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The waves lapped suddenly against my feet and I gave out a little shriek. You smiled at me, amused.

“What? The water’s cold!” I cried, pretending to be indignant. We were sitting in beach chairs by the side of the river, relaxing and reading.

After saving up our money for ages, we’d finally managed to afford a week-long vacation at a gorgeous little hotel upstate, on a beautiful spot on the river. Unfortunately, the trip was coming to an end.

I looked over at you and smiled. You were now lying on your stomach and were again engrossed in your book. You were wearing blue swimming shorts and an unbuttoned white shirt, and I couldn’t help but admire your body. Your broad shoulders, your large biceps, and hey — Your sexy ass, as I always tell you! I imagined peeling off your shorts, flipping you over, and sitting on top of you. I let out an involuntary sigh.

You glanced at me. “You okay?”

“Yeah,” as I sighed again, “It’s just that we’re going to have to go home in 2 days, and then it’s back to stupid work again.”

“I know.” You sat up and took my hands, setting your book down. “But haven’t you had a good time?”

“Of course I have. But…”

“You wish we could stay.”


A smile spread over your face. “Want to have something to remember this by?”

“What do you mean?” I raised an eyebrow.

In answer, you leaned forward and kissed me gently. Slowly, you traced my lips with the tip of your tongue, and I felt a tingle down between my other, lower lips.

I reached between your legs and started massaging your dick, but you pushed my hand away. I broke the kiss, confused. Before I could open my mouth, you spoke.

“Let me serve you, Goddess,” you whispered. You rarely called me that, and it always gave me a thrill when you did. This time was no different.

As you kept your left hand on the back of my neck, you trailed your right hand down my side, tracing my skin gently, up and down. You then moved your other hand down and removed my tank top. My breasts sprang to attention from out of the tight shirt into the cool evening air. You kept kissing me and you Escort İstanbul massaged my nipples with thumb and forefinger. I let out a soft moan.

You moved your mouth down to my breasts and began to suckle insistently on my left nipple, stroking the underside of my breasts all the while. Your tongue moved roughly around and around my areola as your lips tightened and sucked harder. I gasped.

You swiveled your body on top of mine as you kept your mouth on my breast. Your body sank against mine firmly, and I could feel your hardness rubbing against my leg. The beach chair made sounds of straining, and for a moment, I worried that it would collapse from our combined weight.

As if you were reading my mind, you lifted me off the chair by the waist. I wrapped my legs around you, but you set me down on the other chair. I pouted at the delay as you took the picnic blanket out from our earlier lunch. You laid the blanket out by the water and then laid me down upon it. The water tickled my feet again and I tried to move away, but you grabbed my hips to make me stay still.

Your mouth descended on me once more, your lips tracing the contours of my waist, my stomach, my hips, then my thighs. You gently licked the inside of my thighs, moving in circles, breathing softly through my black bikini bottoms. One hand moved down, pulled the black panties off. You tongue darted up and dared to flick against my clitoris. I moaned and twitched. You licked the lines where my thighs met my pussy, and my hand went to my mouth to stifle a groan of desperation. You kept breathing hotly on me. I began swivelling my hips to meet your mouth, but you avoided direct contact with my pussy every time.

You teased me for what seemed like hours, and with the added sensation of the waves grazing my toes, my urgency got the best of me. I reached down and pushed your face onto my pussy.

Immediately, your mouth suctioned around my cunt lips and you began drinking in my juices, which were now drenching my thighs. Your tongue slid up my slit and onto my clit, flicking it up and down over and over until I gasped, “Oh, oh, oh İstanbul Escort Bayan fuck!”

Something fiery deep inside my belly began to rise then, ever so slowly; I could feel my climax was beginning. You lapped around my lips in a circle, swiveling your head around and around. Your tongue then slid inside me and wiggled in and out, and I couldn’t stop myself from crying out anymore.

My face was getting very hot. As it spread to my ears, I felt the hotness inside me move higher, and my heart beat faster. Your mouth met with its rhythm, and I began to explode.

“Oh God! Oh… Oh… God, Oh God… Yes, yes…” My words turned into indecipherable moans and groans, and you kept on licking me, sucking up my cum, and flicking against my clit. As my orgasm shook me, it faded away, and I could feel my pulse beating between my legs.

“Please come up here,” I whispered. “Please… Ohh, please, I need you inside me!”

At that, you wasted no time lifting up, pulling your shorts down, and plunging your cock deep inside me. It was so intense that I cried out. My pussy had become so sensitive. You moaned with me.

“Oh Christ, your pussy’s so wet and tight!” You groaned.

We began gasping in unison, as you thrusted in and out of me, slightly at first, and then suddenly thrusting fully into me. I lifted your hips to meet yours each time, until I couldn’t support myself anymore, and I collapsed back on the blanket.

You fucked me passionately, looking at me the whole time with a gaze of lust and adoration. Your eyes traced my face, and then you kissed me hard. My tongue wrapped around yours as I kissed you back, and you pushed yourself harder, grinding against me.

I moaned between our kisses, and my body began to shake slightly. You broke the kiss and moved you mouth to my neck, licking, nipping, and then gripping the flesh between your teeth, you bit down. I shrieked in ecstasy and began writhing beneath you. You kept me pinned down with your cock, fully inside me and swiveling your hips in circles. I shrieked, moaned, and groaned, crying out until I was hoarse, and then started Anadolu Yakası Escort letting out little whimpers.

As I breathed hard all through this, you picked up speed once more, and I had to let out another hoarse moan. My head began to spin, and I breathed faster, harder, until you were groaning too. We clutched at each other, gasped, and then climaxed simultaneously, almost convulsing.

You remained inside of me, our arms wrapped tightly around each other as we heaved. “Oh… Ah… Ohh…” I managed to croak out. Slowly, you pulled out of me, and I sighed at the sudden emptiness. You lay next to me and held me tightly.

“That was wonderful,” I whispered. “I love you.”

“I love you too, baby.” You put your hand on my cheek and kissed me so gently, I nearly melted into your arms.

As we kissed, I heard a rustling in the bushes, a thump, and then a not-so-soft “Aw, shit.” I broke away from you and turned to see a young woman, standing less than 20 feet away from us. She looked shocked when she saw me looking at her.

“I-I-I… Uh…” she gulped.

I stood up, fully aware of my naked body in front of this stranger, but I was strangely unembarrassed. She blushed deeply, nearly matching her rusty red hair, still at a loss for words.

Now you stood up next to me, still erect. “How long have you been standing there?”

She raised her wrist to see her watch. “Um, a-about 30 minutes, I think.”

“So you were watching the whole time?” I inquired.

She finally raised her eyes fully to me, and I saw that they were an incredible piercing green. “Pretty much, yeah,” she replied, finding her poise. “Since you took your shirt off.”

I found myself aroused again, curiously. I looked at you. You also seemed interested in the woman, and you cocked your head and raised an eyebrow at me.

Looking back at her, I said slowly, “We’ll be here for one more night. Room 420. If you’re… interested in seeing more of us, come at nine, tomorrow night.”

She nodded. “I think… I might… do that,” and then turned to go.

“Hold on,” you said throatily. “What’s your name?”

“Gwen,” she responded, and then disappeared into the forest.

You and I exchanged a long look, smiles spreading on our faces. We pulled our clothes on and gathered our things in silence, wondering what the following evening had in store for us, and then headed back to the inn.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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