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JULIA: It was my idea actually. I had seen an advert for ‘Double A’ in the local trade magazine. I wasn’t really sure what to expect.

ADAM: Yeah, Jules told me about this relationship expert and since we have been having problems lately, I thought I would ring the guy and arrange a meeting.

JULIA: It was kind of a last resort. We’d been together for eighteen years and we no longer had a sexual relationship of any sort. AA Handyman guaranteed to reignite the passion in a flagging relationship. Not only was it a money back guarantee, he claimed that he would pay you £1000 if you were not totally satisfied.

ADAM: The initial payment of £150 went through easily enough using my card details. I mean if it was a scam, it was only one hundred and fifty quid and Julia was adamant we were going through with it. We had to send him details of days we were free and soon enough a date came back: Saturday 03rd August.

JULIA: I received an email. It asked for my measurements and asked me politely to shave. Not completely mind you, it was quite clear about that: make sure you have shaved/trimmed your pubic area so it is neat and tidy. A photograph was attached that made it clear what was expected of me. I mean, I don’t normally bother as no one ever gets to see it up close, so why should I bother?

ADAM: we heard nothing else from the guy and I was beginning to suspect we had lost the £150

JULIA: daily I was getting emails from AA. First it was shave my pussy. Then I had to go to the post office to pick up a parcel. When I got home Adam was out as usual with his mates cycling and the kids were around at my sisters playing; she has one of those inflatable pools and the girls love it. I opened the parcel and found some very expensive black underwear.


The knock at the door sent a small chill down Julie’s spine as she stood in the bedroom in her new outfit, looking at her reflection in the wardrobe door. She wasn’t used to wearing stockings, suspenders, bra and panties with high heels and she felt a thrill in the pit of her stomach. Adam didn’t have a clue what was going to happen but she had begun to have an idea over the last few weeks. Initially she had been quite offended by the messages. She didn’t think of herself as a prude but the language used: cunt, asshole, titties; the suggestions of what was going to happen to her: I’m going to spread your arse cheeks wide apart and tongue fuck both your holes. David had never spoken to her even when they had been courting.

She could hear voices downstairs and she looked in the mirror at her reflection again. She ran her hand down over the sheer material of the bra across her flat stomach, over her pussy which she knew was already wet and down to rest on her thigh. She swallowed hard. She was torn: part of her wished she had never suggested contacting this man; it felt like one of those invitations you send out to your neighbour for a barbecue and then regret the fact you are going to have to make polite chitchat with someone who you have nothing in common with; however a much deeper part of her was terribly excited: the thought of her body exciting another man, seeing his cock get hard just from looking at her, acting like a slut for the first time, having her body used, filled and fulfilled. Her heart pounded as her fingers played with one of the straps on her stockings.

Her mobile lying on the bed buzzed and she picked it up to read the text message: Your presence is required downstairs slut. That is all it said. She dropped the phone as if it was made of molten lava and breathlessly opened the bedroom door and walked carefully down the stairs.

She could hear voices: two men (one was definitely Adam so she assumed the other belonged to AA), and a woman. She nervously pushed the door open.

“Ah, you must be Julia. This is the handyman and I am Paula, his assistant.”

Julia looked at Paula and immediately felt intimidated: she stood approximately 5’9″, making her feel small, her dark black hair (dyed surely) was cut into a classic bob, she had bright red lipstick on, her cat-like green eyes were set off by some beautifully applied eye shadow and she was wearing a beautiful summer dress that accentuated a perfect figure: athletic but curves in all the right places.

She then looked across at a tall balding man standing next to Adam. Tall, athletic build, mid to late forties, balding though he had shaved what little hair he had back to a number one. He was wearing typical builders wear: jeans, t-shirt, trainers.

The man didn’t react but Adam certainly looked confused. “What’s going on? I’m not sure I understand. I thought this was all about fixing our relationship.”

“It is Adam, most definitely. Don’t be shy Julia, come on in.” Paula smiled.

Julia moved towards the leather sofa but Paula stopped her by gently taking her wrist. “Don’t sit down Julia, we all want to see you, don’t we Adam?” She looked at him but there was no reaction. Instead Paula lifted her hand and made Julia perform a little ulus escort pirouette. “Doesn’t she look delicious? Don’t you just want to eat her all up? Look at her body Adam.”

Paula looked at his wife as if he was seeing her for the first time. He couldn’t ever remember when she had worn such an outfit and his feelings were confused.

“Come on Adam. All those hours you spend jerking off to that porn, and here you have your very own slut to use however you want. Don’t you have something to say to her?”

Adam blushed and stammered, “You look gorgeous.”

“Gorgeous. Oh please. A girl doesn’t want to hear gorgeous when she is dressed like this, does she Julia?” Paula ran her hand up Julia’s arm and cupped her breast. “Look at her titties. Can you see her nipples nice and hard just pushing through the material?” The girl began to gently rub her nipple through the black bra. “And look at this will you?” Paula turned Julia around and ordered her to part her legs. “A little bit further.” She ran her hand down across her stomach and eased her thighs apart. “Put one leg up on the sofa Julia. Can you see it Adam? Her cunt is sopping wet. Look at how wet her panties are.” Paula rubbed two fingers up and down over Julia’s pussy and showed her wet fingers to the two men. She then put them in her mouth and sucked them clean. “Her juices taste so sweet. Don’t you just want to eat her out?”

Adam continued to blush. Handyman looked at Adam and smiled, “Look, we know you are feeling confused, but Paula and I are here to help. Take a seat and we shall take you through this step by step.” Adam dropped into the nearest armchair and watched his wife being handled by Paula.

“You see the problem nowadays is that men spend so much time wanking off to porn, they have forgotten the real possibilities that are right in front of them.” As Paula spoke she continued to rub the increasingly moist crevasse being made in Julia’s panties. Her breathing was becoming ragged and her legs were becoming slightly wobbly as the girl continued to masturbate her. She put a hand onto Paula’s shoulder to steady herself. “I mean, we know what sort of porn you like Adam, all those open willing orifices, filling them with hard cocks and spunk, and yet don’t you think your own little slut at home needs some cock? Don’t you slut?”

Julia was unable to answer straight away as she was feeling dizzy. “You know what your little slut wants to do right now Adam? I bet you have never thought of it, have you? She wants to show everyone her juicy little pussy, don’t you slut?” The words made Julia want to moan. She was just beginning to wonder whether this was not just some dream, when Paula moved her leg back off the sofa and kissed her on the mouth. She whispered to her: “I’m going to show the boys your cunt. I’m going to show them how wet and juicy it is. How your clit is all big and ready to suck. I’m going to bend you over and spread your legs and show them your arse hole. Do you want to show them your holes Julia?”

She did. Oh god, she did! She felt like a teenager again when she had first flashed her pussy at a boy. She felt both that deep uncontrollable urge and that sense of power that her body held over men. She felt wonderfully powerless as the girl slowly eased her panties down. Paula walked her over next to the glass-topped coffee table and made her bend over, the palms of her hands flat on the cool glass. She raised one of her high heels and took her panties off then made her spread her legs wide apart and guided her head down so that her nose was almost touching the table. Julia was unable to see anything as her hair hung down over her eyes but she felt totally open and exposed. She felt the muscles in the back of her legs tense holding this position, the stockings and garter belt only made her feel more exposed; almost as if her pussy was being framed.

Adam looked at his wife bent over in front of him. Paula brought Julia’s panties over to him and stretching the satin wide, showed him how the gusset was soaking wet with pussy juice. “Look at how wet she is Adam. She is just gagging to be fucked. Smell her cunt juices.” Paula offered the panties up to his nose and he inhaled Julia’s scent and his cock began to thicken. Paula often wondered about those two words: cunt and pussy; when was a cunt a pussy and when was a pussy a cunt? She wasn’t that fussed, but in her mind a pussy could only be called a pussy if hair was involved, and in this case the small neatly trimmed strip of hair almost pointing to Mrs Smith’s vagina suggested to her it was a pussy.

Paula left the panties with Adam and then went back towards Julia. She knelt down behind her and began to run her hands up and down Julia’s stockinged thighs and over her arse. “Come here you two and have a look.” The two men came forward and watched closely as Paula pulled Julia’s arse cheeks wide apart to expose her anus. “Can you smell her? Don’t you just want to stretch that tight little bum hole open? Watch.”

Paula bend yenimahalle escort her head down and holding Julia’s arse cheeks wide apart ran her tongue down her arse crack and over her puckered anus. Julia shuddered. No one had ever licked her down there, not even her husband or previous boyfriends. The thought was just so dirty and her stomach lurched as Paula began to force her hard tongue against her virgin hole. She pushed her tongue against the hole again and again until bit by bit it began to open. “I do think this hole has never been used before. Has it Julia?”

Julia mumbled and shuddered again as the girl placed her wetted index finger against her bum hole and began to push it in. “I think we are going to have lots of fun with Julia’s bottom this morning aren’t we boys?” Julia wasn’t sure about this. Obviously she was aware Adam was into anal sex; just looking at the internet history on his laptop indicated this; but when she watched those films, the expressions on the faces of the girls being sodomised never seemed particularly happy, in fact it looked painful. Nevertheless the fact it was another woman playing with her asshole seemed to relax her. The idea of her anus being stretched open by a thick hard cock, feeling the hot length of it filling her insides at this moment made her wetter than ever.

“Turn her over so we can see her pussy, Paula.” This was the first time the handyman had really said anything of note. “On the table I think would be best.”

Julia felt herself being manhandled so that she was lying on her back on the table. “Lift her legs back, right over, that’s it.” Paula followed handyman’s orders and Julia found herself with her knees right up by her head, her black stilettos would almost have been touching her shoulders if the handyman hadn’t pulled her legs wide apart. Now her pussy was fully exposed and open to view, her dilated arsehole easily accessible.

“Adam, take your clothes off, your wife needs a damn good fucking.” Handyman nodded his head to Adam as he quickly stripped. It was as if they were both under this couple’s spell and could no longer make decisions for themselves.

Before long Adam was stripped down to his boxers but as he removed them it was obvious his cock was not going to be hard enough to penetrate either of Julia’s needy holes. “Is there anything more pointless on this Earth than a man with a half hard cock when a woman is in desperate need?” Paula thought to herself. Too much porn. Time and again this was the problem they were addressing nowadays. So many perfectly fit and healthy men could no longer perform: was it to do with performance anxiety, or was it just overloading the circuits of the brain and in effect desensitising themselves? She wasn’t sure but she just knew what they would have to do.

“Don’t worry Adam, it happens to everyone (except those that do not overindulge with pornography she thought), we’ll get it sorted out.”

Paula began to strip. She slid out of her summer dress to reveal neat, tight white panties and bra. As she was doing this handyman also stripped and as he lowered his boxers a nice thick hard cock swung out ready for action. For a moment Julia felt abandoned but was quickly aware of the heat and smell of all the bare firm flesh near to her. She turned her head just as Paula removed her panties and saw a neatly trimmed bush covering her cunt. She looked down and saw handyman’s hard cock pointing straight at her. It didn’t matter about Adam now, it was all about her, and her needs. And she needed to feel a hard cock inside her right now.

“We shall fuck her pussy first. I think that would be best. You two amuse yourselves with her mouth.” Handyman ordered.

Paula got Adam to hold one of his wife’s legs as she held the other. “Watch his cock slide into that nice wet pussy Adam.” All of them watched as handyman knelt down and introduced his bulging knob to the folds of Julia’s dripping wet gash. It was like a slow motion film: Adam, Paula, handyman and Julia (by straining her neck) watched as the cock slid effortlessly into her cunt. She moaned as she felt the hard heat of his cock penetrate her.

“Has your wife ever tasted another woman’s pussy Adam?” Paula whispered in Adam’s ear. He didn’t know what to say, but thinking about her prudishness, he doubted it. Before Julia knew what was happening, her focus totally taken with handyman’s cock thrusting in and out of her pussy, suddenly she was aware of Paula lowering her cunt down onto her mouth. She had no time to say anything: the smell of wet pussy juices filled her nose, the lubricated lips of another woman’s pussy were suddenly close enough to taste. “Eat my cunt out you slut.” She closed her eyes and instinctively pushed her tongue out, she ran it up and down Paula’s slit and then sucked on her quickly swelling clit. The whole room suddenly went quiet. All that could be heard was the slick wet slurping noises of handyman’s cock fucking Julia’s pussy, deep and slow. Julia could hear herself involuntarily making small mewing noises as she ate out the younger woman’s cunt. The ticking of the clock above the mantelpiece seemed to get louder as everyone concentrated on the contact of flesh on flesh. Handyman didn’t have the largest cock but he certainly knew what he was doing, slowly easing his length balls deep into Julia’s willing hole then pulling it out until the thickest part of his knob dragged out her pussy lips, in and out, in and out.

“I think she needs some more cock now Adam.” Paula slid her pussy away from Julia’s mouth and grabbed his semi hard cock. They both looked down at Julia and the juices smeared across her face. “Open wide, now you can have some cock as well.” Julia took Adam’s cock into her mouth and sucked deeply on it. “Don’t just stand there Adam, fuck her mouth.” Paula grabbed the back of Julia’s head and forced Adam’s cock in and out of her mouth. “Fuck it, see how far down her throat you can get your cock. That’s it, harder.”

Julia was taken aback at the sudden change in Adam’s behaviour. She could feel his cock stiffen and swell in her mouth and as it did, he forced it deeper and deeper until she had to turn her head away to gasp for some air.

“What do you think you are doing? No you don’t. Take it all the way down you slut.” Paula grabbed Julia’s head once again and fed the salty tasting penis back into her mouth. “I think we would like to see you fuck her asshole now, wouldn’t we Adam?”

“Yes, fuck the bitch’s bum hole. I want to see it stretched.”

“Hmm, yes get on with it handyman. Let me lubricate it for you.”

Quickly Paula stepped around the table and grabbed a tube of lubricant from her handbag. She leant over the table as handyman removed his cock from Julia’s pussy and sat back on his heels. All of them once again watched, as Paula squeezed a dollop of clear liquid onto Julia’s anus. She licked her fingers and massaged it into the tight hole.

“Mmm, I wish that was my asshole. It’s going to feel so good when he sticks his cock right up your shitter. Let’s help.”

Paula took hold of handyman’s straining cock and placed the swollen knob against Julia’s virgin asshole. Adam watched as handyman leant forwards and the cock began to push against the resisting hole. He could feel Julia try to back away from the pressure, but his own hard cock wedged deep into her mouth stopped her from moving. Instead all he felt was the vibration of her moans as her anus was pushed in and in, deeper and deeper then suddenly the tight knot of muscle expanded and appeared to swallow the tip of the penetrating cock. Julia’s body shook as the cock was buried deeper into her rectum. Paula placed her hand on handyman’s stomach and made him withdraw an inch so she could apply more lubrication both to the straining rod half buried in Julia’s bum and the now stretched anus gripping the hard flesh. She concentrated really hard making sure every part of Julia’s straining bum hole was fully lubricated, particularly the delicate strip of white flesh between her pussy and anus.

Paula smiled at handyman and he leant forward once again, driving his cock deeper still. As for Julia, she didn’t know what to think. The mixture of pleasure and pain was too much for her, and she thought she was going to pass out. What with Adam now fucking her mouth steadily with his hard cock and handyman driving his rod deeper and deeper into her bum hole she began to come. There was no stopping her as she moaned and writhed under the twin assault.

Paula watched with pleasure, rubbing her own wet snatch as Mrs Smith orgasmed. “I think it is time to give our slut the ultimate pleasure isn’t it handyman?” Handyman, balls deep into Julia’s arsehole slowly withdrew his cock that made an obscene sucking sound as it left her now gaping hole. “Adam, take your cock out of your slut’s mouth. We are now going to give her a real dp.”

Julia was unable to move herself as her legs were numb and her whole body was still shaking. She was lifted up from the table and watched as Paula arranged Adam on his back on the floor, his cock now hard and erect, covered in her saliva. She looked down and saw a string of pussy juice hanging from her cunt, down over her stockinged thigh. She had little time to reflect on her situation as handyman and Paula lifted her so she was straddling Adam, then forced her down so that his cock slid right up to the hilt in her pussy. “Oh god, that feels good, your cock feels so big in my pussy Adam.” She kissed him deeply and passionately. He made an almost guttural sound in reply. She felt hands on the small of her back pressing her down and fingers holding her arse cheeks apart. Then she felt the blunt tip of handyman’s penis once again pressing against her back passage. This time she seriously thought he was going to tear her in two, what with Adam’s cock filling her pussy.

“This is something we need to film don’t you think Adam? Little slut Julia’s first dp.” Paula picked up a small video camera and proceeded to film handyman’s cock sliding deeper and deeper into Julia’s ass. She filmed as the two cocks began to fall into a natural rhythm; she filmed from every possible angle, showing how much the two rampant cocks stretched her. Julia moaned and shuddered as orgasm after orgasm swept through her body and the camera recorded it all.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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