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The girls returned to work after their two and a half hour “lunch break” Seeing John put some joy back in their hearts. They set to work with a will, because John and the three older women had most of the walls torn down with heaps of lathe and plaster on the floor. John was now busy knocking down two by fours while his mother and Phoebe pulled nails. Cynthia was stacking the nail free two by fours in a neat pile. Wendy began shoveling plaster into buckets and the rest of the girls resumed their parade up and down the stairs to throw the refuse in the bin. As the worked progressed, the giggles and laughter returned as the young women cast off the momentary depression they had felt and worked hard to impress John. Time flew as they worked and progress was visible. The lathe and plaster was gone. The girls, sometimes working in pairs, had taken even the old sinks and toilets down the stairs. A neat stack of old two by fours were piled by one wall, a stack of doors leaning against the other. The old lions clawed bathtub in the middle looking far smaller in the massive space. Only the walls and door to John’s room remained, and even those walls showed bare two by fours and plaster squeezed through lathe. They all were now sweeping with industrial cleaning sawdust to keep down the dust and then mopped with industrial detergents to clean the floors.

Outright hunger slowed their work and John suddenly noticed it was after six. Unbeknownst to the girls, Phoebe, Cynthia, his mom, and himself had taken a “lunch break” similar to their own only theirs had been filled with love and passion for each other. Cynthia could still feel the occasional dollop of John’s cum leak from her pussy while Phoebe was still enjoying the scent of Jane’s juice that she had purposely left on her upper lip. Although they had all eaten or been eaten it was food for the soul rather than sustenance for the stomach.

He suddenly announced, “Enough! Look, I want all of you to stay for supper. You’ve all done a terrific job and this will be my treat. I only have six chairs at my table, but there’s a butcher block and counter space I’m sure we can make do.”

Mia answered for all of them. “We’d like that. What we had for lunch just wasn’t all that satisfying,” she said to a chorus of giggling girls.

Phoebe glanced at Mia and interjected “And I’ll bet it was old, tough, and stale as well,” and looked away again not seeking further conversation.

Mia was beginning to change her opinion of the librarian realizing that there was a lot of woman under her virtuous façade. Mia knew that comment meant Phoebe knew what had gone on and replied, “Yeah, it was a tough old bird, I think, well past its prime.” But she elicited no further comment from Phoebe.

They all trooped to the kitchen and checked his larder. His mom sat at the kitchen table making a list of things they thought they would need. As he borrowed his mother’s keys and took the list she said, “One more thing John, buy some more towels we all need a shower,”

Which lead Jean to say “Dryer?”

John smiled and pointed to the basement door, somewhat imitating her lack of words before he dashed out the door and she dashed upstairs to collect the wet towels. While Jean was getting the towels in the dryer, the women washed a dozen potatoes and chopped a whole lettuce, which they put in the fridge waiting for John to bring home the rest of the ingredients. Then they opened a couple of bottles of wine and sat drinking as they rehashed the accomplishments of the day, with no mention of their sexual activities. They were on their second glass when John arrived, bags in hand. While the rest of the women sorted out what was in the bags, John asked Mia and Jean to help him bring in some more bags. When she went out Mia noticed that the evening was hot and close, darker far earlier than usual. The winds of the afternoon had died and it was dead still. It might rain she thought. In the trunk of the car the two women found two cases of wine one red, one white, two bags of towels, and a small box containing miscellaneous bottles of liqueur and a bottle of brandy.. All was brought in and the six girls were sent to be the first shift in the showers, Jean running to the basement to retrieve their towels.

Soon bodies were shiny with water and suds, breasts squirmed and rolled in soft soapy hands, dirty anuses succumbed to scrubbing fingers, and hot wet cunts became even hotter and wetter to soapy thrusts. Conversation of getting into John’s pants became more explicit. When the girls returned to the kitchen, they found little to do. The salad made and in the fridge, the mushroom simmered in butter on the stove. The steaks neatly laid out for the grill. The potatoes partially cooked in the nuker. They were to turn the bacon and when done crumble it so they would have bacon bits for their potatoes. Other than that, they were to keep John company and have some more wine, a chore the girls found most agreeable. The older women retired to the showers and repeated what the girls had done. Although their conversation was more tandoğan escort to do with what a talented prick John had, and how they’d all like a repeat performance. When they returned to the kitchen, they sent John to the showers, approved the bacon bits, and resumed the cooking.

John stood in the shower letting the warm spray massage his aching shoulders. His balls hung low because of the heat, his cock semi-erect. He began to review in his mind the women in his home and realized with a start there wasn’t one he would kick out of bed for eating cookies. All were, maybe not beautiful, but certainly sexy, sensual, erotic. His hand went to his rising dick and he started to stroke it. In a moment, it was a hard prong of a prick, needy and wanting. His other hand gripped his balls and the hand on his dick moved faster. He threw his head back allowing the water to wash over his face as his hips thrust forward into the massaging soapy hands. He thought of how his mother would ride him rolling her hips so her cunt slithered back and forth over his cock. He thought of Phoebe climbing his body to monkey fuck him. He thought of Cynthia with her acquiescent thighs opening her body for his deepest penetration. Suddenly he stopped. ‘What am I doing,’ he said to himself, ‘with all these women in the house I’m going to waste it on the shower floor?’ He dressed and gathered all the wet towels strewn over the bathroom, taking them to the basement adjusting his cock on the way so it rode more comfortably in his pants.

“I told them you like it rare, dear,” his mother said as he retuned to the kitchen. “Sit here, we decided you needed a seat seeing you’re paying for all of this.” Soon they were all happily munching away with little conversation. When all had finished John lined a kitchen counter with liqueur bottles inviting each to select their own poison. Once six where comfortably seated and the other four stood around the butcher’s block, they began to tell jokes whose raunchiness increased as the amount of liquor decreased.

Finally, Jean who rarely spoke said, “me,” gaining instant attention. Jean loved the double entendre and almost became loquacious as she told her story, her eyes sparkling with amusement as she spoke. “There were two old trees standing at the edge of a meadow,” she told them, “arguing over whether a new young sapling growing across the meadow was a son of a beech or a son of a birch. Along came a woodpecker that had overheard their bickering and said, ‘I’ll fly across the meadow and find out for you.’ About an hour later the woodpecker returned to a say, ‘you’re both wrong, it’s the finest piece of ash I’ve ever had my pecker in.” Jean smiled as the laughter complimented her and then once more became silent.

Suddenly a flash of lightening and a roar of thunder crashed around the old house, startling them all. Soon sheet after sheet of windblown rain hurled itself against the windows. They all watched the waving branches, the flying leaves and John announced, “Well, nobodies going home in this. Phone you parents tell them where you are and that Ms. Wesley and Ms Pearson are with you.” John couldn’t think of two finer names that could be tossed about as chaperones, than the high school principal and the local librarian, not knowing that Phoebe’s name may have lost some of its luster in the last two days. However, none of the girl’s parents had yet to hear the rumors flying about the community and Okayed the girls’ over night adventure.

They went upstairs amidst the occasional crack of thunder that shook the old house and organized sleeping arrangements. It was decided that the girls would split into pairs while the three older women would have a bed each. As for clothing for sleeping, John, the architect by trade had acquired a number of free t-shirts of the one size fits all variety, in other words extra large. He never wore them because they all had logo’s on them that proclaimed such things as “Roofer’s bang harder” and “Plumbers like it wet” He had them stored in boxes in his room amongst his other clothes and the women soon noticed they had absorbed some of his personal scent. They all decided to wear his make-shift pajamas and looked sexy in the oversized shirts that in most cases overhung their bums. Their tits swung and swayed beneath the thin material. On the six foot Mia however, it came to mid buttock and with her thong showed off her round large firm ass. She caught John stealing glances at her ass and in consequence would bend over, at the least excuse, to show him more, straightening a bed or picking up a piece of clothing. The house, as usual, wasn’t helping any of them, constantly stirring the already highly charged mix with sexual urges.

Finally, they all went to their respective beds, supposedly to sleep. Soon all was quiet except for the continued pounding on the roof as sheets of rain fell across it. Distant thunder growled except for the occasional house shaking crack announcing it was a large storm and still overhead. The girls when they tunalı escort thought all were asleep had snuck into each other’s rooms until they were all gathered in one discussing and rejecting endless plans in how to seduce John that night. Phoebe on a similar mission was on her way to Jane’s room to discuss possibilities when she heard the giggles and murmuring coming from one of the rooms the girls occupied. She shamelessly stood outside of the door and listened to their fantasies of ravaging John. She was favorably disposed towards these girls because of what they had done during their “lunch break” and knew John had eyed more than one of them. With her mind made up, helped by the house, she gently knocked on the door and walked in. The room went silent when Phoebe walked in.

She smiled and asked, “Could I sit on the edge of the bed?” Then she looked around the room and with a smile said, “You’re making it far too complicated. John is a sexy man not that much older than you. I’ve seen him watch you all today and I know he’d like to get into your pants too. You girls are just going to have to help him over the hump that you’re younger than he is. Believe me there won’t be much resistance, so the flimsiest excuse will do. I’ve noticed you’re all afraid of lightning.”

They all snorted in derision and Mia said, “None of us are afraid of lightening!”

“Mia, think about it,” Phoebe responded, “what would a poor frightened girl do, but run to the only man in the house for protection when all that lightening flashes. I suggest you lose the panties because he sleeps in the nude, don’t give him a chance to say no, just crawl into bed with him making sure he sees some bare pussy so that he knows everyone’s on an equal footing. I think you should send Jean first because he likes her mind and will accept her excuse and send Mia last because he’s lusting after her ass. And Jean don’t be afraid to snuggle tight against him.” Phoebe called to Jean’s retreating back, a small thong lay abandoned on the floor.

Jean literally danced up the stairs her knockers knocking as she ran. She burst through John’s door and announced, “Lightening, scared.”

John glanced up from his copy of Architects Digest to find Jean already crawling into his bed her hairy snatch quite visible while she did. She immediately clamped her body against his, shivering. He thought the shivers were because of her fear; she knew that they were shivers of lust, because Phoebe had been right his body was so wonderfully naked. He sought to kiss her on the forehead to comfort her but as his mouth descended, her mouth met his in a long deep initiating kiss. She wouldn’t allow him to break it and soon his cock was imitating a spike. He felt her soft warm boobs, so thinly covered, pressed hard against his chest. His hands stole to her ass to hold her tightly to him. As soon as she felt his hands begin to fondle her bum, she took his maleness into her small fist and began masturbating him. His body responded and his hips strained to place more of his hot aching cock into the small stroking hand. He was on fire he needed to fuck. He rolled her on to her back and took the t-shirt he had loaned her by its hem. Suddenly his hands jerked apart tearing the shirt from waist to neck turning it into an open vest that bared her feminine flesh. The nipples turgid the mounds of flesh were soft, succulent, opulent, waiting for their ravishment. As he prepared to mount her one forefinger came up and wagged from side to side, then down it went and pointed at her pubic hair. He looked closely and discovered a tattoo embedded in her hair. It said “Fuck hole” with an arrow just below it pointing downwards.

He laughed and said “I think I could have found it without all that talk,” he said, falling into her little trap.

There was glee in her eyes when once again her forefinger came up to wag from side to side and then more carefully point to her pubic hair covered message. Looking more closely John saw a small coma and then read correctly, “Fuck, hole.” He roared with laughter more at her mischievous grin than her written instructions but nevertheless slide deep into the fuck hole as her arms and legs came up to hold him while he followed her instructions. Then with a wordiness he hadn’t heard from her before and with laughter in her voice she whispered in his ear, “like most men, can’t read instructions.” Her hips then sought deeper penetration. The thunder continued to crack overhead and the lighting to flash occasionally brightly illuminating the withering, fucking bodies, overwhelming the small reading lamp by his bed. Sporadically his cock would bottom in her just as the thunder roared, further heightening Jean’s sense that this was the finest fucking of her life. She opened herself to him like never before allowing his body to find a depth in her that brought out her passion. More vocal in her loving than ever in her speech, she cried out her exhilaration amongst the noises of the storm. Neither one of them in the frenzy of their copulation türbanlı escort heard little Wendy enter the room. She stood silently watching, knowing she had been impatient and come too soon, but she didn’t want to leave enjoying the wonderful sight of heaving bodies that finally convulsed in orgasmic bliss. Bodies slowly tamed by satisfaction.

The house understood Wendy’s needs, pumped a little scent into the air, and sent erotic urges to John’s body maintaining his interest in all things sexual as it gathered the pheromones left by the recent coupling. The house liked how the night was progressing helped in part by its accomplice Phoebe. Wanting Phoebe to receive her own rewards it sent erotic dreams to Jane suggesting Phoebe’s ravishment by tongue and clit, knowing she would soon awaken, hot and needy for Phoebe’s wild wet heat.

John, finally sensing another presence in the room, turned and looked at Wendy. Wendy as soon as John took notice of her forgot all about Phoebe’s suggested excuse. She simply grabbed the hem of the t-shirt and pulled it over her head setting her boobs to bounce as they fell free. She crawled into bed rolling him over on his back and mounted him in the immediacy of her need. She had really wanted to stuff his maleness into her asshole, but not knowing John’s proclivity in that department, decided not to risk it, and slipped him into the wet slippery hole instead. Jean moved over on the bed annoyed that her friend had come too soon and decided that watching them fuck would be sufficient payback. Wendy’s clit was aching with need and she ground it against John’s pubic bone, feeling the hairiness between them. John soon took her waist in his strong hands forcing her to lift and fall on his penetrating cock building passion within them both. When he was satisfied with the rhythm, he changed his grip so that one hand held a rounded, muscular buttock maintaining the motion he had instilled, while the other griped a soft succulent tit. Still not quite satisfied he pulled the tit down to his mouth and suckled on the fat nipple and the surrounding areola. Wendy felt the first soupcons of impending orgasm and slowed trying to extend the pleasure.

The house would have none of that, pumping more scent into the air compelling Wendy’s hairy gash to further efforts. It knew that Mary was already on the stairs coming for her turn at the only male in the house. The house was enjoying the activity, for it knew that Jane had now awakened feeling horny and wanted Phoebe’s hot wet hairy hole. It sent sexual urges floating through the house heating an already sexually charged mix, making the still waiting girls squirm and touch themselves to relieve some of the sexual tension. Jane left her warm bed in search of something even warmer. Phoebe’s hot cunt! It was then that Cynthia began to dream of a withering mass of female flesh whose ownership and form she couldn’t quite make out. However, the dreams aroused her in her sleep.

It was just as Mary entered the room that Wendy began to scream out the ecstasy of her orgasm and John loaded her with hot white cream some of which oozed down her thighs. Swampy with her own exudate and John’s cum she rolled off of him making way for the advancing Mary who was struggling to get the hem of her t-shirt over her melon sized boobs. Her little padlock still hung between them, her blonde pubes too anxious to undergo the unlocking. They rolled and swayed as she climbed into bed, and John now recognizing his role in all this, took her in his arms. He rolled on top of her sliding deeply into her as he did so, driven with the lust that the house was now creating in everyone. Jean took the freshly creamed Wendy and buried her face between her legs as she straddled Wendy’s face assuming the sixty-nine position knowing her own cunt still held much of John’s first cum of the evening, thick and sticky. Wendy‘s tongue curled in Jean’s cunt hooking gobs of sexual goo that she pulled into her own mouth to savor.

Both girls could feel John and Mary rutting on the bed beside them but were too entranced with each other’s hot swampy mix to pay attention. John pistoning cock caused bellies to slap and Mary’s cunt to fart crudely expelling the air the impassioned screwing had pumped into her. While her pussy farted and fucked building the sexual tension that now all in the house felt with maybe the exception of the still sleeping but highly aroused Cynthia, Sue climbed the stairs wanting to become John’s next willing victim. Sue watched as the two humped listening to the noises Mary’s body made. Sucking slurping wet sounds intermixed with the wet flatulent sounds of air escaping around John’s plunging prick. Sue pulled the t-shirt over her head letting it drop to the floor, before grasping one of her breasts and lifting it so she could suckle on her own nipple as the fingers of her other hand played amongst the curls over her pussy. She loved the sounds that Mary’s body was making, the fucking became even more frenzied as orgasm approached. It sounded so deliciously wet that she wanted to suck Mary’s juices from John’s prick. When her own finger finally entered herself she found herself exceedingly juicy. She wondered if John would enjoy her flavor, for she planed to have him drain her of her juices. Abruptly Mary’s body arched beneath John’s driving him deep as orgasmic spasms filled her cunt not only with her rapture, but also with John’s cum.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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