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Disclaimer: All participants in the story are aged 18 years or older. I’ve written it as if I was still a mere 19 year old boy 28 years ago, starting out on becoming a man. Comments are appreciated. Part fantasy, part fact.


…The doorbell rang and my heart jumped. It had been racing all day just at the thought of you coming over. I literally raced to the door and there you were, fresh faced and a little flushed and I assumed you’d also didn’t hang around to get here. I invited you in and as soon as the door was closed you just dropped your school bag and pulled me close into a deep kiss. We seemed to always be kissing it seemed, not that I minded of course as kissing you brought out so many feelings of excitement in me that I could kiss you forever.

“Nice to see you” I said as we eventually came up for air.

“I got here as quick I could. Been wanting to see you all day but what with these stupid exams coming up I’ve had extra this and extra that. But anyway, that’s boredsville darling, being here is much better” and then we kissed some more.

Suddenly you stopped and cocked your head to one side. “It’s quiet in here, where is everyone?” You asked.

“Yeah, I’m on my own. Dad’s working, Mums out…” my heart was racing even faster at this point. “So it’s just us for at least an hour” I said through the widest smile ever.

“What? …just us?” You voice soft as you brought it down to a whisper. I nodded.

I hadn’t planned this at all. Earlier that day things just fell into place and fate decreed that we would be alone, in the house, together. My mind raced as you can imagine a teenage boys would in that situation, the chance to be alone with your girlfriend who you’ve just started to have sex with…my God it was like Christmas and my Birthday all rolled into one, and obviously with you being at School, no chance to let you know. Hell, I’d even tidied my room and made my bed presentable…you know just in case. And all of a sudden I looked at you and you had that look about you.

Standing there in front of me in your just about too tight white school blouse, just about long enough grey school skirt, patterned black opaque tights İstanbul Escort and standard black school shoes…all sassy with your chest pushed out and hips snuggly fitted into your skirt and the glint in your eye…and I was instantly hard.

Your breathing was faster so I knew what you were thinking and it was definitely the same thought as I was…we were finally going to do it…properly…not sneakily or hurriedly…properly, in a bed…totally naked.

The tension and electricity that was now around us was palpable as we drew each other close and kissed deeply, I think deeper and harder that we’d ever kissed. Your hands running through my hair and over my back, as mine ran down your spine and over your arse, pulling at your skirt and then running my hands over your legs. The sensations I was feeling was incredible as my hands pawed at your tights and I felt incredibly turned on, but this was about both of us and I started nibbling on your ear lobe and kissing your neck gently illiciting a soft mewing sound from you.

I took your hand and led you up the stairs, my heart thumping out if my chest, my breathing deep and my cock harder than ever before. I opened my bedroom door and we walked to the bed and lay down in unison. Wrapping yourself around me, still clothed, we kissed. I began to unbutton your blouse, pulling it out from your skirt and opening it and sliding it off your arms revealing your bra covered tits and my eyes were transfixed. You reached behind and undid your bra and looked at me shyly as this was obviously the first time you were going to be naked, well half naked, in front of me.

“It’s ok” I whispered. “Your beautiful and I want to see all of you” I felt goosebumps and looking at your arms, so did you as you took the bra away from your chest and I swallowed hard at the sight in front of me. Your hard nipples against your soft tits and I reached out and played with one in my thumb and forefinger, and your head tilted back with a soft moan. I leaned into them and sucked the other nipple into my mouth causing another moan…God was this good…and I wanted to take it so slow but my teenage hormones were raging and you knew Anadolu Yakası Escort it as you gently pushed me off of you and then lifted my t shirt over my head, running your nails down my chest. Your hormones were obviously in over drive as well it seemed.

I stood up and it was my turn to be coy and bashful as I undid my jeans and slid them down and off my legs, taking my socks with them and leaving me just in my boxer shorts, my cock forming a rather large tent in them. I gulped as I watched you lift your hips up and reach around to unzip your skirt, catching a glimpse of your white panties through your tights and my cock twitched of its own accord. You slid the skirt down, kicking off your shoes which fell to the floor with a clunk and you kicked your skirt off, not really caring where it landed.

You opened your legs, your eyes never leaving mine as you put your fingers in the waistband of your tights. “Fuck” I uttered loudly. You looked at me for approval as we both paused. This was it, I was about to see you totally naked for the first time and we were both nervous. You shut your eyes and slid everything down and off your legs…and there you were…naked. My eyes must have been on stalks drinking in the sight in front of me. This wasn’t the first time I’d seen a girl naked but this time it seemed different and I was hypnotised by the sight on front of me. So much so that I jumped out of my skin when I felt your hand inside my boxers, fishing my rock hard cock out of them.

It was my turn now to be coy as I stood up and slid my boxers down, and joining you being naked.

We both looked at each other, studying…admiring…staring. You stared at my body and my cock standing hard and proud, so turned on as I drank in your smooth body and your silky thighs and the downy hair surrounding your pussy and we both knew this was it finally.

No words were spoken as we lay close and began to kiss and cuddle, our naked bodies pressed up against each other as our hands roamed and legs rubbed. I slid a finger into you as you stroked my cock causing us both to moan into each other’s mouths. You were so wet and I had to be inside you…then Kartal Escort and there. I wanted to take my time but by then I was way too excited for that to happen but I knew I was going to be gentle, to make this special for you…for the both of us.

Your legs opened as I crawled over you, my cock rubbing against your thighs until I positioned it at your now very wet pussy. I looked into your eyes and saw the pleasure exude from them as I slowly slid into you…and God it felt good…until I was totally buried in you. I held myself still, watching the thrill of me inside you envelop your body and waited until you moved your hips up and then we began to move together. Your hands rested on my shoulders as I propped myself up by my arms as I moved faster. Looking down at your body moving with my every movement into you and bucking as you pushed against me. Our naked bodies glistening with sweat as our pace increased, our moans louder than ever before and the springs of my bed creaking with our movements. In time we would learn to tease, to play, to excite but as teenagers this was all we wanted to do and it was the best feeling in the world and it was about to get a whole lot better as all of a sudden you dug your nails into my skin and cried out “yesssssss” long and loud. It only spurred me on to go faster and harder…shit, I was doing this right it seemed, hopefully I was anyway…but you seemed to be lost in something you’d never experienced before and I was getting close to depositing my cum in you as my balls were tingling and my cock started to feel so hard and now I felt such a sensation that I’d never felt before as my cock expanded and exploded within you. “Fuck fuck fuck” I repeated over and over again as I pulsed six, seven, maybe eight times inside you, sweat running down my forehead, our bodies drenched, our breathing ragged and shallow…I don’t think I’d felt anything so intense and obviously you hadn’t but by the look on your face and the air of serenity that you had around you, it was obvious to see you were in a very good place that you’d never even dreamed of before.

After a while of just laying like that, basking in our mutual satisfaction and our breathing having returned to some kind of normality we slowly, reluctantly disentangled ourselves, and then just held each other close. No words were needed and we both knew we’d have to get dressed soon but for the moment we just lay still, smiling, in each other’s arms…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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