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The door opens a crack, silently in the muted still of the enclosed short hallway. Warm air rushes into the chilled tiled cave behind him. He nods my entrance. I slip inside and we stand silent for a moment looking at one another. The peach tinted light falling dimly around us.

His face half in shadows he jokes, that anxious mischievous smile on his lips. His well maintained exterior seems to be bristling with nervous energy and excitement. Heart rate racing, we bargain and agree. He holds that metal door open wider with something almost egger in his movements, not quite trusting the reality this time. The dim lights can not save me from the shadows. But I’m ready; I can sense he is unsure but wanting. He waffles a little not quite sure this is the right move after all the posturing, teasing and chasing. I rise from the floor and say that it’s okay, another time; Understanding of his hesitation. He once again finds his desire and asks me back to my knees, I can only smirk knowing that pull to great.

He offers Anadolu Yakası Escort me my first glimpse I’m not really sure what lays ahead but I find my mark and let my hands and mouth appreciate what I’m being given. I don’t linger since a vague description of time has been placed on this event. I normally don’t like to be hurried but I too need to get back. We don’t want people looking for us as there is no other exit. I refocus and work quickly but still try to take in the feeling. His hand absently moves to my hair then pulls back as if he forgot who I was then remembered; maybe unsure of my rules since he never asked.

My hand rests around the open front of his pants. My movements measured, and timed to perfection. Hastily he moves my hand away and I’m not quite sure what to do with it. He offers me no clues, only moves his hips for more; Trying to push deeper. My hand settles behind his leg near the back of his knee. I notice his tremor. He is shaking nervous, like a leaf on a breezy autumn day. Pendik Escort He just stands there shivering in my hand but says nothing. I want to ask about it but know it wouldn’t be worth it. Instead I choose to find it endearing, almost a compliment that he is that wanting of this.

I work harder to please him, not wanting him disappointed in his choice. I stroke the back of his leg and continue forward. His breathing and mine the only real sounds in our own vacuum of space. No other sounds penetrating our tiled cave The light or lack of it making more than a peek up not possible. Even when I do get a glance up some of the time he is looking up towards the ceiling in what I hope is ecstasy but more likely silent prayer to hold off. He looks back down at me only once or twice that I notice. I Don’t mind being left to my work, I know how hard it is to think at a moment like this. So I’m not concerned with anything but the pace he is setting for me, I’m lost in my work. Speaking only with my tongue; a privet Kurtköy Escort conversation between him and I, me alone feeling his subtle answers.

Then almost too suddenly with a slight swipe against my cheek he is gone standing in front of the toilet. Me behind him still on the floor resting on the heels of my boots, just watching him stand there. He finishes and straightens himself out and turns back towards me with his mischievous grin and mouths the word ‘horrible’ to me as he exit’s the metal half door… I miss the inside joke and ask if he means the way I give head. while he is washing his hands in the sink, He laughs a little and says No with a shake of his head…. I then click on the joke, laugh a little myself and nod back. I leave first swinging the door just wide enough to get through. walk down the hallway like nothing has happened and I belonged in that room.

In the back of my mind I’m surprised by his size. I would have never guessed him so long and thick when excited… not like that. I can almost feel him in my mouth still, the softness of his skin… the smell of him lingering in my nose. Suddenly I’m looking forward to the next time he needs help at the office.

(a note to the reader: This was my first attempt at erotic fiction so please be gentle.)

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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