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The next morning, I woke up in Saloni’s room. I was still wearing the cum stained saree from the previous night. Now that the effects of last night’s alcohol were wearing off and reality was setting in, I was full of mixed emotions.

I was very happy about dressing up as a woman, but at the same time I was conflicted about what I had done with Pranav… or rather done to Pranav.

I was alone in Saloni’s room. She had already left for the day. I checked the time — it was only seven. I had plenty of time to clean up and get ready for class. I sat up and saw that there was a note on Saloni’s dresser. I picked it up and read it.

Sorry for not waking you up Ishita, but I was in a hurry. See you in class.-Love, Saloni

I gave an unconscious smile on reading the note and got out of bed to get ready. I started looking for my boy clothes from the previous day, but they were nowhere to be found. I assumed, Saloni must have put them for washing with her own clothes.

Having no other option, I decided to just go back to my own room to change. I quickly looked at myself in the mirror. I was a complete mess — my hair was all ruffled and my saree was wrinkled. But I still looked like a woman, a little dishevelled one at that and I should be able to easily go back to the boy’s hostel looking like that.

I started looking for my sneakers but they were missing too. Having no other choice, it put on the stilettos from the previous day and left Saloni’s room.

I sneaked out of her room and out of the girls’ hostel. On my way out, the security guard on duty gave me a strange look but didn’t comment. This made me blush red and I walked back to my room in the boy’s hostel as fast as possible.

I removed my saree with all the remaining clothes and lingerie I was wearing underneath and dumped them on my bed. I also removed the chandelier earrings which Saloni had loaned me and placed them on my table. Without their weight pulling down on my earlobes, my pierced ears felt a bit peculiar.

I went for a shower. However, even without the clothes, I was still daydreaming about them in the shower. Imagining myself in a saree again was enough to give me a hard on. Soon I started touching myself, fantasising about being a woman. Within minutes I was cumming. A bit embarrassed by my sudden arousal and raunchy thoughts, I quickly finished showering and went back to my room.

I opened my cupboard to remove clothes to wear, but I was surprised to see the cupboard almost empty. All my boy clothes were gone. The only clothes remaining were the girl clothes Saloni and I had bought on our occasional shopping trips together.

Besides those, there was an unfamiliar white box on the cupboard shelf. I removed the box and opened it. There were clothes inside with a note on top of them. I read the note.

A lovely present for a lovely girl. See you in class.-Love, Saloni

Inside the box, was a navy blue coloured knee length bandhani skirt and a loose fitting yellow sleeveless top. I removed the clothes – they were soft to touch and really beautiful to look at. Did Saloni want me to wear these clothes to class? But I had already completed the bet and then some. Hadn’t I just spent the whole previous day in a saree?

But the touch of the clothes in my hands unlocked something in me. I had an overwhelming urge to dress up. I looked inside the box — there was no lingerie to go with it. But I already had some from my previous shopping trips with Saloni. I went to the cupboard and pulled out a red padded camisole and matching lace hipster panties.

I eagerly put on the lingerie. Next I picked the skirt and stepped into it, pulling it up my smooth shaved legs. The yellow top was made of a soft and silky material. I put it on over the camisole and went to the mirror. I looked very feminine in those clothes with my long hair still a bit wet from the shower. I brushed my hair and put on the hairband from the previous day. I also picked up the chandelier earrings and put them on again. I looked in the mirror again. The very little masculinity I showed before had completely disappeared and there was no doubting that I was a girl.

Now that I was ready, I was again hesitant. Was I really going to do this again? Was I going to go to college dressed as a girl again? But then my desire to look pretty took over any little doubt I had and it’s not like I had any other clothes to wear.

I put on a pair of white sneakers and left my room. I saw that the rest of my friends had already left, their rooms were locked. So, I made my way to class alone, still a bit conscious of how I looked.

I entered the lecture hall and started looking for my friends. Thankfully, unlike the other day when I was wearing a saree, people weren’t paying too much attention to me anymore.

I found my friends sitting near the window. Saloni was sitting alone while Pranav, Neel and Aayush were sitting on the bench in front of her, their heads turned back as they Betturkey were busy talking to Saloni. I went to them and promptly sat down next to Saloni.

All of them stopped talking abruptly and were staring at me. Saloni gave me a wide smile. After the initial shock, Pranav finally managed speak, ‘You are looking beautiful today, Ishita.’

Neel and Aayush were still staring at me but finally they joined in and complemented me too, which just made me blush red. Luckily, at that moment the professor entered the class and we got busy with the lecture.

The lectures for the day continued and between them, we chatted as we used to. However, I observed that the guys paid me more attention than before. Before, I had seen the guys give such special attention to Saloni alone, but now I was sharing the limelight with her.

The rest of the day was uneventful. After class, I went with Saloni to her room in the girl’s hostel. I didn’t really ask her about my missing clothes, I didn’t really care anymore. I just thanked her for the lovely present.

I borrowed one of her night gown. We talked into the night and went to sleep in each other’s arms.

* * *

Next day, I borrowed some of Saloni’s clothes. All her kurtis were too big for me and my lean body couldn’t fill them properly. So I borrowed a simple white top and a red flared skirt. They were still loose fitting but I looked good in them. Saloni tied my hair in a braid just like hers and we left for class together.

As we were leaving the hostel, the security guard handed Saloni a letter which had arrived in the morning. She tore open the envelope and started reading it as we were walking.

‘The letter is from my mother,’ Saloni said, as she continued to read it.

After some time, she exclaimed, ‘Whoa, my sister Riya is getting married next month. My mother has asked me to invite all my friends too. This is so exciting. We girls are going to have so much fun.’

I smiled back at her, ‘Nice. I Love weddings.’ But then I comprehended what she had just said completely. ‘Wait. What? But. What do you mean by girls? I can’t go back to Delhi dressed as a girl. My parents would freak out.’

Saloni giggled.

‘You are so cute Ishita. But, don’t worry. The wedding’s not in Delhi. It’s a destination wedding. We are going to Udaipur,’ she said as she held my hand.

I relaxed a bit, and started to really feel excited. I have always loved weddings in general, but to attend a wedding as a girl, that to alongside my best friend Saloni would be great.

We reached to classroom and Saloni gave the good news to the guys. They were excited too and we started discussing it excitedly.

The guys no longer thought anything of my still dressing as a girl.

Soon with Saloni’s help, I started dressing as a girl every day. I pretty much moved in with Saloni. I moved my small collection of women’s clothes to Saloni’s room and she started helping me build my wardrobe further. It just felt natural.

* * *

Now, dressing up as a girl might have come naturally to me, but some things that I found simple before got me nervous.

To start with, Saloni introduced me to her other girlfriends. I found that I was no longer shy around girls. I could chat with them endlessly now that I was one of them.

What got me in a sweat now, was talking to boys. Being a pretty girl, guys always came up to me to try to chat me up. I felt nervous talking to them even though it was something I did before easily.

As for my friends, I still talked naturally with the guys, but I was still a bit shy around them, especially with Pranav. I still couldn’t look him in the eyes — I was just too shy and self-conscious.

The Diwali holidays were coming up and with that Saloni’s sister’s wedding. I was getting a bit jittery now.

It was the week before the wedding. We were planning to go shopping over the weekend, but our assignments were still pending. Saloni and I were good at studies, so we finished and submitted our assignments early, while the boys were still struggling. Neel and Aayush finally managed to complete their assignments Saturday afternoon but Pranav was still working on his.

On Saturday evening, the five of us were sitting in Pranav’s room as he was busy researching for his assignment. Saloni and I sat on Pranav’s bed reading. Saloni was wearing jeans and was sitting comfortably, but I was in a skirt and had to sit with my knees together and my legs folded to one side to avoid flashing everyone. Pranav was sitting at his table while Neel and Aayush were sitting on the floor playing some board game.

‘Guys, I don’t think, I’ll be able to come with you’ll for wedding shopping tomorrow. Why don’t you guys go along without me. I’ll shop on one of the weekdays,’ Pranav said while looking up from his book.

‘What is taking you so long? Won’t you finish it by tomorrow morning, so we can go after breakfast,’ Aayush said.

‘I am too tired Betturkey Giriş now. I don’t think I’ll be able to do anything more tonight. I’ll start again tomorrow morning and hopefully finish it by evening,’ Pranav replied.

‘So, why don’t we all go shopping in the evening?’ Neel chimed in.

‘We can’t go shopping in the evening, that’s too little time for us girls,’ Saloni said.

‘Ok. So, why don’t you girls go ahead early? We’ll join you girls later,’ Neel said.

‘But we have to get a present too for Riya’s wedding. Also, we have to buy our plane tickets too. We’ll need you guys for that,’ Saloni replied.

I had an idea, ‘Why don’t I stay back with Pranav to help him complete the assignment faster. Saloni and you guys can go in the morning. You can buy the tickets first and go to the mall to buy the present. Pranav and I will join you a few hours later.’ As, I finished saying this, I looked at Pranav and our eyes met. I immediately blushed and looked down at my hands.

Saloni said, ‘That sounds like a plan. Why don’t we go to sleep now and meet here tomorrow morning.’

Pranav said, ‘Sounds good.’

Neel and Aayush agreed too. We all went back to our rooms. I went with Saloni back to her room, still planning about all the shopping we would be doing the next day.

* * *

Next morning, Saloni and I got ready and went to Pranav’s room together. Saloni was wearing a loose blue-white salwar kameez, while I wore a tight green salwar kameez which fit me quite snugly. With the padded bra I was wearing underneath and my round ass, it gave me quite an appealing figure. I borrowed one of Saloni’s purse to carry my things.

Neel and Aayush were already there, sitting on the bed, doing nothing while Pranav was already busy working on his assignment. As we entered, the three of them looked up and smiled at the same time.

Before we could say anything, Neel said, ‘Good. You both are here. Let’s go Saloni.’

Neel, Aayush and Saloni left for the mall as we made plans to meet them at lunch in the food court.

I was left standing there alone with Pranav in his room.

Pranav said, ‘Why don’t you take a seat. I’ll show you the progress of my assignment.’

This was the first time we both were alone together since that night at Pranav’s birthday. I was still shy and replied back, ‘Why don’t we go to the library. We could finish the work faster there.’

Pranav smirked as he replied, ‘Ok. Let’s go to the library then.’

He locked up his room and we started walking towards the library. He held his books and files under one arm. As we were walking, he stretched out his free arm and took my hand. I stumbled a bit but thankfully I was wearing flat sandals and managed to avoid falling. I didn’t say anything and just kept looking ahead as we walked together holding hands.

As we reached the library, Pranav went ahead and held the door open for me. That’s the first time I saw him acting so chivalrous, so I gave him a smile. Inside we found a free table and started working on his assignment. Every now and then I caught him looking at me. I felt he was paying more attention to me than his assignment.

As we were working on the assignment, I found that there wasn’t much left to do. He just had to write the conclusion. Within a few hours, with some pointers from me, he was done. He thanked me for all the help, but really, I had done very little.

We went back to his room to keep his books and assignment. And then we left for the mall together. It was around one in the afternoon and the sun was blazing, so we decided to get a rickshaw.

I sat inside the rickshaw and Pranav sat quite close to me, perhaps closer than necessary, our shoulders touching. The rickshaw driver was driving quite rough. With every bump and turn, I got pushed against Pranav’s body — and with every push, I blushed and readjusted myself on the seat.

Finally we reached the mall. Pranav got off the rickshaw and courteously presented his hand to me to climb down. Pranav paid the rickshaw driver and we walked into the mall, Pranav leading me by my hand.

The rest of our friends were already waiting for us at the food court. We had pizza, but I could barely finish once slice, my stomach was fluttering so much.

Saloni showed me the shopping they had already done. For Riya’s present, they had bought a beautiful blue coloured Kanjivaram silk saree with golden border.

After lunch, we continued our shopping. Pranav continued holding my hand, and I didn’t object.

The boys did their shopping first. They bought brightly coloured kurtas for the Sangeet ceremony and dark coloured kurtas with light coloured jackets for the wedding and reception. It barely took an hour for the three guys to complete their shopping.

Then Saloni and I started our shopping. We went from store to store looking and browsing through all the collections. It was only now that I was dressing as a girl regularly, Betturkey Güncel Giriş I realised women have so many options for clothing. Right from different types of clothes to different designs to different fabrics and colours, the choices are just endless.

Saloni and I spent hours shopping, while the boys held our bags patiently. Finally Saloni and I had bought three sets of clothes each for the wedding. For the Mehndi and Sangeet ceremony, we bought a matching pair of lehenga cholis with golden sequins work — Saloni’s was turquoise coloured while mine was lavender coloured.

For the Haldi ceremony I bought a white anarkali suit with red flowery embroidery while Saloni bought a yellow kurti with red palazzo.

And finally for the wedding and reception ceremony Saloni bought an orange lehenga choli with golden zari work while I bought a pink lehenga with a backless choli. All this shopping made me very happy and I could see Saloni was enjoying it too.

After all this shopping, the boys left us, making excuses, but Saloni and I could tell they were just bored. Pranav gave me a kiss on the cheeks before leaving to which I smiled.

Next Saloni took me to a beauty parlour where we got a manicure, pedicure, eyebrow shaping, hair trimming, etc. Next we bought shoes for the wedding. I bought a pair of open toe golden pumps three inches high and Saloni bought a four inch high silver stilettos.

I had already build up quite a collection of lingerie by now, so there was no need to buy more for the wedding. And as far as jewellery went, I would just borrow Saloni’s. It was night by the time we finished our shopping. Exhausted but elated, we went back to Saloni’s room with all the shopping bags.

* * *

The next week went by quickly. The five of us were busy completing our assignment submissions before the Diwali vacations.

Friday evening, the five of us caught a flight to Udaipur for Saloni’s sister’s wedding. Udaipur was unquestionably the most beautiful city I had ever seen. Also known as the city of lakes, the city is full of palaces and luxury hotels making it one of the most sought after cities in India for weddings.

We reached the resort at night and checked in. Saloni and I had a shared room while Neel, Pranav and Aayush shared another. Saloni introduced the four of us to her parents and her sister Riya. They delightfully welcomed us all.

She told us most of the guests had already arrived. The groom’s side were also staying in the same resort on the other side and all the functions were planned in the resort itself.

* * *

The next morning, I woke up to the sound of soft shehnai music playing outside the window. I got up and went to the window. There was a lot of hubbub on the grounds. People looked busy with preparations. From caterers to decorators, everyone looked in a hurry.

I turned around at looked back, Saloni was still fast asleep. I thought about taking a nice relaxing bath before Saloni woke up. But just I was making my plans, there was a knock on the door. I opened the door. It was Saloni’s mother. She wished me good morning and politely asked me to get ready for the functions.

Then she walked past me and started shaking Saloni awake, ‘Get up. It’s your sister’s wedding. What are you doing still sleeping? There is so much work to be done.’

Saloni got up groggily, ‘Yes, mom. I’m getting up.’

‘Get ready and meet me in the ceremony hall. There are lot of chores. Bring your lovely friend too,’ saying so Saloni’s mother left.

Saloni I got freshened up and started getting ready. It was the Mehndi ceremony today afternoon followed by the Sangeet ceremony in the evening.

I picked out my purple bra and panty set from the suitcase and put it on. The bra was underwired and pushup which gave me a bit of cleavage. The panties were soft and lacy and felt really good against my skin. It had been months since I put on my first lingerie, but I still got excited every time I put on such feminine underwear.

Next I put on the lavender coloured lehenga and tied the draw string at my waist. The lehenga felt quite heavy on my waist, with all the sequin works on it. Next I put on the choli over my bra. Saloni helped me fasten it behind my back. Lastly I draped the see through dupatta over my left shoulder and completed my look.

I helped Saloni put on her clothes and we did each other’s makeup. Saloni applied light makeup on my face which gave my cheeks a more pronounced look and finished the look with a dark red lipstick. I borrowed matching bangles and earrings from Saloni and put them on. We brushed each other’s hair and we were finally ready.

I put on my heels and looked at myself in the mirror. Saloni stood beside me completely dressed in her turquoise lehenga choli. We looked like sisters — two gorgeous traditional Indian women.

We had our breakfast and reached the ceremony hall. It was full of women talking and laughing. Everyone looked beautiful and colourful in their traditional clothes.

Riya was sitting at the center of the hall, getting mehndi done on her hands by a beautician. She was smiling and looking really happy as her mother instructed the beautician applying mehndi.

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