappear into her mouth. It was a delicious sight.

“Mmm, you taste good,” she said, staring up at me.

I smiled at her, enraptured by the sight of my cock appearing and disappearing into her mouth. She swallowed more of me on each successive attempt. The warm, wet confines of her mouth felt fabulous. Her hand stroked my shaft and cupped my balls, forcing more of me down her throat. I was having trouble reconciling “Corporate Brigit” with this cock-sucking connoisseur. She was truly masterful with her technique.

“Oh God,” I groaned, each time I felt my cock reach the back of her throat. I was going to blow my load if she kept this up.

I tapped her on the shoulder and said, “Hey, you had better stop that.”

She looked up disappointed. A trail of saliva stretched from her chin to the head of my cock.

“You’re awesome, but I have another idea,” I said as I pulled her towards me. She lay in my arms and we kissed.

“How about riding me cowgirl?” I suggested. Her face lit up instantly.

“I like the way you think Dan,” she said, straddling my hips. She grabbed my cock and guided it towards her steamy hole. I watched her lips spread open and stretch to accommodate my shaft. She sat down and I felt my cock slide all the way to the back of her womb.

“Oh! Fuck!” She grunted. “I feel so full.”

I dug my fingers into her ass and spread her cheeks wide. My hips moved down and I thrust upwards again, spearing her deep. I started to slowly ram my cock into her, in and out, in and out, then built up the tempo until my thighs were slapping hard against her. I reached up and sucked her nipples into my mouth, alternately moving from one to the other, flicking my tongue over the tips. Brigit groaned in appreciation. I moved my hands back to her ass and slammed her down onto my cock as I thrust upwards.

“STOP!” Brigit suddenly cried as she started to tremble. Her eyes rolled into the back of her head and she moaned loudly as another orgasm ripped through her.

I waited a few minutes for her contractions to subside, then pulled her close and twisted to the side. She realised what I was doing and moved with me until she was lying on her back. I was still buried deep inside her. She smiled at my ingenuity.

Brigit wrapped her legs around my hips and held me firmly. We had joked about her calf muscles, Eskort if correctly applied could snap a man in two, but I hoped today she wouldn’t be testing that theory.

I grabbed her hands and pinned them behind her.

“Kinky,” she giggled. “Would you like to restrain me?”

“No need today but maybe next time,” I replied smiling. I certainly would like to restrain her at some stage. My cock pulsed at the thought.

I leaned down to kiss her. I couldn’t get enough of this sexy strumpet. I grabbed hold of her shoulders, squashing her breasts against my chest. I started pounding her, my hips pulling back and thrusting forward, slamming my cock into her pussy. I could only keep this up for short bursts, as I was tiring fast from the herculean effort. Brigit held on for dear life. We were both panting heavily and sweat was dripping off us. My heart was beating furiously and I had to stop.

“Try shorter thrusts,” she suggested. I remembered a Taoist technique of ten short thrusts followed by one deep one.

“Great idea,” I replied as I started to shallow fuck her followed by one deep one. I could feel the edge of my cock-head catching on her pussy. It was a delicious sensation. Brigit started panting heavily and I was rewarded with the sensation of her juices gushing as she came for the umpteenth time.

“It’s all about me,” she said with a wink.

I was in total agreement but didn’t care. I was enjoying Brigit’s multiple orgasms.

“Phew,” I gasped as I withdrew from her pussy and rolled onto my back.

“Thanks baby,” she said to me and snuggled close.

My hand absently stroked her back. I was feeling exhausted and wondered where Brigit got her stamina.

“Goddamn woman. You’re wearing me out!”

“Oh, poor baby,” she replied in a mocking tone. “Can’t you keep up?”

“Obviously not, but give me a moment to regain my strength and then we’ll see. How are we going for time by the way? Remember I have that family lunch this afternoon.”

“Oh, it’s 12.45pm. What time do you have to be at your sister’s?”

“It’s at 2pm, but I can be a little late I suppose, but I have to shower first and get dressed. How long will it take me to get there from here?”

“Not long. It’s about a twenty minute drive,” Brigit replied after doing a quick calculation.

“Great, so that gives us about 45 minutes. What haven’t we tried?” I asked, my eyebrow arching.

“I want you to cum in my pussy before you leave.” Brigit smiled.

“What about your mouth?” I quipped, half expecting what the response would be.

“You can come on my tits or in my pussy, but not in my mouth.” She replied firmly.

“Why not your mouth?” I persisted.

“I had a bad experience when I was younger. I was blowing a guy and he stopped me from pulling my head away when he approached his orgasm. He held my head firmly and ejaculated in my mouth and forced me to swallow before he released me. Since then I have never let anyone cum in my mouth.”

“Oh, what a bastard,” I replied, both shocked and annoyed that some selfish prick had ruined it for the rest of us.

Changing the subject slightly, I said “Ok, I’ll see if I can cum on your tits or in your pussy but I can’t guarantee it. I don’t usually cum the first time that I’m intimate with a woman.” I wasn’t going to share with her my feelings about trust. Even if this was a one-off with Brigit, my body never allowed me to give up my seed to just anyone.

“I have pornos you can watch and I’m willing to try just about anything to get you off,” Brigit suggested. My mind raced at the possibilities.

“How about you start by doing something with this,” I said directing her attention to my flaccid penis.

Brigit giggled and knelt on the bed. I felt her hot breath blowing on my crotch and then my penis was wrapped in a soft, warm, wet blanket.

“Mmm, that’s nice,” I groaned appreciatively as I watched Brigit’s head bobbing up and down.

I noticed a dazzling display of Brigit’s fingers twirling around her pussy. I couldn’t discern whether her moaning was thanks to my cock in her mouth or what she was doing to herself. I didn’t ponder that for too long though as I was a happy man.

“How’s that?” she asked as she stroked my rigid member.

“You’re a true artist,” I replied smiling.

She lay on her back and motioned me to lie across her with my cock in line with her mouth. Her hand wrapped around my shaft to get the aim right, as I started to fuck her. My arms trembled with the strain of the position and I made a mental note to do more push-ups. Still, she allowed me to bottom out and her tongue licked my balls. Clever woman!

I lifted my hips and thrust down again, bottoming out and back up again. My arms were trembling fiercely and after a few more thrusts, I was afraid that I would collapse on top of her. I pulled out and straddled her chest. The angle wasn’t great so I grabbed a couple of pillows and placed them under her head. Perfect. I fed her my cock and watched her mouth expand to take all of me. I pulled out and dangled my balls near her mouth. She sucked each one and tongued my ball-sack.

“Oooh, baby!” I groaned.

I reached behind and pinched her hard nipples. I noticed her hand was working overtime between her legs.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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