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Seth walked into his backyard, and a noise caught his attention. It almost sounded like … no, it couldn’t possibly have been…

The noise repeated itself, accompanied by another sound that was like music to his ears. His cock began to stir, and he feverishly thought to himself, “Yess! Please be what I think I’m hearing…”

Seth stood quietly in his backyard, tilting his head to listen. The sounds seemed to be coming from his neighbor’s house…the roommates. They lived there together; Seth didn’t know them well at all, but sometimes helped them with their groceries and knew that they were both attractive women. They kept to themselves, mostly, and Seth hardly ever saw men coming around their place much at all. Once in a one of them might go out on a date, but that happened once a month.

Seth walked into his side yard to get closer to their house, which luckily was set very close to his, and stood near his honeysuckle-covered fence, listening.

He was sure of it now. It sounded as if someone was being spanked! A female someone who might even be enjoying it. He scanned the yard to see if he could be seen from the front yard or from another house, determined that he was in fact camouflaged, and crept closer to the fence. Pulling himself up on the stump of a sickly willow he’d cut down several months ago, he was able to see over his fence into a window in their home. And what luck! It was the right window. The blinds were open, and the window was partially open to let in the breeze, but sheer white curtains blocked a clear view into the house. Seth could hear the spanking clearly now, and the shape of a person with someone else over their knee could vaguely be made out. Straining his ears, Seth tried to make out what was happening.

“Naughty, naughty, naughty!” Each word was accompanied by a resounding swat with what could have been a paddle or a stiff hand. “Never, never do that again! Naughty, naughty girl!”

With each word and spank, the lighter, sexier sound of a young woman sighing and moaning could be heard. Seth was getting turned on, his penis straining against the limited space in his jeans, his balls engorged and tight.

First checking to see if he could be seen, Seth reached down and rubbed himself through the rough denim. The seams inside his jeans scraped against the sensitive skin, making him almost insane with need. He wanted to bury himself inside a woman, now. He wanted to have her face down, one hand holding her by the root of her hair, the other gripping her breast as he slammed his rod into her twat from behind and…

He couldn’t take it anymore. He opened the fly of his jeans, pushed down his boxer briefs and reached inside to pull out his cock. He was not a big guy, but he was well endowed in the pants department. His penis was thick, heavily veined, and about nine inches long when fully aroused. He spat on his palm and grasped himself roughly. “Naughty, naughty Seth,” he muttered to himself as he watched the shapes through the curtains, slapping his shaft to attention and pulling it until he was quivering from the oncoming orgasm. “Naughty, naughty, nau-ahhhhhhhh!” Thick, white come spurted from his rod and onto the fence and the flowers growing over it. He imagined the fence was the woman doing the spanking’s chest, naked and full-breasted, the jism splashing over her boobs, coating her nipples, dripping down her body onto her belly and onto the form across her lap’s back and bottom. He fantasized that the woman would put two fingers to her victim’s back, run it from the asscrack up the back, scooping up his come, and stare at him in the eyes as she licked her fingers clean.

Seth continued to stroke himself as he listened to the women in the house on the other side of the fence. The punisher was chiding the girl now, the spanking had stopped but the girl was still over her lap. The woman was saying something to her. “…and now that you’ve been punished, let’s see your underwear. Take them off and let me see what you’ve done to them.”

Seth recognized the voice for certain, now that it wasn’t raised in anger. It was the older of the two girls: Shaundra? Sandy? Sheryl? Yes, Sheryl. And the spankee – that MUST be who it was over her lap – her name was…Amanda. How on earth had he lived right next door to these steaming hot cunts and not known it?

Seth put his clothing back together, wiped his hand on the back of his jeans, and surveyed his surroundings. Any plans he’d had for tonight were totally out of his head as he decided to create himself a spot, right here, in his own garden. First thing first, he’d build up the fence in the front so that there was no chance of being seen from the street by passing joggers or the mailman. Then, maybe, he could contrive a way to build a bench and make a hole in the fence that he’d be able to see through and into the window from the bench, without being seen. The honeysuckle was beautiful, but in the way. If he removed it, it might draw attention to his activities. Seth was sure he could work around it. Perhaps he could build a garden arbor here esat escort in the side yard, and train the honeysuckle over it. As it was, the honeysuckle was overgrown and trailing along his side yard, searching for something else to grow on. Seth reached for the honeysuckle and plucked a single red blossom. He tore off the end and put it in his mouth, sucking softly for the sweet nectar, like he used to do as a child.

Every day now, Seth, whenever he was at home, would listen for more of the sweet sounds of bondage. He went to sleep late every night, fantasizing about the women next door. In his dreams, they invaded his bedroom in black leather, wielding paddles and holding him down to his bed with their ripe bodies. In his dreams, they would take turns sucking him and themselves off. Sometimes he’d dream of them doing both at once.

Sheryl was the older of the two, a rather intense brunette, in her early thirties. She was fit, with a long lithe form – a dancer’s figure, with a small waist, long legs, and high, firm breasts – just the right size to fill his hands. Amanda was younger and shorter, a bouncy blonde with large breasts and curvy hips. Her bottom begged to be squeezed – or spanked! Her full lips were meant to be wrapped around a man’s cock. Her lips featured prominently in Seth’s dreams, as did her ass, and Sheryl spanking it.

When he would hear them pull into their driveway in their cars or if he saw that they were both at home, he’d park himself in the arbor he’d built himself and wait for them to appear in the window.

For a week and a half, nothing happened. He had only his dreams and his hands to keep him company in the arbor.

Then one day as he rushed outside to the arbor after Sheryl had driven home, he heard slaps and her yelling again, and this time he could also hear Amanda, sobbing as Sheryl tore her a new one. He put himself into his arbor, leaning forward in his seat, his face against the slit in the fence he’d carved to look like a natural burl in the wood, and watched the scene unfold. Today, the curtains were not drawn. He could see it all happen clearly.

Amanda lay on her bed, naked; her bared breasts red from the handprints Sheryl’s slaps were leaving behind. She sobbed as she begged her roommate to forgive her. “Please, please, I’m sorry! I just couldn’t take it anymore! I needed it – I’m so sorry!” Sheryl slapped her breasts again, Amanda laying on her bed and just letting it happen, legs spread wide as her friend used one hand alternately to slap her breasts and harshly pinch one nipple and then the other, wrenching them cruelly, and using her other hand to roughly thrust a fat red rubber dildo into her hole over and over again. “This?” Sheryl screamed as she pumped the hand holding the dildo into Amanda’s crotch, “This?!? You left work early, came home knowing I wouldn’t be here and it was for this? You don’t need this,” She punctuated her words with deeper, more forceful thrusts of the dildo. She leaned over and bit Amanda on the side of her left breast, marking her with a ring of teeth. Amanda lay there, taking it, moaning and lifting her hips to meet each movement Sheryl. “You filthy, naughty girl!” Sheryl cried, watching Amanda’s face for a sign that she might be about to come. “You never, never touch yourself, not with your hands, not with this” She pushed the dildo in as far as she could, her fingertips at the end of the rubber cock disappearing between the folds of her friend’s nether lips. “– never! I am the one who tells you when you can take pleasure. I am the one that gives it!” Sheryl jerked the dildo from Amanda with that final word and dropped to her knees at the foot of the bed. She grabbed Amanda by the hips and dragged her to the edge. Eyes on Amanda’s face, she pressed her lips to Amanda’s clit and began to suck as if her life depended on it. Amanda thrashed like a wildcat, screaming with pleasure. “Oh! I’ll be good! I’ll never do it again. I was naughty, so naughty, naughty, naughty!” Sheryl’s fingers dug into Amanda’s flesh and she stopped sucking, lifted her head and smiled at her. Spreading Amanda’s cunt lips wide, exposing her clit, she opened her mouth and bared her teeth at her, and then slowly she lowered her head and gripped the small nub between her teeth. Amanda then lay perfectly still, paralyzed while waiting for Sheryl’s next move.

Seth was covered in sweat. He’d never seen anything like this before, never even read anything like this before! He was rock hard, and he’d already coated the honeysuckle twice during the spectacle. He’d barely noticed each orgasm; he was so wrapped up in the goings on. He leaned ever further forward, wishing he could open the window and touch what he could see and hear so clearly. He wanted to find the builder who’d allowed the houses to be placed so closely together and shake his hand.

Sheryl still held her Amanda’s clit between her teeth, and she slowly turned her head from side to side, letting the flesh twist in her teeth. Amanda began to sob uncontrollably, the etimesgut escort muscles in her thighs twitching. Sheryl let go of the small nubbin and shoved her tongue deep between Amanda’s cunt lips, pushing her thighs up in order to get more access to her slit. Amanda was soon nearly folded in two, her ankles almost at her shoulders, her bottom bared to the room. Sheryl began to run her tongue from Amanda’s clit to her asshole, twirling her tongue in circles around the brown ring, and then sweeping deeply into the rosy slit, then flickering rapidly over the button above, then back again. Amanda’s whole body shook, her hips jerking with every movement her lover made with her long, adept, tongue. Sheryl moved and put her fingers into Amanda’s twat, and diddled her relentlessly. Amanda was close to exploding now, her whole body flushed, her breath coming in harsh gasps. Sheryl lowered her head and began to twirl her tongue around Amanda’s asshole again; thoroughly wetting it, and then stuck her tongue into the brown hole about half an inch, deliberately letting spittle drip into the void there. Pulling her face away, she carefully inserted her thumb, essentially holding her now as if she were a bowling ball, two fingers in Amanda’s cunt and her thumb up her ass. She pinched her fingers together, then released, pulsing them, rubbing her thumb and fingers together through the thin membrane of super-sensitive skin there. Amanda moaned and began to shudder uncontrollably, and Sheryl leaned over her and began to knead Amanda’s breasts with her other hand, alternately caressing and pinching them until they became spotted with angry red marks.

Seth was going insane. He would never be able to forget this – nor would he want to! This was so hot. Seth came against the fence again, and this time his dick was done. It lay flaccid in his fist, a thin dribble of come trailing to the flowers inches away from it.

The women seemed to be insatiable, in some strange sex game of domination and submission, master and servant. Seth watched them and fantasized being locked into their game with them. He stared through the window as Sheryl practically lifted Amanda off the bed with three fingers. He wanted to be in that room, his arms around Amanda, hands squeezing her breasts and his cock rock hard against her back. He wanted to be slamming Sheryl’s asshole with his dick while she sucked her lover off. He wanted to be in that room with everything he had.

He watched as Sheryl got Amanda off, then stripped off her own clothing and curled up beside her on the bed, pressing Amanda’s face to her pert breasts. He watched as Amanda, her face wet with tears and sweat, put her mouth to her Sheryl’s tit and began to suckle. He watched as Sheryl took the dildo that she had earlier cast aside and put it into her own mouth to lick and suck Amanda’s juices from it as if it were a cherry popsicle.

Seth went to the ‘spy shop’ the next day, determined that he’d never miss another moment of the Sheryl and Amanda show. He purchased recording equipment, a setup that would film both day and night, and a zoom lens for the distance. He set up the camera to wirelessly feed to the recording equipment in the house, which he then linked to a channel viewable on any tv screen in his house. The arbor was dry and safe, and as long as he masked the little red flashing recording light, he’d be safe from discovery.

Amanda rested her head against her lover’s knee and surrendered herself to the sensation of warm, soft hands gently massaging her breasts, and the cool evening air washing across her body from the open window of her bedroom. She sighed and closed her eyes, to shut out everything but feeling.

Sheryl shifted to the floor from the bed, pulling Amanda up so that she sat between her legs, her head on her shoulder. She let one hand roam over Amanda’s body, palming her breasts, teasing her nipples, and then rubbing the skin below her breasts, and then her stomach, and then her crotch. Slowly, she slid fingers across and between the folds of her vagina, never actually entering, but skimming against the most sensitive spots with practiced skill. Amanda uttered a whimper, and shifted her hips, spreading her bent knees to provide better access to her lover’s administering hand. Sheryl’s other hand cupped Amanda’s left breast, fingertips working at the stiffened nipple they found there.

Her lover’s hand grew bolder, delving further, becoming slick with her fluids, and Amanda began to moan with pleasure. “Mmm, yes…uhnn.” She groaned and turned her face to Sheryl’s neck and began to kiss and lick, nipping gently at the delicate skin. Sheryl turned her face and dipped her chin, claiming Amanda’s lips with her own, French kissing her slowly, drawing out the moment. Amanda’s tongue darted into each Sheryl’s mouth, teasingly licking and biting as the heat between them rose.

Sheryl’s moans soon joined hers, turning Amanda on ever more. “Yes, let me hear how you like it, too. I love it when you get into it oooh…ohhh!”

Sheryl etlik escort continued to make out with Amanda, removing her hand from Amanda’s breast and using it to guide one of Amanda’s hands between them, to her own crotch. Amanda eagerly began to diddle her; occasionally bringing her fingers to her mouth to lick them clean quickly, then dipping them back in.

After a few minutes of this sweet foreplay, Sheryl moved Amanda to the floor, laying her out on her back and straddling her face, and smiling softly, she began to sixty-nine Amanda.

Seth sat in the arbor, watching the women suck and finger each other off, and stroked his dick vigorously. He wanted to be right there, underneath Amanda, letting Sheryl lick his cock as he fucked Amanda’s tight twat. As he beat himself to orgasm, giving the honeysuckle its umpteenth vitamin bath, he let loose a low groan.

In the bedroom, Amanda’s eyes went wide as she heard something through the open window. Then, with a strange look in her eye, she reached up and pulled her lover’s ass cheeks apart and began to finger Sheryl’s asshole with vigor, plunging her digits into the brown hole as far as they would go. Sheryl’s hips began to buck and thrust as Amanda did her work, and soon she came explosively, all over Amanda’s face. Quickly, Sheryl turned around and licked her Amanda’s face clean. After some more necking and cuddling, she left Amanda’s room to rest in her own bed.

As soon as her lover was gone, Amanda crept out of bed, locked her bedroom door, and then moved to stand naked at the open window. Until tonight, she’d always assumed that any view into her room was blocked. As she considered the possibility that she was wrong, she sent a nervous glance over her shoulder before she allowed her fingers to find their way between her thighs and to slide into her ready and waiting twat, still slick with juices. Their neighbor’s honeysuckle-covered fence had usually blocked any view she might have had of him in his house, except lately he had been doing a lot of work in his side yard, adding fences, building what looked like an arbor… But now she wasn’t so sure he’d really been working on improving the look of his garden. She was certain she’d heard something outside her window tonight, something decidedly male and pleased.

She went to her dresser, to the bottom drawer, where she kept the forbidden toys, the things Sheryl didn’t know she had, and pulled out a long flexible two-ended dildo. She’d bought it because she thought Sheryl might enjoy having sex with it, allowing them to do more than just sixty-nine or scissor their legs and grind one out on each other’s pubes. But Sheryl had balked at the idea of using toys, and Amanda had never let on that she’d already bought the thing. It was black and thick, nearly as thick as a toilet paper roll’s cardboard center on one end, narrowing to a more…natural size at the other, and long, covered with thick, ropy veins as so many sex toys are. She went back to face the window with it, as if she had no idea that she might have an audience, and sat on the edge of her bed, holding it between her breasts so that she had one end between her legs and the other near her mouth. She began to lick the dildo’s fat ended head, making it wet with spit, and soon she had it sliding slickly as far as she could take it into her throat. Once it was fully lubricated and her pussy was begging for something of its own, she turned the dildo around and inserted the wet end into her twat, careful to make the appropriate quiet moans and sighs that go along with being filled well with cock. Bending her head down, she then began to lick the other end of the dildo, and once she’d lubed it up with her spittle, she crawled towards the window on her hands and knees, gripping one end of the dildo with her cunt, her head down, still suckling the other. Turning her backside to the window for maximum view, she stopped sucking and grabbed the end in her mouth, reached around and put it to her asshole, carefully shoving it into her brownhole inch by tortuous inch. She and Sheryl didn’t play ass games too often, so her ass was tight, and the soft cries she let out now were honest ones. Soon she had the dildo going in both holes at once, leaving a short u-shape visible. She crawled to her dresser drawer again, clenching all of her muscles to hold the dildo in place, making sure to display her ass, this time pulling out a small egg vibrator with a wired remote. Leaning on the foot of her bed, she faced the window again with her thighs spread wide, displaying the dildo as it stretched both of her holes. She wet the vibrator with her spit, then placed it against her clit. She turned it on and began to quiver as the vibrator did its work on her love button, driving her insane with need. Deliberately, she began to quietly talk dirty to herself. “Yes, Amanda, take it. Take that fat cock! You know you want it. You want a man’s hot rod up your cunt, pounding you into pulp. You want Sheryl to see that dick is okay. Sheryl needs a cock in her mouth, Sheryl needs to be dirty, doesn’t she, Amanda? Yes, she does. Fuck that dick Amanda, take it in the ass, fuck it dry, fuck it, fuck it, fuckit, fuckit, fuckit, fuckit, ooooooohhhhh…” Amanda came, her hips bucking wildly, the flesh of her ass rubbing the hardwood floor of her room, her juices dripping out and around the dildo, coursing down her thighs to drip onto the floor.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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