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I’d like to tell you about something that happened two years ago. It started as a series of the most embarrassing and awkward situations I have experienced. They then lead to the most erotically charged week of my life.

My name is Dave and at the time I was 28 and still single. I had been engaged once but that fizzled out when we realised that we just couldn’t live together.

I have an older brother, John,. John and I have always been close, more like best friends than brothers.

By chance both of us happened to get jobs in the flooring industry. I worked initially as a fitter and then got involved in sub-contracts management. John had started in the purchasing department for another company and then moved into Sales.

One day we were having a drink with some mates, when one happened to comment that we ought to think of starting our own business. It was one of those moments. We both looked at each other and knew it made sense. Between us we had a pretty good grounding of the business and had a lot of contacts in the industry, so after weeks of discussion and preparation we decided to set-up our own company.

We were lucky, it took-off a lot quicker than we could possibly have hoped and after only 2 years had 20 full-time fitters working for us. John and I ran the logistics side of the business between us.

The real story started when we realised that we were earning good money but we had no free time to spend it. We put our heads together and decided that we needed someone to take-on some of the office management activities, leaving us to manage the sales and contract management activities which we both preferred.

We placed an ad and ended-up hiring Karen. She was 27 and had run a small team in a larger company and although she knew nothing about flooring, the company had been in the building industry. The other thing that neither of us could miss was that she was stunning. She had a wonderfully toned figure, long brown hair and a pair of dark eyes that just drew you in.

I lusted after her from the moment I saw her. Unfortunately she immediately hit it off with John. They both enjoyed playing squash and started playing regularly. Karen also fitted-in great at the office and had us organised in no time. It made both John and I realise that we should have hired someone long ago.

Eventually Karen dumped her boyfriend and started dating John. The three of us socialised a lot together and although I still fancied Karen I was genuinely happy for the two of them.

About a year later they announced that they were getting married and asked me to be the best man.

The wedding was a small affair with the reception at a local country hotel. Karen looked fantastic and John looked as happy as I’d ever seen him. I was proud to be his best man and pleased to see them both looking so happy together.


After their honeymoon life went back to normal at the office. We still socialised occasionally and John and I still played golf every Sunday morning.

About 18 months later, Karen and John asked me round to their house one evening for a meal – this wasn’t unusual in itself but I sensed a little tension in the way John asked me.

Dinner was very quiet and there was an unusual and uncomfortable atmosphere.

Eventually I asked, “Have you guys had a row or something?”

“No…. no, nothing like that” John replied.

“Is it the business?”

“No, don’t worry, there’s nothing wrong. It’s just that we have a favour to ask you” Karen replied sensing my concern.

“Anything, you know I’d do anything for you guys” I replied genuinely and also wanting to lift the atmosphere.

“Well this one is a big one …… and extremely embarrassing to ask”. John answered.

“Hey we’re brothers, name it”

“Well the problem is that we would like to start a family……and well you know about my problem” John replied

“Ah, yes I see.”

“Yes” replied John “so we need some help”

“If you need some money for treatment I am happy for you to take all you need from the company’s funds. I’m sure we can afford it”.

“Thanks but its not money we need. We need more practical help” John flushed bright red.

There was a brief silence, “I think I know where this is leading” I said wanting to help. (John caught mumps in his late teens. He got it bad, and unfortunately it left him sterile) “If you’re building-up to asking me would I be willing to provide a sperm sample, then of course I will. Like I said I’ll do anything for the two of you”

Both John and Karen looked at each other in embarrassment. Karen, who was also bright red by this stage, replied “Well I’m afraid we were going to ask for a little more than that. You see it’s my fault. I’m petrified of hospitals, after what happened to my mum, ……and the thought of all that artificial stuff leaves me cold.”

“Karen’s mum went in for a heart bypass but there was some complication and she died during surgery” John added. I already knew the story.

“And ever since then I won’t Bostancı Escort go near one. I know I’m being silly but I can’t” Karen finished.

“So what exactly is it you’d like from me” I asked a little confused and not really believing my own suspicion.

“Well we were hoping you’d help us the old fashioned way” Karen asked looking extremely embarrassed and reaching for her drink.

I still wasn’t sure I believed what I was hearing. “You’d like me to sleep with Karen” I looked at John.

John looked mortified and just nodded his head.

I sat there a little dumbfounded.

“Would you?” Karen asked

“Umm, I don’t know.” I replied, genuinely not sure how I felt at that moment.

“I’m not that unattractive am I?” Karen asked, jokingly. Trying but failing to still cover her embarrassment — an embarrassment I was starting to share.

“Of course you’re not. Look you’ve just taken me a little off-guard here…….. I’d do anything for you guys but I’m not sure about this. Have you guys thought this through?”

“We’ve talked about it for weeks” Karen replied.

There was a long silence — I think they were waiting for a reaction from me.

“We’ve talked about this a lot. I won’t force Karen into a hospital so it really only leaves us this or adoption. This has to be better because it will be genuinely Karen’s child. And if you’re OK about helping us then at least it’ll bear some resemblance to me”

“What about mum and dad they’ll know something’s up” I asked, picking on what was, in hindsight, a minor detail.

“We’ll simply tell them we went down the artificial route. There’s no need for them to know” John answered.

“Please help us” Karen asked, we’ll make it worth your while.

“What do you mean” I asked

“Well we thought we could pay for that golfing holiday you were talking about” John replied.

I’m not sure why, but I felt strangely offended by that and obviously showed it “Look you two, if I’m going to help you, it’ll be because I love the two of you. I don’t need paying” I snapped back at them.

“Sorry Dave, we didn’t mean to offend you. We just wanted offer you something in return” Karen replied.

The two of them talked for a while explaining how much they wanted a baby and how this was the best way. I was only half listening by this point, lost in my own feelings and thoughts.

I became suddenly aware that they had stopped talking and were starring at me in silence, clearly hanging on my reply.

I finally broke the silence “Are you sure this is what you want” I asked Karen.

“Yes please” she replied

“And what about us” I turned to John “Are you really sure you want me to sleep with Karen?”

“It’s the only way for us to get the family we want” he replied.

“I don’t know” I replied “Things would get pretty weird and I don’t want to lose our friendships”

“Neither do we” they both replied.

Again the two of them talked about how much they wanted this and how they wouldn’t let it affect our friendships”.

“OK but only on the condition that we won’t end-up letting this come between us” I answered

“You’ll help us then” Karen checked


“Wonderful!” Karen squealed jumping up to cuddle me. “Thank you so much” so said excitedly.

“I need a stiff drink” I replied.

“Me too” replied John.

We all drank heavily after the stress of the situation had dissolved and I ended-up getting a taxi home.


The next day at the office the two of them both thanked me again.

“When and how do you propose we do this” I asked John.

“Well you know the show at the NEC in two weeks” John asked (This was one of the big flooring trade shows at an exhibition centre near Birmingham).


“Well instead of you and me going, I was thinking that I could take Brian.” (Brian was one of the fitters we used. Not only was he a very good fitter but years ago he used to work in marketing for another firm). “I was also thinking that instead of going up on the Sunday, I could go Friday after work and meet up with Steve” John said (Steve being an old school friend of ours).

“OK, I suppose it’ll be better if one of us stays in the office” I said

“It’ll also give you two from the Friday evening to the following Saturday morning to well ….you know” John said blushing.

“In fact you might as well move in for the week” Karen added.

“Oh I’m not sure about that” I replied.

“Look we’ve got two spare rooms you can move into one of them if you like and then well you’re in the same house and the two of you can work it out from there.” John added clearly not wanting to discuss the details.

Just then one of the phones rang and we kind of left it there.

Very little was said about it for the next week and it was eventually agreed that after work on the Friday, John would take the van with all the show stuff straight up to Birmingham (to see Steve) and I would go back to his house with Karen.


On Kadıköy Escort the Friday John left as planned and I drove Karen and I back to their house. I unpacked a few things in one of their spare rooms.

Karen made us a nice meal and we spent the evening watching TV. Although we chatted we were both a little nervous (I certainly was).

About 10 O’clock we both started fidgeting obviously both uncomfortable with the situation. Karen finally broke the silence “C’mon then shall we do the deed”

“OK” I replied

We both got up and after turning of the TV and lights made our way upstairs.

“Give me a couple of minutes will you” Karen said and went into her room. I went into the spare room I had my stuff in.

After visiting the toilet to freshen-up I undressed, deciding to leave my boxer shorts on.

I gave a little knock on Karen’s door.

“Come in” Karen replied

Karen was already in bed. I went around to the other side and slipped off my shorts and quickly slid into bed beside her.

We both rolled onto our sides and faced each other. “So how do you want to do this” I asked.

“Just climb on top and do your stuff….” Karen replied.

I rolled on top of her and moved my legs between hers.

Karen used her hand to guide my cock into her. I pushed in a little but she was a little dry so I pulled out a little and then pushed forward again. After a few more attempts I was fully inside her.

We didn’t say anything or kiss each other. I felt so awkward that I just kept thrusting until I came inside her.

Karen simply said “Thank you” and I rolled off her.

“I’ll see you in the morning” I said and left for my room feeling strangely ashamed.

The next morning there was an awkward atmosphere between us. We had coffee and went into the office. Neither of us mentioned the previous night and conversation was very polite.


As luck would have it, we became very busy at work and it helped the day go past with too many awkward moments. At lunchtime Karen got a call on her mobile looked at me and then walked out of the office so that I couldn’t hear what was said.

I was beginning to think this was all a bad idea. I had lusted after Karen for ages and yet now I was wishing that I wouldn’t be sleeping with her tonight.

About 5pm Karen said that her sister, Sarah, had rung and had invited us out for a drink at one of the local bars. I said that I had a few more things to do before locking-up and would meet them in about an hour.

As you can probably guess I was in no hurry and it was nearly two hours later that I met them. Judging by the glasses on the table they had already had about four drinks each. Sarah is a couple of years older that Karen and got married a little while after Karen. Although you wouldn’t describe Karen as quiet, her sister is extremely outgoing. Sarah has always been very friendly and certainly the life of any party she is at.

“Hi Dave” Sarah said, standing and kissing me on the cheek.

“I see you two have quite a head-start on me, I assume I’m driving us back later” I said to Karen.

“Sorry Dave, do you mind”

“Of course not. Now can I get you two another one each?”

“No sit down let me get them” Karen insisted.

I sat down opposite Sarah and asked how she was.

“Better than you two by the sound of it” Sarah replied and then continued “Karen has told me all about it. I think it is a great thing you are doing to help John and Karen but it sounds like it got off to a bad start”

“Yeah, I think we both felt pretty embarrassed and awkward. Today was awful we hardly spoke”

“How do you feel about it?”

“Well I want to help them but I just feel so damn awkward about it all”

“You do find Karen attractive”

“Very. Before she married John I’d have given my right arm to get with her, but now it just feels so wrong doing it with John’s wife. I’d just hate to offend her or John”

Karen returned with the drinks.

Sarah looked at us both “I don’t know you two. You’re both so wrapped-up in guilt that you’re in danger of ruining your friendship over this.”

“Come-on I don’t think that’s going to happen” Karen replied.

“I wouldn’t be so sure. Look at you two after just one night. If this continues for the rest of the week then it is going to put a very big strain on your friendship, and remember you have to work together as well” Sarah replied.

“So you think we should stop this now” I asked

“Well you either need to change things dramatically, or yes I think you should stop now”

“Change things how” Karen asked looking suddenly quite concerned at the idea of stopping.

“Well let’s look at this objectively. Starting with you Dave” Sarah said

“If I understand you correctly, you find Karen attractive but understandably feel extremely awkward about sleeping with your brother’s wife. You probably feel nervous about doing anything beyond the basics for fear of offending Karen. Also I guess in the back of Göztepe Escort your mind is that anything you do or say is going to get back to John. And finally, after last night I wouldn’t mind betting that if you are honest, you are sorry you got yourself involved in this in the first place….. Is that at all accurate?

“Well it has been more awkward than I was expecting but I love them both and want to help them.” I replied

“But be honest what I said is spot-on, isn’t it” She persisted

“Yes” I admitted.

“Sorry Dave, I didn’t want it to be like this” Karen offered to me.

“Well before we go any further I think you need to promise Dave that you’re not about to be offended by anything that’s said or done between you, and that nothing is going to be reported back to John”

“Of course, I promise I won’t. I wouldn’t have anyway. Sorry Dave if you thought otherwise.” Karen replied

“How do you ideally want this week to be” Sarah asked Karen

“I don’t know……..I guess I’d like it to be memorable for the two of us …..and enjoyable”

“Memorable and enjoyable? How about you Dave?”

“I honestly hadn’t given it any thought….but yes enjoyable sounds good” I replied.

“Well in my experience the most memorable and enjoyable sex is usually also the least inhibited most passionate and sometimes dirty, sex. How about you guys?” Sarah remarked.

We both kind of nodded general agreement. “True” I answered.

“You both also want to avoid the awkward mess you had last night” Again we both nodded agreement “Definitely” Karen added.

Sarah sat thinking for a moment and then obviously had a flash of inspiration because she became very animated.

Sarah continued “The way I see it Karen, you owe Dave BIG-TIME for what he is doing for you and John.

“Yes, I know we do”, Karen interjected.

Sarah continued “You stand to walk away from this with the baby you and John want so desperately. Dave on the other hand only stands to get whatever enjoyment he can out of this week — and as things are going he isn’t getting much of that”.

“So what are you suggesting?” Karen asked.

“Well” Sarah started “Consider three things: Firstly, you want it to be memorable for you and enjoyable for Dave; Secondly, that you stand to get what you want from this no matter what the sex is like; Thirdly, you owe Dave Big-time and want to repay him in some fashion. Am I right?”

“Yes” Karen replied “So what are you suggesting?”

“Well since we’re agreed that you’re going to get what you want anyway I think you should put Dave’s enjoyment as the first priority in all this. Don’t you?” She said smiling at Karen.

“I guess so” Karen replied.

“Well then, my suggestion is that you repay Dave’s generosity by ensuring that he has the best sex he could wish for, for the rest of the week.” Karen raised an eyebrow but Sarah continued “And to make sure it is the best he could wish for, I think you should make him a promise to do anything he wishes, ANYTHING AT ALL” she emphasised “for the rest of the week”

“What?” Karen spluttered half chocking on her drink.

“Don’t you think Dave deserves it?” Sarah replied.

“Well eh …..Yes…. of course he does…..but ANYTHING? I’m not some whore you know!”

“Well for this one week I think you should be. Think about it. It’s a trade. You get the baby, he gets the sex. What’s the matter, aren’t you up to the job sis’, not good enough in the sack?” Sarah teased

“I’m perfectly capable thank you” Karen replied giving her sister an evil look.

“Well, go on then”. Sarah pushed.

“You don’t have to do that” I interrupted, feeling that it was the right thing to say.

Karen didn’t say anything, clearly deep in thought.

Sarah watched her for a moment and then added “You know I’m right. What have you got to lose, more of last night?”

“As much as I hate to admit it, my sister has a point” Karen said to me and then continued. “Maybe it would be for the best and anything has to be better than last night”

“Go on then” Sarah pushed.

“OK, OK. Dave I want you to know that I really am very grateful for what you’re doing for us. Let’s try to have some fun so as Sarah put it; I promise to be your personal whore for the rest of the week and do absolutely anything you want”. Karen offered.

“You don’t have to” I repeated.

“No I don’t, but I think I should at least try it”

“Only if you’re sure” I replied.

“I’m sure” Karen finished “Now I need a drink”

“That’s a bit better” Sarah said.

Karen stood up. I offered to get the drinks but Karen was already on her way to the bar. As she was getting her money out of her purse she dropped some change. She bent down to pick it up and then stood-up to pay.

As I turned back-around to Sarah, it was obvious she had been was watching me and was now smiling at me. “I saw you checking out her ass”.

“I don’t know what you mean” I replied lamely

“It doesn’t take a genius to work out what you’d like to do to her ass either……I hope you’re going to tell her”

“Tell her what”

“That you’d like to fuck her up the ass”

I felt myself blush bright red “No, I don’t think so” I replied

“Why ever not she’s just promised to do absolutely anything you want”

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