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This story started when Jack was eighteen; he had just left school and been accepted for University; he was looking forward to University. His grandfather died; he owned a small hotel in the middle of the city. Jack’s mum and aunt inherited the property. There was a problem; there was a significant development going ahead in three years, the Hotel had to continue trading until then to get the maximum compensation for the property. His mum and aunt were distraught about this; if they stopped trading now, they would get a fraction of the settlement in three years. Jack offered to forego University and take over the management of the Hotel.

Jack proved to be an excellent manager; he increased the turnover considerably. The property was taken over, Jack’s mum and aunt profited markedly. A National Hotel Company had approached Jack; he was offered a management position which he accepted. He soon became their top manager.

In his second year, Jack went on a ten-day holiday with his girlfriend, Kay, his girlfriend, he had been seeing for several years, she was not and never would be, the love of Jack’s life, but she was a great fuck who liked it in every hole. Jack had taken her to an excellent privately owned Hotel in the South of France. Jack had learned a lot about first-class Hotels during his stay there. The sex they had was also exciting.

They had returned home on Friday; they had been invited to a party on Friday evening. Jack was a little drunk when he got back. His mum’s bedroom light was on. His parents had separate bedrooms for years. As Jack went to his bedroom, he heard his mum say, “Hi Jack, are you home? How was your holiday?”

Jack’s mum had been visiting his aunt Jo when he had got home, and he hadn’t seen her, Jack replied, “Mum, give me a minute, I need to wash my hands.”

Jack went to the bathroom then made it to his mum’s bedroom; he had drunk a lot, mum said, “Darling, you have got the sun, your holiday has done you good. There’s a half-empty bottle of wine in the fridge, be a darling and get it with two glasses then you can tell me about your holiday over a glass of wine.”

Jack got the wine and the glasses, mum had put down the magazine that she had been reading. She was wearing her butterfly nightdress; it was her favourite. As Jack poured the wine, he noticed mum’s massive tits move; she wasn’t wearing a bra. They toasted each other then Jack said, “I had a great holiday, it was an excellent Hotel, I spent a lot of time talking with the owner, I learned a lot as he spoke freely on his principles of running a good hotel.”

“Jack, do you ever rest and unwind? Your life is Hotels, how’s it going at work?”

“Mum, in two weeks I’ll be General Manager of a two hundred bedroom Hotel in the city, it’s a massive promotion for me. I can’t believe my new salary and bonuses. My area supervisor has suggested I get into the property market; you’ll be happy to know that I’ll still be staying here. So I’m now looking for a nice flat somewhere, if you hear of anything then let me know.”

“Jack, that’s great news, you’ve done so well since you joined this company. How’s Kay doing, did she enjoy her holiday?”

“Mum, Kay’s not the girl for me, I know it, and she knows it, in all the time I’ve known Kay, she’s never cooked me a meal. I enjoy being with her, but I know that she’s using me, Betturkey but I’m also using her.”

They talked about other things; they finished the bottle of wine, then Jack said, “I’d better let you sleep mum, I’ve enjoyed chatting with you.”

Jack then cuddled his mum, their heads moved closer together then their mouths touched, they started to tongue kiss, it felt so natural, both their hands were touching and squeezing the other’s chest. Jack was teasing his mum’s hard nipple as he tongue kissed her; her tits felt enormous. Several minutes later, Jack went to his bedroom.

Next morning nothing was said, mum hugged him and kissed him on the cheek as usual at breakfast. They didn’t see much of each other for the following week then mum phoned him to say she had found a flat for him. A friend of hers was selling an expensive flat with a sea view. It was in a luxury block of Flats. Jack and his mum went to see it, and Jack bought it.

Jack got the Hotel painter to paint the apartment in his spare time, in the evening and at weekends. Jack would then spend at least one evening a week in his apartment. There was a Hotel across the road from his apartment; an older woman owned it, the food was excellent. Jack enjoyed eating there.

The Mayor of the town lived in one of the flats above Jack. He was accommodating if Jack needed any tradesmen. His daughter was very interested in Jack. She was older than Jack; she had big tits. Jack knew things would happen.

A couple of months later, Jack was very particular about his feet; he only wore the best of leather shoes. He went to the Chiropodist once a month. After one visit, the Chiropodist told him that the skin on his feet was dry; he needed to apply moisturising cream on his feet. Jack told his mum, the next evening, his mum came to his room with some moisturising cream which she administered to his feet. The following day she repeated it, she then got into the routine of giving him a foot massage twice a day. Jack enjoyed it.

When Jack was at his apartment, he would take Sandy, the Mayor’s daughter across the road to the Hotel for Dinner. Then they would either go back to her father’s apartment or Jack’s for sex. One evening the Mayor said to Jack that the old lady wanted to sell her Hotel. Jack took Sandy over to the Hotel for Dinner, and Jack saw the old lady. Jack asked for a word with her. He told her he was interested in buying the Hotel; they made an appointment for the next morning at nine. During Dinner, the old lady came to Jack’s table and gave him a large manila envelope, she said, “The last five years figures are in there, this will give you a good idea of the business that I do. I would like you to be the buyer of it; I know that you will run it the same way as I have run it.”

Jack took Sandy back to her father’s apartment; Jack gave her a quick fuck then went to his apartment and studied the figures the old lady had given him. He knew very quickly that the Hotel was making a fortune but was not being appropriately managed. There was a balloon that could seat six hundred people; it was a bustling mismanaged Hotel. On the figures, he had been given he knew that he could buy this cheaply. He messaged his mum, as he would need a small loan from her. Mum replied, her message read, “Jack, I’m still awake, call me if you’d like to talk to me, love Betturkey Giriş mum.”

Jack then phoned her, he told her about the Hotel, he wanted to buy it would she support him with it? Mum replied, “Darling, with the numbers you’ve given me no problem. I’m sure if you need it aunt Jo will help too. Keep your father out of this; it’s getting to the stage that I can’t stand the man, if you get the Hotel, I’ll come down and live in the apartment with you.”

The next morning, Jack did a deal with the old lady, she was sixty-five, and her name was May. Jack would pay her half of the purchase price on entry, the other half he would repay her over the next three years. He would also pay her a small consultancy fee over the next three years or earlier if he repaid her faster.

Three years later, things had moved on dramatically in Jack’s life. The Hotel changed entirely within two weeks of Jack taking over. Jack had handed in his notice to the Hotel Company; he was due six weeks holiday which he took. He spent it around the Hotel, he learned so much. Sandy was no longer part of Jack’s scene. He had built a friendship with May, the Hotel had a dining room, but Jack saw an opportunity for a Surf and Turf restaurant selling only Steaks and Fish. The Fish could be bought from the Harbour fresh every day.

He also has access to the highest quality meat. Jack had told May about his idea; she said it would be a winner. One evening he invited May out to an excellent Steakhouse restaurant. May was impressed with the restaurant and Jack flirting with her. May had been a widow for six years; she had no family or living relatives. On the half-hour drive home from the Steakhouse, May sucked Jack’s cock. Jack took her back to his apartment, she stayed the night, Jack gave her the fuck of her life, she loved it, Jack would then spend three nights a week at May’s house.

Before Jack took over, he spent every day in the Hotel; he knew how the place ticked. Molly, a sixty-year-old woman, was the most crucial member of staff, she was the head receptionist, she told Jack a lot.

Jack took over on a Monday; he had arranged a meeting for all the staff on Tuesday evening at six. On Tuesday morning, May, who hadn’t been feeling well went to the doctor; the doctor sent her to the hospital, May had an inoperable tumour in her chest. She had a maximum of two months to live.

The meeting took place; Jack got rid of all the stuff he didn’t need. Molly told him after the meeting; he had done the right thing. May was not allowed out of the hospital; Jack visited her twice a day; she was on a substantial daily dose of morphine. She passed away in her sleep three weeks later. Jack then got the surprise of his life; May had left him over half a million pounds, she had also written off all the money that Jack owed her. She had given Molly a sealed letter which had to be opened after her death, it read, “Dear Jack, I have gone now, my lawyer will be in touch with you. I want to thank you for all the happiness that you gave me in the last part of my life. You now have the money to build the swimming pool and leisure facilities that we talked about doing. Thank you, Jack, for being there for me when I had nobody. All my love, May.”

During the time of May’s illness, Jack had spent a lot of time with Molly. May, for all her generosity to Betturkey Güncel Giriş Jack, was a very mean woman. Jack had doubled Molly’s salary in the first week. Molly was in tears when he told her that he was doing this. Molly was a widow with a twenty-year-old daughter at University; it had been trying for her.

May’s funeral was a big event. After the funeral, there was lunch in the Hotel. After the lunch Molly had stayed with Jack, they were upgrading the computer system. They had worked for several hours on it; now, all the data had been installed. Jack suggested that they go out for an Italian meal. Molly agreed to but go but could she go home and change as she didn’t want to go out in mourning clothes. She went home and came back forty minutes later.

Molly looked stunning; she was tall; she was wearing high heels. They walked to the restaurant. As they walked to the restaurant, Molly took Jack’s hand and squeezed it as they walked. Molly said, “Mr Jack, you have done a lot for me during your time in the Hotel, May was a mean woman, she kept me in poverty as I brought up Liz, you have helped me a lot, I just want you to know that I appreciate all that you have done for me. Giving Liz the part-time job in the Hotel has also helped, she now has her own money to do as she wants.”

Molly then stopped, she put her arms around Jack, she cuddled him then they kissed. Molly’s tongue was buried in Jack’s mouth as she pushed her pussy against Jack’s leg; they kissed passionately for several minutes. Then Molly said, “I told Liz that I had to work a late shift tonight and an early shift tomorrow morning, she’s not expecting me home tonight.”

Jack knew then that Molly would be in his bed tonight. They flirted a lot over Dinner, Molly undid a button on her blouse to show her enormous cleavage, she had an outstanding body for her age. Molly complimented Jack over the way he was managing the Hotel. They had been overstaffed because they had been undermanaged. The Hotel was now running like a well-oiled machine.

Molly told Jack that the staff that had been retained were much happier. They had two bottles of Champagne with their meal; Molly was a little tipsy when they left the restaurant. Jack had his arm around Molly as they walked back to Jack’s apartment, Jack was cupping Molly’s left breast as he teased her hard nipple, Molly said, “Jack, that feels so good, my tits are very sensitive, if you keep doing that, you’ll make me cum, I’m so close, fuck Jack, I’m cuming.”

They stopped and kissed for a minute then walked to Jack’s apartment. They went straight to bed when they got there, they stripped naked and lay on the bed, kissing and touching. Molly’s body was a dream, big tits and sensual curves, her pussy was trimmed, the hair was quite short, Molly said, “When I went home I trimmed my pussy as it was very hairy, I didn’t know what you liked so I gave myself a trim. Liz is smooth; she says it makes her pussy more sensitive, how would you like my pussy, Jack? I’ll have it any way that you want.”

“Molly, my tongue works better on smooth, after we fuck, I will shave you, I’ll make you cum as I make you smooth.”

For the next hour, Jack had Molly in every hole; she was so good in bed, her powerful cunt muscles gripping his massive cock tightly as he fucked her. Molly loved Jack’s enormous cock, she told him she’d never had one so big, it stretched her cunt, but she felt so good being filled with it.

They fell asleep; Jack was happy that Molly was there with him; he knew that they would have a lot of fun together. Molly would be good for him and the Hotel.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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