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Her mouth was opened, stuck between wanting to take my dick in and wanting to protest what I was doing. The latter won out.

“What about Dee?” she asked.

“What about him?”

Her eyes couldn’t stay on my face, kept dropping to my dick. “He’s your friend.”

That statement should’ve been a bucket of ice water over my head, should’ve straightened my mind, brought me back to the reality that I was risking an adolescent friendship over this proposition I’d just whipped out. Instead of doing that, it made me think about all the fucked up shit he’d done during our friendship, like making a pass at all 3 of my sisters. That thought kept me on track with what I was doing.

“I know he’s my friend,” I said.

“Then why are you doing this to him?”

Because he’s not treating you right. Because he doesn’t want you. Because I’ve wanted you since high school.

“Tell me no,” I said, “and I’ll stop.”

Her chest rose as she took a deep, slow breath. I waited for the word to slip from between her wet lips, for her to force herself to say it because she loved her man more than she wanted to be satisfied, wanted to keep her family unit solid more than she wanted to be happy. I waited for her to reject me so she could go home to her empty, cold bed in the name of love.

When the seconds ticked by and no words broke the silence, I grasped the zipper on her jacket and pulled it down. She wore nothing underneath but a nude colored bra that was barely capable of holding her swollen titties inside the cups.

“Don’t look,” she said, trying to cover her upper body with her arms. “My body’s a mess.”

I told her to put her arms at her sides and keep them there. If she thought a muffin top, some stretchmarks, and lactating titties were going to turn me off, she was wrong.

“Your body’s perfect,” I said, palming her titties. When she whimpered, I immediately took my hands off. “Does that hurt?”

She shook her head, biting her lip. “They’re just so sensitive,” she moaned.

I continued exploring them, realizing she’d gone from B cups to DDs. She’d been covering her upper body so much since having the baby that I hadn’t noticed. I pulled her titties out the bra one at a time, my mouth watering, my dick jerking at the sight of them. Even beneath her dark skin the protruding veins could be seen over the stretched skin. Her Ümraniye Escort areolas nearly covered her entire breasts.

I played with her nipples, getting responses from her that made my dick start leaking precum. Her hips gyrated as my fingers flicked and pinched and rolled, her moans loud and uninhabited. I kept at it, wondering if I could make her cum from the stimulation alone. As much as she was reacting to it, I was sure I could.

She surprised me by grabbing my wrists, stopping me. Her eyes on fire with need, she begged me to, “Fuck me, Clarence. Please, fuck me.”

She didn’t have to say anything else. I started undressing, ready to make her wish my command. She grabbed my dick in her hands and started sucking it before I could get out my shoes. The task was forgotten as her super wet, super hot mouth clamped down on my dick. She didn’t hesitate or start slow. She got sloppy with it, lubricating me thickly with her saliva.

It felt so fucking good. My eyes rolled to the back of my head. I hadn’t had my dick sucked in some long months. Hadn’t had it sucked this good in years. She had me thrusting in her mouth, wanting more of her throat, needing more. She couldn’t take it though. The first thrust down her throat, she gagged and pulled back, gasping for breath.

That didn’t discourage her. She kept going back for more, taking me down her throat, it contracting in protest, her needing to stop for some air. I rubbed my hand over her hair in encouragement, loving what she was doing to me. Every time her throat tightened around my dick, it sent sensations shooting through my balls and groin.

I couldn’t take anymore after a while. I was dangerously close to cumming, and I hadn’t even given her what she needed.

I made her lie back on the couch, removing her pants and panties. My fingers circled her clit as I went up her body to kiss her lips. They were as soft as I’d thought they’d be, her tongue urgent and ready to dance with mine. Her hips rose against my fingers, her moans going straight into my mouth, making the kiss taste even better.

“I need you to fuck me,” she pleaded.

I kept assaulting her clit with my fingers, moving faster as her hips rotated faster.

“How do you want me to fuck you, Brandy?” I asked, sucking on her lower lip.

She moaned, arching her back.

“Tell İstanbul Escort me,” I pressed, sliding two fingers in her. She gasped, her drenched pussy clamping onto my fingers like it hadn’t had company in a while.

“I want you to bend me over,” she moaned.

I kissed a trail from her lips to her neck. She purred, letting me know I’d found a sweet spot.

“Is that how you like it? You like being bent over?”

“I’ve never—” She gasped, her eyes suddenly wide, staring helplessly into mine. “Oh my God! You’re going to make me cum!”

I kept my pace the same, sliding my fingers in and out of her, circling that button of hers. She came, screaming out my name like it was her gospel. Nothing turned me on more than a woman saying my name, putting my stamp on her orgasm.

She shuttered beneath me, her eyes closing. I took my fingers out of her and sucked them into my mouth. Damn, this woman tasted like heaven.

“Don’t think you’re going to sleep,” I told her. “We’re not even halfway done.”

She smiled. “Trust me, I’m nowhere near sleepy.”

“Then get your ass up and bend over.”

She did just that without putting an arch in her back or putting her face down against the pillow.

“You done this position before?” I asked.

She shook her head, looking back at me with a worried expression. “Can you tell?”

“Yeah. Because if you had done it before, you’d know to be like this.” I grabbed the back of her neck, forcing her head down against one of the decorative couch pillows. She purred at my roughness, making me realize I’d found another one of her triggers.

I tapped my dick against her glistening opening, for a second wondering how Dee had never had the urge to take her like this, that beautiful ass of hers up in the air. He was so stuck on her not being a size zero anymore that he wasn’t seeing that her shape had been upgraded with that extra fat, giving her ass a round shape, her titties a fullness that was more than even the biggest hands could grasp, her belly the softest, most delicious pudge.

I couldn’t fathom how that little pink hole would ever be able to accommodate me, even with all the nectar it was dripping. Damnit, I wanted to slide in her raw. I’d fantasized about this pussy more times than I cared to mention. Now that it was right here, ready to open up for me, the thought Anadolu Yakası Escort of a rubber between us was maddening. But even with lust clouding the room so thickly, I knew better than to take that risk.

With the speed of Flash, I reached over to grab my wallet out of my pants on the floor, got one of the gold foils out, tore it open, and slid the latex on. The tip of my dick parted her pink, glittering pussy lips as I pushed it in. She gasped, grabbing on to the arm of the couch.

“Look at me,” I groaned.

She turned her head so her eyes met mine. With every inch the awe in her eyes rose, the ugliness of her expression increased. She was breathing like she was going to have a panic attack when I was only halfway in her. Her hand came up to rest against my abs. I grinned.

“You can’t take it, baby?”

She looked like she might scream if I gave her anymore. I thrusted in and out of her with that half. Even though the rubber, I could feel how slippery and soft she was. If I was in her raw, I would’ve lost control by now.

“Arch your back,” I coached her. She was tensing up, my strokes long and deep, and though I was going slow, she was struggling with handling it. Trying to relax her, I leaned over and started kissing her neck.

That worked, and after a few seconds, her body was limber. I was able to go in a few more inches. Her moans went up a pitch. Before I knew it, she was tensing up again, my name shouting from her lips.

I fucked her through that orgasm, quickening my pace. I had lost my control and was digging into her like my dick had lost something inside of her. She was screaming and thrashing and gripping at my couch tight enough to puncture holes in it. I pulled her head back to bury my tongue in her mouth as I felt my own orgasm coming.

It hit like a hurricane when she broke the kiss to scream, “Daddy, Daddy!” I came in sync with her, cum shooting from my balls at jet speed. I was calling her name as I gave those last few thrusts deep inside her. Our entire future played behind my eyes. Us married, with kids, me buying a big house for her, yours and mine sinks and cars, a white neighborhood with neighbors that didn’t invite us to functions, because we played our music too loud when we pulled up.

A smile was on my face as I collapsed on her, my face buried in her strawberry-scented neck.

Neither of us moved.

Neither of us spoke.

We were both in our own wonderlands brought on by this experience.

No telling how long it would’ve lasted if the doorknob to my front door didn’t start to turn, violently ripping us back into reality.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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