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Note to reader.

This section of my true life account details the use of both Scat and Pee in a humiliation setting. If these are not your thing, I fully understand. Therefore, please ignore this part of my story and take it up again in part 3. I do not wish to offend anyone, but neither do I want to exclude parts I know many readers enjoy.

Please be kind enough not to vote this part down just because of its content. Please just ignore it and vote for parts 1 and 2.

Thank you

Luv Rachel xxx

‘I think you require a nice warm shower,’ Kevin said, ‘but first, we want to see you have a pee and take a shit, don’t we guys?’

There was an evident agreement that this was a good idea.

I was turned with my back to the crowd and made to stand on a large piece of cardboard, as indeed had one of the women in the videos. I was told to squat and do the necessary or face some dire punishment.

As I took up my position, Tom wafted the riding crop around my breasts, ensuring it provided some light slaps of encouragement in those areas before moving behind and doing the same on my bum.

Just as I was about to pee, a small bucket was placed under me to catch my golden shower. As I had done nothing all day, it was quite a lengthy discharge, and I filled the little bucket about halfway.

‘Shit, Slut,’ I was ordered.

I began to push and strain as I imagined every eye was fixed on my bum hole as it started to open.

‘I’ve never seen a bitch take a crap before.’

‘Me neither. My girlfriend never lets me watch.’

As the turd appeared, I was told to hold it in position so that everyone could obtain a good view of my stretched anus and partially ejected faeces.

‘So that’s what a whore is full of,’ one of the onlookers said, ‘Shit!’

‘Don’t know what’s the vilest the slut of the shit,’ another added solemnly.

‘Push it out, you filthy wench,’ I was ordered.

I obeyed, and my turn landed on the cardboard just behind the bucket to be followed by a second smaller offering.

‘Does that feel better whore?’ Kevin asked forcefully.

‘Yes,’ I replied.

‘YES, WHAT?’ he shouted with such force and venom that not only did I jump with surprise but just about every other person in the room.

‘Yes, Sir,’ I replied rather tamely.

For my impertinence, I was bent over and held as Kevin administered five hard bare-handed smacks against my exposed bum, all of which brought tears to my eyes.

‘Let – that – be – a – lesson – to – you – to – respect – your – superiors,’ I was told as Kevin provided a medium-hard slap across my face between each word as a reminder.

‘Now we need a warm shower to clean this creature up,’ Kevin pontificated, looking around as if he expected to find one on the wall of the dilapidated room.

‘Piss.’ Brett interjected, ‘Let’s clean her up with our piss.’

Kevin looked as if this was the first time such an idea had occurred to him.

‘Y-e-s,’ he said very slowly as if still weighing up all the available options. ‘A piss bath for the bitch might do the trick. Who’s in favour?’

As I cautiously looked up at the ten young men seated around the room, it was clear that this idea had met with universal approval. Some even stood up to unzip their flies in readiness.

Even I was surprised when Tynan suddenly appeared with a small inflated children’s paddling pool which he rolled into the room and placed in front of me.

‘Get in slut,’ I was ordered, ‘You’ll be our urinal. Kneel, head back and mouth open. Understand?’

I did indeed.

Once in position, four guys gathered around, cocks in hand and commenced giving me a quadruple golden shower. Their warm pee flooded over my upraised face, through my auburn hair, and ran down over my nude and food smeared body. My open mouth filled with their golden nectar until it overflowed my chin and cascaded like a yellow waterfall over my chin and covered my breasts.

As soon as the initial four had completed their clean up operation, they were replaced by four more eager young men with pulsating cocks desperate to relieve themselves over the wanton whore that knelt submissively before them.

Not a single part of my body remained dry as torrents of warm yellow piss streamed over me and collected in the pool around my knees.

When the last of the sixteen guys had emptied his bladder over me, I was lifted out and made to kneel outside the pool facing its warm wet contents. Suddenly my head was Bostancı Escort pushed into the smelly water, and I overbalanced to lie half in and half out of the pool. My face was tightly held in the water before being lifted out to allow me to breathe and then thrust back in again.

My head went into the water time and again as I closed my mouth and eyes to its acrid smell and taste. The last time I was held in position, someone smacked my bum so hard that I opened my mouth to scream and was pulled out coughing and spluttering.

I sat, hands still bound behind my back, breathing heavily as each young man surveyed their toilet tart glistening in the room’s lights.

‘I need a crap,’ Tom suddenly exclaimed, ‘I always need a crap after a good piss.’

‘Me too,’ Brett responded, ‘Where would we find a suitable toilet pan?’

All eyes turned toward me, and I knew that the day’s session would end very filthy.

As I braced myself to embark on something I had not done for fifteen years, Tynan reappeared, pushing a commode, the footrests of which had been removed along with the bowl that usually sits under the seat. This arrangement allowed anyone using it to drop their turds directly onto the floor or the person below.

I decided to struggle and make a fight of it for the benefit of all the guys as I quickly stood and attempted to run toward the door. I knew that I would not get far as hands grappled with my damp, slippery body in an attempt to overpower me into submission.

I continued writhing and making life as difficult as possible for my captors. Eventually, after quite a struggle of which I was pretty proud, my hands were untied, and I was held in position on my back as the commode was lifted over me. My wrists were handcuffed to the rear wheels while my feet were tied together to stop me from kicking out.

As I looked directly upwards through the seat of the commode, I tried to be positive about the extreme nature of my humiliation in which I had agreed to partake. It was clear that my participation turned on everyone because long solid cocks were out and being stroked vigorously.

Suddenly Kevin appeared with something that I had never seen previously, but I recognised as some sort of mouth clamp. It had two metal bars that were placed in my mouth, a leather strap to go around my neck and a ratchet system on either side. I have often worn O ring mouth clamps that allow a solid cock to pass through; however, this looked complex and cumbersome.

The fact that my hands required releasing from the commode and my being sat up so that the clamp could be fitted proved, to my mind, that the ingenious contraption was indeed clumsy.

Once it was in place, I saw just how clever it was as two leavers were pressed together on either side of my cheeks, causing the bars in my mouth to expand on the ratchet. Each press opened my mouth further until my groans told the two guys working the mechanism that I had reached the limit of my endurance.

I was placed back on the floor, and my wrists reattached to the commode’s wheels as Kevin took delight in being the first to sit over me. The metal structure of my mouth gag greatly hindered me from turning my head to avoid the brown discharge that Kevin was now pushing in my direction.

I watched transfixed as his bum hole opened and his first turd commenced to exit his young fit body. Suddenly it fell, ad I closed my eyes as it landed on my nose, rolled off my cheek above the clamps and stopped on the cardboard sheeting below me.

‘You missed you great goof,’ Brett berated Kevin.

‘One down, one to go,’ Kevin replied as he repositioned himself for another attempt.

Once again, I watched as his bum expanded, and a second sizeable brown turd appeared like a caged rat eager to get out. I closed my eyes just before it fell and then felt it hit my mouth gag, roll onto my chin, and position itself on my chest between my two deflated breasts.

‘Another miss,’ Brett chided, ‘Let Tom try.’

Tom quickly undid his trousers and dropped his trunks before taking his place above my head.

As he pushed, several rude and rather loud noises issued from his backside, This caused a ripple of laughter to run through the spellbound onlookers. Then I saw, to my horror, large globules of brown matter begin to drop from his bum hole. Again I closed my eyes as a torrent of putrid brown shit suddenly issued from his bum, covering my face, and falling into my open mouth. Ümraniye Escort I wretched as it slid over my tongue.

‘That’s how to do it,’ Tom crowed as I felt him leave the commode.

My eyes remained tightly closed as Brett quickly filled the vacant seat and commenced pushing hard. Unable to see, I had no idea what to expect or when. I only knew something had happened when something large hard, and warm dropped between my open lips and into my mouth.

In the years since I had last done something like this, during my time at university, I had forgotten just how repugnant having someone else’s scat in your mouth is. As any reader can imagine, it is pretty vile.

My jaws were aching as they remained stretched to their limit, and I was trying hard not to taste the disgusting contents as two other young men excitedly took their turns at hitting the jackpot. The first succeeded with his first attempt as several of his many smaller deposits dropped straight between my opened lips.

The final guy attempting it preferred to squat over the top of my legs, hoping to get his to land on the little of my pussy that was still exposed. He was mighty chuffed when he dropped his turd directly between the top of my legs.

As we had previously agreed, the cuffs attaching me to the commode were quickly undone, and I was assisted to stand.

‘Chew, dirty cunt,’ I was ordered as soon as the jaw clamp had been released.

I had always known this would be the most challenging part of the gang’s request. All I wanted to do was spit the stuff out of my mouth, but before I was allowed, I had to do as I was told.

Kevin sidled up with the flat-ended crop and slapped me across my right breast and bum, threatening to give me an unrelenting flogging if I did not obey.

I tried to take a deep breath and bit into one of the turds in my mouth.

‘Oh shit,’ someone said in disgust, ‘How could she?’

‘No one will want a blow job from her again.’

‘I can’t believe it. That’s real stuff too not like on video! Yuk!’

After two minutes, but what felt like two hours, I spat the contents out and was given a water bottle, toothbrush and mouthwash. I needed all three!

I brushed my teeth three times before I was content that my mouth was cleaned out thoroughly and not a microbe of anyone’s scat was left. As I brushed vigorously, I made a secret vow never to do that again no matter how hard it made those watching, and most were still nursing massive erections!

The young men were patient with me as they waited for me to compose myself for the next degrading act they wished to perform.

‘Filthy slut,’ standing there naked, titless and with a pussy so hairy it looks like a rats arse,’ Kevin said, ‘You need to wear something.’

A bucket arrived full to the brim with scat.

‘Here,’ Tom said, placing the overflowing receptacle in front of me, ‘Use this.’

As I have done many times previously, I had agreed that I would mix the contents with my hands. The guys, though, must have taken some pity on me as they handed me an 18v drill with a paint mixer attachment.

‘You can use this,’ I was told.

Someone stepped up with a jug full of pee and poured it into the bucket. I knelt next to it and pushed the metal paint mixer deep between the turds into the mixture, and turned it on.

I have used a similar tool for mixing paint, and it works well; however, trying to break down lumps and make a smoother concoction was not so easy.

Eventually, with the contents spilling out, the guys were happy with the consistency of the mixture. I was made to stand, legs apart, as my hands were bound behind me again.

‘Who thinks this ugly cow needs to be covered up?’ Brett asked.

Every hand went up in response, and two men appeared wearing full-length rubber gloves.

‘She needs a bra,’ Brett commented.

Two handfuls of sticky, smelly shit were lifted and applied to the appropriate parts of my body, much to everyone’s amusement.

‘Knickers, Brett announced, ‘Cover that disgusting hairy beaver.’

Two more copious amounts of the brown covering were plastered across and into my pussy.

‘Bum too,’ Brett ordered.

I was turned around so that everyone could see the application and result as my bum was covered.

‘Any other ugly bits that need covering?’ Brett asked innocently.

‘She has a face like the rear end of a Rhinocerous,’ a voice piped up.

The two young men wearing Kartal Escort gloves looked at me, then the small crowd watching before finally picking up the bucket.

‘Should we?’ one asked.

‘YES,’ everyone shouted.

‘Ten, nine, eight, seven…’ the two with the bucket counted down. ‘Three, two, one.’

The bucket was inverted and placed unceremoniously over my head. Its contents slithered out down my face, through my hair and over my body. With my eyes closed tightly, I could imagine just how I looked.

‘Oh, Wow!’ Someone commented, obviously enjoying the spectacle, ‘Hot, hot, hot!’

‘We should use this filthy pig to make our own videos,’ another added, ‘They’d go viral.’

‘I bet her husband or boyfriend wouldn’t want to sleep with her like that.’

The Irish drawl of Tynan responded, ‘Rachel doesn’t have either.’

‘No regular partner.’

‘No. She has several male companions that she can call on to experiment with, but none are real boyfriends. She prefers to be free, flirty and filthy for adventures like this.’

‘She’s incredible,’ another replied, obviously impressed,’ So has she done this before.’

‘Yes, she has,’ Tynan explained, ‘She likes to please. The sight of you lot with those humongous solid cocks in your hands will have really turned her on.’

As I listened, my eyes and mouth closed under my bucket of filthy brown human waste, a strange feeling was building for the first time deep inside my body. I recognised it at once and knew that I was about to orgasm, and I would be unable to contain myself.

My knees went weak as the intense emotion within began to show physically as my body began to shiver and tremble.

‘What’s wrong?’ Someone enquired in alarm.

‘Nothing,’ Tynan replied, ‘She’s just enjoying herself. Watch. I’ve seen her do this before!’

The strong metabolic wave burst from within like a raging torrent, which surprised even me, as the pent up emotions of two years of Covid restrictions released in a surge.

My body convulsed and contorted as I groaned with ecstatic pleasure from beneath my bucket, which was quickly removed. The sheer scale of my total degradation by these youngsters with their rock-solid dicks had given me an unusually large orgasm to the extent that I felt somewhat embarrassed.

The young guys watched as I shook with uncontrolled energy while imitating a giant brown slug.

‘My woman has never orgasmed like that,’ one of the observers commented.

‘I doubt she’s as experienced as Rachel here,’ Tynan replied, ‘It makes a difference. I’ll bet your first orgasms weren’t as hot and steamy as that, Rachel?

With my head and face still covered in sticky, smelly shit, I declined to answer.

‘Clean up time,’ Tynan announced to my great relief until I became aware of how the guys intended to perform this task.

I was led, carefully and cautiously, outside.

‘I’m very sorry, Rachel but the only water supply this building has is from this standpipe,’ Tynan stated. Despite still having my eyes tightly shut, I could sense a sadistic smile in his voice.

I could hear a squeaky tap being turned on, and then a sudden stream of cold water hit me right between my breasts, taking my breath away. I wanted to run but still unable to see, I stood my ground, shivering as the water jet from the hose moved over my body.

As every reader knows, cold water is not the best for washing and cleaning (nor the most enjoyable), but in my condition, I was delighted to be washed in anything.

When they guys thought I was clean enough, I was led back inside, cold, shivering, and my nipples sticking out like coat hooks. Here I was made to sit in the paddling pool used previously that had also been washed down outside. I had no idea what was planned next until four lads appeared, carrying four two kilo bags of ice each. I knew I was in for a chilling time.

‘We will pour these over you slut,’ Kevin explained, ‘Then you will wash thoroughly in the ice-cold water. Any failures on your part will be punished.’

I braced myself for my next endurance test as I was handed a sponge and small plastic jug to scoop water and ice over myself. To assist me further in my endeavours, the young men took great delight in squirting a whole bottle of shampoo over my head.

I rubbed, scrubbed and scraped in the frigid mixture of cold water and melting ice until I was told I could get out. As soon as I did, I was offered towels, blankets and clothes from many willing hands, all eager to assist in drying, warming and dressing me.

That was the end of that day’s activities, and I enjoyed, after a proper bath, a quiet night, in the words of Barbara Mandrell, ‘Sleeping single in a double bed,’ at Tynan’s house.

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