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David was going through a dry period. This was something he imagined all writers go through; after all, nobody can run at full speed forever. Every once in a while the batteries have to be recharged. He had been spending the day reading, with a Haydn string-quartet softly playing in the background. He had thought about Demaris more than he felt comfortable with. He had sworn off women for a while, so having one invade his thoughts wasn’t good. He felt that he was finally getting the upper hand when someone rang his doorbell.

David saw Demaris standing in his doorway. He instantly felt a tightness within him loosen and fall away. He experienced a feeling of relief and welcome. In the instant that these feelings swept over him, an undeniable observation clouded his euphoria. She was hurt or in trouble; the red eyes that looked at him screamed it. Her words were cheerful enough but the way her eyes darted from side to side and then down to her feet to break their contact worked as an exclamation mark, enunciating his initial observation.

“What a pleasant surprise!” He replied as he tried to smile naturally. “Come in… come in, it is just what I needed. Being a recluse has some drawbacks; loneliness is one of them. I’m always up for company.” This last statement wasn’t strictly true, but at this moment he was actually glad she was here.

Demaris walked past him with two final sideways glances. She could smell him as she passed. He didn’t smell of soap or cologne but emitted a manly smell. It wasn’t unappealing to her and she smiled discreetly as she walked into his living room.

“Would you care for some coffee or tea; or maybe I could interest you in a superb white port?”

Feeling both nervous and jittery she said, “I think I’ll take you up on your superb port.”

“Excellent! Make yourself at home and I’ll get our drinks.”

She surveyed the living room and decided to take a seat on his sofa. As she waited for his return her eyes traveled over the room. She thought the room was tastefully decorated but lacked in personal items. The sofa she was sitting on and the two matching chairs emitted quality. It wouldn’t have surprised her if the Chesterfield styled furniture was imported from England. The walls were void of paintings or pictures but didn’t appear too Spartan for her taste.

David returned with the wine and two stemmed glasses. He put them on the coffee table and poured wine into each glass. Putting down the bottle, he picked up both glasses and offered one of them to her. Handing it to her he asked, “Do we have something to toast?”

Demaris gave the question a thought and answered, “To a new friendship?”

“Okay, to a new friendship!”

She repeated the toast and then asked, “I’m not keeping you from anything, am I?”

“No, I’ve been taking the day off, actually. Even writers have to recharge their batteries every once in a while. I’ve been reading a book, actually.”

“Oh yeah, what book have you been reading?”

“Edward Rutherfurd’s novel New York. It is a very interesting story. I never thought that the Big Apple had such a rich and colorful history.”

The subject of books brought a vision of his book. She left it next door and it was still in the bathroom covered in Brian’s piss. “I actually bought one of your books and must say I’m very impressed.”

“Which book have you been reading?”

“Beyond the Horizon; I am impressed at your ability to describe and depict Jessie Benton from a woman’s perspective. I think most men can’t see past their maleness and embrace the feminine point of view.”

“I’ve never heard that from my critics. I take that as a compliment; thank you.”

“You’re welcome.”

David refilled their glasses. The port was very sweet and strong, they both felt a buzz from the wine. When he put the bottle down again he said, “We can finish this and then change for the pool.”

His last statement hit her like a brick. In all her planning she completely forgot her swimming suit. It was still in the trunk of her car and that was parked two miles away. What was she going to do? What was she going to say? She picked up her glass and swallowed it in three long gulps. Maybe the wine would give her courage to bring her through the next few minutes. Her mind was working, desperately looking for an answer. The wine didn’t help her come up with a solution so she held out her glass for a refill in the hope that the extra alcohol would help give her courage. She saw no other way than to tell him the truth. She emptied her third glass as fast as the second and stood up, slightly unsteadily. “Mr. Lawton, I have a confession to make. I’ve come here under false pretenses, but also because I have no choice. I have been abused by my husband and have to get away.” She looked David straight in the eyes and tried to judge his reaction. “I realize that I haven’t traveled far but I also have to admit that I have no other friends and you are the only one I could think Kartal Escort of.” She was beginning to think he might politely show her the door and out of desperation continued, “I just need a place to stay for a few days and promise I won’t get in your way. If you have an extra room I can just stay in there and you wouldn’t even know I was here…”

“Demaris, my name is David. I thought we had gotten past introductions. I would be happy to have you for a couple of days. Like I’ve said, the life of a hermit isn’t always to my liking; and as far as putting you in a room and forgetting about you, I assure you that I would never be able to do that. You are a beautiful woman and no man could just forget about you.”

Tears of gratitude sprang into Demaris’s eyes and slowly ran down her cheeks. David, moved by tears that seemed to be so sincere, stood and opened his arms. She came to him with just a short hesitation and he closed his arms around her. She felt safe. This feeling, she realized, had been foreign to her for so long. She would have been content to stay there all night, breathing in his manly odor.

David broke the embrace and said, “Let me show you your room.” With this he took her hand and led her down the hall. “This is the guest room. Like you, I don’t have many friends so you will be the first one staying here. The bed is new but I’m afraid I haven’t made it up. I have enough sheets if you wouldn’t mind making it up.”

“Thank you. That wouldn’t be a problem at all.”

He went to get the linens and left her to make her bed. David wasn’t as happy with his decision as he made out to be. He had made an anti-women resolution and knew that if she stayed it would eventually be broken. On the other hand he wouldn’t have been able to turn his back on her in her time of need. He knew what he said, had to be said, but secretly hoped she would leave before they went too far. ‘Has my marriage to Maggie ruined me for any meaningful relationship in the future?’ he thought. He hoped that wouldn’t be his lot.

David was on his patio finishing the bottle of white port when Demaris came out and sat down. “The bed is made and the room will be more than perfect.”

“Would you like some more wine? I think I still have a bottle or two somewhere around here.”

“No thank you. I’ve had more than enough. That stuff goes right to your head. I think if I had any more I would be quite drunk.”

“That’s fine, are you hungry?”

“Not particularly; it is a very hot day though.”

“You did say that you came to take me up on my offer to swim.”

“I completely forgot to bring my bathing suit. I would have to go naked.”

“I don’t have a swimsuit either; I always skinny dip.”

His mischievous smile contagiously transferred to her and he stood up and shucked his shirt and pants and walked into the cool blue water. Demaris watched as David playfully swam in the pool; completely at ease and unashamed. This helped her to make up her mind and she started to strip. David started to tread water and watched her take off her clothes. She made short work of her blouse and pants and then paused and looked at him, still clad in her bra and panties. She saw both expectation and admiration in his gaze which encouraged her to continue. She reached behind her back and undid her bra. When she released the hooks she cursed herself that she hadn’t chosen her underwear more carefully. What she had on wasn’t her best and didn’t even match but she figured that soon they would be lying on the patio with the rest of her clothes and it wouldn’t matter. She removed her bra and proudly showed David what it had covered. He smiled and she removed her panties. She slowly walked to the pool and entered the water.

The water was cool and numbing to her skin. The water seemed to do more and work faster than the hot bath she had taken earlier. The healing water submerged her pubis and was soon over her breasts. As she started to swim a sudden panic struck her and she began to hastily retrace her path.

“What’s wrong?” David asked.

“My hair… My hair is getting wet.”

“That’s okay. If you are worried about the chlorine, you can wash it out in the shower.”

“You don’t understand. My hair takes forever to dry.”

“We have all the time in the world. Besides it’s already wet so we’ll just have to wait for it to dry but now I want to swim with you.”

They spent more than an hour playing in the pool. When they got out their hands and feet were white and wrinkled from the water. David went into the house and came out with a stack of neatly folded towels. They dried themselves off and David asked, “Did your husband do that to you?”

Demaris stopped drying her ankles and looked at David. He was looking at her naked hips and butt. She looked at what he was looking at and sighed. The red marks that she had seen in the mirror earlier were gone. In their place were bruises in varying colors ranging between Pendik Escort green, blue and black. She was surprised at the sight of her abuse and felt a pang of guilt shoot through her soul. “Yes, that is some of the abuse my husband gave me.”

“He should be arrested. You should go to the police.” David said this and meant it, but he knew the statement was extremely ironical coming from him. He had done the same thing to Maggie but had gotten away with it.

“No! All I want is out! I want to be free of him and never feel like he has made me feel ever since we’ve been married. I don’t feel ashamed here with you but I could never admit this to the authorities.”

“Don’t worry; I’ll protect you until you decide what you’re going to do. I think I’ll go take a shower.” David turned away and walked into the house.

Demaris picked up her clothes from the patio and followed him a few minutes later. She could hear the shower as she passed the bathroom on her way to her room. She wasn’t sure if she should get dressed or wait until David was finished in the shower. Reaching a decision she put her clothes on the bed and went back down the hall. She tentatively tried the door and found it unlocked. She turned the handle and quietly entered. The room was filled with hot steam. Water condensed and dripped down the tiles and pooled on the floor. The bathroom was quite large and had both a bath and a separate shower. She could hear David lathering his body and could smell the shower gel. He was humming quietly when she slowly opened the sliding door and stepped in behind him. His hair, face and body were covered with a rich lather and his eyes were tightly closed. She reached out and gently touched his back. She felt him tense and then relax when he realized who was there.

She put both of her hands on his back, between his shoulders and then moved them under his arms. As her hands continued their journey she stepped closer and pressed her naked body against his exposed back. Her hands traveled over his chest and massaged the hair with which it was covered. As her hands caressed his chest her embrace tightened and crushed her breasts to him. Her left leg went between his legs and she raised her knee to touch his balls.

David was lost in thought when he suddenly felt the hands on his back. The deep thoughts he was having suddenly seemed to have taken form. He was thinking how it would feel to have her hands exploring his body and how her body would feel to be explored. When he felt her knee brush his balls he had to rinse the soap out of his eyes and take the initiative; he could no longer continue in a passive role. He rinsed most of the soap away and opened his eyes. He turned around and the body that had been pressing against his back now pressed against his chest. He looked down at Demaris as she looked up at him. He thought that the eyes and face that he saw was that of an angel. His head lowered and he could feel her push up on her toes to meet him. They met halfway and kissed.

The kiss was soft. The kiss was sweet. The kiss spoke volumes but said nothing. The kiss spoke to them both but made promises to neither. The kiss stayed soft and searching but the possible passion lurked in the shadows. Their hands explored newly discovered regions, but their lips related more. Neither one of them wanted their first time to be here. The shower was not the place to fully experience each other; with no room and wet hair. David broke the kiss and reached for the shampoo. He had never washed so much hair but was willing to give it a go. He filled his right palm and gently massaged it into her scalp. Demaris turned her back to him and he softly spread the shampoo through her hair. He had to refill his palm before he finally reached the hair ends. Her hair stopped halfway between her butt and the back of her knees. He had never seen such long and luscious hair. When he rinsed the soap out he used a whole bottle of conditioner. She told him that she believed too much conditioner is far better than not enough. David was convinced that if anyone should know it would be Demaris.

He turned the water off, and holding her hand, he led her out of the shower. After watching her towel off, David put Demaris on a bar stool and brushed her hair for an hour. They were both still naked. Demaris had never had anyone spend that much time brushing her hair. He was very gentle and his attentions left her with a faint dream-like smile on her lips.

“Are you hungry now?”

“Yes, the swim and thoughtful attentions from you have given me an appetite.”

“Good, I’ll pamper you even more by making you my world famous chili.” With this he went down the hall and soon came out wearing a pair of sweatpants. He also had one of his dress shirts in his hand and handed it to Demaris. “I think you will feel more comfortable in this. I love you nude and would never tire of looking at you but that would be too selfish of me.”

Demaris Göztepe Escort was touched by his gesture and quietly accepted the shirt. When David was finished they sat down and ate, “Are you sure this is world famous?” Demaris asked after she had eaten half of the bowl.

“Well, maybe I overrated it a little, but I like it.”

“I like it too but I have to be honest with you; I don’t react well to brown beans.”

“That doesn’t bother me a bit.”

It was well past midnight before Demaris’s hair was dry. They had been watching television, sitting side by side on the sofa. She ran her hands through her hair and leaned over and whispered in his ear “my hair is dry.” She accompanied the news with a soft kiss on his cheek and a gentle nip of his earlobe.

He turned to her and smiled. Their lips touched and their tongues met. His hands moved to her breasts and softly massaged them. He could feel her nipples and his penis harden. He slowly unbuttoned the shirt and helped her shed it. He could feel her hand on his manhood and was becoming slightly impatient to take their relationship to the next level. He suddenly stood up and offered her his hand. She took it and he led her down the hall, past her bedroom to his. He led her to his bed and she lay down on top of a green quilted bedspread. Her golden hair framed her face and trailed off to her right, over the edge of the bed and almost to the floor. He again thought that this woman was a cross between Rapunzel and Lady Godiva, with her angelic face holding more mystery and promise than he had ever seen before.

Demaris could feel her pulse and breath quicken. She couldn’t help herself from responding to this man. This reaction left her with two conflicting emotions and as she followed him to his bedroom they were waging a serious battle in her head. On the one side, feelings of security and passion were edging her on; on the other side, thoughts of the betrayal and brutality that had so recently been her life. The one told her to open herself completely to this man and the other said run and save yourself before it is too late. She so wanted to believe in this man and the security he seemed not only to offer but also supply. She wanted desperately to embrace the passion that radiated from their union. As this bloodless conflict raged in her head she watched him remove his sweatpants and for the first time actually looked at his manhood. She saw that David had a chest covered with short black hair. As her gaze lowered she noticed that below his navel the hair became thicker, culminating around his now bone-stiff penis. She watched as he climbed up from the end of the bed and positioned himself between her legs. She lifted and spread her knees to welcome him. His eyes surveyed her body as they came up to meet hers. A short pang of regret stabbed her when he passed the hair-covered mound but immediately vanished when their eyes met. He slowly narrowed the space separating them and his lips softly touched down on hers. Like a lunar craft his lips skipped over hers as in a weightless atmosphere. His tongue probed her mouth and worked as an anchor, keeping his hovering lips in one place. When she met him with her tongue she felt him enter her in another quarter. The old mental battle suddenly disappeared like dissipating clouds and was replaced by another conflict. This conflict was more physical than mental. Their lips, tongues and mouths were skirmishing for position as hair on his chest rubbed over her hard, extended nipples, while on a completely different part of their battlefield of passion, his blood engorged penis was gently invading her inner passage. Unlike the act that was performed earlier that day, the passage was now slick and wet by the copious amounts of liquid this entire act had produced. Instead of pain she felt pure, unadulterated pleasure and secretly prayed that it would never end. As their exercise in love continued, she could feel her orgasm approach like a train from the distance, slowly building to its inevitable conclusion.

David was lost in a new world; the world of Demaris. The frustration of the prolonged passion earlier in the day demanded relief. He fought the urge to hurry and kept up a slow steady pace. His mind wandered and hoped that this wouldn’t be a one-time thing. He wanted her to desire him as much as he desired her. For this reason alone he took his time in the hope that she would experience the first orgasm. He knew he was approaching his target when he heard her utter a low deep moan and felt the walls of her vagina contract and grasp his dick as it pumped in and out. He felt her body contract and shudder as the orgasm consumed her. The shock of sudden and complete success removed the ties to his own needs and opened the floodgates of his pent-up seed. He deposited his cum deep in her womb and then collapsed on top of her in a state of complete exhaustion.

After a few minutes, when they both began breathing normally and the sweat that drenched their bodies began to dry, David rolled off of Demaris. There seemed to be a new tension between them, now that their passion was spent. David rolled to the opposite side of the bed and stood up. “I need another shower,” he said as he walked out of the room.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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